Tems' 'Stratus Cloud' Outfit Stole the Show at the Oscars and Instantly Became Meme Fodder

Tems' 'Stratus Cloud' Outfit Stole the Show at the Oscars and Instantly Became Meme Fodder
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The 95th Academy Awards which was held on Sunday, March 12 had some memorable winners and moments. But nothing caused mayhem on the internet as Nigerian songstress, Tems' dramatic outfit, a white gown with a humongous veil-like headgear that was sure to block any view for those sitting behind her. The rising star was attending her first Oscar red carpet, and she chose to wear the white haute couture gown by Los Angeles-based Ukrainian design house, Lever Couture. The structured white gown was styled by Dunsin Wright, LA Times reported. The white gown was showcased at the fashion week in Tokyo last September and made a sensational debut on the red carpet when Tems graced the elite event at the Dolby Theatre on Sunday in LA.


Tems was nominated for the Black Panther: Wakanda Forever track Lift Me Up, which was performed live at the 95th Academy Awards by Rihanna. She is credited as the co-writer of the track. Although the white voluminous gown landed the Nigerian beauty on the best-dressed list, it still became fodder for memes, rude allegations, and criticism on the internet. The songstress received plenty of negative flak from the audience watching the show and also the ones sitting behind her at the Dolby Theatre. Twitter erupted with hilarious reactions. One user wrote, “Imagine the person sitting behind Tems all through the Oscars, definitely feel some kind of way. Like ‘this is disrespectful.'" 



Another user calling the outfit a "stratus cloud" tweeted, "Imagine waiting your whole life to be at the Oscars and you end up sitting behind a stratus cloud." Another user took a screen grab of the live ceremony airing on the television and posted, "I’m cryinnnnnnn tems got that lady fighting for her life!" The short video portion clearly shows a lady trying to catch a glimpse of the proceedings on stage from behind Tems.


A debate soon ensued with people taking the Nigerian beauty's side and others terming her outfit obnoxious for the event. One Twitter user wrote in support of the Oscar-nominated musician, “Tems dress was beautiful, Tems is drop-dead gorgeous, Tems is my star girl and all that." Another user said, “Tems didn’t win any Oscars but she’s still the conversation topic of the event, a queen.”

Some users wondered if the internet's negative reaction could be racially motivated. Others did not agree. “Tems blocking people’s views with her dress was inconsiderate. People pointing that out is not racism as long as they aren’t using derogatory language. Humans need to be more honest,” said one Twitter user. “Tems is in her first racially motivated Hollywood drama. Yeah, she’s doing very well,” someone else wrote in sarcasm. 


The Grammy-winning Wait for U singer clapped back at all the comments and controversy her gown had created by tweeting multiple shots of the outfit along with a single word, "Oops!" and a smile emoji. 

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