Seth Rogen, Sarah Silverman Headlining New Animated Series For HBO Max

Comedians Seth Rogen and Sarah Silverman will be teaming up on an animated project aimed at adults for the new streaming service HBO Max. Per a report by The Hollywood Reporter on Friday, Rogen and Silverman will co-star in the new cartoon series Santa Inc. According to THR‘s Rick Porter, an eight-episode production run has […]

Sarah Silverman Shares Video Of President Trump Bashing The U.S. & Says ‘Love It Or Leave It’

Social media has been buzzing more than usual during the past few days when it comes to politics and President Donald Trump. Now, comedian and actress Sarah Silverman is sharing her perspective regarding some of the president’s recent statements — and she isn’t hiding how she feels. One of Silverman’s latest and most notable tweets […]

Sarah Silverman Used To Push Kate Beckinsale To Date Prince Harry

During NRDC’s Night of Comedy earlier this week, Us Weekly spoke to Sarah Silverman, who revealed that she wanted her friend, Kate Beckinsale, to date Prince Harry before he met his current wife, Meghan Markle. “I remember when Prince Harry was single, like, I would live vicariously through [Kate] and be like, ‘Oh, my God, […]

Jimmy Kimmel Dishes On Friendship With Ex Sarah Silverman: ‘It Took Some Time, Definitely’

After five years of dating and a long history together, Jimmy Kimmel and Sarah Silverman are back on friendly terms. As fans of the famous couple know, Kimmel and Silverman dated for about five years before calling it quits in March of 2009. Now, Kimmel is married Molly McNearney, who is a writer on his […]

Sarah Silverman Tweets Response To Nick Cannon Accusations Of Homophobic Jokes

After Kevin Hart stepped down from hosting duties of the 2019 Academy Awards ceremony following the discovery of old homophobic tweets, Nick Cannon came to his defense. Cannon drew comparisons by exposing a number of tweets from female comedians like Amy Schumer, Chelsea Handler, and Sarah Silverman. Silverman and Handler are both major critics of […]

Sarah Silverman Compares Trump’s America To Nazi Germany While Appearing On ‘Real Time With Bill Maher’

Sarah Silverman recently received a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame. The actress and comic appeared on HBO’s Real Time shortly thereafter. Alongside host Bill Maher, Silverman joked about fame and the current political climate in the United States. According to the Huffington Post, the comedienne didn’t waste any time making sure audiences knew […]

Sarah Silverman Tweets Apology To Louis CK Accuser Rebecca Corry

It seems Sarah Silverman is regretting commenting on fellow comedian Louis C.K., Page Six is reporting. As recently reported on Inquisitr, Silverman spoke up regarding her friend C.K.’s sexual harassment accusations while on Howard Stern’s radio show. Five women alleged that C.K. began to masturbate in front of them without their consent. C.K. eventually confirmed […]

Sarah Silverman Says She Consented To Let Louis C.K. Masturbate In Front of Her

Comedian and actress Sarah Silverman said that she let Louis C.K. masturbate in front of her with her consent. According to Fox News, while Silverman was talking to Howard Stern during his radio show, she revealed that she allowed the controversial comedian to masturbate in front of her several times over the years. “I’ve known […]

Sarah Silverman Not Humored By Trump’s Rally Remarks, Issues Ultimatum On Kavanaugh

Comedian Sarah Silverman drew a line in the sand for senators to heed ahead of their vote on the fate of Brett Kavanaugh’s bid for a seat on the Supreme Court on Wednesday, October 3. Silverman dedicated the entirety of a teaser that she released for the latest episode of her I Love You, America […]

Sarah Silverman Helped Louis C.K.’s Daughter Rationalize His Actions

Comedian Sarah Silverman delivered an impassionate monologue last year on her show I Love You, America after her long-time friend, Louis C.K. was accused of sexual misconduct. According to Vulture, the comedian reasoned that one can still love a person even after learning they had committed terrible acts, like sexual assault. In a recent interview […]

Michael Ian Black Faces Backlash For Supporting Louis CK’s Comedy Comeback

Michael Ian Black faced backlash on Twitter after he defended Louis CK for making a return to stand-up comedy, nine months after the disgraced comedian was ousted in the Me Too movement. Louis CK surprised an audience at the Comedy Cellar with a brief 15-minute set. In his tweet, Black said, “Will take heat for […]

Sarah Silverman Stands Up For ‘Brother’ Louis CK, Says He Deserves Another Chance

Sarah Silverman is attempting to battle the other side with a tool which has rarely been used in American political life over the last couple of years: empathy. As Hulu decided to renew her late-night talk show, I Love You, America, for a second season, the comic seems to have adopted a perspective in which […]

Sarah Silverman Bikini Pictures Trending After Her Professed Sadness Over Al Franken’s Resignation

The search term, “Sarah Silverman bikini,” is trending online amid her statement to media sources about her sadness in the wake of Al Franken’s resignation from the U.S. Senate. On Tuesday, searches for Sarah Silverman in a bikini were up in a big way, according to Google Trends, a data-driven algorithm that tracks and ranks […]

Fever High’s Reni Lane, Anna Nordeen & Adam Schlesinger On New Album ‘FHNY,’ Jeff Goldblum, And Playing Live

On the heels of last year’s Sire Records-released All Work EP, Fever High will be putting out its long-awaited debut full-length on November 10. Titled FHNY, the 11-song collection is refreshingly poppy yet vintage. First single, “Spy,” premiered via All Things Go, while recent rave reviews have come in from the Guardian, the Nerdist, NPR […]

Chelsea Handler On Twitter: Seems To Call For A Military Coup Against Donald Trump

Comedian and former late night talk show host Chelsea Handler took to Twitter this week with what looks like a suggestion for the nation’s military leaders to remove Donald Trump from the presidency. She underscored the suggestion with the comment that the generals would be judged negatively by history should they allow the Trump administration […]

D23 Expo 2017: The Voices Of Numerous Disney Princesses Are Coming Together In One Of the Funniest Scenes Ever

Friday was the first day of the D23 Expo 2017 and there was so much to learn in one day, but it was one scene in just one movie that ended up stealing the whole show. The main presentation of the day was for Pixar and Walt Disney Studio Animation, and one of the subjects […]

Classy Lady: Chrissy Teigen Politely Said She Detests Fox News For Tagging Her

Chrissy Teigen politely said she detests Fox News in her tweet for tagging her in a story they want to promote on Twitter. The article’s content is one of the most controversial news of today: United Airlines bans leggings on flights. And Fox News is running a story on the different celebrity reactions to the […]

Sarah Silverman Slams Motherhood And Twitter Fires Back

Comedian and actress Sarah Silverman recently spoke about making a personal choice to pursue her career to the exclusion of starting a family, which is certainly a valid life choice, but one which has raised the anger of the online community. More specifically, the working mothers among Silverman’s fans have made clear their taking offense […]

Sarah Silverman Backs Military Coup D’Etat To Get Rid Of Trump

Sarah Silverman, perhaps unsurprisingly, has been one of the most outspoken celebrities when it comes to criticizing President Donald Trump — a trend that landed in language indicating support for a military coup d’etat on Thursday. Now that Trump is in office, Sarah has only gotten sharper in her attacks. Silverman recently tweeted that the […]

Sarah Silverman Doesn’t Like It When You Ask About Hillary’s Health [Video]

Sarah Silverman let loose with a string of profanities when a TMZ cameraman asked her about Hillary Clinton’s health. Although Clinton’s personal doctor pronounced her fit to serve as president in a July 2015 letter, conspiracy theorists and other Hillary foes have speculated about brain trauma, seizures, Parkinson’s disease, and other alleged maladies. The subject […]

‘Bernie Or Bust’ Trolls And Anyone Attacking Sarah Silverman Are Just Wasting Their Time

In comparison to the Republican National Convention, the Democratic National Convention had some serious star power, and their “militarized” liberal Sarah Silverman did what she does best: she offended the anti-Hillary Bernie or Busters when she told them they “were being ridiculous” for holding out for far too long on not accepting Hillary Clinton as […]

Susan Sarandon Fails To Hide Her Disgust And Becomes A Widely Shared DNC GIF Susan Sarandon, best known for her roles in The Rocky Horror Picture Show and Thelma and Louise, was caught looking absolutely miserable by video journalist Ian McKenna at the Democratic National Convention (DNC). McKenna, who formerly worked for CNN, tweeted a GIF of the actress with the look on her face of disgust, writing, […]

Sarah Silverman Almost Died Last Week, And Why She Still Tells Rape Jokes

Sarah Silverman almost died in a hospital last week, according to Time. The 45-year-old stand-up comedian shocked her Facebooks fans when she revealed she was on the verge of death last week. Sarah Silverman’s fans were alarmed when their favorite comedian went quiet on social media last week. The stand-up comedian usually shares her hilarious […]

Sarah Silverman Health Scare: Comedian Says She’s ‘Insanely Lucky To Be Alive’

Sarah Silverman’s health scare has given the comedian an entirely new perspective on her life. After spending a week in an intensive care unit and undergoing surgery for “a freak case of epiglottitis,” Silverman is grateful that she’s okay, reported Fox News. Sarah Silverman opens up after hospitalization due to "freak case" of epiglottitis […]

Sarah Silverman Says She’s ‘Insanely Lucky To Be Alive’ Following Life-Threatening Illness

Sarah Silverman posted to her Facebook page on Wednesday to talk about a near-death experience she had recently. The comedienne shared that she was in the Intensive Care Unit last week with a case of epiglottitis, a rare, life-threatening disease. Silverman reports that she went to the doctor for a sore throat, having no idea […]

‘Wreck-It Ralph 2’ Coming In 2018 From Disney — Ralph Wrecks The Internet

Disney’s 2012 animated film Wreck-It Ralph is going to be getting a sequel. Anyone who is a fan of the first film can be excited to expect its sequel, Wreck-It Ralph 2, to hit theaters March 9, 2018, reports Deadline. ‘Wreck-It Ralph 2’ Director Talks Film’s Setting And Characters — Heroic Hollywood (@heroichollywood) […]

Bernie Sanders Is History In Both Senses Of The Word

Bernie Sanders’ campaign watches the last grains of sand trickle down like the economics he opposes. While his bid for the presidency is toast, Sanders’ “democratic socialism” could become part of the American political spectrum. Keith Lehrer once said, “There is no exit from the circle of one’s beliefs.” Sanders’ circle of beliefs has never […]

Sarah Silverman Dresses As Adolf Hitler To Share WWII Dictator’s Views On Donald Trump

Sarah Silverman, the American actress and stand-up comic best known for her work on Saturday Night Live and for her own show The Sarah Silverman Program, recently appeared on Conan. And while Sarah Silverman is a name normally associated with comedy, her recent appearance on Conan instead initially brought up memories of a particularly ominous […]

Sarah Silverman Decides Charity Galas Are The Best Places To Talk About Semen And Abortion

Sarah Silverman has never been one to hold back on her material, no matter who might be in the audience. The comedian demonstrated just how raunchy her material can get when Silverman did her stand-up at a charity gala that reportedly had several middle school students in attendance. While there were plenty of gasps from […]

Bernie Sanders Slams Hillary Clinton History & Judgment: Sarah Silverman Shifts From Clinton To Feeling The Bern

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders got so much heat for proclaiming that Hillary Clinton is “not qualified” to be president that he attempted to retract the statement. Despite that, however, Sanders continued to question Hillary’s judgment as well as her history and track record in a recent discussion, noted CBS News. “Well, we were attacked pretty […]

Sarah Silverman’s New Video About Why She Feels The Bern

Sarah Silverman has made no secret about her political preferences. Her entire Twitter following of over 8.22 million knows all about it. Silverman today posted a video about why she is voting for Bernie Sanders. “Friends! I made this vid about why I’m voting for Bernie! Hope you eat it up!” Entitled, “Bernie Sanders is […]

Emma Stone Has A New Physique And New Projects On The Horizon

If you think Emma Stone looks a little different these days, it’s because she’s been training for a new role or two. The often slim and svelte actress stepped out looking shapelier than usual over the weekend. Stone, 27, was spotted by paparazzi in Malibu on Saturday, March 26. The Birdman star reportedly spent some […]

Sarah Silverman Appears As Hitler On Conan O’Brien Show — To Criticize Donald Trump [Video]

The comparison of Donald Trump with Adolf Hitler has reached a whole new level after comedian Sarah Silverman appeared on Conan, dressed up as Hitler. On Thursday night’s Conan O’Brien Show, Silverman made an appearance dressed up as Hitler to address the comparisons between the Nazi leader and Trump. Recently, there have been several instances […]

Why People Can’t Stop Talking About Chrissy Teigen’s Facial Expressions

Chrissy Teigen stunned people around the world with her gorgeous ruby red lace gown at the 88th Academy Awards, according to Hollywood Life. The model, who last week published her new cookbook Cravings, walked the Oscars red carpet on Sunday in a tight gown adorned with delicate beading and flowers. John Legend, Chrissy Teigen’s husband, […]

Sarah Silverman Causes Uproar With ‘Genderfluid Jesus’ Tweet

Comedian and actress Sarah Silverman posted a tweet that has a plethora of people in an uproar. New York Daily News reports that Silverman, 45, known for her controversial sense of humor, took to Twitter on Christmas Day and posted a controversial comment. “MERRY CHRISTMAS! Jesus was gender fluid!” Genderfluid is defined as a person […]

Sarah Silverman Is Smiling Back [Video]

Sarah Silverman’s newest role as a comedian struggling with depression hit the star very close to home, according to Silverman’s essay in the November 2015 issue of Glamour. Forty-four-year-old Silverman, who has been in hits such as Wreck-It Ralph and A Million Ways To Die In The West, will be starring in I Smile Back, […]

Sarah Silverman Pens Touching Tribute To Mother As Sarah Redefines Her Career [Video]

Sarah Silverman has penned a touching tribute via Twitter to her mother, Beth Ann O’Hara, who passed away Wednesday, August 19. O’Hara was 73, reports Entertainment Tonight. On Monday, August 24, Silverman tweeted a smiling photo of her mother when she was young, along with emotional words. Sarah paid homage to her mother by reminiscing […]

Sarah Silverman Reprises Her Role As Helen In ‘Masters of Sex’ Season Three

Sarah Silverman will reprise her role as Helen in the period drama Masters of Sex. Her character will reunite with her girlfriend Betty. Sarah Silverman has been confirmed for the third season of Showtime’s Masters of Sex, the premium cable network announced Wednesday. Silverman’s character Helen will reunite with with her girlfriend Betty played by […]

Sarah Jessica Parker Returns To HBO To Fill Out Growing Lineup Of Funny Leading Ladies

HBO seems to have a thing for funny ladies. A decade after the era of Sex and the City ended, Sarah Jessica Parker is back with a new comedy – Divorce, Vanity Fair reported. Like the title suggests, Parker’s HBO show will follow women not necessarily as they pursue love and one-night stands, but as […]

Harris Wittels: Fellow Comedians Pay Tribute To ‘Parks And Rec’ Producer

Harris Wittels, a comedian, writer, and executive producer of the television show Parks and Recreation, has died at the age of 30. Gossip site TMZ was the first to break the news, citing a possible drug overdose as Wittels’ cause of death. Wittels was found in his home on Thursday afternoon and was pronounced dead […]

Jon Stewart Rumors: Possible Replacements For ‘Daily Show’ Host Include Chris Rock, Sarah Silverman

With longtime host Jon Stewart announcing his resignation from The Daily Show on Tuesday, by Wednesday morning rumors of his possible replacements were already circulating throughout the media, with speculation coming from just about everywhere, it seemed — except from Comedy Central, the only place that matters. Doug Herzog, president of Viacom Entertainment Group, which […]

Sarah Silverman Spoofs Joan Rivers on ‘SNL’ [Video]

Sarah Silverman was one of Joan Rivers’ biggest fans. So it was only fitting that the comedian got the opportunity to portray her idol in one of the most buzzed about sketches from last night’s Saturday Night Live. In the sketch, Silverman, donning a blond wig and over-the-top attire, was welcomed in heaven by an […]

Sarah Silverman Returns To ‘SNL’ 20 Years After Being Fired

Sarah Silverman made her triumphant return to Saturday Night Live last night. This time, Silverman played host, after her first gig as a member of the ensemble cast. True to form, Sarah was best when she was allowed to simply riff on her own. As The Hollywood Reporter points out, the most laugh out loud […]

Chris Pratt And Sarah Silverman Are The First Two ‘Saturday Night Live’ Hosts This Season

NBC has officially announced the first two hosts of Season 40 of Saturday Night Live, and there’s good news and bad news. The good news: according to Uproxx, Bill Murray is rumored to be one of upcoming Saturday Night Live hosts. The bad news: also according to Uproxx, those rumors are just that: rumors. As […]

Sarah Silverman Goes On Ex Jimmy Kimmel’s Show, Talks About Boyfriend Michael Sheen [Video]

Boy do Sarah Silverman and Jimmy Kimmel love to make things “awkward.” Sarah went on Jimmy Kimmel’s late night talk show to discuss her recent Emmy win and guest stint on Master of Sex, and that’s when things turned to her love life. Currently Sarah Silverman is in a relationship with Masters of Sex’s Michael […]

Sarah Silverman Calls Joan Rivers ‘Ridiculous,’ Refuses Co-Gig Unless She Wakes

Sarah Silverman has a message for Joan Rivers: Wake up and get discharged from the hospital soon, or their upcoming gig is off. As the world awaits updates about the condition of the feisty fashionista critic and funnywoman, one comic went against the grain and did what she does best. We have a gig in […]

2014 Emmys: Sarah Silverman’s ‘Liquid Pot’ Red Carpet Accessory

Funnywoman Sarah Silverman brought along a unique accessory to the Emmys Monday night, as revealed during a pre-show red carpet interview with E!’s Giuliana Rancic. The 43-year-old comedian flaunted a vaporizer pen during a segment called ‘Clutch Cam,’ which highlights celebrity purses and the contents inside of them. Silverman showed off some fairly normal belongings […]

Sarah Silverman To Join ‘Masters Of Sex’ Cast

Sarah Silverman will join the second season of Masters of Sex with a recurrent role as Helen, a palm reader and the former romantic interest of Betty, the character played by Annaleigh Ashford. In a statement released by Showtime, the cast and crew of the hit drama have expressed excitement over her addition to the […]

Sarah Silverman Calls Mike Huckabee ‘Gross’, Bill O’Reilly Wants To Hit Her With A Pie For Cussing Jesus Abortion Video

Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly has scolded comedienne Sarah Silverman after a video where she discusses abortion with a cussing Jesus went viral. O’Reilly, who hosts The O’Reilly Factor, has admitted that he is so outraged by the comedian’s controversial clip that he would like to throw a pie at her. In the footage, Silverman is […]

Sarah Silverman Talks To A Cussing Jesus In New Abortion Video

Sarah Silverman is making conservatives, the pro-life community, and Christians angry again with her new cussing Jesus abortion video. Silverman is no stranger to ruffling the feathers of her opponents, but having Jesus drop the F bomb takes it to a new level. That’s right, Sarah Silverman released a YouTube video on her channel Wednesday […]