Kim Jong Un Might Be Toppled By ‘A Very Small Spark’ Due To Worsening Crisis In North Korea

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is known for governing with a tight grip over his citizens. However, a major foreign policy pundit has suggested the regime could end with a “spark” after the Hermit Kingdom is facing one of its worst crises in the past decade. According to the Financial Times, Tae Yong-ho has […]

Kim Jong-Un Breaks Down In Tears As He Apologizes To North Korea For His Failures

North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un made a rare show of emotion after he broke out in tears while apologizing to his citizens for the struggles that they were facing, according to The Guardian. Jong-Un was speaking at a massive military parade in Pyongyang to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Worker’s party, when he removed […]

North Korea Is Potentially Launching A Submarine-Launched Ballistic Missile This Fall

A source inside the notoriously closed-off nation of North Korea has warned that the regime may be launching a submarine-launched ballistic missile — often referred to as an SLBM — this upcoming October. The potential test would highlight the country’s weapon-related advancements over the past year and would likely add tension to a region already […]

Kim Jong Un Is ‘In A Coma,’ Claims South Korean Diplomat

According to a South Korean diplomat, North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un is in a coma. On Sunday, as The Mirror reported, Chang Song-min, a former aide to South Korea’s late president Kim Dae-jung, told the press that the authoritarian ruler is still alive but that his sister, Kim Yo Jong, is taking over. “I […]

Thousands Of North Korean ‘Storm Corps’ Troops Are Reportedly Being Sent To The Chinese Border

North Korea has reportedly sent around 3,000 members of the “Storm Corps” — an elite military force created by Kim Jong Il — to a number of areas around their northern border with China, according to Daily NK. The Storm Corps is one of the most prestigious assignments in the Hermit Kingdom, and the unit […]

North Korea Suffers From Major Avian Flu Outbreak Days After Announcing COVID-19 Has Hit The Country

North Korea is reportedly sounding the alarm after suffering a major avian flu outbreak in several of its poultry farms across the country. The new crisis comes as the Kim Jong Un-led nation finally publicly admitted that it had discovered at least one positive case of the novel coronavirus, spurring a state of emergency. “An […]

Kim Jong Un Orders Expansion Of Pyongyang Artillery Site For A Hypothetical Attack Against South Korea

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has reportedly ordered an expansion of an artillery test site located near the nation’s capital of Pyongyang. The move came as the chairman has sought to strengthen his commitment to being prepared for a hypothetical attack against neighboring South Korea. According to Daily NK, a source claimed that the […]

North Korean Military Reportedly Orders Soldiers To ‘Breed More Rabbits’ Amidst Rumors Of Severe Famine

Soldiers in North Korea have reportedly been given an order not normally seen in the military: to breed rabbits. The new directive comes amidst rumors of a famine plaguing the country, leading many experts to believe that the army hopes to use the increased rabbit population as a food source. According to Daily NK, a […]

North Korea Is Reportedly Purchasing Phone-Tapping Devices From Abroad To Better Spy On Citizens

North Korea is allegedly importing international technology in order to better spy on its citizens. The devices will help the government’s phone-tapping operations, giving a boost to the mass surveillance system already implemented throughout the country. According to the Daily NK, the technology was imported into the Hermit Kingdom in late May. Three of the […]

North Koreans Have Gone Without Food Rations For 3 Months In Conditions Not Seen Since Last Famine

A source inside North Korea is claiming that residents of the capital city of Pyongyang have been without food rations for the past three months. As a result, residents have reportedly been forced to rely on unofficial markets to not go hungry. According to Daily NK, an insider said the last time that citizens inside […]

Kim Jong Un Is Ignoring Donald Trump’s ‘Pen-Pal Diplomacy’ In A Bid For Concessions, Report Says

A Sunday report from The Daily Beast claims that North Korea’s Supreme Leader, Kim Jong Un, is rejecting Donald Trump’s unique brand of diplomacy in a bid for concessions. The report comes after North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Son Gwon said on Friday that the country would be increasing its military force in the face […]

North Korea Is Reportedly Rejecting Future Diplomacy With United States Under Donald Trump

Reuters reporter David Brunnstrom shared on Twitter that the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA), the state news agency of North Korea, is reporting a breakdown in diplomacy with the United States under President Donald Trump. “North Korea says [it] sees no improvement in relations to be made by maintaining relationship between Kim and Trump.” According […]

North Korea Ends Communication With South Korea, Kim Jong Un’s Sister Blames ‘Mongrel Dog’ Defectors

North Korea has reportedly decided to end its communication with South Korea. The move comes as North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has reportedly desired his country to “get rid of unnecessary things.” According to the Associated Press, North Korea’s Central News Agency claimed all cross-border communication lines would be cut off at noon on […]

North Korea Clamps Down On Potential ‘Disorder’ In Military With Harsh New Punishments

Just weeks after North Korean leader Kim Jong Un made headlines across the world amidst serious health rumors, Daily NK is reporting that the “hermit kingdom” is beginning a program of clamping down on potential “disorder” in military ranks by implementing harsher punishments. According to the website, which is largely run by North Korean defectors, […]

Kim Jong Un Orders The Military To Investigate Corruption, Weeks After Declaring Region Must Be ‘War-Ready’

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has reportedly issued a new order that the military should weed out corruption in its ranks, per Daily NK. The reports come after a flurry of activity in the hermit kingdom, including rumors about the supreme leader’s health, and news that Kim had wanted a major region of the […]

North Korea Begins Crackdown Of International Calls As Rumors Surrounding Kim Jong Un’s Health Continue

Though the rumors claiming North Korean leader Kim Jong Un had died or was seriously ill have dwindled across the world, sources in the Hermit Kingdom are claiming they are still circulating throughout the communist nation. In response to the continued whispers, the North Korean government has resorted to threatening severe penalties for any citizen […]

Newly Resurfaced Video Adds Fuel To Theory That Kim Jong Un’s Recent Appearance Was A Body Double

A newly resurfaced video is adding more fuel to theories that Kim Jong Un’s recent public appearance was really a body double. The North Korean leader was seen in pictures released earlier in the week at a ribbon-cutting ceremony for a fertilizer plant, the first time in nearly three weeks that Kim made a public […]

Kim Jong Un’s First Public Appearance In Weeks Sparks Theories That North Korea Actually Used A Body Double

Kim Jong Un‘s first public appearance in weeks after rumors suggesting that the North Korean leader died has sparked a new round of conspiracy theories claiming that the man seen at a recent ribbon-cutting ceremony could actually be a body double. As the New York Post reported, North Korea’s state-run media published images this weekend […]

North Korea Fired Shots At South Korea Hours After Kim Jong Un’s Recent Public Appearance

Only hours after Kim Jong Un made his first public appearance after false rumors of his demise, North Korea reportedly fired several shots against its southern neighbor, prompting South Korea to return fire. According to CNN, the shots were fired at the wall of a South Korean guard post in the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ). No […]

Donald Trump Is ‘Glad To See’ Kim Jong Un Is Doing Well

On Saturday evening, U.S. President Donald Trump took to his official Twitter account to tweet that he was “glad to see” North Korean leader Kim Jong Un back and doing well. He quote-tweeted a user who shared multiple photos from North Korea’s state-owned media that showed Kim cutting the tape at a completion ceremony for […]

New Pictures Of Kim Jong Un Show A New Needle Mark On His Wrist

Recently released pictures of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un show a new needle mark on his wrist, suggesting that the chairman has recently undergone a surgical procedure. Kim’s appearance comes after rumors of his poor health had run rampant in the media, with many reports claiming that he was either in a vegetative state […]

Kim Jong Un Reportedly Makes First Appearance In Three Weeks After Death Rumors, Looking Healthy

Kim Jong Un has reportedly made his first appearance in close to three weeks, with North Korean state-owned media sharing pictures on Friday, May 1, of the leader cutting the ribbon at a new fertilizer plant. As NBC News reported, Kim was supposedly seen accompanied by his sister at the ceremony in the city of […]

North Koreans Are Reportedly ‘Elated’ By Rumors Of Kim Jong Un’s Death

As rumors of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un‘s incapacitation or death continue to swirl, it is being reported that many citizens of the Hermit Kingdom are “secretly elated” by the news that Kim might soon be replaced as chairman of the country. “There’s quite a few people who are secretly elated at the rumors,” […]

Taiwan’s Intelligence Chief Says Kim Jong Un Is ‘Sick,’ North Korea Preparing For Power Struggle If He Dies

Taiwan’s top intelligence official said that the country has evidence proving that Kim Jong Un is “sick” and that North Korea is preparing for a power struggle if the leader dies. Chiu Kuo-cheng, the director of Taiwan’s National Security Bureau, was asked about reports that the North Korean leader had either fallen ill or died, […]

Mike Pompeo Says US Officials ‘Haven’t Seen’ Kim Jong Un Recently Amid Rumors Of His Death

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that American officials “haven’t seen” North Korean leader Kim Jong Un recently, amid rumors that he may have died. Reports last weekend claimed that Kim died after falling into a vegetative state following a heart procedure. The rumors have not been confirmed, but Pompeo did say this week […]

Satellite Photos Add Evidence To Theory That Kim Jong Un Is Staying At Luxury Coastal Resort

Newly released satellite photos appear to give credence to reports that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is hiding out at a coastal resort town and not dead. According to Fox News, the recent images appear to show a series of leisure boats often used by Kim at his exclusive villa in the city of […]

Viral Picture Allegedly Showing Kim Jong Un’s Body In Glass Coffin Is Actually His Father, Report Claims

A viral photo circulating on social media purporting to show Kim Jong Un’s lifeless body being displayed in a glass coffin is really showing a different North Korean leader, a report points out. As the New York Post noted, the picture that many have used as apparent proof that Kim has died is actually close […]

Kim Jong Un Reportedly Issued Orders That North Korean Province Must Be ‘War-Ready’

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un reportedly decreed that a region of the hermit kingdom be “war-ready” before rumors of his declining health and possible death began circulating. This information — newly released via Daily NK — continues to add to the mystery of the current state of affairs in the communist nation. According to […]

Donald Trump Says He Has A ‘Very Good Idea’ About Kim Jong Un’s Real Condition After Death Rumors

Donald Trump said on Monday that he has a “very good idea” about the health status of Kim Jong Un after reports that the North Korean leader had died — but then appeared to contradict his own statement a short time later. The president was asked about the series of conflicting reports that emerged this […]

North Korea Releases Letters From Kim Jong Un As Proof That He’s Still Alive

Rumors continue to circulate that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is dead or dying. On Monday, North Korean state-run media released a thank you letter from Kim as evidence that he is doing fine. As CNN reports, the letter is apparently dated April 27, 2020. In it, Kim congratulated South African President Cyril Ramaphosa […]

Kim Jong Un Is ‘Alive And Well’ Despite Reports Of His Death, Top South Korean Official Says

Kim Jong Un is “alive and well” despite reports that the North Korean leader died following a “botched” heart surgery, a top South Korean official says. On Saturday, a number of international news outlets claimed that Kim had died after falling into a vegetative state following a heart procedure. The North Korean government has remained […]

North Koreans Are Reportedly ‘Panic Buying’ Food Following Reports Of Kim Jong Un’s Death & New Import Laws

Though the hermit kingdom of North Korea is already beleaguered by reports that Chairman Kim Jong Un has died, it appears that more trouble is brewing after shoppers are reportedly “panic buying” items following an announcement of new restrictions on imports in addition to the general unrest. According to Daily NK, North Korea’s cabinet and […]

Nervous Doctor Botched Heart Surgery That Led To Kim Jong Un’s Rumored Death, Reports Claim

New details have reportedly emerged about the medical mishap that led to Kim Jong Un‘s rumored death, with news outlets claiming it was the mistake of a “nervous” doctor during heart surgery that left the North Korean leader in a vegetative state. Various reports have claimed that the North Korean leader has died following the […]

Lindsey Graham On Kim Jong Un: ‘I’ll Be Shocked If He’s Not Dead Or In Some Incapacitated State’

In an interview with Fox News broadcast on Saturday, Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina discussed the rumors that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has fallen ill after heart surgery, reports The Washington Examiner. Speaking with anchor Jeanine Pirro, Graham said that North Korea is a “closed society,” which is why it is […]

Kim Jong Un’s Death Could Create ‘Humanitarian Disaster’ And Lead To Military Conflict, Expert Says

The rumored death of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un could set off what one expert calls a “humanitarian disaster,” sparking a potential refugee exodus and potentially leading to a military struggle in the area. There have been conflicting reports about Kim’s health, with a report on Saturday claiming he had died after a cardiovascular […]

Ri Sol Ju, Kim Jong Un’s Wife: Who Is North Korea’s Leader Married To?

Kim Jong Un’s wife is Ri Sol Ju. The North Korean first lady has been in the spotlight after the country’s leader reportedly died following surgery this week. While the North Korean government has yet to confirm the reports of Kim’s death, there has already been interest in what comes next for the country as […]

Kim Jong Un Net Worth Estimated At $5 Billion

Kim Jong Un has a net worth of $5 billion, as reported by Celebrity Net Worth. Earlier this week, reports surfaced regarding the supreme leader’s health complications, and Kim Jong Un reportedly died following a botched heart surgery. He was reportedly just 36 years old, although the date of his birth is disputed. At the […]

Kim Jong Un Kids: How Many Children Does The North Korean Dictator Have?

Kim Jong Un is believed to have at least three children, but the North Korean dictator has never publicly shared information about his kids with the world. On Saturday, April 25, it was reported that Kim died following a botched heart surgery. The report comes about a week after reports surfaced that he was in […]

Kim Jong Un Reportedly Dead, North Korea’s Leader Said To Have Died Following ‘Botched’ Heart Surgery

Kim Jong Un is reportedly dead. The Supreme Leader of North Korea has passed away, per a story from TMZ, based on information sourced from Weibo (Editor’s note: TMZ has updated its story to reflect that the outlet has not confirmed the reports of Kim’s passing). Kim has led the nation, known officially as the […]

Kim Jong-Un Reportedly Seen Walking At North Korean Beach Resort After Report That He Was Gravely Ill

Amid conflicting reports on the health of Kim Jong-Un, a new report from South Korean media claims that he was seen walking at a popular beach resort — and not on his death bed, as other outlets have claimed. Citing reports from South Korean media, Australia’s 7 News reported that Kim was seen in the […]

Kim Jong Un Is Reportedly In A ‘Vegetative State’ After Botched Emergency Heart Surgery

Japanese media company Shukan Gendai is reporting that Kim Jong Un, the leader of North Korea, is seriously ill after undergoing emergency heart surgery. As was previously reported by The Inquisitr, a team of doctors from China had allegedly been dispatched to the DPRK following uneven reports regarding the 36-year-old’s health. Now, Shukan Gendai is […]

Amid Reports Of Kim Jong-Un’s Dire Health, China Reportedly Sends Medical Team To Check On Him

After mixed reports on the health of Kim Jong-Un, China has reportedly sent a medical team to North Korea to check on the country’s leader. As the Guardian reported, the team of doctors and officials traveled to North Korea after conflicting reports on his health, with some outlets claiming that he was in grave health […]

Dennis Rodman Says He’s Praying For Kim Jong-Un, Hopes Deathbed Reports Are Just A Rumor

Dennis Rodman is wishing well for Kim Jong-Un after reports painted a dire picture for the North Korean leader’s health. Rodman, who sparked an unlikely relationship with Kim after visits to North Korea that included organizing an exhibition basketball game there in 2014, responded to reports that Kim was in dire health this week. Speaking […]

China, South Korea Deny Reports That Kim Jong-Un Is Critically Ill

China and South Korea are both downplaying reports that North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un is gravely ill, Sky News reports. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, news broke late Monday night (Eastern Time) that Kim, whose age is uncertain but who is generally believed to be around 36 years old, is in “grave” danger following […]

If Kim Jong Un Dies, Who Takes Over? Here’s What We Know

On Monday evening, reports began circulating that Kim Jong Un, the Supreme Leader of North Korea, was gravely ill. The news escalated Saturday, April 25 with reports that Kim is dead or at least in a vegetative state, according to The Inquisitr. Experts have suggested that, despite the fact that Kim Jong Un is overweight […]

Kim Jong Un’s Health Is In ‘Grave Danger’ Following Cardiovascular Surgery, Report Claims

Kim Jong Un is in “grave danger” following surgery that has kept him from attending a key event, sparking speculation about his health, a new report claims. CNN senior reporter Jim Sciutto tweeted on Monday that the United States is following the situation closely as the North Korean leader’s health is said to be in […]

Donald Trump Claimed Kim Jong-Un Sent Him A ‘Nice Note’ But North Korea Says That’s Not True

On Saturday, Donald Trump claimed that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un sent him a “nice note” and that the two countries were “doing fine.” But North Korea released a statement on Sunday denying the president’s claim and warning him against using his relationship with the leader for “selfish purposes.” While speaking with the reporters at […]

White House Confirms Trump Administration Contacted North Korea To ‘Continue The Negotiations’

It was revealed on Sunday that President Donald Trump‘s administration is trying to restart a failed series of denuclearization talks with North Korea in an attempt to convince its leader, Kim Jong Un, to renew previous commitments to toning down their nuclear programs. According to The Hill, White House national security adviser Robert O’Brien confirmed […]

Kim Jong Un Is Playing Donald Trump Like A ‘Violin,’ Says Ex-Clinton Adviser

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un revealed on New Year’s Eve that he isn’t happy with the United States’ failure to negotiate concessions and is working on a “new strategic weapon” that is linked to the country’s dissatisfaction with America. Donald Trump dismissed the threats, suggesting that both he and Kim Jong Un are representing […]

Kim Jong Un Claims He Has ‘New Strategic Weapon’ That Will Guarantee North Korea’s ‘Long-Term Security’

Over the past several weeks, experts have speculated on what North Korean leader Kim Jong Un‘s promised “Christmas gift” would be for America, but on Tuesday, the communist leader announced that his country will soon unveil a “strategic” new military weapon that will essentially put the entire world on alert. According to Reuters, news of […]