Taylor Swift Fans Troll Emma Laird for Posting Photo of Joe Alwyn After Taylor-Alwyn Break Up

Taylor Swift Fans Troll Emma Laird for Posting Photo of Joe Alwyn After Taylor-Alwyn Break Up
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Taylor Swift’s fans are known for being passionate and fiercely loyal, but sometimes that loyalty can turn into toxic behavior. This was the case recently when fans of the singer attacked actress Emma Laird for posting a photo of Joe Alwyn on social media after his breakup with Swift. Laird, who is Alwyn’s co-star in the upcoming film The Brutalist, posted a photo of Alwyn on a scooter as part of a carousel on her Instagram page. The caption read, “Moments in March," along with camera and heart emojis

While the post seemed innocent enough, Swift’s fans quickly jumped to conclusions and began attacking Laird. Some fans accused Alwyn of cheating on Swift with Laird, while others accused Laird of being a homewrecker.



“We love you for ending taylor and joe’s relationship,” one anonymous troll wrote in the comments section. “Now THIS is suspicious. Especially if it’s true that she’s liking things posted about Taylor&Joe’s breakup. It seems like she wants attention. Well, now she finally got it,” another tweeted.



The backlash was so intense that Laird was forced to turn off the comments on her post, according to Page Six. Swift has not spoken out about the incident, but several of her fans have condemned the attacks on Laird, calling them “bullying” and “disgusting.”

“Swifties attacking Emma Laird need to touch grass,” one person tweeted. “Like you’re seriously speculating that Joe cheated on Taylor with no actual evidence whatsoever and are sending her hate? Find a damn job or a hobby. Something.” A second fan wrote, “Some ‘swifties’ scare me… emma laird having to turn off her instagram comment section [because] of rumors swirling that joe cheated on taylor with her is heartbreaking to me.”



While it’s understandable that fans may feel protective of their favorite celebrity, it’s important to remember that celebrities are human beings with feelings. No one deserves to be attacked or harassed on social media, regardless of their relationship with a celebrity.

Swift and Alwyn were together for six years before their breakup was confirmed by Page Six in April. The reason for the split was said to be that the relationship had simply “run its course.” Infidelity was not given as a reason for the breakup.

Image Source: Getty Images|Photo by John Medina
Image Source: Getty Images|Photo by John Medina


Since the split, Swift has been busy with her sold-out Eras Tour and spending time with close friends Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds. Alwyn, meanwhile, has been in Hungary filming for The Brutalist with Laird and their co-stars Adrien Brody, Felicity Jones, and Guy Pearce.

It’s unclear if Alwyn and Laird are actually dating, but even if they are, it’s no one’s business but their own. Swift’s fans need to remember that their loyalty to the singer does not give them the right to attack or harass others.

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