Reddit Airs 5-Second Super Bowl Ad Celebrating The Power Of The ‘Underdog’

Social media site Reddit took out a brief advertisement during the 2021 Super Bowl that celebrated the power of the underdog following the trading frenzy inspired by subreddit WallStreetBets that involved GameStop stocks. The ad, which can be seen here, was a mere five seconds long and it was nothing more than a screenshot of […]

DOW Falls More Than 200 Points Following Coronavirus Vaccine News, Reddit-Fueled Volatility

Friday saw stocks fall as investors deal with increased volatility caused by speculative bets made by day traders, as well as disappointing data concerning the Johnson & Johnson coronavirus vaccine. The DOW opened at 9:30 a.m. 206.26 points down, as reported by Business Insider. Johnson & Johnson saw one of the largest drops in valuation […]

Hedge Fund Billionaire Says ‘Fair Share Is A Bullsh*t Concept’ Used To Attack Wealthy People

During an appearance on CNBC Thursday, New York Hedge fund billionaire Leon Cooperman touched on his feelings about GameStop’s recent meteoric stock market rise. As reported by BuzzFeed News, the surge was driven by Reddit users and led to the defeat of two hedge funds — Citron Research and Melvin Capital. “This ‘fair share’ is […]

With Reddit’s Ban Of NFLStreams, Fans Finding New Alternatives For Thanksgiving Football

Though Reddit banned the once-popular NFLStreams years ago, many fans are still feeling the ripple effect and looking for alternatives to get their NFL fix on Thanksgiving. As The Spun reported, the site had already axed subreddits offering links to MMA events and NBA games, with NFLStreams getting banned later. The site released a statement […]

2020 Election Memes: The Funniest Political Jabs From Both Sides Of The Aisle

Throughout the months of presidential campaigns, numerous Twitter users coped with the stress of the 2020 presidential election by sharing funny memes containing political jabs. Several citizens from both the Democratic and Republican parties created hilarious jokes that referenced trending news stories and well-known incidents that occurred during political events. Both sides were also quick […]

With Death Of Reddit’s NFLStreams, The League Has Expanded Its Own Legal Streaming Options

The death of Reddit’s NFLStreams is still hitting fans hard, but the NFL itself seems to be countering the crackdown of illegal streams of games with more legal — and free — options for fans. In Week 1 of the 2020 NFL season, many fans used to turning to the subreddit that listed a series […]

After Reddit Banned NFLStreams, Fans Find Alternative Ways To Watch Games

After Reddit banned its popular NFLStreams page, which offered free links to streaming video of football games, fans have been finding some alternatives ways to watch NFL matchups streaming live on the internet. As Yahoo News reported earlier this week, the NFLStreams subreddit had been a “go-to destination” for football fans to find live coverage […]

Former Reddit CEO Ellen Pao Says ‘We Knew’ About Ghislaine Maxwell & Jeffrey Epstein In 2011

Ellen Pao, the former CEO of Reddit, claimed that many in elite circles were aware of Ghislaine Maxwell’s alleged procurement of underage girls for late convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein as far back as 2011. Pao made the allegations on her Twitter feed. Though she changed her profile to private shortly after the statements began to […]

Reddit Bans ‘The_Donald’ Subreddit For Violating Harassment And Targeting Rules

Reddit has banned a community devoted to U.S. President Donald Trump. On Monday, The New York Times reported that the social media site, one of the largest on the internet, had banned the subreddit “The_Donald” as part of an overhaul in its hate speech policies. “Reddit is a place for community and belonging, not for […]

Reddit Co-Founder Alexis Ohanian Resigns From Board, Believes Move Can Be An ‘Act Of Leadership’

Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian announced his resignation from the website’s board in a message posted on Friday afternoon to his personal website. Reddit is one of the most popular websites in the world, with an Alexa ranking as the 20th most trafficked globally with over 330 million visitors. The move to step down comes as […]

Fan Theory Suggests A Major ‘Bachelor’ Twist, And That Peter Weber Is Actually With Victoria Fuller

A new fan theory suggests that there is going to be a huge twist in the final episode of The Bachelor, and that Peter will ultimately choose Victoria Fuller, according to Women’s Health. The theory gained traction on Reddit with many people weighing in on whether or not this could even be a possibility. This […]

Reddit Is Down For Thousands Of Users Across The U.S.

Reddit is down for thousands of users across the United States and in some parts of Europe, according to Down Detector. Initial reports started pouring in on Twitter as users took to the social media platform to wonder if they were the only ones experiencing an outage. Major cities, including New York, London, and Toronto, […]

Reddit Uncovers Russian-Linked Campaign To Leak Trade Documents From U.K.

Reddit has uncovered what it said appears to be a Russian-linked campaign to leak documents from the U.K., the website revealed on Friday. In an announcement to the official Reddit Security page, the site noted that it was made aware of a post from October claiming to reveal details about negotiations toward a deal with […]

Andrew Yang’s Campaign Sends Encouraging Reddit Letter To Supporters

Supporters of Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang received a personal letter on the subreddit dedicated to the candidate early Friday morning. The message was reportedly written by Yang’s campaign manager, Zach Graumann, and posted by someone acting as a vehicle for the message. The letter begins by highlighting some of the campaign’s recent major moves, […]

Donald Trump Is The Most Purely Evil Person I’ve Ever Met, Says His Ghostwriter Tony Schwartz

Donald Trump’s “The Art of the Deal” ghostwriter Tony Schwartz says Trump is “the most purely evil person I’ve ever met,” Esquire reports. He also claims that Trump has the reading level of an “early high school” student. Schwartz chatted with users of Reddit this week, for what the platform calls an AMA — Ask […]

Andrew Yang’s ‘Reality TV’ Line From Debate May Have Been Inspired By Comment From His Reddit AMA

Although Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang got the least amount of talking time during Wednesday’s debate with 8.7 minutes — per The Washington Post — it was a massive leap from his two minutes and 50 seconds from the first debate. The 44-year-old entrepreneur refrained from attacking his opponents and instead focused on introducing his […]

Reddit Quarantines Trump-Loving Subreddit The_Donald After Calls For Violence Against Police

Reddit has moved to quarantine the Donald Trump-loving subreddit r/The_Donald after a spate of messages calling for politically-fueled violence. The subreddit, which has been promoted as the largest online community for supporters of President Trump, had seen a surge in posts regarding the recent political standoff in Oregon, which has been marked with tensions and […]

Reddit’s Popular R/NBAStreams Page Just Got Shut Down And Basketball Fans Are Distraught

Reddit’s go-to source for streaming video links to NBA games is no more. On Monday, the site quietly killed the popular r/NBAStreams subreddit, which gave basketball fans links to streaming video for all NBA games. There was no immediate explanation, but visitors to the page were met with a message that read “This subreddit was […]

On Reddit, Fans Have Managed To Create A Theory Involving ‘Stranger Things’ And Chernobyl

Viewers love a good theory when it comes to their favorite television shows. Usually, these involve one show in particular and focus on its universe. But, what happens when viewers on Reddit start delving into similar TV shows? A theory involving Netflix’s Stranger Things and HBO’s Chernobyl is born. Since Chernobyl became a huge hit […]

Reddit Bans R/Watchpeopledie And R/Gore Following New Zealand Mosque Shootings

In the wake of the mosque shootings which took place in Christchurch, New Zealand, aggregation and discussion website Reddit has decided to ban two popular subreddits — categories or subsidiary threads — due to inappropriate content. As reported by Buzzfeed News, Reddit has removed two popular subreddits less than a day after a gunman killed […]

Flight Passenger Charges Obese Man $150 To Sit Next To Him After Taking Up ‘Quite A Bit’ Of His Seat

A Reddit user recently stirred up controversy on the internet after telling a story about one of his recent flights that did not go as planned. In a lengthy post, the man says he wound up sitting next to an obese passenger that took up more than his fair share of space. Because there were […]

Amy Schumer Nabs Another Netflix Comedy Special With ‘Growing’

Amy Schumer has struck a deal with Netflix to air her second comedy special for the streaming giant, reports Deadline. Schumer’s follow-up to 2017’s The Leather Special is scheduled to air next month. The show, titled Amy Schumer Growing, is described as “a refreshingly honest and hilarious take on marriage, pregnancy and personal growth.” Schumer […]

Reddit, Which Is Blocked In China, Set To Get $150 Million From Chinese Firm That Helped Build Censorship Wall

The Chinese technology giant Tencent is set to pump a $150 million investment into the social media site Reddit, which advertises itself as “the front page of the internet,” even though the online discussion forum site is currently blocked by Chinese government censorship — and TenCent is one of the firms most responsible for building […]

Bernie Sanders Roasted By Reddit For Self Promotional Post During AMA, Gets Thousands Of Downvotes

Those familiar with social media platform reddit are likely aware of the site’s mercurial user base, one that will turn on a former hero on a whim. This tendency was illustrated in fine detail yesterday, as Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders participated in an AMA — or “Ask Me Anything” — on the subreddit specifically designated […]

Patreon And Reddit Team Up To Help Creators Build Larger Communities

Changes are coming to Reddit after a partnership with Patreon — a crowdfunding membership platform for creators — in hopes to help users further promote their work, build up their brand, and generate communities, reports the Verge. These changes will roll out slowly, via small integrations. Reddit and Patreon are hopeful that these changes will […]

Best Buy Accidentally Sells Unannounced Third-Gen Chromecast Ahead Of Google Hardware Event

Google is set to officially reveal its new devices and hardware upgrades during its annual fall hardware event on Oct. 9. It appears though that one of the upgrades has already been leaked ahead of schedule. Reddit user GroveStreetHomie claimed that he managed to buy an unreleased third-generation Chromecast at a Best Buy that accidentally […]

After Being A Russian Target In 2016, Reddit’s The_Donald Continues To Be Major Hub For Russian Propaganda

Reddit’s The_Donald is billed as the biggest Trump campaign rally on the internet, but the site for supporters of the American president was also a major target for Russian propaganda during the 2016 presidential campaign. It hasn’t stopped since then, a new analysis shows. The link-sharing site was part of Russia’s campaign to spread disinformation […]

Reddit Moderators Uncovered Vast Propaganda Effort From Iran State Media, Site Chose To Do Nothing About It

A new report has accused Reddit of ignoring the possible presence of Iran’s state media on the social news website, despite the efforts of a volunteer group to gather evidence of the “divisive” political content and report the matter to site officials. According to a report from NBC News, the issue was first spotted more […]

Netflix To Begin Interrupting Binge Watchers Between Episodes By Testing Ads

Streaming media fans who are paying an ever-increasing rate for their Netflix subscriptions may be in for a bit of a rude awakening if they are chosen to be part of the latest streaming service focus group. According to Uproxx, some users have reported recently that their binge-watching experiences have been impertinently interrupted by unrequested […]

Sean Spicer Just Sparked A Civil War Among Reddit’s Trump-Loving Corners By Saying That QAnon Is Fake

Sean Spicer just lobbed a grenade into the Trump-supporting factions on Reddit. On Friday, the former White House Press Secretary paid a visit to the internet’s largest forum supporting Donald Trump, the subreddit known as TheDonald, to pitch his new book. But in his “Ask Me Anything” session, Spicer ended up causing a rift in […]

Student Suspended For Wearing Pro-Trump Border Wall T-Shirt Wins $25,000 Settlement, Apology From School

The Oregon high school senior who sued the Hillsboro School District and his principal as previously reported by the Inquisitr has won his case in defense of his First Amendment rights. CBS News reports that Addison Barnes, 18, was successful in his claim that his suspension for wearing a “Donald J. Trump Border Wall Construction […]

‘Rick And Morty’ Co-Creator Dan Harmon In Trouble After Old ‘Baby Doll Rape’ Video Surfaces Online

Rick and Morty co-creator Dan Harmon finds himself in trouble after an old and bizarre sketch he made in 2009 is doing the rounds online thanks to far-right 4chan users and members of The_Donald subreddit, reports Polygon. The sketch, titled “Daryl,” was a spoof of Dexter, starring Harmon as a “baby rapist with a heart […]

YouTube Channel FamilyOFive Still Making Videos While Parents On Probation For Child Neglect In ‘Prank’ Videos

Last year, Michael and Heather Martin of Frederick County, Maryland, were passed down misdemeanor sentences for child neglect after the court found them guilty on the evidential basis of their videos uploaded to YouTube under the DaddyOFive account according to WUSA9. While the couple did not plead guilty directly to the charges, utilizing a court […]

NBA Rookies Are Getting Upset Over Criticism They Read On Twitter And Reddit, ‘HoopsHype’ Reporter Notes

The NBA takes great lengths to make sure rookies have an easy adjustment to the rigors of the league and the pitfalls that can come with it, but now they may have a new problem to deal with — Reddit. HoopsHype reporter Alex Kennedy reported that some player agents are noting that the league’s incoming […]

‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Subreddit To Ban Half Its Users In True Thanos Fashion — Josh Brolin Approves

An Avengers: Infinity War themed subreddit is about to ban half of its users in a fashion that would make Thanos proud. The forum r/thanosdidnothingwrong has gone viral after news spread that it would be eliminating half of its users, just as Thanos wiped out half the universe at the end of Infinity War. The […]

Reddit’s NBA Sleuths Scoured Flight Logs To Find Out That LeBron James Is Headed To L.A. As Free Agency Begins

Don’t tell the NBA referees, but LeBron James is traveling. The super-sleuths at Reddit’s r/NBA subreddit scoured flight logs to find a private plane that went from Cleveland to Miami to Antigua this week, and on Saturday morning was headed to Los Angeles. While the logs didn’t have any information that identified the owner or […]

MIT Creates An AI Psychopath Named ‘Norman’ In Order To Study AI ‘Gone Wrong’

MIT wanted to study what would happen to an AI “gone wrong,” so it created Norman. Norman, named after Norman Bates from Alfred Hitchcock’s infamous movie Psycho, was exposed to “the darkest corners of Reddit.” Researchers purposefully made sure that Norman would develop “psychopathic data processing tendencies.” In order to make sure that Norman would […]

Reddit Passes Facebook As Third Most Popular Website In U.S.

Reddit has surpassed Facebook, becoming the third most popular website in the United States, according to, the official website of Alexa Internet, a California-based subsidiary of Amazon focused on providing commercial web traffic data and analytics. Behind Google and YouTube, Reddit is now the third most popular website in America and the sixth most […]

Students Make Rubik’s Cube Mosaic Of Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Face — And He Didn’t Hesitate To Respond

It seems that Neil deGrasse Tyson is everywhere these days, especially on Twitter and, now, even on Rubik’s cubes. Granted, of all the places you’d expect to see the acclaimed astrophysicist’s face, a Rubik’s cube mosaic may not have been your first guess on the list. But a group of 10 talented students just made […]

Scientists Trace The Longest Straight-Line Journey On Earth, Confirm Redditor Was Right All Along

Five years ago, Redditor kepleronlyknows posted a thread on MapPorn revealing the longest straight-line water route on Earth. According to his investigation, the longest uninterrupted path that traverses our planet is a 20,000-mile boat ride connecting Pakistan to the Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia. The Reddit user, an environmental law attorney from Georgia named Patrick Anderson, […]

Toronto Van Attack: Alleged Killer Alek Minassian Was Apparently Upset About Women, Spoke Of ‘Incel’

New details are emerging about Alek Minassian, the man who allegedly drove a van into a Toronto crowd, killing 10 people and injuring 13. It appears that he may have been a sexually-frustrated individual who supported “Incel,” a community of men who express their frustrations at being “involuntarily celibate.” As BBC News reports, Minassian’s last […]

Reddit Founder Said In 2009 The Site ‘Always Banned’ Hate Speech, Now That’s Reversed And Racism Is Thriving

Reddit founder Steve Huffman said in 2009 that the site had “always banned hate speech, and we always will.” But nine years later, Huffman and the site seem to have reversed course, and critics say the site is becoming a haven for hate speech. Open displays of racism — including openly racist subreddits — has […]

Reddit Confirms That Trump Fan Page The_Donald Is Major Haven For Russian Propaganda, Long After Election Ends

Reddit has become a major target for Russian propaganda, and a new update from the website shows that the Donald Trump fan page The_Donald appears to be one of the biggest havens for propagandists. This week, the link-sharing site revealed that it had identified close to 1,000 user accounts that were connected to the Russian […]

Reddit Joins Craigslist, YouTube In Banning Sections That Violate Policies And FOSTA Law

Under Google’s new policies earlier this week, YouTube banned videos that promote, link to, or sell firearms, many channels are seeking other platforms to continue posting videos. Some displaced users have registered at adult content websites, according to Bloomberg. Craigslist then announced their decision to take down the entire “Personals” section according to the new […]

Reddit’s Financial Ties To Jared Kushner’s Family Under Scrutiny Amid Inaction Against The_Donald Hate Speech

Reddit has continued to ignore calls to ban the notorious Trump-supporting board The_Donald as users compile instances of threats hate speech, and now an investment in Reddit from a firm led by Jared Kushner’s brother is drawing even greater scrutiny. The company was swept up in controversy this week after admitting that it had been […]

Reddit Confirms What Users Were Warning — The Site, Especially The_Donald, Was Haven For Russian Propaganda

Reddit has finally confirmed what many of its users have been warning for months — that the site was a haven for Russian propaganda, and the subreddit know nas The_Donald appeared to be leading the way. In an announcement posted to the site on Monday, Reddit CEO Steve Huffman said that the site had identified […]

As Reddit Becomes Haven For Russian Propaganda And Harassment Of School Shooting Victims, Site Remains Silent

Reddit was a major landing point for Russian propaganda during the 2016 presidential election and more recently was a hotbed of harassment for victims of the school shooting in Florida. But the company doesn’t want to talk about it. This week, a report from The Daily Beast found that the “Kremlin-backed troll farm” at the […]

Major ‘Avengers Infinity War’ Spoiler Leaked On Reddit – New Images Reveal The Fate Of Iron Man

Avengers: Infinity War is only a few months away from hitting theaters, and fans just leaked a major spoiler about Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.). The Avengers are going to have their hands full as they face off with Thanos, and we’ll lose a few characters in the process. But is Iron Man going to […]

Reddit Refuses To Act As The_Donald Continues To Attack School Shooting Victims, So Advertisers Take Action

More than a week after a school shooting in Florida left 17 people dead, the assault on the victims continues on Reddit’s The_Donald. The subreddit, described as the internet’s largest forum in support of Donald Trump, has been filled with posts questioning the motives of the student survivors of the massacre who have now become […]

One Week After Florida School Shooting, 4Chan And Reddit’s The_Donald Launch Campaign To Smear Student Victims

It was less than one week after the deadly school shooting in Florida that the smear campaign began. On the shadowy alt-right corners of the internet, posts started to take aim at the group of students who have become outspoken advocates for stronger gun control, including accusations that they are crisis actors and that the […]