‘Pokemon GO’ Developer Niantic Launches Black Developers Initiative

The developer behind breakout augmented reality hits like Pokémon GO, Ingress and Harry Potter: Wizards Unite continues to do its part in providing opportunities for minority game-makers. As announced via the studio’s Twitter account on Thursday, Niantic has launched a new endeavor aiming to provide financing, mentorship and support to Black game development teams. “In […]

Environmental Agency Red-Flags PS5 & Xbox Series X Power Consumption

An environmental agency in the U.S. is warning that the recent release of Sony’s PlayStation 5 and Microsoft’s Xbox Series X will yield massive increases in power consumption and, in turn, higher energy costs. In turn, the next-gen video game consoles could have a sizable negative impact on the environment over the next several years. […]

Oscar Isaac Set To Bring Solid Snake To Life In ‘Metal Gear Solid’ Adaptation

Actor Oscar Isaac has officially been tapped to bring one of video gaming’s most iconic characters to life on the big screen. As relayed by Variety, Sony Pictures announced on Friday that the 41-year-old is now attached to filmmaker Jordan Vogt-Roberts’ cinematic adaptation of Metal Gear Solid in the starring role of Solid Snake. Isaac, […]

Rumors Of A ‘Silent Hill’ Reboot On Sony’s PS5 Are ‘Credible,’ Gaming Insider Says

The long-rumored return of a video game series that helped popularize the survival horror genre in the late 1990s and early 2000s may actually be in the works. As relayed by VG247 on Thursday, former Game Informer senior editor and current Kinda Funny host Imran Khan believes that rumors suggesting that a reboot of Konami’s […]

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Starts Twitch Gaming Channel To Play ‘Among Us’ And Encourage Voting

Rep. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez has launched a Twitch channel to play the popular online video game Among Us and encourage viewers to vote in the election. Ocasio-Cortez, who is the U.S. Representative for New York’s 14th congressional district, asked on Twitter if any gamers would join her to promote voting in the lead-up to the 2020 […]

Sony Reveals That ’99 Percent’ Of Games Available On PS4 Will Be Playable On PS5

Sony offered a multitude of new details regarding backward compatibility for its forthcoming PlayStation 5 console on Friday in a post on the PlayStation Blog. Specifically, the Japanese tech giant noted that a vast majority of PlayStation 4 games will also be playable on the next-gen console, which is scheduled for release in North America, […]

Sega’s ‘Yakuza’ Video Game Series Is Reportedly Getting A Live-Action Adaptation

Sega’s long-running, action-adventure/beat ’em up series Yakuza is reportedly heading to the big screen in the form of a live-action, cinematic adaptation. According to Variety, the iconic video game developer is teaming up with 1212 Entertainment and Wild Sheep Content to bring the franchise’s stylized world to life. Although 1212 and Wild Sheep are reportedly […]

Buffalo Bills’ John Brown Says ‘Madden’ Player Ratings Are ‘Rigged’

With less than a month to go until the official release of Madden 21, Buffalo Bills wide receiver John Brown said the individual player ratings are “rigged up.” The veteran wideout spoke to Bills reporter Maddy Glab in a video posted to Twitter this morning. You can see that tweet here. Brown, who caught 72 […]

‘Fallout’ Video Game Adaptation In The Works For Amazon From ‘Westworld’ Creators

An adaptation of the popular post-apocalyptic video game Fallout is currently in the works at Amazon from Westworld co-creators Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the new series is part of their overall nine-figure deal they signed with Amazon last year. At present, the series is in the early developmental stages, […]

‘Spider-Man: Miles Morales’ Announced During PlayStation 5 ‘Future of Gaming’ Stream

After incurring a week-long delay as a result of Black Lives Matter protests and calls for an end to racial injustice around the globe, Sony finally held its Future of Gaming live stream, during which the console-maker, games publisher, and tech giant revealed some of its early offerings for the upcoming PlayStation 5 system. The […]

‘Chernobyl’ Director Johan Renck To Helm Pilot Episode Of HBO’s ‘The Last Of Us’ Adaptation

After becoming a critical and commercial hit at the end of the previous console cycle and cementing its status as one of video gaming’s definitive titles, The Last of Us was optioned by HBO earlier this year for a television adaptation. Now, Chernobyl director Johan Renck has revealed that he has signed on to be […]

Sony To Unveil PlayStation 5 Games, Updates On System During ‘Future Of Gaming’ Showcase

With the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) canceled this year due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, video game studios and console manufacturers have been forced to seek different avenues for announcing new products for gamers to consume. To that end, Sony has announced a live streaming showcase for Thursday, June 4, during which the company […]

‘Sonic The Hedgehog’ Is Officially Getting A Sequel

After becoming the highest-grossing video game movie of all time, Sonic the Hedgehog is officially getting a sequel, Variety exclusively reported earlier today. On Thursday, it was confirmed by Sega Sammy and Paramount Pictures that a sequel was currently in development. Jeff Fowler will return to direct the film while both Josh Miller and Pat […]

Amazon Releases Sci-Fi Shooter Video Game ‘Crucible’

Amazon Game Studios released the free PC game Crucible on Wednesday. The sci-fi shooter competition was the first one launched by the company’s Seattle-based gaming studio, Relentless, CNET reported. There haven’t been too many details released about the game since it was first announced, along with three other titles, four years ago at TwitchCon. All […]

Xbox Project Co-Founder J Allard To Oversee Intellivision Amico Console

One of the key people in bringing Microsoft’s original Xbox console to market in 2001 will be joining Intellivision in its effort to launch an all-new console, the Amico. J Allard — who previously served as corporate vice president and chief technology officer for the Entertainment and Devices Division at Microsoft — is joining Intellivision […]

Nintendo Announces A New ‘Paper Mario’ Game With A July Release Date

On Thursday morning, Nintendo announced that a brand new Paper Mario game will be arriving on Nintendo Switch on July 17. The new action-adventure game is titled Paper Mario: The Origami King. According to the official Paper Mario website, the game will follow Mario and his new partner Olivia as they team up with unlikely […]

Remaster Of Blizzard Classic ‘Diablo II’ Rumored To Be Releasing In 2020

One of the seminal titles of PC gaming in the early 2000s appears to be getting a face-lift and a new lease on life in the form of a modern remaster. Diablo II — Blizzard‘s classic hack-and-slash, action RPG — is rumored to be returning later this year with a proverbial new coat of paint […]

PS5 Will Give Every PlayStation Game A Free Demo, Rumor Suggests

While much of the hype regarding the upcoming release of Sony’s PlayStation 5 console has been centered on things like specialized solid state drives, custom AMD GPUs, ray tracing, and backward compatibility, a rumored new feature for the system has the potential to be a game-changer. According to a possible leak on Twitter, as relayed […]

‘The Last Of Us Part II’, ‘Ghosts Of Tsushima’ Get Official Summer Release Dates

After several questions and concerns about release dates either being pushed back or expected to be pushed back, Sony announced the launch dates of The Last of Us Part II and Ghosts of Tsushima for the PlayStation 4. The announcement came from Sony’s official Playstation blog, which said the two games will drop about a […]

Nintendo Reveals 160,000 Switch Accounts Affected By Recent Hack

Nintendo has revealed that some 160,000 Switch accounts were affected by a recent hack that allowed those responsible to access user and password data for Nintendo Network IDs (NNID). The hackers were then able to log in to those accounts and make unauthorized purchases with them. The company confirmed the hacks via a statement on […]

WB’s Next Batman Game Will Reportedly Reboot DC Games Universe

Warner Bros. Interactive and WB Montreal are reportedly keen on beginning a new narrative universe with the next installment in their popular Batman: Arkham video game series. Per a report by Geeks WorldWide (GWW) writer James Sigfield, the next game will be a reboot of the franchise, which hasn’t seen a new entry into its […]

‘WWE 2K21’ Cancelled By Publisher, According To Gaming Insider Justin Leeper

A gaming insider claims WWE 2K21 has been canceled by publisher 2K Games. Fans of the series know that new installments of the WWE 2K video game franchise have been an annual tradition dating back to 2013 when 2K Sports acquired the exclusive license for the pro wrestling giant. However, the publisher may be taking […]

The ESRB Has Decided To Warn Gamers About Loot Boxes

The regulatory organization tasked with reviewing video game content — and prescribing age-based ratings for consumers — is introducing new parameters to its system. The aim of these new guidelines is to make parents, and consumers in general, more aware of games that include loot boxes and other forms of randomized in-game purchases. In a […]

Hideo Kojima Reportedly Not Interested In ‘Silent Hills’ Revival, Has Eye On Another Project

Hideo Kojima is reportedly ready to get back to work. A new report indicates he’s gearing up to start work on his first project since Death Stranding launched. While some fans of the man best known for creating the Metal Gear universe are hoping Silent Hills could be that next project, at least one industry […]

‘Resident Evil 4’ Remake Has Reportedly Been Greenlit

The Resident Evil 3 remake launched earlier this month on the Xbox One and PS4. Now, if one report is accurate, Capcom has already started working the Resident Evil 4 remake. Andy Robinson of Videogameschronicle is reporting work on the project has just begun. That means if the new title truly is in the works, […]

‘Cooking Mama: Cookstar’ Pulled From Nintendo eShop After Accusations Of Cryptocurrency Mining

Fans of Cooking Mama were in for a shock when they tried to purchase the new game from the Nintendo eShop on its release date last week. On March 31, Cooking Mama: Cookstar was slated to release on the Nintendo Switch in the U.S. It briefly appeared online and then disappeared shortly after, prompting an […]

‘The Last Of Us Part II’ Delayed Indefinitely Due To The Coronavirus Pandemic

The highly anticipated PlayStation game, The Last of Us Part II, has been delayed yet again due to the coronavirus pandemic. This time, the studio, Naughty Dog, is not sure when the game will be released. They made the official announcement on their Twitter account on Thursday, directly after the official Playstation account confirmed the […]

Ice-T Loves ‘Doom Eternal’ But Wants To Do Away With All The Jumping

Never let it be said Ice-T isn’t a true gamer. The rapper turned actor is, in fact, someone who represents himself rather well as a fan of video games in general. He’s also recently come out as a big fan of the recently released Doom Eternal. Much like the rest of the gaming public, he […]

Brie Larson Wants To Be In An ‘Animal Crossing’ Movie

Brie Larson might be getting ready to kick some serious villain butt in Captain Marvel 2, but it appears she would also like to take on some lighter fare as well. The launch of Animal Crossing: New Horizons has the video gaming world quite excited. The Nintendo Switch exclusive hit the streets on Friday, and […]

‘Sonic The Hedgehog’ Officially Becomes Highest Grossing Video Game Movie

It’s not a great time to be in the movie business. One theater after another is closing its doors temporarily because of the coronavirus outbreak. Several companies are having to adapt in order to make any money at all. Perhaps the last blockbuster of this era, Bloodshot is even releasing digitally just a little over […]

‘Animal Crossing’ Nintendo Switch Sales In South Korea Reportedly Not Being Hampered By Coronavirus

While most of the world is shutting down and staying home because of the coronavirus outbreak, Animal Crossing fans in South Korea aren’t being scared away. Now that the special edition of Nintendo Switch is available for sale, there are reportedly lines around the block looking to purchase it. Analyst Daniel Ahmad posted on Twitter […]

Director Of ‘Sonic The Hedgehog’ Movie Discusses Changes Made To Titular Character

While it is safe to say fans are excited for the new Sonic the Hedgehog movie coming out on February 14, it wasn’t always that way. The release of the first trailer — back in April of last year — was met with almost universal backlash over the hedgehog’s initial look, prompting the studio to […]

Google Stadia Comes Under Fire For Lack Of Updates Since Launch

When the Google Stadia platform was first announced, it was billed as something that was going to change the gaming world forever. Since its launch, the product has fallen well short of expectations, even by those who claimed they were devout fans since it was released. This week, the pressure was dialed up a notch […]

CD Projekt Red Announces That The Highly Anticipated ‘Cyberpunk 2077’ Has Been Delayed Again

CD Projekt Red, the video game company behind breakout hits like The Witcher series, announced today that their next game, the highly anticipated Cyberpunk 2077, has been delayed yet again. The game was initially slated for an April release, but the company has now pushed the date back to September of this year. The company […]

Best Cyber Monday Video Game Deals From GameStop, Best Buy, Walmart & Amazon

With Cyber Monday here, it’s an excellent chance for gamers to beef up their collection with deals from all kinds of suppliers. Stores like GameStop, Best Buy, and Walmart have great Cyber Monday discounts. While most of them offer similar price drops, each offers something unique that stands out above the fray. Of course, Amazon […]

Check Out These Steam Cyber Monday Deals

Black Friday has come and gone, and now it is time for Cyber Monday sales to take over for online shoppers. The Steam Cyber Monday deals this year are huge. The online gaming digital rights management store also calls this collection of deals its Autumn Sale, and it runs through December 3. Essentially, the Autumn […]

Valve Ventures Into VR With ‘Half-Life: Alyx’

Valve stunned fans today with an announcement on their official Twitter account, one mentioning a new Half-Life game. The last game in the series was released 12 years ago, and fans have been awaiting an update, with some abandoning hope altogether. The newest title, Half-Life: Alyx, is part of a separate flagship VR trilogy promised […]

Latest ‘Guilty Gear’ Game Officially Named In New Trailer

Video game developer Arc System Works has been teasing the newest addition to the long-running Guilty Gear franchise, a cult-hit fighting game that first debuted in 1998 on the Playstation. Fans have been waiting months for more information about the latest installment in the franchise, which was first revealed at EVO 2019 in August. Finally, […]

New ‘Sonic The Hedgehog’ Trailer Released Showing Updated Design

Paramount Pictures has released the official new trailer for the upcoming video game adaptation, Sonic the Hedgehog. The original trailer was released in May of this year but received tremendous backlash from fans on social media. Sonic’s first design was devoid of his classic large eyes. An attempt was made to make the Sega icon […]

Nintendo, Sony, And Microsoft Agree To Start Disclosing Digital Loot Box Odds

The Entertainment Software Association (ESA) announced Wednesday that three of the biggest names in the video-game industry will begin publishing the odds of so-called “loot boxes,” Kotaku reports. Beginning some time in 2020, Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft will publish the odds of getting sought-after items when players purchase the loot boxes. The rules would apply […]

Donald Trump Plans To Launch A Crackdown On Violent Video Games In The Wake Of Mass Shootings

As Americans reel from the mass shootings in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio, The Inquisitr reported that House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick insist that — despite evidence to the contrary — video games are to blame for the horrific actions of the shooters. Now, The Independent reports that […]

Hail To The King, Baby: Bruce Campbell Reveals New ‘Evil Dead’ Game Which Will Be ‘Fully Immersive’

Bruce Campbell is truly a god in the world of horror and he knows how to tease the fans but sometimes he gives all the info needed. When Starz cancelled Ash vs. Evil Dead last year, it was a big-time blow for fans as they never knew if they would see the character Ash ever […]

Anthony Trice Accused Of Punching And Killing His 1-Month-Old Son After Losing A Video Game

A Kentucky man is facing murder charges for allegedly punching his 1-month-old son in anger while losing a video game, killing the infant in the process. Anthony Trice, 26, of Louisville, was initially charged with first-degree criminal abuse of a child, as The Louisville Courier-Journal reported on Sunday, as the unidentified child was in a […]

GameStop’s Stock Plunges In The Face Of Increased Digital Game Purchases

The Motley Fool reports that GameStop is struggling to survive as more gamers are purchasing games digitally, and the company — also the world’s largest video game retailer — is facing a tough road ahead. Although GameStop has been struggling for years to boost its sales as digital game purchases continue to become more commonplace, […]

School’s Out For Teenager Who Makes $200,000 From Playing ‘Fortnite’

If you think playing video games is a waste of time, think again. A 14-year-old gamer from New York is $200,000 better off after spending his days not going to school but playing Fornite instead. The Sun reports that Griffin Spikoski is an internet sensation now after playing Fortnite anywhere between eight and 18 hours […]

A Student’s ‘Super Smash Bros.’ Drawing Caused Panic As Some Saw It As Warning Of A Coming School Shooting

A student at East Clinton High School in Sabina, Ohio, had high anticipation for the release of a popular video game. Unfortunately, not everyone else was as excited as he was, and some mistook his enthusiasm as evidence that he was preparing to do something violent. The unnamed student drew a circle on a whiteboard […]

FTC To Investigate Video Game ‘Loot Boxes’ As Potential Form Of Gambling

Federal Trade Commission chairman Joe Simons announced Tuesday that the agency would be investigating the use of micro-transactions, commonly referred to as loot boxes, in video games. According to NBC, there has been growing concern around the use of these loot boxes, which some view as a form of gambling designed to be addictive that […]

Playstation Classic Announces Full Games Lineup

It seems major brand manufacturers have been trying to capitalize on the nostalgia of consumers lately. Gaming giant Nintendo released a miniature version of its 1985 NES system packed with classic games earlier this year and soon after, Sony announced its own tiny throwback system. Last month, the company announced it would be releasing the […]

Seth Rogen’s ‘Duck Hunt’ Trick Blows Old-School Gamers’ Minds

For many gamers, their first video game console was the original Nintendo Entertainment System. Chances are that if you owned a Nintendo, you or your parents also purchased the NES Zapper, an electronic light gun. The Nintendo Zapper usually came with Duck Hunt, or you may have received Duck Hunt as a pack-in game, paired […]

Teenage Boy Reportedly Cut Own Head Off With Chainsaw After Losing Computer Game

Reports claim that a 15-year-old Russian boy named Pavel Mateev reacted to losing a video game by heading to his yard and beheading himself with a chainsaw. According to a report from The Sun, police are investigating into the case of Mateev, who was described by state-owned Russian television network NTV as a teenager from […]