Brad Pitt Dedicates His First Acting Oscar To His Children

Brad Pitt has just nabbed his second Academy Award, his first for acting for the role of Cliff Booth in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Pitt received the first award of the night and beat out fellow Best Supporting Actor nominees Al Pacino (The Irishman), Joe Pesci (The Irishman), Anthony Hopkins (The Two Popes), […]

Bruce Lee’s Widow, Daughter Blast Campy Portrayal Of Martial Arts Legend In ‘Once Upon A Time In Hollywood’

Bruce Lee’s daughter is not happy about the way her late father was portrayed in the Quentin Tarantino film, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Shannon Lee, the 50-year-old daughter of the late actor and martial arts legend, revealed that she went to a screening of Tarantino’s star-studded, highly anticipated ninth film and was left […]

‘Once Upon A Time In Hollywood’ Breaks A Record, Features Classic Los Angeles Landmarks

After much anticipation, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood bowed in theaters across the country on July 26. The overnight box office numbers broke a record for Quentin Tarantino, according to Deadline. Of all nine movies this hot director — called “auteurish” by the source — has made, his most recent film brought a whopping […]

Uma Thurman Congratulates Quentin Tarantino On ‘Once Upon A Time In Hollywood’

Actress Uma Thurman starred in three of her most famous films, Pulp Fiction and the two different volumes of Kill Bill, for director Quentin Tarantino. Tarantino has a new film coming out this week, Once Upon A Time in Hollywood, and on Thursday, Thurman posted an Instagram photo congratulating Tarantino on the new film, along […]

‘Once Upon A Time In Hollywood’ Wikipedia Entry Repeatedly Vandalized With False Plot Summary

[Note: This story does NOT contain spoilers for the upcoming film Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, although some of the links contained may do so.] Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, the new movie by director Quentin Tarantino that tells a tale of Hollywood in the late 1960s, arrives in theaters later this week. […]

A New Clip Arrives As ‘Once Upon A Time In Hollywood’ Inches Toward July 26 Release

A fresh clip from Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon A Time In Hollywood on July 19, introduces faded television actor Rick Dalton (Leonardo DiCaprio) and his trusty sidekick and stuntman, Cliff Booth (Brad Pitt). The pair have always been a team until stunt coordinator Randy (Kurt Russell) threatens to get rid of Cliff during their comeback […]

Quentin Tarantino Issues Plea For No ‘Once Upon A Time In Hollywood’ Spoilers Ahead Of Cannes Premiere

Quentin Tarantino really wants audiences to be surprised by his latest film, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. The famed director posted an unusual request on Twitter and Instagram ahead of his ninth film’s premiere at the Cannes Film Festival this week in which he issued an appeal to early viewers to keep things spoiler-free […]

Michael Madsen Arrested For DUI After Wrecking His SUV

Michael Madsen, who is famous for acting in several of Quentin Tarantino’s films, found himself behind bars late on Sunday. Madsen was arrested by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department’s Malibu/Lost Hills Station on March 24 in Malibu and accused of a misdemeanor, driving while intoxicated, according to TMZ. Sixty-one-year-old Madsen was arrested and taken […]

Spike Lee, Martin Scorsese Call Out Academy For ‘Insulting’ Plan To Air Awards During Ad Breaks

A group of prominent film industry professionals has taken the Academy to task for their plan to air some award presentations during commercial breaks, a plan they called “an insult, according to the Hollywood Reporter. In the sharply-worded letter, dozens of filmmakers, cinematographers, and directors have called on the Academy of Motion Picture Arts to […]

Burt Reynolds Replaced By Bruce Dern In ‘Once Upon A Time In Hollywood’

Burt Reynolds’ passing left a hole in many lives, and a huge one in the cast of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Unfortunately, the 82-year-old Reynolds died on September 6, before shooting started, leaving director Quentin Tarantino with a huge decision: who should replace Reynolds in the role? Deadline reports that actor Bruce Dern […]

‘Once Upon A Time In Hollywood’ Could Be Delayed Following Burt Reynolds’ Death

The sudden death of Burt Reynolds could put a wrench in production for the massive Quentin Tarantino movie, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Reynolds was set to start shooting the buzzy Sony Pictures film, which features an A-list ensemble cast that also includes Brad Pitt, Leonard DiCaprio, and Margot Robbie, within the next few […]

Chris Pine And Chris Hemsworth Threaten To Walk Away From ‘Star Trek 4’ In Row Over Pay

The final frontier may be a little bit lonelier if Chris Pine and Chris Hemsworth do not get their way in ongoing negotiations with Paramount according to The A.V. Club. While two Star Trek films appear to be in various stages of pre-production — including a quirky spinoff rumored to be helmed by longstanding silver […]

Margot Robbie Posts Photo Of Herself As Sharon Tate In Quentin Tarantino’s New Movie

Hollywood sweetheart Margot Robbie posted a picture on her Instagram on Monday, showing off her look for her upcoming film. According to US Weekly, the 28-year-old-actress is set to play Sharon Tate, the iconic actress who was married to controversial director Roman Polanski and who was tragically killed in 1969 by the Manson family while […]

Upcoming Quentin Tarantino Movie ‘Once Upon A Time In Hollywood’ Gets New Release Date

Originally Tarantino’s upcoming film Once Upon A Time In Hollywood was slated for release on August 9, 2019, but as the director appears to be wasting no time shooting his next movie, that release date has officially been moved up. July 26, 2019, is set to be the debut of Tarantino’s next movie, according to […]

Quentin Tarantino Shamed By Actress Jameela Jamil For Casting Emile Hirsch, Says Actor Attacked Her Friend

Actress Jameela Jamil, who plays Tahani on NBC’s The Good Place, publicly shamed director Quentin Tarantino on Twitter today for casting actor Emile Hirsch in his new movie. Hirsch allegedly assaulted her friend. Tarantino’s new project, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, is a star-studded flick set in 1969 and is based on the Manson […]

Tarantino’s Manson Film To Feature Burt Reynolds, Kurt Russell, Brad Pitt, And More

Quentin Tarantino’s big screen film about Manson-era Hollywood is about to get a whole lot bigger. The famed movie producer is eyeing box office legend Burt Reynolds for a role in his upcoming film Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Reynolds is in talks to join superstars Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio in the film […]

Quentin Tarantino Teases New Film, Says Leo DiCaprio And Brad Pitt Are The New Robert Redford And Paul Newman

Move over Butch and Sundance. Fifty years after Paul Newman and Robert Redford made movie magic as Wild West outlaws in the Academy Award-winning film, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, director Quentin Tarantino has found their modern-day counterparts. Teasing his buzzy, upcoming film, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Tarantino compared his stars, Leonardo […]

Leonardo DiCaprio And Brad Pitt Team Up For New Quentin Tarantino’s Movie

Two of the Hollywood’s biggest stars, Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio, are teaming up for Quentin Tarantino’s next movie, Tarantino confirms. This Wednesday, Sony Pictures announced that the movie is titled Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and will feature Leonardo DiCaprio as the former star of a Western TV series, and Brad Pitt as […]

Quentin Tarantino Apologizes To Roman Polanski’s Rape Victim For Saying It Wasn’t Rape

Quentin Tarantino is busy offering apologies this week. First, the Pulp Fiction director came under fire for putting actress Uma Thurman in what could have been a potentially deadly situation for the film, Kill Bill. Tarantino called his decision “the biggest regret of my life.” Now words he said in a 2003 interview have come […]

Quentin Tarantino Said Homosexual Anal Rape Is ‘Really Funny’ In 2003 Interview About ‘Pulp Fiction’ Scene

A 2003 interview with Playboy, in which Quentin Tarantino said homosexual anal rape is “really funny,” resurfaced amid controversy over Uma Thurman’s allegations that she had been sexually assaulted by Kill Bill and Pulp Fiction producer Harvey Weinstein. In the bombshell interview with the New York Times, published last Saturday, Thurman also opened up about […]

Quentin Tarantino Once Defended Roman Polanski In A 2003 Interview

Details of a 2003 Howard Stein interview with Quentin Tarantino recently resurfaced of the Pulp Fiction director defending Polanski. In the interview, Tarantino vehemently defends Roman Polanski of any wrongdoing in the rape of a 13-year-old girl. The director claims she was down to party and wanted to have sex with Polanski. Tarantino’s role in […]

Is Quentin Tarantino’s Career Over After Uma Thurman’s Disturbing Revelations?

Quentin Tarantino is currently working on two upcoming films featuring the movie industry’s A-listers, but his Hollywood career might be barreling toward disaster following Uma Thurman’s shocking revelations. In a deeply upsetting expose published by the New York Times on Saturday, Thurman, who was Tarantino’s movie-star muse since the Oscar-winning Pulp Fiction in 1994, broke […]

Uma Thurman Talks Harvey Weinstein Sexual Assault, Claims Quentin Tarantino Could Have Killed Her On Set

Uma Thurman has finally come forward to say that she was sexually assaulted by Harvey Weinstein, after hinting that the revelation was coming on social media. In a New York Times article titled “This Is Why Uma Thurman Is Mad,” the actress details a harrowing experience with Weinstein who she says forced himself on her […]

Robert Pattinson 2018: Kristen Stewart’s Ex Reportedly ‘Rejected’ By Emma Watson, Now ‘Pursuing’ Margot Robbie

Many fans were shocked when it was confirmed that Robert Pattinson had ended his romance with FKA Twigs after several years of dating. Even though there were rumors claiming that the former couple broke up due to irreconcilable differences, neither of the stars revealed the main reason behind their split. Now, new reports claim that […]

Leonardo DiCaprio And Margot Robbie May Reunite For Charles Manson Biopic

Previously in 2013, Leonardo DiCaprio and Margot Robbie starred together in The Wolf of Wall Street, directed by Martin Scorsese. Now, the two Hollywood A-listers will be sharing the same screen once again. DiCaprio has agreed to play a role in the upcoming Charles Manson biopic, which is to be directed by Quentin Tarantino. Leonardo […]

Tom Cruise Reportedly To Star In Quentin Tarantino’s ‘Helter Skelter’ As Mass Murderer Charles Manson

Quentin Tarantino has been working on a Charles Manson film titled Helter Skelter, and according to recent news, Tom Cruise is all set to play the lead role. According to Times Square Chronicles‘ press release, Tom Cruise is reportedly going to star in a new 1960s-era film that will touch on the life of Charles […]

Quentin Tarantino Reportedly Pitches New ‘Star Trek’ Idea To JJ Abrams For His Final Movie

Standby to set your phasers to stun as news has surfaced that Quentin Tarantino is preparing to boldly go where he has never gone before by taking on a new Star Trek movie with director JJ Abrams. According to Deadline’s exclusive report, the Oscar-winning filmmaker may be ready to explore strange new worlds as he […]

Sony Nabs Rights To Quentin Tarantino’s Charles Manson Film As The Murderer Clings To Life

Charles Manson has been in the news this week for more than his declining health. Director Quentin Tarantino has been working on a Manson film for quite some time, and the rights to his ninth movie now belong to Sony Pictures. Tarantino’s film, aptly named #9 for the time being, was originally being produced by […]

Quentin Tarantino Says He Knew About Harvey Weinstein’s Alleged Abuse For Decades

The friendship between famed filmmaker Quentin Tarantino and embattled producer Harvey Weinstein has been well-documented, especially in recent weeks as Weinstein has faced numerous allegations of sexual abuse. And while he initially expressed shock and disappointment after learning about these accusations, the Pulp Fiction director made some additional revelations in a new interview, admitting that […]

Angelina Jolie Is Unbothered About Brad Pitt Possibly Relapsing Because Of Quentin Tarantino [Debunked]

Is Angelina Jolie worried about the fact that her ex, Brad Pitt, could be teaming up with director Quentin Tarantino for a new film? That’s the claim that Hollywood Life made in a recent article. “Angelina has heard the buzz about Quentin wanting Brad for his new movie and she is not pleased,” an alleged […]

Jennifer Lawrence Bashed By Sister Of Sharon Tate, Boyfriend Darren Aronofsky Stays Out Of Drama

Jennifer Lawrence is so popular these days that people are considering her for movies without her asking. The hottest movie that Hollywood agents have their eyes on is Quentin Tarantino’s upcoming project, a film about the Manson murders, which includes the story of Sharon Tate. So it is natural that the casting directors have approached […]

Rumors Of Tarantino’s Cast For The Manson Family Project

With news of Quentin Tarantino’s new project about the Manson Family, fans are wondering who will play the iconic roles. According to rumors and with Tarantino’s history of using many of the same actors in multiple projects, there are plenty of indications about a few of the actors who will probably be in the movie. […]

Quentin Tarantino Developing New Film About Charles Manson [Video]

Quentin Tarantino is taking on the most infamous mass-murderer of all time in his new film. According to new reports coming in from various sources, such as a Variety, Tarantino is expected to make a gritty new film in his unique and truly original film style that only he can portray, this time to give […]

Quentin Tarantino Now Engaged to Israeli GF Daniella Pick, Film Producer Retiring Soon?

Quentin Tarantino is now engaged, and the woman he proposed to was Israeli singer Daniella Pick. Based on reports, the celebrated movie producer popped the question on June 30 while they were in Los Angeles. Pick, who first met Tarantino in 2006, has been in ‘on and off’ relationship with the filmmaker since 2009. Their […]

‘Reservoir Dogs’ Cast: Where Are They Now?

Twenty-five years after Quentin Tarentino’s directorial debut hit the big screens, Reservoir Dogs is considered a cult classic. The film featured some of the most respected character actors of all time. With a new video game, Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days, about to hit shelves, we wondered where are Mr. Orange and company today? Quentin Tarantino […]

Quentin Tarantino’s Latest Project Involves The New Hollywood Era, But He’s Not Revealing Much Yet

Quentin Tarantino, the famous American filmmaker, has earned a reputation for producing unconventional movies that don’t conform to mainstream cinema. The Reservoir Dogs director has been credited with creating masterpieces that have glamorized violence, with disrupted narratives, interspersed with satirical elements and western music. As a filmmaker, Tarantino has been influenced by spaghetti westerns like […]

Quentin Tarantino Retiring? The Director Confirms Rumors, Says He’s Done After Two More Films

Quentin Tarantino has officially confirmed that he is retiring from directing films. Tarantino told onlookers at Adobe Max, a creativity conference hosted by the software company in San Diego, that he plans to stop directing films after completing his tenth feature-length movie, Indie Wire reports. For fans who are keeping track, there is a silver […]

‘Django Unchained’ Director Quentin Tarantino Retiring?

Quentin Tarantino has revealed that he will retire from directing movies once he makes two more, Variety is reporting. The 58-year-old was speaking at The Creative Conference in San Diego, Thursday where he talked about how he got his break in the industry and switched from screenwriting to directing movies. The Creativity Conference is targeted […]

Quentin Tarantino Hints At New Project, Set In 1970s ‘New Hollywood’

Recently, Quentin Tarantino teased a new project that would be set in the 1970s. According to The Playlist, Tarantino told an audience at a film festival in France that he is specifically researching the year 1970. He was inspired by the book Pictures At A Revolution: Five Movies And The Birth Of The New Hollywood, […]

Kim Soo Hyun Wants To Make Time For One More Drama Before Enlisting In South Korean Military Service

Kim Soo Hyun is enlisting himself in military service, according to News Every Day. The 28-year-old My Love From the Star actor wants to star in one more drama before enlisting himself in the mandatory military service. @Koreaboo Do Min Joon (Kim Soo Hyun) in My Love From Another Star — Alayna (@LittleLayna) October […]

Quentin Tarantino’s ‘Suicide Squad’ Is The Parody Video You Need To See Today

Quentin Tarantino’s Suicide Squad is generating some buzz across social media ahead of the release of the real film this coming Friday (August 5). It’s a parody video from Loot Crate Productions, the company behind the Loot Crate box subscription service. Loot Crate partners with movie studios, game companies, comic publishers, and others to deliver […]

John Travolta On The Fight To Stay Relevant

John Travolta, best known for grooving it up in Saturday Night Fever and for playing slick and cool Vincent Vega in Pulp Fiction, is currently fighting to land a role. But not because he is out of a job, but it is because he knows that staying relevant in the acting world is a challenge, […]

Tarantino’s Struggles With ‘The Hateful Eight’ [Review]

The same week that Star Wars: The Force Awakens is available for rental, Quentin Tarantino’s latest film The Hateful Eight is the top rental and best-selling movie this week, according to Variety. Tarantino’s mystery/Western, which was reportedly made for an estimated budget of $62 million, made a return of $54 million at the domestic box […]

Ennio Morricone Receives A Star On Hollywood Walk Of Fame, Honored By Quentin Tarantino & John Williams [Video]

Acclaimed Italian composer Ennio Morricone received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Friday as he heads into an Oscar weekend that will deliver him his sixth Academy Award nomination. Morricone, 87, has yet to win an Oscar. He is nominated at the 88th Academy Awards this weekend in the category of Best […]

Quentin Tarantino Wages War Against Disney

Quentin Tarantino feels cheated by an arrangement with Disney and he’s not keeping quiet about it. In fact, he wants the world to know exactly how he feels. Quentin says he had a very specific arrangement that would have had the Los Angeles Cinemarama Dome showing his film, The Hateful Eight, but, instead, the theater […]

Martin Museum Condemns Destruction Of Priceless Guitar In ‘The Hateful Eight’ [Videos]

The Martin Guitar Museum lent an authentic, 1870s-era Martin guitar for use in Quentin Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight and now condemns the destruction of the priceless instrument. In the film, Jennifer Jason Leigh — playing the role of Daisy Domergue — picks up a six-string guitar and plays a quiet and haunting song, a tune […]

Jamie Foxx Not Impressed With Quentin Tarantino’s ‘Ghetto’ Comment

Jamie Foxx recently saved a man from a burning truck. Sowetan Live reports that the truck crashed in outside of Foxx’s home on Monday and Foxx rushed to pull the driver, Brett Kyle, out of the vehicle. Jamie Foxx insists he is not a hero for doing what he did, cutting the driver’s seatbelt and […]

Quentin Tarantino Loved ‘The Intern’

Quentin Tarantino loves to talk movies. And since he is one of the most vital writers and directors of the last 25 year, people love to hear what he has to say. But sometimes Quentin Tarantino’s remarks are seen as divisive, which is particularly true with what he came out with last week. Tarantino is […]

‘Bone Tomahawk’ Director S. Craig Zahler Saw ‘The Revenant’ And Hated It

Bone Tomahawk is often referred to as “the other Kurt Russell western from 2015,” the implication being that the more famous western is The Hateful Eight from high-profile director Quentin Tarantino. As if that isn’t challenging enough for the well-reviewed film’s reputation, it is also thought of in a somewhat lower class than the third […]

Matthew McConaughey’s Family Traditions

Matthew McConaughey has certainly made a name for himself in Hollywood. The Academy Award-winning actor has a new movie coming out, called The Free State of Jones, and according to Entertainment Weekly, he is very passionate as his character speaks in the new trailer. “I’m tired of it. You, me, all of us — we’re […]