Did Kim Jong-Un Order The Assassination Of His Brother?

Kim Jong-nam was assassinated on Monday at Kuala Lumpur airport and it is believed that agents from North Korea on Kim Jung-un’s orders possibly assassinated him. A young woman has been arrested after she was seen as one of the main suspects. She was seen wearing a shirt with the words “LOL” in large letters and a skirt and tights. She dressed in a way that would bring little to no attention to herself before she fled from the airport after the attack.

She was carrying a Vietnamese passport and was identified by closed-circuit video as she strolled though terminal two where the attack had happened.

Kim Jong-nam gasped for air after the attack and begged for help he complained of burning eyes and a severe headache he later died in the ambulance.

According to Inspector General of the police, Khalid Abu Bakar, the suspected assassin was traveling under the name Doan ThiHuong, 28 and she was believed to have used fake identification on her passport.

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The detained woman claimed that covering the deceased with a handkerchief and spraying him was part of a prank that was elaborated by four men. She then went to look for the four men in a hotel they had claimed they would be in. Police are yet to corroborate her statement.

South Korea’s acting president, Hwang Kyo-ahn, announced that his government would work with Malaysian authorities to capture the executioners.

According to Bernama news a second suspect with relation to the killing had been arrested. Mr. Kim had been apparently traveling under the fake name, Kim Chol and it was later realized that he was the half-brother to the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

Mr. Kim’s autopsy has been completed and North Korean officials have been said to attempt to block it and were demanding the return of their leader’s half brother’s body.

Was Kim Jong-nam assassinated by his own brother’s orders?

South Korea suspects that the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un ordered his brother’s murder. This wouldn’t be the first time such an accusation has been made as he was also suspected of murdering his own uncle as well as other officials. The leader has apparently been known to execute those that challenge his authority or leadership choices.

The deceased was known to be a bit of a playboy who enjoyed women and whiskey and was said to have two families. He also questioned his brother’s regime and this was one of the many reasons his half brother hated him.

Kim Jong-nam was apparently set to be the next successor after his father’s death but following an embarrassing incident in Tokyo his father found him embarrassing and picked his younger son Kim Jong-un. He was caught traveling under a fake Dominican Republic passport, as he had wanted to go to Disneyland.

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He had been hidden by his father for most of his younger years and was eventually introduced to his grandfather the founding leader Kim Il-sung at age five.

Kim Jong-nam was well traveled as he had studied in the west and he was therefore exposed to “dangerous” views. He was eventually exiled and was visibly missing during his father’s funeral in 2011. He would then end up calling a variety of cities such as Paris, Macau and Beijing his temporary home.

He had believed in reforms and believed that North Korea would fail if the changes wouldn’t take place.

“I’m concerned how Jong-un, who merely resembles my grandfather, will be able to satisfy the needs of North Koreans. Kim Jong-un is still just a nominal figure and the members of the power elite will be the ones in actual power. The dynastic succession is a joke to the outside world.”

His strong opinions were apparently seen as useful to outside interested parties and the hope for new leadership was seen in him.

Kim Jong-nam knew he was going to die

The 46-year-old had asked his half-brother to withdraw a standing order for his life five years ago. He had apparently sought to defect to either Europe or America or South Korea since 2012. This angered his younger sibling and an attempt on his life had been made.

He begged his paranoid envious brother in a letter that he and his family had nowhere to go or hide and that the only other way is suicide.

So far there have been no signs of mourning since the murder of Kim in North Korea as they have continued on with the Paektusan Prize International Figure Skating Festival.

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