Trump Campaign Spent $3M For Wisconsin Recount That Ended Up Giving Joe Biden 87 Additional Votes

The expensive recount effort in Wisconsin may have backfired on Donald Trump’s campaign. The president’s campaign, echoing his unfounded claims of voter fraud and massive irregularities, pushed for a recount in the two largest counties in the swing state. As The Independent reported, that effort has now come to a conclusion, with Joe Biden the […]

Donald Trump Mocked For Paying $3M For Milwaukee Recount That Ended Up Giving Joe Biden A Bigger Lead

Donald Trump’s campaign had looked to a recount in Wisconsin’s largest county as a chance to flip the race and address what they called the “worst irregularities” in the state. Instead, the final total from Milwaukee County only ended up giving Joe Biden a larger lead, prompting many of the president’s critics to take to […]

Wisconsin Recount Taking Longer Than Expected As Trump Campaign Watchers Reportedly Object To Every Ballot

Wisconsin officials say the election recount is taking longer than expected because some supporters of President Donald Trump authorized to watch over the process have objected to every single ballot. As The Associated Press reported, election officials in the state’s largest county have accused observers for Trump’s campaign of trying to obstruct the recount. As […]

Black Rifle Coffee Denies Sponsoring Kyle Rittenhouse After He Was Released On Bail

Black Rifle Coffee is denying rumors that it sponsored Kyle Rittenhouse, who is accused of killing two protestors in Kenosha, Wisconsin, and was released on $2 million bail on Friday, Heavy reported. “We did not sponsor nor do we have a relationship with the 17-year-old facing charges in Kenosha, WI,” the company tweeted on Saturday […]

Wisconsin Recount Looming After Joe Biden’s Narrow Victory: Here’s What State Laws Say Will Happen

Donald Trump and his campaign have reportedly requested a recount in Wisconsin following his narrow loss to Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential election. A manual on Wisconsin’s recount laws, published on the state’s official website, gives insight into what the country can expect in the days and weeks ahead. A recount is not automatic […]

Davante Adams Throws Shade At Packer Organization For Ruling Him Out In Upcoming Game

According to a recent report from TMZ, Green Bay Packers No. 1 wide receiver Davante Adams is clearly upset about missing his team’s upcoming Monday Night Football game against the Atlanta Falcons. Adams expressed his frustration in a tweet, which was deleted shortly after he posted it. Adams considered his body healthy enough to help […]

FBI Closes Case On Alleged Hate Crime Victim Althea Bernstein, Say No Evidence Could ‘Corroborate’ Attack

Law enforcement has decided to close the case on alleged hate crime victim Althea Bernstein. The 18-year-old claimed in June that she had been attacked by four white men who had poured lighter fluid onto her face and burned her in a vicious and racially motivated attack. According to The Wisconsin State Journal, the Madison […]

Joe Biden Will Visit Kenosha, Wisconsin, On Thursday

Democratic Party nominee Joe Biden will visit Kenosha, Wisconsin, on Thursday, days after his opponent, incumbent President Donald Trump, did the same. As The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported, it will be the former vice president’s first visit to the state. “Vice President Biden will hold a community meeting in Kenosha to bring together Americans to […]

Jacob Blake Is Handcuffed To His Hospital Bed While Recovering From Gunshots, Family Members Say

Jacob Blake is handcuffed to the hospital bed where he is recovering after being shot by police officers, family members said this week. The police shooting of the 29-year-old man in Kenosha, Wisconsin, has sparked nationwide protests and calls for the officers involved to be fired and face charges. On Thursday, the man’s father said […]

Jacob Blake’s Mother Julia Jackson Calls Out ‘Violence And Destruction’ After Shooting

Jacob Blake’s mother Julia Jackson spoke out on behalf of her son Tuesday afternoon, as she asked people in Wisconsin and around the world to look inside their hearts. The heartbroken mother pleaded for healing and unity in the country and called out the violence and destruction she’d seen in the community of Kenosha. The […]

Who Is Jacob Blake? Black Man Shot By Kenosha Police Was Reportedly Breaking Up Fight

Jacob Blake has been identified as the man shot in the back by members of the Kenosha Police Department in an incident that has captured nationwide attention and led to protests in the Wisconsin city. Video posted to Twitter on Sunday appeared to show several officers surrounding a man as he attempted to open the […]

Protests Turn Violent In Kenosha, Wisconsin, After Video Shows Police Officers Shooting Black Man In The Back

Protests turned violent in Kenosha, Wisconsin, on Sunday evening after police officers were seen shooting a black man in the back during a domestic incident. A man was shot just after 5:15 p.m. local time during what Kenosha police said was a domestic disturbance. Viral video taken from across the street appeared to show officers […]

Viral Video Appears To Show Kenosha, Wisconsin, Police Officers Shooting Black Man In The Back

A viral video appeared to show police officers in Kenosha, Wisconsin, shooting a black man in the back as he tried to enter a car, a clip that has sparked an immediate backlash online. The video looked to be taken from across the street and appears to start in the middle of the incident, showing […]

Kanye West’s Bid To Get On The Wisconsin Ballot Faces At Least Two Challenges

Kanye West’s attempt to get on the ballot in Wisconsin may have hit a major snag. The rapper, who jumped into the White House race after a surprise July 4 announcement that he was running for president, is facing at least two challenges to get his name on the ballot in Wisconsin, WMTV reported. The […]

Wisconsin Man Splits Powerball Winnings With His Friend After Making A Pact More Than 20 Years Ago

When Tom Cook of Wisconsin checked his Powerball ticket last month, he discovered that he had won the $22 million jackpot. Without hesitating, he made the decision to split the winnings with his longtime friend Joe Feeney. Around 22 years ago, the friends made a pact that if either one of them ever won the […]

Relative Of Boy Who Died In Tragic ATV Accident Speaks Out About The Dangers Of Power Sports

Kristen Almer is the aunt of Logan Almer, a boy who died tragically at only 11 years old due to an ATV accident. The horrific incident occurred in 2013 and devastated the family. Now, Kristen is speaking up about what happened in an effort to inform parents about the potential dangers of power sports, according […]

Tony Evers Activates Wisconsin National Guard After State Senator Attacked, Property Destroyed By Protesters

Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers announced on Wednesday night he called out the state’s contingent of the National Guard. PBS reported the move was made after a night of unrest and violent protests on Tuesday. In a statement regarding calling out the National Guard, Evers said something changed in the demonstrations that had been associated with […]

Mom Who Battled Cancer While Pregnant Is Spreading A Message Of Hope

Jessica Storm is a mother from Milwaukee, Wisconsin who is spreading hope by keeping a positive attitude while facing numerous hardships. Storm was pregnant when she was diagnosed with breast cancer and was later diagnosed with melanoma, then a brain tumor, according to Today. Storm was 28 weeks pregnant when she discovered a lump in […]

Wisconsin Anytime Fitness Location Posts ‘I Can’t Breathe’ Workout, Complete With Drawing Of Kneeling Figure

The owner of a Wisconsin Anytime Fitness location has apologized after one of her employees put up a sign that appeared to reference George Floyd’s death, TMZ reported. The sign has been criticized as insensitive. Jen Dunnington, co-owner of Anytime Fitness in Wauwatosa, in suburban Milwaukee, said that one of her employees wanted to “honor” […]

Joe Biden Leads Donald Trump In Key Swing State, According To New Poll, Democrat Also Leads Nationwide

In Wisconsin, an important “swing” state in which Donald Trump narrowly defeated Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election, Joe Biden holds a three-point lead over the incumbent, according to a new poll by Marquette University Law School. Trump won Wisconsin over Clinton by fewer than 23,000 votes — or under one percentage point — […]

Wisconsin School Bans Shirts Depicting Guns, Parents File Federal Lawsuit

The mothers of two boys in a Wisconsin school district have sued the system for a rule that prohibits students from wearing clothing that depicts guns, according to ABC News. Both boys were disciplined by the school for wearing shirts that depicted guns in a way that the family’s attorney says is completely anodyne. Kettle […]

Bernie Sanders Dominates Three Key Battleground States In New Poll

After winning the popular vote in Iowa, winning the New Hampshire primary, and coasting to a commanding victory in Nevada, Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont has emerged as the clear front-runner in the 2020 Democratic Party presidential primaries. According to a new poll from University of Wisconsin-Madison Elections Research Center, Sanders is dominant in three […]

2020 Presidential Poll: Donald Trump Holds Advantage In Key State Needed For Re-Election

A newly released 2020 presidential poll shows that Donald Trump holds an early lead in a state that is critical to his re-election — and one that his eventual Democratic opponent would likely need to flip back to blue. In 2016, Trump pulled off a surprising victory in Wisconsin after the state had been solidly […]

Donald Trump Reportedly Interrupted Meetings To Ask Strange Questions About Badgers

Donald Trump reportedly interrupted briefings with White House chief of staff Reince Priebus in order to ask him unusual questions about badgers, the state animal of Preibus’ home of Wisconsin. According to Business Insider, a new book called “Sinking In the Swamp” claims that Trump would often sideline meetings to ask Priebus if badgers were […]

Wisconsin Cop Janelle Gericke Accused Of Breaking Into Homes While Families Were At Funerals

A Wisconsin sheriff’s deputy is accused of robbing mourners’ homes while they were attending the funerals of their loved ones, NBC News reports. Jefferson County Sheriff’s deputy Janelle Gericke would allegedly scour the obituaries looking for the names of the recently-deceased and when their funerals were, so she would know which homes to rob and […]

High School Students Discover Hidden Cameras In Their Hotel Rooms At The Minneapolis Hyatt Regency

High school students from Madison, Wisconsin had a disturbing experience while on a class trip that has shocked the nation. The students — who were staying at the Hyatt Regency hotel in Minneapolis, Minnesota — found hidden cameras in their hotel rooms. As a result, one of the staff members that was accompanying the students […]

Donald Trump Beats All Four Democratic Frontrunners In Polls In Wisconsin, A Key Swing State

Donald Trump is beating all four of the highest-polling Democratic 2020 presidential nominees in Wisconsin, a key swing state whose 10 electoral votes could be the tipping point for the election, The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports. Support for Trump’s impeachment is also slipping among voters in the Badger State. The latest Marquette University Law School […]

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett Blames Donald Trump For Acid Attack On Peruvian Immigrant

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett says that Donald Trump bears at least some of the blame for an acid attack on a Peruvian immigrant last weekend, HuffPost reports. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, last Friday night, Mahud Villalaz, 42, was attacked in what Barrett calls an “obvious hate crime.” Villalaz, who is a U.S. citizen […]

Milwaukee Acid Attack Targets Peruvian Immigrant, Police Treating It As A Hate Crime

A Milwaukee man who immigrated to the U.S. from Peru had acid thrown on his face by a man who accused him of invading the country, The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports. “This is, sadly and tragically, a textbook case of hate,” said a community Latino-rights advocate of this crime. Mahud Villalaz, 42, immigrated to the […]

A Black Security Guard Was Fired For Using The N-Word While Telling A Student Not To Call Him That

A black security guard at a Wisconsin high school was fired for using a racial slur while telling a student not to use that word, Madison’s WKOW-TV reports. Students staged a massive walkout in protest. Marlon Anderson was a well-loved security guard at Madison West High School. That is, until Wednesday of last week, when […]

Republicans Reportedly Fear Donald Trump Is Losing Support In Key Battleground State

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, opinion polls have consistently and unambiguously suggested that Democratic front-runners Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders are set to beat President Donald Trump, who appears to be a uniquely vulnerable incumbent with fragile support. Whoever wins the Democratic nomination, however, will have to perform well in the three swing states […]

Donald Trump Trails Joe Biden Badly In Wisconsin, New Poll Reveals, Latest Crucial State That Looks To Flip

In the 2016 election, Wisconsin was one of the key states in which Donald Trump scored a narrow, surprise victory over Democrat Hillary Clinton, winning by just a single percentage point, as results posted by Politico show. The state’s 10 Electoral College votes were instrumental in Trump’s ability to exceed the required 270, and finish […]

Wisconsin Is Flying The Rainbow Flag Over The State Capitol Building For The First Time Ever

Wisconsin’s government has hoisted the LGBTQ pride flag over the State Capitol Building for the first time ever, CNN reports. The move coincides with a similar one made by the state of New York the same week. On Friday, Governor Tony Evers created an executive order that directs the pride flag to be flown over […]

College Football Playoff Could Expand Beyond Four Teams

For many years, the highest division of college football did not have a playoff system. The top teams would play bowl games in December and January, with one of them billed the championship game, but there was no official playoff system in place. That finally changed at the end of the 2014 season when the […]

Watch Handcuffed Suspect Dive Head First From Second-Story Window To Escape Police In Newly-Released Video

Last October, sheriff’s deputies in Rock County, Wisconsin, arrested 17-year-old Quantrell Dylan Schwartzlow on charges of second-degree sexual assault, strangulation, and suffocation, according to a report in The Gazette Extra newspaper. But when a detective brought the teen suspect into an interrogation room at the sheriff’s department headquarters, he got a shocking surprise. The interrogation […]

Charges Filed In Hypothermia Death Of Boy Following Brutal Punishment For Failure To Learn Bible Verses

A seven-year-old Wisconsin boy, Ethan Hauschultz, died last year after being forced to carry a 44-pound log for two hours in cold temperatures before being buried under snow for more than 20 minutes, Fox 11 News reports. He was allegedly struck around 100 times during the ordeal, which was a punishment for failure to learn […]

Jayme Closs’ Aunt Opens Up About The Relief Of Finding Out Her Missing Niece Was Alive

Thirteen-year-old Wisconsin girl Jayme Closs was abducted by a 21-year-old man, who allegedly shot and killed both of her parents. For three months there was no sign of the teen. Although her aunt, Jennifer Smith, knew she might not ever see Jayme again, she refused to give up hope. She just couldn’t shake the feeling […]

Jayme Closs Was Allegedly Kidnapped By The Man Who Killed Her Parents Named Jake Thomas Patterson

UPDATE: 1/11/2019, 12 p.m. est: In a press conference on CNN, police identified Jake Thomas Patterson as the 21-year-old man who allegedly killed the Closs parents and kidnapped Jayme. Police believe the crime was based on the abduction of Jayme Closs. Jayme Closs, the 13-year-old girl who disappeared three months ago after her parents were […]

‘Making A Murderer’ Lawyer Challenges Wisconsin Attorney General To Allow DNA Testing Of Mystery Bones

Making A Murderer subject Steven Avery’s lawyer Kathleen Zellner has responded to her client’s latest legal setback. As the Inquisitr reports, a Wisconsin appeals court denied her December 17 motion to perform Rapid DNA testing on bones left unidentified since Avery’s original 2006 murder trial. According to Newsweek, Zellner isn’t discouraged by the ruling and […]

‘Making A Murderer’: Appeals Court Rejects Steven Avery’s Request For Rapid DNA Testing Of Mystery Bones

A Wisconsin court of appeals has denied a motion from Making A Murderer subject Steven Avery that requested his case be returned to the circuit court so new scientific testing could be performed. Local news outlet WBAY reports that the court’s decision came on December 28, just hours after the State of Wisconsin filed their […]

Wisconsin GOP Plans To Thwart Will Of The Voters Who Chose A Democratic Candidate For Governor

Thousands of Wisconsinites gathered outside of the state capitol building in Madison tonight to protest a proposed special session by Republican lawmakers in the legislature that hopes to strip powers from the governor elect, a Democrat, just one month before he’s set to take office. Hundreds, if not thousands more came inside the capitol building […]

Wisconsin Mom Allegedly Left Small Children In Freezing Car While She Shopped At Kmart

A Wisconsin mom is facing charges of child neglect after allegedly leaving her three children — only one of them over the age of two — in her freezing car while she shopped at Kmart, MSN is reporting. When questioned by police, the mom allegedly told cops she “didn’t want to deal with” putting them […]

Defeated State Republicans Scrambling To Sabotage Incoming Democrats During Lame-Duck Session

Republican lawmakers in Michigan, Wisconsin, and North Carolina are taking steps to curb the power of incoming Democrats before the January transition, according to Newsweek. In Michigan, Republicans will continue to operate as a majority in the state legislature thanks to heavily gerrymandered districts, but suffered losses in the gubernatorial election and in other top […]

Wisconsin High School Students Seen Giving Nazi, White Power Salutes In Prom Photo

Several Wisconsin high school students were caught on camera giving what appears to be a Nazi salute at prom last spring, and school officials are demanding answers, Madison365 is reporting. The months-old photo, taken last spring around the time of Baraboo High School’s (BHS) prom, surfaced on social media this week when it was posted […]

Wisconsin Man Who Mowed Down Girl Scouts Was Huffing At The Time Of Crash

Colten Treu is the name of the man arrested for hitting three Girl Scouts and a parent supervisor who were picking up trash along the roadside in Lafayette, Wisconsin. Treu had been huffing or inhaling chemical vapors from a can of air duster used to clean computer keyboards when he crashed his truck into the […]

Democrat Tony Evers Unseats Republican Gov. Scott Walker In Wisconsin

UPDATE: Gov. Scott Walker has conceded to Democratic candidate Tony Evers, per reporting from, ending any possibility of a recount in Wisconsin. Original article appears below. — For most of the night, incumbent Gov. Scott Walker, a Republican, and his Democratic opponent Tony Evers switched back and forth with the lead in their head-to-head […]

Latest Poll For Governor In Wisconsin Shows A Tie — Race Could Go ‘In Either Direction’

The most recent polling data out of the state of Wisconsin shows a contentious gubernatorial race. In fact, the race is so close that no one knows for sure at this point who’s going to win. “This race could clearly tip either direction based on our data,” said Charles Franklin, pollster and head of the […]

White Nationalist Literature Discovered In Some Wisconsin Mailboxes

White nationalist and anti-Semitic literature was discovered in several small towns in southwestern Wisconsin earlier this week, just days after a mass shooting killed 11 individuals at a Jewish synagogue in Pennsylvania. Several residents in Baraboo, Reedsburg, and Spring Green, areas that are about an hour’s drive away from the state’s capital city of Madison, […]

Authorities Issue Details Of ‘Vehicles of Interest’ In Relation To Missing Wisconsin Girl Jayme Closs

The search continues in relation to missing Wisconsin teenager Jayme Closs, 14. Her parents, James, 56, and Denise Closs, 46, were found murdered on October 15 in Barron, Wisconsin, and Jayme has not been located since. Police have urged witnesses to come forward and already approximately 1,000 tips have been received from the public. Now, […]

Search For Missing Teen Jayme Closs Continues As Investigators Receive More Than 1,000 Tips

As the search for missing teen Jayme Closs inches toward the one-week mark, investigators are reporting that they have received over 1,000 tips and have done a thorough follow-up on over 800 of them. ABC News reported on Wisconsin’s Barron County Sheriff Chris Fitzgerald’s Saturday statement on the case. “We are using every resource available […]