Megyn Kelly Says Donald Trump Won Debate, Backlash Ensues

On Thursday night, former Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly took to Twitter to declare President Donald Trump the winner of the final presidential debate against Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden. “Trump won this debate, handily. Biden wasn’t a force at all. Trump was substantive, on-point, well-tempered. Definitely helped himself, when it mattered most.” Public figures […]

Megyn Kelly Speaks Out About Censorship: ‘If You Don’t Like It, Don’t Watch’

Megyn Kelly is speaking out about what she sees as censorship run amuck. In a series of tweets on Wednesday, the former Fox News and NBC host reacted to the news that HBO Max had decided to pull Gone With the Wind from its platform because of the film’s rosy depiction of the antebellum South. […]

Megyn Kelly Ridicules Joaquin Phoenix For Wanting To Recycle His Awards Show Tuxedo

The first awards show of the season took place with the Golden Globes, and there were many messages delivered of the personal and political variety. Joaquin Phoenix took home the award for the best actor in a drama and delivered a profanity-laced speech that left many scratching their heads. Now, he’s under fire for wanting […]

Megyn Kelly Blasts Matthew Dowd, ABC Political Analyst, Says He Should Try To ‘Report Fairly’ Like Her

Former NBC News personality Megyn Kelly and ABC News Political Analyst Matthew Dowd went after each other on Twitter in a back-and-forth about Kelly’s journalistic ethics and her previous coverage of the #MeToo movement. Early Saturday, the former Megyn Kelly Today show host put the ABC News personality on blast following his assertions that she […]

Megyn Kelly Is Reportedly Trying To Make Her Television Return With Her Own Production Company

Megyn Kelly appeared on Tucker Carlson’s show on Wednesday, setting tongues wagging that the former NBC host was trying to get back on television by working her way into the Fox News network. But Page Six reports that the disgraced host is planning on launching her own news production company. Kelly went on Tucker Carlson […]

Tucker Carlson To Give Megyn Kelly First TV Interview Since Leaving NBC: ‘She’s Got A Lot To Say’

Former Fox News primetime host Megyn Kelly made media waves in 2017 when she suddenly exited the cable news giant to take a new position at rival news network NBC, only to later leave NBC over controversial remarks she made concerning blackface and Halloween. But for the first time since disappearing off the media radar […]

Charlize Theron Debuts New Bowl Haircut And Fans Are Shocked

Charlize Theron has a new haircut, and fans are loving it. The actress’s new hairstyle is a major throwback to the early 1990s, when the bowl cut was the fad of the moment. And now, she swapped her short brunette bob for an even shorter style for a very specific reason — the shooting of […]

‘Bombshell’ Trailer Features Charlize Theron As Megyn Kelly Doppelganger

At first glance, it looks like former Fox News personality Megyn Kelly is in the new Bombshell trailer that dropped yesterday. However, Kelly’s doppelganger is actually actress Charlize Theron who stars in the film alongside Nicole Kidman and Margot Robbie. Kidman and Robbie portray personalities Gretchen Carlson and Kayla Pospisil in the film. The Lionsgate […]

Tamron Hall Reflects On Her Decision To Leave The ‘Today Show’

Tamron Hall was once a staple of the morning news crew for NBC’s Today Show. The journalist graduated from Temple University and begun reporting local news for Dallas and Chicago before later getting her dream job for Today. She sat around the table with famous faces like Al Roker, Natalie Morales, and Willie Geist for […]

Charlize Theron Opens Up About Megyn Kelly After Playing Her In Movie: ‘I Have No Place To Judge’

Actress Charlize Theron opened up about how she felt about former Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly, saying she had empathy for her after playing her character in a movie about Chairman and CEO of Fox News and Fox Television Stations Roger Ailes. People reported Theron made an appearance on Thursday’s episode of Watch What Happens […]

Megyn Kelly Wants To Return To TV But Is Having Trouble Finding Network Who Will Take Her, Per ‘Radar’

Following the Today Show scandal that rocked her world and ended up costing her her job, TV personality Megyn Kelly is looking forward — and trying to nail down her next gig. According to Radar Online, Kelly is searching for a new television gig, and is itching to get back to work. There’s only one […]

Megyn Kelly Jokes About Unemployment After Being Selected For Jury Duty

Though her stint at NBC didn’t end too well, Megyn Kelly is still making light of a bad situation. Currently, Kelly remains jobless after leaving her stint on the third hour of the Today Show under less than ideal circumstances. But rather than sulk about her current state of affairs, Kelly recently took to her […]

Megyn Kelly Exits NBC Midway Through Her Contract, But She Still Takes A Whopping $69 Million Home

Megyn Kelly was being touted as the next big host on cable news a couple of years ago. Kelly, who had developed a reputation for her combative style of journalism with Fox, saw her popularity surge drastically during the 2016 presidential race. Her acrimonious relationship with Trump aided her reputation, making her one of the […]

Kathy Griffin Shades Megyn Kelly On Twitter For Her Infamous ‘Santa Is White’ Comments

Comedian Kathy Griffin has frequently called people out to express her opinions in the past, and that’s apparently not about to change now, People is reporting. Griffin took to Twitter to post a picture of former U.S. President Barack Obama holding a sack of toys over his shoulder while wearing a Santa hat. “@megynkelly, I […]

Megyn Kelly Is Free To Work At Other News Outlets After Leaving NBC

Megyn Kelly won’t be bound by any non-compete clauses after leaving NBC News, according to a report from Variety. The former NBC News and Megyn Kelly Today host will be free to take jobs at other news outlets now that she is no longer with the network, suggesting that negotiations between Kelly and NBCUniversal are […]

The Megyn Kelly Fallout At NBC Is Creating A Lot Of Casualties

Megyn Kelly’s lawyers and NBC’s lawyers are close to reaching a deal that will leave the former anchor with $30 million. It will leave many of her former staff members without jobs, according to Raw Story. The Today hour that Kelly used to host had its own set and its own staff, most of whom […]

Hoda Kotb Slapped With Bizarre Lawsuit, Per ‘Radar’

The Today Show staff has been plagued with scandals over the last few years, with long-time host Matt Lauer being accused of sexual harassment and most recently Megyn Kelly being fired over her comments defending blackface. It turns out that those weren’t all of them, as current Today Show host Hoda Kotb was slapped with […]

Megyn Kelly Gives First Interview Since Leaving NBC, Speaking To A Surprising Source

Megyn Kelly has stayed mostly out of the public eye since she and NBC split ways last month. Kelly departed the network quickly after a scandal erupted on the air during her NBC show, in which she talked about wearing blackface for Halloween. Kelly was hired by NBC after leaving Fox News in a three-year, […]

Megyn Kelly Talks About Family And Holiday Traditions In Email

Megyn Kelly recently opened up regarding her new focus on family, in an email to Daily Mail TV. Kelly lost her Today Show time slot after making controversial blackface comments during an October show. Although Kelly quickly apologized for her comments, NBC deemed her behavior inappropriate. Several of her fellow Today coworkers were also offended, […]

Megyn Kelly Will Get $30 Million To Leave NBC, ‘Page Six’ Reports

The exit of anchor Megyn Kelly from NBC News will soon become official, with Kelly receiving a $30 million exit package from parent company Comcast, Page Six reported Tuesday. The anchor had signed a $69 million multi-year contract when she joined NBC early in 2017. Kelly, who was removed from her Megyn Kelly Today show […]

Megyn Kelly Was Going To Headline NBC Election Coverage Before ‘Today’ Controversy

As NBC and Megyn Kelly remain locked in negotiations regarding her future, the network has been removing any signs of the host’s involvement in their news coverage in the wake of Kelly’s controversial comments regarding blackface, according to reports from Page Six. A source revealed to Page Six that since she was originally hired, NBC […]

Megyn Kelly’s Former ‘Today’ Show Colleagues Angry She Left Without Saying Anything, Want Apology From Her

Megyn Kelly’s departure from the Today show is still causing ripples, with a new report claiming that her former co-workers are angry at how abruptly she left the show and want an apology from her. Kelly was cut from the show last week after defending blackface in a segment discussing Halloween costumes. Though the former […]

Jane Fonda Feels Sympathy For Megyn Kelly After ‘Today’ Cancellation

Megyn Kelly and Jane Fonda may not have had the best relationship, but the writer, actress, and political activist still hoped Kelly would succeed as host of the Megyn Kelly Today show. According to People, Fonda told Entertainment Tonight that she feels “badly” for the host, whose show was canceled after she made offensive comments […]

Megyn Kelly’s Bitter Legal Battle With NBC Heats Up

Megyn Kelly has decided not to go quietly into that good night. Even though NBC no longer wants her around, as a host for “Today” or for anything else, her and her lawyer Bryan Freedman seem determined to battle until the bitter end. And with all this feet-dragging and protracted back-and-forth, the bitter end is […]

Al Roker Defends Halloween Costume In Wake Of Megyn Kelly Backlash

The Today show meteorologist Al Roker wants to take a moment to explain what blackface means after his own Halloween costume received criticism in the wake of Megyn Kelly’s removal from the show, according to reports from E! Online. Hours before last week’s cancellation of Megyn Kelly Today, due to the show’s namesake’s defense of […]

Megyn Kelly Slams Paparazzi For Filming Children At School Amid NBC Fallout

Over the past few days, things have not been going very well for Megyn Kelly. Amid the blackface scandal that cost Kelly her job at the Today Show, she claims that the paparazzi have been making her life miserable. Kelly claims that the paparazzi have been following her children to and from school — and […]

Carole Radziwill Blasts Megyn Kelly’s ‘Racist’ Behavior, Says LuAnn de Lesseps’ ‘Blackface’ Wasn’t Bronzer

Carole Radziwill was against LuAnn de Lesseps’ decision to dress up as Diana Ross as soon as she laid eyes on her during a Real Housewives of New York City Season 10 episode that aired earlier this year. So, when it came to Megyn Kelly’s firing from the Today show earlier this month, she was […]

Megyn Kelly NBC Settlement Could Include $10 Million Confidentiality Agreement

In the wake of being let go at NBC about halfway through her contract, Megyn Kelly is happy to stay quiet — for a price. According to TMZ, the news personality agreed to keep mum about her ill-fated stint at the network for an additional $10 million. NBC offered Kelly a settlement of $38 million, […]

‘Today’ Announces ‘New Chapter’ As Show Moves On From Megyn Kelly

The Today Show aired on NBC on Monday without Megyn Kelly in her usual third-hour time slot after the commentator was let go for seemingly defending blackface, E! Online is reporting. “Today, as you know, we are starting a new chapter in the third hour of our show.” Last week, Megyn Kelly’s career on The […]

Al Roker Expected To Be Part Of Replacement Team For Megyn Kelly’s Canceled ‘Today’ Hour

After being replaced by Megyn Kelly for the Today show’s 9 a.m. hour, former host Al Roker will be returning to the table. TMZ reports that NBC is going back to the format that it used prior to bringing in Kelly, which means existing network talent will host the hour. Al Roker, who used to […]

Megyn Kelly Slammed By High School Classmates For Claiming That Blackface Was Acceptable In Her Youth

High school students of Megyn Kelly’s alma mater have spoken out against the talk show host’s controversial comments that she made last week. The Students for Peace and Survival at Bethlehem Central High School wrote an opinion piece for NBC News where they called Kelly out on what life was like when she was a […]

‘Today’ Host Jenna Bush Hager Calls Megyn Kelly’s Blackface Comments ‘Horrible’

Today host Jenna Bush Hager wants the world to know that she was not okay with Megyn Kelly’s blackface comments while the former First Daughter was on a panel for the NBC show. Megyn Kelly Today has been canceled since Hager commented, but she called the comments and the defense “horrible.” Town & Country says […]

Megyn Kelly’s Co-Workers ‘Hated’ Being On-Air With Her, ‘TMZ’ Reports

On Tuesday’s broadcast of Megyn Kelly Today, Kelly defended wearing blackface as part of a Halloween costume. On Wednesday, she offered a tearful on-air apology in which she said that she had learned her lesson as a result of the backlash received related to her remarks and included two African-American panelists to talk about the […]

Roland Martin Believes Megyn Kelly’s Firing Wasn’t Based Soley Upon Her ‘Blackface’ Comments

Many have spoken out in support of NBC’s decision to cancel Megyn Kelly Today, following her controversial comments on blackface earlier this week. Among those who agree with the cancellation is Roland Martin. However, the journalist doesn’t believe that Kelly’s blackface comments were the only reason NBC decided to cut her show. According to People, […]

Fox News Hints That They Will Not Hire Megyn Kelly Back

Like most employers, NBC waited until Friday to officially fire Megyn Kelly. Friday morning, the network confirmed that Megyn Kelly will not be coming back to her Today show. This news comes as no surprise, as Kelly made some controversial remarks about Halloween costumes and blackface earlier in the week, which sparked widespread outrage. Kelly […]

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Calls NBC ‘Racist-Adjacent’ For Hiring Megyn Kelly In The First Place

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has made it clear that he is all for NBC firing Megyn Kelly over the incendiary remarks she made in defense of blackface this week, but he couldn’t accept that such a move would signify any kind of moral high ground on the part of the executives who hired her. In fact, the […]

Megyn Kelly Will Not Return to ‘Today’

Megyn Kelly will not be returning to the Today show according to NBC. The host was removed from the 9:00 a.m. hour of the show, a segment called Megyn Kelly Today, after making offensive comments about blackface costumes this week. According to CNN, the host will also likely being exiting from NBC entirely, though official […]

Megyn Kelly’s Lawyer Wants Ronan Farrow In The Room When Meeting With NBC Executives

TV host Megyn Kelly found herself facing major backlash after she made comments on her show that seemed to indicate she saw no problem with a white person wearing blackface if it’s a Halloween costume, as reported by the Inquisitr. Kelly’s time with the network has been turbulent, to say the least, with drama and […]

Megyn Kelly Ready To Battle With NBC For $23 Million Contract

“Given the circumstances, ‘Megyn Kelly Today’ will be on tape the rest of the week,” NBC News announced on Thursday. The network opted to air a taped episode of Kelly’s show on Thursday rather than have her air live, as she was scheduled to do. “The circumstances” would be Megyn Kelly’s offensive remarks about wearing […]

Kelly Clarkson Could Replace Megyn Kelly On ‘Today,’ According To ‘Radar Online’

It appears as though Megyn Kelly is officially out at the Today Show. This past week, the talk show host has become the subject of controversy after her opinion on a blackface costume. As the Inquisitr shared earlier today, Kelly was absent from her hour of the show after facing a ton of backlash following […]

Here’s How Megyn Kelly’s Career As ‘Today’ Host Fell Apart

Megyn Kelly is notably absent from Megyn Kelly Today after a backlash to her comments defending blackface Halloween costumes. But Kelly’s stint as an NBC News host has been troubled from the beginning. E! Online explains that the former Fox host was lured to the network with a lucrative contract to replace Tamron Hall and […]

Megyn Kelly Reportedly Pulled Off ‘Today’ Show For Thursday And Friday After Guests Boycott

Megyn Kelly will reportedly not appear on the Today show on Thursday or Friday amid a boycott from guests over the host’s controversial remarks about blackface this week. AS previously reported by Inquisitr, there had been rumors that Kelly could eventually be on the way out after the controversial remarks, but a report from CNN […]

Megyn Kelly Leaving ‘Today’ After Blackface Comments, Sources Say

Kelly drew national attention, and criticism, on Tuesday for her comments about wearing blackface with Halloween costumes. Many considered her remarks to be offensive. Now, industry sources are reporting that Kelly’s role with NBC is changing, according to CNN. The end date for Kelly’s NBC show is unknown. Kelly attempted to do damage control on […]

Al Roker Isn’t Impressed By Megyn Kelly’s Apology For Her Blackface Comments

Megyn Kelly has been under fire this week following comments she made on her Tuesday show regarding blackface. The controversial discussion was between Kelly, Melissa Rivers, Jacob Soboroff, and Jenna Bush Hager. Kelly had made a comment asking if blackface is ever okay in the case of it being part of a Halloween costume. She […]

Don Lemon Condemns Megyn Kelly’s Recent Comments On Blackface

Reporter Don Lemon doesn’t buy Megyn Kelly’s recent defense of the use of blackface, Huffington Post is reporting. Kelly sparked outrage after she questioned the controversy over those who have painted their face darker to imitate someone who has a different skin color on her show Megyn Kelly Today on Tuesday, October 23. “When I […]

Megyn Kelly Doesn’t Understand Why People Thought LuAnn De Lesseps’ Diana Ross Costume Was Considered ‘Racist’

Megyn Kelly hosted a shocking segment on an episode of her morning talk show Megyn Kelly Today this week and during the segment, she defended LuAnn de Lesseps’ Diana Ross Halloween costume. During an episode of The Real Housewives of New York City earlier this year, de Lesseps dressed up as the music icon for […]

Megyn Kelly Apologizes For Defending Blackface

It only took a couple of hours for Megyn Kelly to feel the blowback that resulted from comments she made in defense of blackface costumes early Tuesday, October 23. Predictably, neither would it take but a few hours before she was apologizing for the ill-advised remarks. CNN reports that by Tuesday afternoon NBC staffers had […]

Megyn Kelly Faces Backlash, Boycotts After Defending Blackface In ‘Today’ Show Segment

NBC host Megyn Kelly is facing intense backlash after defending blackface on the Today Show Tuesday. The former Fox News host asked her panel about what was considered offensive for a Halloween costume during a roundtable discussion, according to Raw Story. In an awkward exchange, Kelly said it was fine to dress as a black […]

Megyn Kelly Wants Out Of Her ‘Today Show’ Gig And Back On Fox, According To ‘Radar Online’

She may be the highest paid employee at NBC, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that Megyn Kelly is feeling warm and fuzzy there. During her first year on The Today Show, Megyn Kelly’s ratings for her hour on the show tanked and they were the subject of a lot of controversy, especially considering the fact […]

Megyn Kelly Is Taking Advantage Of The #MeToo Movement Say NBC Insiders, Per ‘Page Six’

Some upper-level insiders at NBC think that former Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly is using the #MeToo movement for selfish purposes, according to Page Six. Whispers from NBC insiders started after Kelly told Us Weekly that she has some kind of secret information regarding disgraced former NBC anchor Matt Lauer. “I know too much that […]