Matthew Perry Shares An Instagram Post With Former President Barack Obama

Friends star Matthew Perry is finally on Instagram after keeping pretty much to himself for years. Even though he’s been on the platform for less than four days, he’s already accumulated an impressive 4.6 million followers. His latest Instagram post featured former United States President Barack Obama himself. In the photo, both Perry and Obama […]

Jennifer Aniston Welcomes Matthew Perry To Instagram In A Funny Throwback Post Featuring The ‘Friends’ Stars

Matthew Perry has joined Instagram, which is a big deal as far as Jennifer Aniston is concerned. She mentioned her Friends co-star in her most recent social media post, explaining with tongue-in-cheek that she is surprised he took so long to get going on the platform given that he played a “computer processing TRANSPONSTER” during […]

Television Personality Ross Mathews Recalls The Time Matt LeBlanc And Matthew Perry Made Fun Of Him

Ross Mathews is a television personality who is known for being a judge on RuPaul’s Drag Race. In his new book Name Drop, he recalled an unpleasant meet-up he had with Friends stars Matt LeBlanc and Matthew Perry, who played Joey Tribbiani and Chandler Bing, respectively. He claims that the pair made fun of him, […]

‘Friends’ Baby Emma Responds To ‘2020’ Joke Made By Matthew Perry’s Chandler 17 Years Ago

A Friends star just issued a comeback to a joke 17 years in the making. Noelle Sheldon, one of the twins who played baby Emma Geller-Green in the final season of the NBC sitcom, delivered a retort to a joke made about her character in a 2003 episode. Fans of the Emmy-winning hit may recall […]

‘Friends’ Star Courteney Cox Shares Happy & Healthy Photo With TV Husband Matthew Perry After Lunch Date

Courteney Cox and Matthew Perry reunited for a day date, and it’s making Friends fans very happy. The longtime sitcom co-stars posed together for a selfie during a lunch date a few days after less flattering photos of Perry made headlines, and it effectively squashed rumors that he’s not doing well. Cox shared an Instagram […]

Matthew Perry Once Turned Down A ‘Friends’ Storyline Involving A Gay Bar

The hit sitcom Friends recently celebrated their 25th anniversary, having concluded the show on May 6, 2004 after 10 very successful seasons. Although the show is no longer on the air, it is still one of the most beloved American sitcoms of all time and fans can watch reruns whenever they wish on streaming services […]

Matthew Perry Is Reportedly A ‘Mess’ & Only Leaves Penthouse For Doctor Appointments

Friends star Matthew Perry has been in the news lately and not for the best of reasons. Reports now claim that he leaves his penthouse only to pick up cigarettes or go to doctor appointments. Radar Online reported that Matthew, 49, has been staying holed up in a penthouse after undergoing surgery last year that […]

‘Friends’ Star Matthew Perry Selling Swanky Los Angeles Penthouse For $35 Million Amid Reported Health Issues

Matthew Perry is looking to unload his amazing penthouse in Los Angeles. According to the Daily Mail, the Friends star purchased the 9,290-square-foot full-floor condo in June of 2017 for a cool $20 million. The condo makes its home in the swanky Century building and has been named a “mansion in the sky” by the […]

Matthew Perry Reportedly Makes Two Mystery Visits To NYC Hospital As Friends Are Concerned For His Well-Being

It appears as though actor Matthew Perry is still struggling with some unknown issues. In new photos that were published by Radar Online, the actor can be seen walking the streets of New York City, looking “weary” and “out of shape.” In some of the images, Perry is accompanied by an unknown female, who many […]

Jennifer Aniston & ‘Friends’ Cast Reportedly Worried About Matthew Perry After ‘Disheveled’ Appearance

Jennifer Aniston and her Friends co-stars are worried for Matthew Perry. According to Radar Online, Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Matt LeBlanc, David Schwimmer and Lisa Kudrow are all concerned about their former castmate after he was spotted out and about looking “disheveled.” In the past, he has battled with a number of issues, including substance […]

Jennifer Aniston Explains Why She Faked Out Fans With A New Answer To Question About A ‘Friends’ Reunion

Jennifer Aniston says fans should stay “excited” for the possibility of a Friends reunion, even if one isn’t in the works—yet. The actress, who played Rachel Green on the long-running NBC sitcom, created major buzz last week after an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show when she stated that she and her former co-stars “would […]

Sophie Turner Tried To Date ‘Friends’ Star Matthew Perry Before Meeting Joe Jonas

Sophie Turner, best known as Sansa Stark from the HBO series Game of Thrones, recently married Joe Jonas, but she recently revealed that once upon a time, she tried to arrange a meet with Matthew Perry, the star of Friends. The Daily Mail says that in a video series called #BehindtheTweets, celebrities explain what they […]

‘Friends’ Star Matthew Perry Will Only Date Women That Look Like TV Wife, Per ‘Radar’

Former Friends star Matthew Perry is reportedly hooked on dating women that look like his television wife, alleges a new story posted by Radar Online. Perry, who starred for 10 years as Chandler Bing on the NBC series, was married on-screen to Courteney Cox, who played Monica Geller on the television series. After years of […]

Matthew Perry Going Home After Three Months In Hospital

The Inquisitr recently reported that actor Matthew Perry was in the hospital due to a hole that developed in his gastrointestinal tract. This is a very serious condition that can allow the contents from the intestines to spill into the abdomen and can lead to infection and sepsis. If left untreated, it can be fatal. […]

Matthew Perry Reveals He’s Been In A Hospital Bed For Three Months For Hole In His Gastrointestinal Tract

Matthew Perry could use some friends right now. On Friday, the actor took to Twitter to reveal that he has spent the last three months in a hospital bed after developing a serious gastrointestinal issue that required surgery last month. “Three months in a hospital bed. Check,” Perry wrote. Perry had developed a hole in […]

‘Friends’ Star On The Mend After Surgery, Reports ‘E! News’

A former star of the iconic NBC television series Friends has been hospitalized and has undergone gastrointestinal surgery, per a news story published by Page Six. Matthew Perry is on the mend after reportedly undergoing the procedure, according to E! News. The former Friends star’s rep told E! News the actor “recently underwent surgery in […]

‘Friends’ News: Jennifer Aniston, Matthew Perry Don’t Get Along, Don’t Speak At All

Everyone has been hoping for a big Friends reunion considering that all of the other shows are coming back. Now, it turns out that this might not be as easy as some of the other shows because rumors are that Jennifer Aniston and Matthew Perry don’t get along. Radar Online shared the details of what […]

‘Friends’ Season 11: Matthew Perry Has Nightmares About Sitcom’s Reboot

Friends Season 11 — or a reboot — is apparently never going to happen, especially since one of the show’s stars, Matthew Perry, has recurring nightmares about it. It’s been more than a decade since Friends left the air, but fans of this sitcom are still hoping for a possible reunion. There were several rumors […]

Viewers Couldn’t Concentrate On ‘The Kennedys,’ Distracted By Matthew Perry’s Bizarre Appearance

During Donald Trump’s presidency, people seem to be interested in politics more than ever before, which is why they tuned in on Monday night to watch new Channel 5 drama The Kennedys: Decline and Fall, which stars Matthew Perry. Prepared to explore the story behind America’s great political dynasty, the Kennedys, viewers were instead distracted […]

Matthew Perry Reveals ‘Friends’ Storyline He Nixed Before It Went To Air

It’s been more than a decade since Friends left the air, but some of the show’s actors — Matthew Perry among them — will likely never be free of their association with the highly successful sitcom. Friends ended in 2004 after a 10-year run, but just on Friday night Perry was still answering questions about […]

A ‘Friends’ Return Is Not Happening On NBC In 2018 Despite What The Fake David Schwimmer Says [Hoax]

Over the course of the last few days, there has been a lot of excitement on social media at the thought of the return of one of the greatest sitcoms of all time. With the returns of Will & Grace and Roseanne confirmed after the likes of revivals of The X-Files, Full(er) House, Gilmore Girls, […]

‘Friends’ Actor Matthew Perry Talks About Best Chandler One-Liner, We Disagree: Here Are Our Favorite Quotes

Friends actor Matthew Perry, best known as Chandler Bing, revealed about his favorite one-liner from the show. He appeared on Good Morning America earlier and talked to host Lara Spencer, who referred to Matthew as “the king of the one-liners.” She asked him about his favorite Chandler Bing quote. Now, we all have our favorites […]

‘Friends’ TV Series Is Officially Coming Back As ‘Friends! The Musical’

Great news for Friends TV series lovers — the sitcom comedy is officially coming back to entertain all of you. However, the TV series is not coming for its new season. Instead, the sitcom is officially getting its own off-broadway musical with a working title of Friends! The Musical! The musical masters, Bob and Tobly […]

Matthew Perry Leaves Sitcoms Behind, Taking On The Role Of Ted Kennedy, Retreats To His ‘Bat-Cave’

Matthew Perry is set to leave the world of sitcoms and romcoms behind and is embarking on his first major dramatic role, according to Fox News. Perry is set to play the role of Ted Kennedy in the upcoming series The Kennedys: After Camelot, and the actor, who admits that he doesn’t even know how […]

Matt Leblanc Still Besties With His ‘Friends’ Costar, And Why He Wanted To Try Playing An On Screen Dad

Matt LeBlanc will never forget his stint in Friends, the NBC sitcom that catapulted him to stardom. Much more than just his acting skills, it was Matt LeBlanc’s loveable character Joey in Friends that made him a household name. This one???????????? #joey #MattLeBlanc #chandler #chandlerbing #matthewperry #friends #friendsfanforever Any other friends fan here? #sarcasm […]

Jennifer Aniston Says ‘Friends’ Cast Didn’t Really Like Theme Song By The Rembrandts

Fans of the popular sitcom Friends love everything about the hysterical NBC sitcom from the friendly romances to the Thanksgiving football matches. Once the opening guitar strains of the Friends theme song, “I’ll Be There For You,” pop on, the hand claps and catchy chorus suck fans right into another episode of the TV show. […]

Garry Marshall Honored In Tonight’s All-Star Episode of ‘The Odd Couple’

What better way to honor Garry Marshall, creator of much-loved shows like Happy Days and Laverne and Shirley, than by bringing the stars of those shows together to honor him in an episode of his current show? CBS is doing just that in tonight’s episode of The Odd Couple. Garry Marshall developed and executive produced […]

Matt LeBlanc Plays A Father For The First Time, Reveals Hilarious Encounter With Ex ‘Friends’ Co-Star Matthew Perry

Matt LeBlanc finally got to know what it’s like playing a dad onscreen, according to ET Online. The 49-year-old former Friends star will for the first time play a dad on TV on the upcoming show Man With a Plan, and it appears that the actor is ready to join the club of TV dads! […]

How ‘Friends’ Eerily Predicted Its Stars’ Futures: Stalkers, Pregnancy, Fertility Problems

The Friends TV series apparently has some kind of Nostradamus abilities, according to Revelist. There have been a number of cases when the real life events from the show’s cast eerily resembled what was going on with their characters. 22 years ago today on September 22, 1994, Friends premiered on NBC. Retweet if you still […]

Matthew Perry Was The Funniest ‘Friend,’ According To Maggie Wheeler, Who Played Janice

Matthew Perry, best known for his iconic role as Chandler Bing on the iconic Friends television series, is being fondly remembered at FriendsFest, a six-week UK festival organized to commemorate NBC’s popular comedy sitcom. Maggie Wheeler, the actress who played the role of Chandler’s on-again, off-again girlfriend Janice Goralnik, opened the event at Haggerston Park […]

Matt LeBlanc Still Hasn’t Re-signed For ‘Top Gear’ Despite $1.3 Million Deal, Bromances With Matthew Perry

Matt LeBlanc will reportedly sign a £1 million deal (approximately $1.3 million) if he returns to host the new season of Top Gear, according to Auto Blog. The former Friends star is rumored to be in doubts whether to continue hosting the revamped BBC motoring show or whether he should quit. Is Matt LeBlanc replacing […]

Katie Holmes: Turns Down Matthew Perry And Over Jamie Foxx After 3 Years?

Katie Holmes has been a hot topic these days due to the reported secretive romance she and Django Unchained star, Jamie Foxx have carried on over the past little while. Although neither have admitted to the romance, it’s clear that Katie and Jamie have been spending quite a bit of time together and friends of […]

Katie Holmes And Jamie Foxx Rumored To Be Engaged Despite Matthew Perry Romance Report

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx are rumored to be engaged despite recent reports linking the former Dawson’s Creek actress to her Kennedys: After Camelot co-star Matthew Perry. While the couple has yet to confirm they are dating and have even denied any such relationship, they continue to be faced with rumors of an engagement, a […]

Katie Holmes Looking Content With Foxx Following Breakup Rumors, Couple Still Together?

Katie Holmes has not only been hard at work trying to keep her romance with Jamie Foxx under wraps, but also acting on set in Canada for the upcoming return of the TV mini-series The Kennedys: After Camelot. The beauty touched down at LAX following time spent in Canada filming for the project, and stepped […]

Katie Holmes Dumps Jamie Foxx For Matthew Perry?

Tom Cruise’s ex-wife Katie Holmes is in the news all over again. This time, her name is linked with Friends star Matthew Perry with whom she is currently shooting The Kennedys: After Camelot. Holmes’ was under the radar of all the media outlets for her rumored relationship with Jamie Foxx, but now reports claim that […]

Katie Holmes And Jamie Foxx Are Still Dating Despite Matthew Perry Rumors?

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx are reportedly enjoying time at his Hidden Hills home as she faces rumors of a Matthew Perry romance. According to a new report, Foxx has made sure that Katie Holmes and her 10-year-old daughter, Suri Cruise, feel perfectly at home while visiting his 10-bedroom estate in Southern California. In fact, […]

Is Katie Holmes Dating Matthew Perry?

Is Katie Holmes dating former Friends star Matthew Perry? Here’s your answer short and simple: No. While OK! Magazine has made claims that they are a “new couple” and there are “sparks flying” between the two, Gossip Cop has come to the rescue and debunked the crazy rumor. Apparently, there is “no truth” in this […]

Katie Holmes Dating Matthew Perry? Rumors Spark That The Two Are ‘Quite Close’

An all-new report claims that Katie Holmes is dating Matthew Perry. The two are co-starring in the TV miniseries, The Kennedys: After Camelot, and there’s talk that they’ve become “quite close.” After months of speculations that Holmes and Jamie Foxx have been dating — even possibly secretly engaged — a new man is linked to […]

‘Friends’ Reunion Odds At 45 Percent, According To Matthew Perry

Could a Friends reunion ever happen? Matthew Perry says it’s “not totally unlikely” that Friends fans could see the NBC sitcom return to the small screen, according to MStars News. Ever since the last episode of the show, which aired on May 6, 2004, fans have been discussing the chances of a reunion or reboot […]

Matthew Perry Reunites With Matt LeBlanc In London: Will We Ever See All 6 ‘Friends’ In One Place?

Matthew Perry and Matt LeBlanc had a mini Friends reunion. More than a decade after their Emmy-winning sitcom signed off for good, the longtime pals reunited in London when LeBlanc went to see Perry perform in the play The End of Longing. LeBlanc posted a photo of him and Perry to Instagram, which showed them […]

Courteney Cox To Guest Star On ‘Odd Couple’ If Matthew Perry Has His Way, But Co-Star Thomas Lennon Disagrees

Courteney Cox sure knows how to make the hearts of her fans melt. The Friends star gave her ex-fiancé Johnny McDaid a passionate farewell on Wednesday as she was heading to Heathrow Airport, according to the Daily Mail. Courteney Cox gets a kiss from former fiancé Johnny McDaid after flying into London — […]

Matthew Perry: What Happened?

Matthew Perry is best known for his role as Chandler Bing on the hit TV 90s show Friends, but these days, fans know him as the one guy from the cast that doesn’t seem so happy, according to the Daily Mail. Fans around the world expressed concern for him on social media because of his […]

Matthew Perry To Play Ted Kennedy Opposite Katie Holmes In ‘The Kennedys – After Camelot’

Former Friends star Matthew Perry is getting into political mode, as he is about to play Ted Kennedy, opposite Katie Holmes as Jackie Kennedy, in the upcoming Reelz miniseries The Kennedys – After Camelot. The miniseries will be the follow-up to the award-winning The Kennedys, which aired back in 2011. Perry will also act as […]

Matthew Perry Phones It In For ‘Friends’ Reunion At James Burrows Tribute

Matthew Perry wasn’t a total no-show for NBC’s star-studded James Burrows tribute special. The Friends alum appeared via a taped message to introduce the rest of his castmates during the Must See TV: An All-Star Tribute to James Burrows special on Sunday. In the intro, a scruffy Matthew Perry revealed that he couldn’t join the […]

‘Friends’ Reunion: Matt LeBlanc And Most Of The Rest Of The Cast Assemble For TV tribute

Most of the Friends cast reunited for TV tribute to on Must See TV: An All-Star Tribute to James Burrows, a tribute to director James Burrows, who worked on the show along with a host of other famous shows. Although the reunion show actually focused on director Burrows, everyone was looking very eagerly towards the […]

Jennifer Aniston Shares Favorite Memories About Her Time On ‘Friends’

The highly anticipated Friends reunion show is only days away, only four, in fact, and as fans wait excitedly to see their fave gang all together again in the program, Jennifer Aniston has shared about her favorite memories involved in being a part of the hit show for a decade. Of course, Jen Aniston played […]

‘Friends’ Reunion Is Happening, But Without Chandler — In NBC James Burrow Tribute

The Friends reunion is really happening! Yes. All you fans can breathe easy now. All that you have been hearing about the reunion is not all hoopla, and NBC has released a teaser which features the cast of Friends (barring Matthew Perry) in conversation with Andy Cohen, People has said. Cohen does not refrain from […]

Matthew Perry’s Sad Revelation: He Has No Memory Of 3 Years Of ‘Friends’ Due To Addiction

Matthew Perry is most well-known for his role of Chandler Bing on the iconic show Friends, which aired from 1994 to 2004. 25 Chandler Bing burns that couldn't BE any funnier: — moviefone (@moviefone) January 24, 2016 But while many fans of the show can to this day tell you exactly what happened […]

Drugs Caused Matthew Perry To Lose Three Years Of ‘Friends’ Memories

Matthew Perry of Friends fame admits that three years of the series are a total blur, and that he can’t pick a least favorite episode because he wasn’t all there. Matthew Perry claims that he is a private person, but Perry is finally sharing about his drug problem. The Sidney Morning Herald reports that there […]

Matthew Perry Can’t Recall Three Years He Spent On ‘Friends’

The iconic 90s TV show, Friends, raked in comedy awards and helped a generation of twenty-somethings laugh at themselves, but Matthew Perry, who played Chandler Bing, can’t remember three years he spent on set. Perry, 46, told Britain’s BBC Radio 2 he had such a problem with alcohol and substance abuse at the time that […]