‘The View’s Co-host Joy Behar Surprises Guest Michael Symon With On-Air Shirtless Request

‘The View’s Co-host Joy Behar Surprises Guest Michael Symon With On-Air Shirtless Request
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The View, a popular daytime talk show, is famous for its unfiltered candid conversations and unexpected moments, but the latest episode took an unanticipated turn when co-host Joy Behar made a surprising request to her guest, chef and TV personality Michael Symon. The 80-year-old Behar left the fans and Symon himself shocked when she asked him to "take your shirt off" during a live broadcast.

The incident happened at the end of the show’s broadcast when the hosts invited Symon for a cooking segment, promoting his new recipe book, Simply Symon Suppers. As the segment began, co-host Ana Navarro took the chance to wish Symon a happy birthday, as he had recently celebrated being another year older.

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Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Dave Kotinsky
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Dave Kotinsky

However, the discussion quickly turned to how Symon had celebrated his previous birthday, and that’s when things escalated. Navarro brought up a shirtless selfie that Symon had posted on Instagram during his last birthday celebration, which portrayed his tattooed torso. While the rest of the panel reacted with admiration. According to Decider, Behar had a rather unexpected reaction.

She expressed her awe and shock, exclaiming, "What?!" in response to the shirtless photo. Symon, seemingly caught off guard, lowered his head and then addressed Behar, amusingly saying, "Joy, don't look at me like that!" Behar was not contended with just seeing the virtual picture, she wanted confirmation, She demanded, "Let me see! Is that real? Let me see! Can you show?" 

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Despite confirming that his body resembled the picture, Symon firmly stated, "I'm not taking my shirt off!" He further explained that he was already wearing his apron and had no wish to remove any of his clothing. As per The Sun, with the matter seemingly settled, Symon added that he decided not to post another shirtless picture for his recent birthday as his mother was not too thrilled by his stint last year.

For Context, Symon shared his shirtless selfie last year in celebration of his 53rd birthday. He captioned, “Wasn’t gonna post because quite honestly would give my friends a lot of s**t if they posted this … but hell with it .. have worked my a** off for past 18 months to get in shape for my 53rd bday. And I’m proud that I was able to get myself back in shape .. lost about 12 lbs .. got some of my muscle back .. & am ready for the next 53 years. (gotta be like pap) .. age is a number nothing more .. keep moving .. peace MS.”

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The unexpected on-air moment featuring Joy Behar's playful demand for Symon to take his shirt off left the audience amused and Symon himself blushing. While stripping down on live television might not be the norm, it's moments like these that keep viewers entertained and coming back for more on The View.

In the end, Symon revealed that while The View panel was impressed by his shirtless photo, his mother had a different perspective. When she saw the picture, she humorously asked him, "Why do you have to show everybody all those damn tattoos?" It seems that family always has a unique way of keeping us grounded, even in the midst of unexpected on-air moments. So, while Behar's demand for a shirtless Symon may have taken everyone by surprise, it's all part of the unpredictable charm that makes The View a show worth tuning in to.

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