WWE Spoilers: Major Title Change To Take Place On Christmas Day Episode Of ‘Friday Night SmackDown’

Due to the fact that this week’s Friday Night SmackDown will air on Christmas Day, WWE taped the show a few days ahead of time. As such, spoilers for the upcoming episode suggest that Big E will be shown defeating Sami Zayn for the Intercontinental Championship, marking his second time to win the title. As […]

WWE News: Sami Zayn Shocks Twitter Followers With Controversial Anti-American Promo Ahead Of ‘Survivor Series’

Sami Zayn took to Twitter earlier and lashed out at the United States with a social media promo. However, instead of upsetting some of the more patriotic members of the WWE Universe, the post resulted in most of his fans showering him with praise. In the post, Zayn took aim at Bobby Lashley, his opponent […]

WWE News: Former Superstar Bashes Sami Zayn For Criticizing Donald Trump: ‘Were You Born Stupid?’

Sami Zayn has never shied away about being outspoken over his dislike of Donald Trump on social media, and he was one of several WWE stars to celebrate Joe Biden’s presidential election victory this weekend. However, his comments caught the attention of Val Venis, an Attitude Era superstar who’s best remembered for his adult movie […]

WWE News: Current Champion Calls Out Company For Omitting Him From Promotional Graphic

Current Intercontinental Champion Sami Zayn didn’t appear happy when he took to social media on Tuesday to point out how he was the only titleholder who wasn’t included in a promotional graphic for this week’s episode of Friday Night SmackDown. On Tuesday afternoon, WWE announced on Twitter that this week’s edition of SmackDown will be […]

WWE News: Current Champion Says He Once Had Backstage Heat For Being ‘Annoying’

During a recent podcast appearance, Sami Zayn — who became a two-time Intercontinental Champion at Sunday’s Clash of Champions pay-per-view — revealed he had a reputation for being an “annoying” person away from the ring until WWE officials talked to him about his behavior. As quoted by WrestlingNews.co Monday, Zayn appeared on the latest edition […]

WWE News: Former Champion Returns On ‘Friday Night SmackDown’

Sami Zayn made his long-awaited return to Friday Night SmackDown on tonight’s episode, per SEScoops. The former Intercontinental Champion interrupted Jeff Hardy’s post-match title celebrations and attacked the superstar. The current champion defended the gold against Zayn’s ally Shinsuke Nakamura, but the Canadian performer wasn’t there to support his old teammate. The breakup of his […]

WWE News: Hall Of Famer Says He Clashed With Sami Zayn Backstage

Arn Anderson served as a backstage agent in WWE for a number of years before he was fired in 2019. During that time, he instructed superstars on how to get the best out of their matches per management’s guidelines, but not everyone responded positively to the Hall of Famer’s advice. On the latest episode of […]

WWE Spoilers: Finals Of Intercontinental Championship Tournament Features Dream Match

There was already a bit of confusion for WWE fans after Sami Zayn had the Intercontinental Championship taken from him. After having the title taken due to not defending it, a tournament with eight superstars became the new reality. On tonight’s episode of Friday Night SmackDown, the finals came together, and it will feature a […]

WWE News: Sami Zayn Listed Out Due To Injury, But Tournament Preview Changes Yet Again

Even though Sami Zayn has been absent due to concerns over coronavirus, WWE is now saying something different. One week ago, Zayn had the Intercontinental Championship taken from him, and a tournament was going to determine a new champion. After just one day of saying that Zayn was “injured” for storyline purposes, WWE has changed […]

WWE News: Former Champion, Who Reportedly Has Backstage Heat, Says Superstars ‘Have No Self-Respect’

Earlier this week, Sami Zayn was stripped of his WWE Intercontinental Championship. On last night’s episode of Friday Night SmackDown, an eight-man tournament commenced to crown a new champion. However, this didn’t sit too well with Zayn, who took to Twitter afterward to lash out at the competitors involved. According to Zayn, he’s still the […]

WWE Spoilers: Participants For Vacant Intercontinental Championship Tournament Revealed

Sami Zayn was stripped of the WWE Intercontinental Championship earlier this week as a result of his recent absence. The superstar — who reportedly has backstage heat — is currently social distancing during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, but WWE is pressing ahead with business as usual. Now the company is getting set to crown a […]

WWE Rumors: Superstar Reportedly Has Backstage Heat For Sitting Out Due To Coronavirus Concerns

Although WWE reportedly offered its superstars the option to stay home should they have any concerns regarding the coronavirus pandemic, the latest rumors suggest that Sami Zayn has gotten himself some backstage heat for being among the performers who chose to sit out. In this week’s edition of the subscriber-only publication Wrestling Observer Newsletter (via […]

WWE News: Sami Zayn Stripped Of Intercontinental Title, New Champ To Be Crowned In Tournament

After more than one month away from televised WWE events, Sami Zayn has been stripped of the Intercontinental Championship, on account of being “unable to compete.” The news was confirmed on Tuesday night’s edition of WWE Backstage on Fox Sports 1, as reported by Pro Wrestling Sheet. WWE Backstage did not elaborate on why Zayn […]

WWE Spoilers: ‘Friday Night SmackDown’ Star Wins First Main Roster Title At ‘Elimination Chamber’

When Sami Zayn was in NXT, he looked like one of WWE’s brightest prospects. The superstar won the black-and-gold brand’s World Championship and competed in some show-stealing matches, but since arriving on the main roster, he’s mostly been used as an enhancement talent. However, at this Sunday’s Elimination Chamber, he managed to capture his first […]

WWE Rumors: The Real Reason That Sami Zayn Has Not Wrestled On TV This Year

For months now, WWE has partnered Sami Zayn with wrestlers such as Shinsuke Nakamura and Cesaro on Friday Night SmackDown. He has fallen into more of a managerial role and hasn’t had a single match in 2020. Fans have wondered if he was moving away from in-ring competition, but there is apparently a very good […]

WWE Rumors: ‘Friday Night SmackDown’ Superstar Reportedly Moving To ‘NXT’

WWE’s decision to start featuring NXT superstars at major pay-per-views suggests that the company wants to position the black-and-gold brand on a similar level to Monday Night Raw and Friday Night SmackDown. This means that it’s likely that some main roster superstars will make their way to Full Sail in the near future, and Sami […]

WWE News: Brand New Intercontinental Championship Belt Revealed On ‘Friday Night SmackDown’

It is certainly a brand new age in the world of professional wrestling, and WWE knows that they need to keep up with the times. Rumors have been flying around that multiple championship belts were going to receive changes and redesigns, and that is exactly what happened on Friday evening. After debuting a brand new […]

WWE Rumors: Real Reason For Sami Zayn’s Managerial Role Revealed

Sami Zayn hasn’t wrestled a match on WWE television since August, which has left many fans wondering if he’s able to compete. However, according to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, by the way of WrestleTalk, the former NXT Champion has been recovering an injury. “Zayn was having trouble with his shoulders in recent […]

WWE Rumors: A Number Of Major Superstars Will Not Go To Saudi Arabia For ‘Crown Jewel’

In less than two weeks, WWE will present its next big event from Saudi Arabia with a star-studded card for Crown Jewel. There have already been numerous big matches announced for the card with boxer Tyson Fury and newly signed Cain Velasquez in two of them. While a number of major names have already been […]

WWE News: Iconic Legend Told He ‘Wasn’t Needed’ For ‘SmackDown’ Debut On FOX

On October 4, 2019, history was made as SmackDown celebrated its 20th anniversary in a big way and with a lot of huge changes. The series moved to a new night and became Friday Night SmackDown while switching from the USA Network to Fox. To celebrate the big-time milestone, WWE invited some of the biggest […]

WWE Rumors: Backstage Update On Why Samoa Joe’s Face Turn Was Postponed, Per Dave Meltzer

Recent weeks on WWE television had seen Samoa Joe seemingly close to making his first babyface turn since joining the main roster in 2017. For a moment on this week’s Monday Night Raw, it seemed as if he had fully turned, given the manner in which he confronted the villainous Sami Zayn backstage. But when […]

WWE Rumors: Yet Another Match Removed From ‘SummerSlam’ Card After Vince McMahon Rewrites

Over the course of the last month or so, there has been a bit of a chaotic mess when it comes to the scripts for WWE’s TV shows. Most notably, SmackDown Live has been the biggest problem as nothing on that show has remained in place by the time each Tuesday has rolled around. Now, […]

WWE News: Former World Champion Pulled From ‘Raw’ Battle Royal Without Explanation

Unless it is the Royal Rumble or a match on a huge pay-per-view, battle royals are typically the way that WWE gets more talent onto the card. It is an easy way to have a lot of superstars to become featured and end up with a decent paycheck. On Monday Night Raw, a star-filled 10-man […]

WWE Rumors: Real Reason For Sami Zayn’s Absence

At last month’s WWE Stomping Grounds pay-per-view, Sami Zayn joined his long-term associate Kevin Owens in a losing effort against New Day’s Xavier Woods and Big E. On the following episode of SmackDown Live, Zayn teamed up with Owens, Daniel Bryan and Erick Rowan to compete against New Day and fellow babyface duo Heavy Machinery, […]

WWE Rumors: Vince McMahon ‘Furious’ Over AEW Name-Drop On ‘Raw’ – Was It Scripted Or Not?

There appears to have officially been a new wrestling war started and many feel as if WWE vs. AEW could become the next big thing. On Saturday night, All Elite Wrestling presented Double or Nothing which had many twists, turns, and surprises, but WWE may have pulled an even bigger one on Monday. When Sami […]

WWE News: Sami Zayn Gives Shoutout To AEW During New Segment On ‘Monday Night Raw’

WWE has traditionally been known for its reluctance to reference rival wrestling companies on its programming. However, on this week’s edition of Monday Night Raw, Sami Zayn raised more than a few eyebrows by directly name-dropping All Elite Wrestling toward the end of announcer Corey Graves’ new question-and-answer segment. As recapped by Figure Four Weekly, […]

WWE Superstars Comment On All Elite Wrestling’s ‘Double Or Nothing’

History was made on Saturday night when All Elite Wrestling had their first-ever pay-per-view event with Double or Nothing. The Inquisitr recapped the full results and it included appearances by Awesome Kong, Bret “Hit Man” Hart, and Jon Moxley/Dean Ambrose. Not only were former WWE superstars on the event, but many current WWE stars also […]

WWE Rumors: A Fourth Top Superstar Will Not Go To Saudi Arabia For ‘Super ShowDown’ – More Expected To Follow

WWE has a 10-year deal in place with “The Kingdom” of Saudi Arabia which means they will hold events there for the next decade. The deal began in 2018 and there were two events held there with the first in 2019 coming up next month. As the date for Super ShowDown approaches, many superstars are […]

WWE News: Three Top Superstars Purposely Refuse To Go To Saudi Arabia For ‘Super ShowDown’

On June 7, 2019, WWE will return to Saudi Arabia for their third big event in “The Kingdom” over the last two years. Super ShowDown has been built up pretty well and has a rather impressive card which includes a huge 50-man over-the-top battle royal. Unfortunately, there will be three of WWE’s top superstars who […]

WWE Rumors: Spoiler On Who Will Win The Briefcase Tonight At ‘Money In The Bank’

There has already been one big change to tonight’s Men’s Ladder Match at the 2019 Money In The Bank. WWE will present their annual pay-per-view where future world title opportunities are on the line, and any of the male superstars have a chance at climbing the ladder in their match. Rumors are swirling and there […]

WWE Rumors: The Real Reason Braun Strowman Was Pulled From ‘Money In The Bank’

Most WWE fans thought that Sunday’s Money in the Bank pay-per-view was set, confirmed, and locked in place. However, this is WWE, and the world of professional wrestling is inconstant and unpredictable. Nothing is ever certain, and the two scheduled ladder matches for the upcoming pay-per-view have seen major changes this week. Braun Strowman was […]

WWE Spoilers: Huge Match On Tonight’s ‘Raw’ Causes Big Change To ‘Money In The Bank’ Ladder Match

Tonight’s episode of Monday Night Raw is going to air in the United States after it has already happened. WWE is on its current European tour, which means that the events for its TV shows will take place earlier than they will air for a lot of fans. One huge match will take place and […]

WWE Rumors: WWE Doesn’t Grant Release Request Of Former Champion But Extends Contract

WWE has been in a bit of backstage turmoil over the last couple of months with a number of injuries and releases. Goldust requested his release and it was granted. A number of others have seen their relationships with the company suffer. Now, longtime veteran Luke Harper requested his release, but it doesn’t appear as […]

WWE News: Injured Superstar Says He Isn’t Even Close To Returning Despite WWE Advertising His Comeback ‘Soon’

This past week, the McMahon family let the world know that they were going to shake things up and give WWE back to the fans. On Monday Night Raw, six NXT call-ups to the main roster were announced along with the return of two injured superstars. Those returns were promoted as happening “soon,” but no […]

WWE News: WWE Confirms Two Injured Superstars Are Going To Be Returning To ‘Monday Night Raw’ Soon

Everyone knew that this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw was going to be a big one full of shock, surprises, and big news. Vince McMahon returned to WWE television to announce that the fans would be getting more of what they want. A number of NXT call-ups to the main roster were announced. Now, […]

WWE News: Former Universal Champion Out For Months, His Injury Is The Reason For Lashley’s Heel Turn

On this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw, there was a bit of chaos with heel turns, big-time returns, and even an injury angle. While the injury to Kevin Owens was speculated to have been kayfabe — it now appears that it is real and much worse than originally thought. Though it was not actually […]

WWE News: Big Update On Kevin Owens ‘Quitting’ Storyline From ‘Monday Night Raw’

For the past couple of months, Kevin Owens has been kind of floating in limbo on Monday Night Raw, and it hasn’t looked good for the former WWE Universal Champion. Lately, he’s been squashed by Braun Strowman left and right, and last night, he lost to Seth Rollins in Toronto. After walking out without the […]

WWE News: WWE Has Absolutely No Idea What To Do With Bobby Lashley, Per BodySlam

The night after WrestleMania 34, Bobby Lashley made a shocking return to WWE after leaving the company almost a decade earlier. He attacked Elias on that night and has since gone on to have a number of matches with different superstars, as well as a feud with Sami Zayn. Since that feud is now officially […]

WWE News: Sami Zayn Undergoes Surgery For Multiple Injuries, Likely Out Until Next Year

Sami Zayn has been dealing with multiple injuries for the last couple of months and he’s been fighting his way through them while continuing to work in the ring. Now, both Zayn and WWE have realized that it was time for him to get checked out by medical professionals before things get any worse. After […]

WWE News: Sami Zayn Dealing With A Number Of Injuries, Taking Time Off From The Ring

A lot of people may feel as if Sami Zayn hasn’t been used to his full potential since heading up from NXT to the WWE main roster, and they’re likely correct. His most recent feud was with Bobby Lashley in what seemed like a thrown together program that ended with a loss for Zayn at […]

WWE ‘Money In The Bank’ Results, Daniel Bryan Makes Big Cass Tap And Bobby Lashley Battles Sami Zayn

WWE Money in the Bank is currently underway from the Allstate Arena in Chicago, and can be seen on pay-per-view and the WWE Network. As the WWE reported, the Money in the Bank pre-show gave fans a WWE title match, and The Bludgeon Brothers (Harper and Rowan) retained their SmackDown tag team championships against Luke […]

WWE News: Former Universal Champion Reveals He Has Signed A New Five-Year Deal With WWE

When he made his debut in NXT, fans were thrilled to see Kevin Steen arrive and bring his vicious and brutal talent to the company. Soon, they learned that he would be renamed “Kevin Owens” and he ran wild through the brand while having incredible matches with just about everyone on the roster. Finally, he […]

WWE Rumors: Reason Why Sami Zayn Missed ‘Greatest Royal Rumble,’ According To ‘Pro Wrestling Sheet’

Wrestling fans might have been wondering why Sami Zayn wasn’t at the Greatest Royal Rumble pay-per-view in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia on Friday night. While WWE did what it could to ensure that its entire male roster took part in the event, Zayn was conspicuously absent, as he didn’t have a match in the undercard, nor […]

WWE News: WWE Announces The Dates Of The Next ‘Superstar Shake-Up’ For ‘Raw’ And ‘SmackDown’

Just 24 hours after WrestleMania 34 took place in New Orleans, WWE decided to let the world know that things were about to be shaken up quite a bit. Next week, the 2018 edition of the Superstar Shake-Up will take place over the course of two nights, and it could lead to major changes to […]

Daniel Bryan WWE Return Causes Spike In ‘WrestleMania 34’ Ticket Sales

Daniel Bryan’s ability to return to the ring is already a positive shift for the WWE, even before he has officially competed. While spending his time away from the ring, Bryan has filled the role as the SmackDown Live General Manager alongside Commissioner Shane McMahon, but with some heated controversy. For the past few months, […]

WWE News: Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn Invade WWE Trenton Event After Getting Fired On ‘SmackDown Live’

Despite the fact that WWE stars Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn were fired on SmackDown Live this past week, the two heels showed up to invade a WWE event Saturday night. The latest show was being held in Trenton, New Jersey, and included a card that didn’t have Owens or Zayn on it due to […]

Brie Bella Comments On Daniel Bryan Returning To The Ring

On SmackDown Live, fans witnessed one of the most memorable moments in WWE history. After two years of testing and three years away from in-ring competition, Daniel Bryan was finally cleared to return to action and lace up his boots once again. The wait was not long for Bryan to get physical in the ring, […]

WWE News: WWE Removes One Match And Adds A Championship Match To ‘WrestleMania 34’ Card

It’s true that Daniel Bryan was officially cleared to become an in-ring competitor in WWE once again, but fans can’t forget that WrestleMania 34 is just a few short weeks away. After all the action on Tuesday night, the card for the big event in New Orleans changed up quite a bit with one new […]

WWE News: Daniel Bryan Finally And Officially Cleared To Return To The Ring And Wrestle For WWE [Breaking]

More than two years ago, Daniel Bryan sadly retired from in-ring action due to injuries that were simply too much for him to overcome. Many thought that he would never set foot in a ring again as an active competitor, but this is professional wrestling and “never” isn’t a word that means much. On Tuesday, […]

WWE News: Daniel Bryan Reportedly Does Not Have ‘No-Compete Clause’, May Wrestle As Soon As Contract Is Up

For many years, WWE has executed an iron fist when it comes to the contracts signed by the performers. Although everyone who steps foot in the WWE as an in-ring competitor is technically an independent contractor, which forbids WWE from being responsible for medical-related insurance responsibilities, the wrestlers still agree to be exclusive to the […]