Thousands Of North Korean ‘Storm Corps’ Troops Are Reportedly Being Sent To The Chinese Border

North Korea has reportedly sent around 3,000 members of the “Storm Corps” — an elite military force created by Kim Jong Il — to a number of areas around their northern border with China, according to Daily NK. The Storm Corps is one of the most prestigious assignments in the Hermit Kingdom, and the unit […]

Kim Jong Un Reportedly Dead, North Korea’s Leader Said To Have Died Following ‘Botched’ Heart Surgery

Kim Jong Un is reportedly dead. The Supreme Leader of North Korea has passed away, per a story from TMZ, based on information sourced from Weibo (Editor’s note: TMZ has updated its story to reflect that the outlet has not confirmed the reports of Kim’s passing). Kim has led the nation, known officially as the […]

Trump Confuses ‘Rocket Man’ Kim Jong-Un With Dad, Kim Jong-Il, In 25-Year Twitter Rant: Tweets, ‘I Won’t Fail’

President Donald Trump published a tweet on Sunday, October 1, that has Twitter users mocking Trump over his confusion between Kim Jong-il, the former “Supreme Leader” of North Korea from 1994 to 2011, and his 33-year-old son, Kim Jong-un. Whereas Jong-un is the current leader of North Korea, Jong-un was only an 8-year-old when the […]

Did Kim Jong-Un Order The Assassination Of His Brother?

Kim Jong-nam was assassinated on Monday at Kuala Lumpur airport and it is believed that agents from North Korea on Kim Jung-un’s orders possibly assassinated him. A young woman has been arrested after she was seen as one of the main suspects. She was seen wearing a shirt with the words “LOL” in large letters […]

Kim Jong Un Makes It To Five Years As North Korea’s Leader, Defying Skepticism

North Korean loyalists have given Kim Jong Un his time in the spotlight and are interested in keeping a regime that is one of the most repressive in the world just as it is. It is due to their support that Kim is able to celebrate his fifth anniversary as leader of North Korea, which […]

North Korea: Leader Kim Jong-Un Vows ‘Nuclear Restraint’ Unless Others Infringe Upon His Country

North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong-un, vowed that his country would refrain from using nuclear weapons unless the isolated country is infringed upon by others with nuclear weapons. In a speech made Saturday at a congress of the ruling Workers’ Party and broadcast from Pyongyang on Sunday, Kim said North Korea “will faithfully fulfill its obligation […]

Kim Jong-Un Takes Over Officially As Supreme Leader Of North Korea, First Coronation In 40 Years

Four years following a series of re-organizing, executions, and eliminations, Kim Jong-un will be formally instated as North Korea’s supreme leader at a ruling party congress later this week. This marks the first gathering of its kind for almost 40 years, and the event is more like a coronation which will recognize Jong-un as leader […]

Can Kim Jong-Un’s Outrageous Behavior Be Blamed On Poor Parenting?

Kim Jong-un’s latest outlandish claim that he has invented an alcoholic drink that doesn’t give you a hangover is the latest in a long line of fantastical boasts from a leader who has also claimed to have cured cancer, AIDS, and Ebola. But is little Kim living in the paradise of the fool or is […]

Kim Jong-Un’s Former Sushi Chef Wears Bullet-Proof Vest, Scared He Will Be Killed For Divulging Dictator’s Secrets

Kim Jong-Un’s childhood sushi chef, Kenji Fujimoto, says that while working under Kim Jong-Un’s father, Kim Jong-Il, he got to know the future dictator. However, he says that the weight of working for the North Korean dictator began weighing heavily upon his as he realized he could be killed at any moment for the slightest […]

North Korea’s Bizarre New Patriotic Slogans — Can You Figure Out What They Mean?

North Korea this week published a lengthy list of patriotic slogans designed apparently to inspire the country’s famine-stricken, politically repressed population into unquestioning support of the isolated nation’s authoritarian government, run by 32-year-old hereditary “Supreme Leader” Kim Jong Un. But most of the slogans are so strangely worded and seemingly inscrutable that they have left […]

‘Team America’ To Replace ‘The Interview’ In Texas Theater, Twitter Loves It

The Interview may have been pulled by Sony following the alleged hack from North Korea, but a theater in Texas is not taking it sitting down. They decided to replace it by showing Team America, and Twitter loves it. In a bold move, the movie house has decided to replace the canned Sony film with […]

Kim Jong-Un Coup Attempt: North Korean Capital On Lockdown

Kim Jong-un may have lost control over the government of North Korea, an elite exile from the country claims, saying the son of deceased dictator Kim Jong-il was actually ousted from power in 2013. Jang Jin-sung, once an influential intelligence officer in the propaganda division of Kim Jong-il’s government, made the dramatic allegation in September […]

Seth Rogen: North Korean Dictator Not A Fan [Video]

Seth Rogen is used to criticism for his typical gross out comedies, but today he was scorned by an unusual source… North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un. An unofficial spokesperson for Kim Jong-un said that even though he expects the tiny dictator to watch the film The Interview, he is straight up pissed off over the […]

Seth Rogen Takes On North Korea In ‘The Interview’ Trailer [Video]

Over the years Seth Rogen and James Franco have took on Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, dangerous drug lords in Pineapple Express, and their own egos in This is the End. Now the pair are back to conquer North Korea of all places. Instead of taking on Kim Jong-il the bromantic couple are taking down […]

North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un Strips Uncle Of Power In Political Upheaval

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has removed his uncle, Jang Song-thaek, from all positions of influence, according to South Korea’s top spy agency, the National Intelligence Service. Reports are that Jang, who married the Supreme Leader of North Korea’s aunt, has not been seen since two of his aides were publicly executed in North Korea. […]

Kim Jong Il’s Hennessy Thirst Cost $1 Million Per Year

Kim Jong Il’s Hennessy thirst cost North Korean citizens an average of $1 million per year. The former dictator was reportedly the largest single client for the Hennessy brand. The cost of Kim Jong Il’s Hennessy addiction was first reported by online drinks firm The company examined the drinking habits of many world leaders […]

Kim Jong Il Might Still Be Alive If He Wasn’t So Cranky

The late North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il might still be alive today if he would have enrolled in some anger management classes, according to a new theory. The official story regarding Kim Jong Il’s death is still completely vague, even one year after it happened. He reportedly died of a heart attack due to […]

Pregnancy Rumors As Kim Jong-Un’s Wife Blooms At One Year Anniversary Memorial

Pregnancy speculation has sparked after Kim Jong-Un’s wife was pictured looking noticeably fuller at a first anniversary memorial to mark the death of ex-leader Kim Jong-il. Officially released shots of Kim Jong-Un — son and successor of Kim Jong-il — standing next to his wife, Ri Sul-joo, are now being scrutinized around the world and […]

North Korea Leader’s Wife Pregnant?

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s wife, Ri Sol Ju, has reappeared in the North Korean state media after a two-month hiatus, either for being publicly scolded for ill-fitted conduct or for possibly being pregnant. The North Korean leader’s wife is though to be pregnant because of her appearance during a concert at the Kim […]

Kim Jong Un Boosts Leadership Credentials With New Video

Today is Kim Jong Un’s birthday, and to celebrate, North Korea’s state television broadcast a new documentary about “The Great Successor” highlighting his experience at leading North Korea’s $1.2 million. The Telegraph reports that the video aims to show that Kim Jong Un was in charge of the military long before his father, Kim Jong […]

Spot the Difference: North Korea Photoshops Kim Jong-il Funeral

North Korea’s state-controlled media goes to rigorous lengths to control the dissemination of information. As the only source of news within the isolated nation, the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) has long focused on glorifying the ruling Kim dynasty. Yet sometimes, even the KCNA slips up. According to the two images above, a spot of […]

North Koreans Begin Observing 2-Day Long Funeral For Kim Jong Il

Tens of thousands of North Koreans soldiers lined the snow filled streets of Pyongyang on Tuesday as the 2-day funeral of fallen leader Kim Jong Il began. Walking alongside the former leaders hearse was son and successor Kim Jong Un who was followed by senior officials of the North Korean government. As the procession continued […]

North Korean Officials Consider Defecting, Some Delay Leaving China

With the North Korean government in a moment of transition following the death of “Dear Leader” Kim Jong Il it appears that many of the countries elite officials are considering defecting from the country during it’s moment of mourning. Speaking to the Korea Times Do Hee-yun, secretary general of a group that works with North […]

Senator McCain Satisfied That Kim Jong Il Is In Hell Now

While his followers are busy crying hysterically over the death of Kim Jong Il, Arizona Sen. John McCain issued an official comment about the North Korean leader. “The world is a better place now that Kim Jong Il is no longer in it. For mre than six decades, people in North Korean have been consigned […]

Kim Jong Un Announced as ‘Great Successor’ by North Korea

Kim Jong Un, son of the late Kim Jong Il, has been dubbed the ‘Great Successor’ by North Korea’s ruling Worker’s Party following the death of his father on Sunday. Jong Un, estimated to be 27 or 28, has been groomed as North Korea’s next leader since September 2010. North Korean state news agency KCNA […]

North Koreans Hysterically Weep for Kim Jong-il (Video)

With the death of North Korea’s strong man Kim Jong-il at the age of 69, the country’s state media showed this footage of people hysterically weeping for their leader. The death was announced late Sunday with reports that the leader died of a heart attack on a train.

Kim Jong-Il Death Triggers 12 Days of Mourning in North Korea, Gunshots Heard in Pyongyang?

North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Il passed away on December 17, and now the hermit nation has announced 12 days of mourning in his honor, reports Daily NK. The period of formal mourning will stretch from December 17 until the 29th, two days longer than the official ten-day mourning period for Kim’s father, Kim Il-sung. North […]

Spotted at the World Cup

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