‘Mission: Impossible 5’ On Hold As Director Rethinks The Finale

Mission: Impossible 5, the latest installment of the spy-oriented Tom Cruise franchise, is reportedly headed to theaters later this year. However, there are apparently a few issues plaguing the picture ahead of its July 31 release date. Although no one associated with Mission: Impossible 5 has confirmed these rumors, the folks over at the Hollywood […]

Calvin Harris Models Underwear For Emporio Armani [Photos]

Calvin Harris is the latest celebrity to strip down to his underwear for the folks at Emporio Armani. If you’re a fan of Harris’ physique, prepare yourself for a full-blown Calvin attack. Since the wildly successful DJ has a set of well-sculpted abs that tend to look great whenever they’re positioned in front of a […]

Hugh Grant Says Elizabeth Hurley Is Still His ‘Best Friend’

Hugh Grant and Elizabeth Hurley ended their romantic relationship years ago, but the Notting Hill star still thinks of the actress as his “best friend.” For those who weren’t alive during (or can’t seem to recall much about) the 90s, Hugh Grant and Elizabeth Hurley were one of the hottest couples on the planet. Unfortunately […]

Jackie Chan Wants To Be The ‘Asian Robert De Niro’

Jackie Chan is already a world-renowned action star, but the Police Story star has his sights set on an altogether different title. According to Chan, he wouldn’t mind if the world thought of him the “Asian Robert De Niro.” Although this writer can’t remember the last time De Niro battled a seemingly endless wave of […]

‘Space Invaders’ Movie Finds Its Scribe

Space Invaders, the classic video game that tasks players with defending the planet against an endless wave of alien adversaries, is officially headed to the big screen. Although Hollywood has been burned time and time again in its quest to bring one-dimensional games to the big screen, apparently producers are still hoping to find that […]

Anne Rice Defends ‘Fifty Shades,’ Stands Up For Women’s ‘Imaginations’

Anne Rice wants everyone to stop picking on Fifty Shades of Grey. What’s more, the acclaimed writer wants folks to leave fans of E.L. James’ kinky story alone. The Interview with a Vampire author knows a thing or two about penning controversial erotica. Back in 1983, under the pseudonym A.N. Roquelaure, Rice wrote what would […]

‘Big Hero 6’ Dominates The Box Office In The UK

Big Hero 6, Disney’s first animated Marvel Comics flick, is certainly striking a cinematic chord with moviegoers across the pond. Although the film squared off against another comic book adaptation at the box office, it managed to retain the top spot. Directed by Don Hall (Winnie the Pooh) and Chris Williams (Bolt), Big Hero 6 […]

David Cassidy Files For Bankruptcy, Owes $39K In Credit Card Debt

David Cassidy has filed for bankruptcy, according to reports, and owes thousands of dollars in credit card debt and legal fees. On Wednesday, the former Partridge Family star filed for bankruptcy protection after amassing a debt that totals in the hundreds of thousands. According to E! Online, Cassidy owes over $21,000 to American Express and […]

Danny Masterson Lashes Out At Scientology Documentary ‘Going Clear’

Scientologist Danny Masterson has a few choice words about filmmaker Alex Gibney’s controversial documentary Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief. In short: The former That ’70s Show star isn’t too thrilled about its existence. Based on the book by author Lawrence Wright, Going Clear takes an “inside look” at the inner workings of […]

‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ Sequels Are Moving Forward

Fifty Shades of Grey is presently perched to become one of the hottest and most popular films of the year. In fact, ticket sales are blasting through the proverbial roof, particularly in Mississippi, Arkansas, and West Virgina, according to the New York Daily News. However, rumblings from the cast — Jamie Dornan, in particular — […]

Gun Hidden In Book Discovered At New England Thrift Store

The idea of someone hiding a gun inside a book may sound like something out a paperback espionage novel, but apparently someone stumbled across such a thing at a Goodwill thrift store in New England. Tucked inside a book donated to a thrift shop in Ellsworth, Maine, was what police described as a “Derringer-style pistol,” […]

Marcus Paulk: ‘Moesha’ Star Busted For DUI In Phoenix

Marcus Paulk, the actor best known for his role in the mid-90s sitcom Moesha, was reportedly arrested for DUI and drug possession in Phoenix, Arizona. According to police, Paulk’s brush with the law occurred on Sunday Bowl Sunday. The actor allegedly drove a little too close to a fire truck and two cop cars parked […]

Britney Spears Gets Ready In 10-Second Super Bowl Commercial

Britney Spears knows how to get people talking. Her appearance in a short, mysterious Super Bowl 2015 commercial definitely caught the internet’s undivided attention. What sort of product was Spears plugging? Does she have some sort of movie hitting the big screen later this year? Unfortunately, there aren’t any answers to those pressing questions floating […]

Liam Payne Joins Forces With Rapper Juicy J

Liam Payne continues to stretch his legs beyond the confines of pop music. Shortly after One Direction fans heard rumblings that Zayn Malik was working with Naughty Boy once again, word on the street suggests that Payne is joining forces with Juicy J. Rumor has it that One Direction’s contract expires at the end of […]

Liam Payne’s Cousin, Ross Harris, Heads To ‘The Voice UK’

Liam Payne isn’t the only member of the family with talent. The One Direction singer’s cousin is reportedly headed to The Voice. Since Payne got his start on a televised singing competition, it’s not surprising that Liam’s relative, Ross Harris, is attempting to find success down the same avenue. According to J-14, Harris will bring […]

Nicolas Cage To Star In Larry Charles’ Osama Bin Laden Comedy

Nicolas Cage certainly isn’t afraid to stretch his legs, that’s for sure. Proving that he’s willing to star in just about anything that lands on his desk, Cage has reportedly signed on to play a guy who decides to track down Osama Bin Laden. Larry Charles, the director behind Borat, is joining forces with the […]

DreamWorks Animation To Cut 500 Jobs, Closes PDI Studio

In an effort to improve profitability, DreamWorks Animation SKG will reportedly cut over 500 jobs. Not only will the company trim down its release schedule, the powers that be are closing the doors to PDI Studio as well. According to 89.3 KPCC, the layoffs represent 18 percent of DreamWorks Animation’s workforce. Although it’s unclear how […]

Shaq Is Crafting A Sitcom With TruTV

Shaq is reportedly working on a sitcom with the folks over at TruTV. Those readers who have suffered through such cinematic gems as Kazaam and Steel are probably wondering what in blue blazes is happening in Hollywood right now. Although most people probably wouldn’t think that Shaq would be the first person on-deck to develop […]

Man Sells Ghost In A Wooden Chest On Craigslist

Adventurous consumers can purchase just about anything on Craigslist these days, including possibly “p**sed off” ghosts residing inside ordinary wooden chests. The folks over at the Huffington Post caught wind of a guy who attempted to purchase some kind of supernatural entity residing inside a cramped wooden container from a seller on Craigslist. Unfortunately for […]

‘John Wick’ Beats Down DVD, Blu-Ray This February

John Wick, the surprisingly enjoyable action-thriller starring Keanu Reeves, is presently slated to hit DVD and Blu-ray this February. Of course, if you’ve cast aside physical media in your quest to fully embrace the digital age, then you’re in luck. According to USA Today, John Wick is already available on VOD through a number of […]

Scarlett Johansson Officially Confirmed For ‘Captain America: Civil War’

It’s official: Scarlett Johansson has signed on to appear in directors Anthony and Joe Russo’s hotly anticipated superhero outing Captain America: Civil War. If you’re a Black Widow fan who was deeply concerned that the sultry butt-kicker would sit on the sidelines while Cap and the gang get down to serious business, then you can […]

‘The Wedding Ringer,’ Kevin Hart Are No Match For ‘American Sniper’ At The Box Office

Although The Wedding Ringer features box office titan Kevin Hart, apparently the raunchy comedy is no match for an acclaimed Clint Eastwood flick. Starring Kevin Hart and Big Bang Theory sweetheart Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting, director Jeremy Garelick’s R-rated outing couldn’t keep up with the acclaimed drama American Sniper at the box office. While The Wedding Ringer […]

Liam Neeson Muslim: ‘Taken 3’ Star Shoots Down Islam Rumors

Liam Neeson isn’t a Muslim, and the actor insists that that he isn’t converting to Islam. In other words, don’t start protesting Taken 3 just yet. Rumors surfaced not too long ago that Neeson was planning to ditch the Catholic Church to become a Muslim. Although reports of the actor’s controversial switch made the rounds […]

Paris Hilton Needs A Nanny For Her Micro-Mini Teacup Puppy

Paris Hilton needs a nanny… for her new puppy. Folks who are looking to rub elbows with the rich and famous have an opportunity to score a gig with one of the world’s most recognizable socialites. If you don’t mind carrying for tiny dogs for an unspecified amount of time every day, then you should […]

Kathy Bates Injured: Actress Cries Out During Golden Globes 2015 Appearance

Kathy Bates was reportedly injured during her appearance at Sunday’s Golden Globes ceremony, though little information about the situation is presently available. While reports about the incident are few and far between at the moment, Us Weekly reports that Bates injured herself about an hour after the awards show began. The American Horror Story actress […]

Xzibit DUI Wedding: Rapper Busted After Tying The Knot

Xzibit was reportedly busted for DUI shortly after his wedding last November, which probably didn’t make for a very pleasant honeymoon. The rapper, who previously hosted the hit MTV series Pimp My Ride, was reportedly picked up by police following his wedding reception in Laguna Beach, California. According to TMZ, Xzibit is now facing two […]

‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Terrified J.J. Abrams

Star Wars: The Force Awakens was a massive undertaking, one that many directors probably wouldn’t want to tackle. And while J.J. Abrams decided to take the reins on this highly-anticipated sequel, that doesn’t mean he possesses nerves of unbreakable steel. The latest addition to the Star Wars franchise – the first live-action cinematic endeavor since […]

Sia Addresses ‘Elastic Heart’ Pedophilia Controversy On Twitter

Sia caused quite a bit of controversy with the music video for her tune “Elastic Heart.” Since the clip has generated quite a bit of buzz online, the Australian singer decided to address all of the negative comments on Twitter. For those who haven’t seen it yet, the video finds Shia LaBeouf wrestling with Dance […]

Have One Direction Fans Forgiven James Arthur?

One Direction fans didn’t have a problem ripping singer/songwriter James Arthur apart back in 2013, after he decided to spew some nasty comments about the boy band. However, Arthur is hoping 1D fanatics have forgiven him for these transgressions. When you mess with One Direction, then you’d better prepare yourself accordingly for the ensuing backlash. […]

Iggy Azalea On Sex Tape Rumors: Mind Your Business

Iggy Azalea claims she doesn’t have a sex tape, but even if she did, the rapper believes it’s nobody’s business but her own. Although 2014 was certainly filled with highs, Azalea encountered her fair share of lows. Not only did she feud with fellow rapper Azealia Banks on social media, Iggy also had to contend […]

Demi Lovato Looking To Better Herself In 2015

Demi Lovato is hoping to spend a significant part of the new year keeping herself in tip-top shape, both emotionally and physically. For those who don’t keep up with the pop star’s life, Lovato has battled eating disorders and self-esteem issues for years. While some celebrities are content to hide these problems away from prying […]

Jennifer Aniston Still Lives In The Shadow Of ‘Friends’

Jennifer Aniston may have bid farewell to Friends over 10 years ago, but the actress admitted that she’s still living in the shadow of Rachel Green. When an actor or actress tackles a role that ultimately becomes iconic, shaking that character almost becomes a life-long struggle. Mark Hamill will always be Luke Skywalker, Daniel Radcliffe […]

Kelly Clarkson Shares Details About New Album On Twitter

Kelly Clarkson is putting together material for her upcoming album, and she’s ready to share a few details about the project with the world. The American Idol winner hasn’t released an album since her 2013 Christmas record, Wrapped in Red. Not surprisingly, fans are more than anxious to get their hands on her new material. […]

Jennifer Aniston Believes Tabloids Publish Nothing But ‘B.S.’

Jennifer Aniston doesn’t spend a lot of time worrying about tabloids these days. In the actress’ humble opinion, those publications are, in short, full of crap. Like Kim Kardashian, gossip rags spend a fair amount of time speculating about Aniston’s private life. If they’re not picking on the former Friends star about her lack of […]

Kim Kardashian Twitter Rant Addresses Juicy Internet Rumors

Kim Kardashian finds her name in the headlines more often than not these days, and generally for all the wrong reasons. In fact, most of the time the reality TV star and Paper Magazine covergirl is right in the middle of juicy internet gossip. Did you hear the one that suggests Kim’s marriage to Kanye […]

Before Scott Derrickson’s ‘Doctor Strange,’ There Was ‘Doctor Mordrid’

Director Scott Derrickson’s Doctor Strange is officially headed to theaters in the U.S. on November 14, 2016. However, this isn’t the first time someone has attempted to make a major motion picture featuring Stephen Vincent Strange. After writer/director Philip DeGuere, Jr. attempted to get a television series off the ground back in the late 70s […]

Ed Sheeran Thinks One Direction ‘Sounds Great’ On ’18’

Ed Sheeran obviously has nothing but love for One Direction. Not surprisingly, he’s more than thrilled with their continued success. Since the boy has recorded a few of the “A Team” singer’s songs, it’s not altogether surprising that he’s keeping a close eye on the group’s fame and fortune. Since Directioners have thoroughly enjoyed their […]

Britt Robertson: Did Disney Stop The Actress From Promoting ‘Ask Me Anything’?

Tomorrowland star Britt Robertson was reportedly banned from promoting her new comedy Ask Me Anything by the folks at Disney. Although the aforementioned indie outing officially wrapped a while ago, Ask Me Anything — which also stars Martin Sheen, Justin Long, and Christian Slater — is finally getting a proper release. Unfortunately for writer/director Allison […]

Codi James Antoniello Hair: Teenager’s Mugshot Amuses The Internet [Photo]

Codi James Antoniello and his admittedly strange hair recently captured the internet’s undivided attention for all the wrong reasons. While a few troublemakers made the rounds on social media not too long ago thanks to their astonishing good looks — Jeremy Meeks immediately springs to mind — others are generating interest because their mugshots are […]

Robin Thicke, April Love Geary Cozy Up During The Holidays

Robin Thicke and 19-year-old model April Love Geary spent some quality time together ahead of the Christmas holiday. Although reps claim the pair are just friends, tongues are still wagging about the possibility of a May-December romance. Since Thicke split with Paula Patton earlier this year, the controversial “Blurred Lines” singer has done everything to […]

‘Fire And Ice’: Frank Frazetta And Ralph Bakshi’s Animated Fantasy Getting Live Action Remake

Fire and Ice, Frank Frazetta and Ralph Bakshi’s classic 1983 animated fantasy, is getting the remake treatment over at Sony Pictures. Although the studio is currently embroiled in a pretty nasty scandal involving hacked company info and leaked emails, the powers that be are still interested in crafting major motion pictures. In fact, producers intend […]

Taylor Swift Surprised By Spotify Controversy

Taylor Swift caused quite a bit of controversy when she decided to yank her music from the streaming music service Spotify earlier this year. According to the acclaimed songstress, she had no idea the decision would cause a media firestorm. Instead of giving Spotify subscribers access to her latest album, 1989, Swift opted to release […]

Liam Payne And The One Directions Boys Have Female Lookalikes

If you think you just saw Liam Payne buying a pack of gum at the local corner store, you may want to look again. It would seem Payne and the One Direction boys have female doppelgangers sprinkled across the planet. With so many people stumbling around the world these days, it’s not altogether surprising that […]

Jane Seymour Divorce: British Actress Talks Split From James Keach

Actress Jane Seymour recently spilled the beans about her divorce from James Keach. After spending over 20 years with the actor, Seymour admitted that the split was definitely a “shock” to her system. Jane and James, the son of actor Stacy Keach, tied the knot back in 1993. However, as the Inquisitr previously reported, the […]

Singer Jeremih Airport Arrest: R&B Crooner Busted For Disorderly Conduct

R&B singer Jeremih’s behavior at the Newark Liberty International Airport ultimately led to his arrest on Friday (December 12). The “Birthday Sex” crooner and two members of his encourage reportedly attempted to board a flight after missing the final call. Instead of coming to terms with the fact that he’d arrived too late, Jeremih’s boys […]

Seth Rogen, Sony Pictures Butted Heads Over ‘The Interview’

Seth Rogen and Sony Pictures’ Amy Pascal reportedly butted heads over a key scene in the upcoming comedy The Interview. If you’re looking forward to the controversial flick and you don’t want anything spoiled, then turn back now. Although the recent Sony hack has caused plenty of headaches for the studio, the end result is […]

David Guetta Wants The World To Dance And Cry

David Guetta is the master of the dance floor, but that doesn’t mean the French DJ isn’t interested in messing around with your tender emotions. Instead of cranking out a by-the-numbers EDM album, Guetta crafted something a bit more heartfelt. However, don’t get David wrong — he still put together a batch of songs that […]

Adam Sandler: Leaked Sony Emails Show Employee Distaste For Comedian’s Movies

Adam Sandler probably isn’t feeling too good about himself at the moment, thanks to a handful of hacked emails that have popped up on the internet this week. Sandler’s latest cinematic endeavors are essentially a running joke to those who remember the comedian during his heyday. Movies such as That’s My Boy and Jack and […]

Kanye West To Tour Across North America Next Year, Rihanna Reveals

Kanye West will hit the road across North America at some point during 2015. While the world is no doubt thrilled about this event, apparently we weren’t supposed to learn this information just yet. West fans are understandably excited about the forthcoming tour, which means that the rapper probably has a new batch of tunes […]

Louis Tomlinson Lights Up, Reveals New Tattoo

Louis Tomlinson recently showed off his new tattoo during a trip to Australia. Unfortunately for fans, someone also caught the One Direction singer taking a drag from a cigarette, a fact that may ruffle the feathers of the group’s more health-conscious supporters. Before we delve into the new ink, let’s address Tomlinson’s penchant for tobacco […]