Jon Stewart Slams Donald Trump: ‘White Power Is Playing In His Head All The Time’

Jon Stewart didn’t hold back on Monday while speaking with the hosts of The View about President Donald Trump. In an interview promoting his new movie Irresistible, Stewart said that the upcoming election will be the most divisive in history and accused the president of racism, as The Daily Beast reported. While talking about the […]

9/11 Victims Advocate John Feal Praises Mitch McConnell’s ‘Humanity,’ Says He Was ‘Honest And Straightforward’

During an interview with CNN’s Alisyn Camerota after the September 11 Victim Compensation Fund was extended to 2090 by a Senate vote of 97-2, Jon Stewart and 9/11 victims advocate John Feal spoke about the victory. In addition, Feal was asked by Camerota if there was anyone whose humanity surprised them or that they wanted […]

Jon Stewart Attacks Rand Paul’s Blocking Of 9/11 Victim Funding As ‘Fiscal Responsibility Virtue Signaling’

Last month, former Daily Show host Jon Stewart gave an emotional speech to Congress in which he advocated for 9/11 victims and first responders to continue receiving compensation via the 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund. Per The Inquisitr, he attacked the Washington D.C. lawmakers that didn’t show up for the hearing and spoke about the people […]

Luis Alvarez Dies: 9/11 First Responder Who Testified To Congress With Jon Stewart Dead After Cancer Battle

Luis Alvarez, a detective with the New York City Police Department — who was one of the first to respond to the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center — has died after a battle with colon cancer. Alvarez was 53. Alvarez became a national figure in recent years as he lobbied Congress to […]

Dying 9/11 First Responder Luis Alvarez Sends Congress An Emotional Plea

Luis Alvarez was a detective for the NYPD during the time that the tragic terrorist attacks occurred on September 11, 2001. Few can forget that day or the horrifying footage that was displayed on televisions around the world for days after. It is believed that 2,977 people died on that terrible day. Even though 18 […]

Mitch McConnell Says He Doesn’t Know Why Jon Stewart Is ‘Bent Out Of Shape’ Over 9/11 Legislation

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell responded to Jon Stewart’s recent criticism of the way he has handled compensation for 9/11 responders. While speaking with Fox News’ Fox & Friends, McConnell said that he didn’t understand why the comedian was “bent out of shape” about the issue because it would “take care” of the legislation, which […]

Tulsi Gabbard Praises Jon Stewart, Blasts U.S. For Supporting ‘Terrorists Who Attacked Us’

Presidential hopeful and Iraq War veteran Tulsi Gabbard took to Twitter on Sunday to praise Jon Stewart for his viral speech in front of Congress on Tuesday, in which he advocated for 9/11 victims and first responders to continue receiving compensation for their bravery, as The Inquisitr previously reported. She also blasted the United States […]

Jon Stewart Shames Mitch McConnell For Blocking 9/11 First Responder Bill, Not Showing Compassion To Victims

Jon Stewart took aim at Mitch McConnell for blocking bills aimed at compensating first responders to the September 11 terrorist attacks, noting that McConnell and Republicans are the only ones who blocked efforts to take care of those who suffered health effects from responding to the attack. In an appearance on Fox News Sunday, Stewart […]

Jon Stewart Blasts Lawmakers For Failing To Show Up At 9/11 Responders’ Congress Hearing

Jon Stewart gave a powerful speech in front of Congress on Tuesday, when he advocated for 9/11 victims and first responders to have their compensation fund reauthorized. The comedian lashed out at Washington D.C. lawmakers who failed to show up to the hearing, telling them they should be “ashamed” of themselves as he offered his […]

Jon Stewart’s Departure From ‘The Daily Show’ Helped Trump Win 2016 Election, Study Finds

Fans of Jon Stewart who were sad to see him leave The Daily Show just before the craziness of the 2016 presidential election will likely be even more upset when they learn the results of a new study on the effect he had on the election. A new study paired ratings from Comedy Central with […]

Dave Chappelle Talks Trump America And The Origin Of Racism

Like many main stream comedians, Dave Chappelle has used Donald Trump as the subject of many of his monologues in recent years. However, Chappelle was determined to be optimistic in regards to Trump America following the election of the president in 2016. Now, nearly two years since the election of Donald Trump, Chappelle sat down […]

Dave Chappelle Photobombs Ohio Couple’s Engagement Photos

Comedian Dave Chappelle isn’t a very public person, but for one Ohio couple taking engagement pictures, he’ll make an exception — and it’s probably going to be one of the coolest wedding gifts that they’ll end up getting. The former host of the eponymous Chappelle Show on Comedy Central was strolling about Yellow Springs, Ohio […]

Dave Chappelle, Jon Stewart Reflect On The Past Two Years Since Trump’s Election

Two comedic legends sat down with veteran journalist Christiane Amanpour for an exclusive interview on their thoughts regarding the past two years since President Donald Trump was elected. Jon Stewart, who hosted the Daily Show and spoke about news topics for a daily basis for more than a decade and a half, and Dave Chappelle, […]

Samantha Bee Receives Emmy Nod Despite Calling Ivanka Trump The C-Word

Talk show host Samantha Bee has received an Emmy nod despite calling Ivanka Trump the “c-word” in a controversy that involved her father, President Trump. Bee hosts the TBS show Full Frontal With Samantha Bee, unabashedly voicing her fiery opinions about politics and current events to a captive audience. Full Frontal earned a nomination for […]

Jon Stewart Believes America ‘Will Prevail’ Despite Donald Trump’s ‘Gleeful Cruelty’

Whenever Jon Stewart comes out of his cozy bunker beneath Stephen Colbert’s desk, fans of The Late Show know that the comedian has something important to say. Unsurprisingly, President Donald Trump’s recent behavior was the motivation behind his latest return to television. As reported by Variety, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert reunited on Thursday night, […]

Jon Stewart, Former ‘Daily Show’ Host, Reportedly Eying ‘DWTS’ Mirrorball Trophy

It seems Jon Stewart is ready to return to TV. No, not to The Daily Show. The one-time Comedy Central funnyman plans to join Dancing with the Stars. According to Radar Online, Stewart, 55, plans to step onto the dance floor after his three-year hiatus from television. Indeed, dancing is a far cry from hosting […]

Ivanka Trump Can Be Called The C-Word, Jon Stewart Says

Ivanka Trump being called the c-word is not something that Samantha Bee should have apologized for, Jon Stewart says. The comedian and former host of The Daily Show was referring to the recent controversy that kicked on after Bee, a provocative and usually unapologetic performer, called Ivanka a feckless “c**t” during the opening monologue of […]

Jon Stewart Weighs In On The Louis C.K. Scandal And What He Could Have Done To Stop It

Last week a New York Times expose on Louis C.K. revealed that the comedian had allegedly behaved inappropriately with five different women. In light of this news, the comedian admitted that the expose was true and he had in fact engaged in sexually inappropriate behavior with these women. Now Jon Stewart, who is friends with […]

‘Donald Trump Is Not A Cannibal,’ The Only Positive Thing Stephen Colbert And Jon Stewart Can Say About POTUS

Donald Trump recently targeted late-night talk show hosts and requested for “equal time,” which is why Stephen Colbert asked Jon Stewart to join him on Late Show to help point out the positive traits of the U.S. president. Unfortunately, they could only come up with “Donald Trump is not a cannibal.” Trump attacked late-night show […]

Jon Stewart To Return To Stand-Up With HBO Special

Since stepping down from his hosting gigs on The Daily Show, Jon Stewart has been living a quiet life. He has made random appearances on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, but nothing too extreme. In light of recent events in the country, Stewart seems like someone a lot of people are missing. Fans don’t […]

Why Did HBO Scrap Jon Stewart’s New Digital Animated Show?

On Tuesday night, May 23, Home Box Office (HBO) and Jon Stewart held a joint press conference to announce that Stewart’s highly anticipated digital animation project would not be going ahead. As the hugely popular former The Daily Show host, Jon Stewart was pursuing the animation project as a post-late-night-television project that was pegged to […]

Daily Show Reunion On The Late Show After Colbert Controversy [Video]

The Daily Show Correspondents reunion on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert comes hot on the heels of Colbert’s coming under fire for inappropriate, specifically insensitive language. Colbert’s blistering Late Show monolog aimed towards President Trump was widely perceived to be homophobic. Fallout already includes a possible FCC investigation and a #FireColbert hashtag campaign. FCC […]

‘Tickling Giants’ Documentary Shows ‘Egyptian Jon Stewart’ In Action

Sara Taksler is more than a “senior producer” for The Daily Show. She is also a film director. Her first was Twisted: A Balloonamentary, a 2007 documentary she worked on with Naomi Greenfield about people who attend balloon twisting conventions, but her latest work is based on a subject matter that is more near and […]

Jon Stewart Tells Media To Try Out Journalism Instead Of Bashing Donald Trump

Jon Stewart was one of the most popular and intelligent late night talk show hosts when it came to politics and he was missed a great deal during the 2016 Presidential Election. However, Stewart made a surprise appearance on Stephen Colbert’s Late Show last night and was back on form with some very poignant comments […]

‘Last Week Tonight’s John Oliver Breaks Down Donald Trump’s Putin Fascination

John Oliver is convinced he’s come to solve the riddle of President Trump’s fascination with Vladimir Putin. In short, the Last Week Tonight host has deduced the newly elected Republican president dreams of becoming the exact, same man the longtime Russian president has transformed himself into. More specifically, Oliver concluded during the latest airing of […]

Jon Stewart Animal Sanctuary With Wife Tracey Approved By New Jersey Township

Jon Stewart really seems to be making the most out of his retirement from the Daily Show, and one of his projects, a 45-acre animal sanctuary planned with his wife, Tracey, has been approved by the board of Colts Neck, New Jersey, for a proposed 2018 opening. Plans for the sanctuary focus on taking care […]

Will This Long List Of Celebrities Really Move to Canada Now That Donald Trump Is President?

As the 2016 presidential election rolled on, complaints came out about both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton with many voicing their displeasure. Throughout their campaigns, many celebrities came out and publicly said they would move to Canada if Trump were to actually win this election and end up in the White House. Well, that’s exactly […]

Jon Stewart: Trump Twitter War Recounted By Comedian At Stand Up For Heroes Benefit [Video]

Former Daily Show host Jon Stewart appeared in New York City at the Stand Up For Heroes benefit at Madison Square Gardens on Tuesday, where the comedian recalled exchanging late-night tweets with Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, who is currently seen with a 32.2 percent of winning by presidential odds-maker FiveThirtyEight. The wildly popular comedian […]

Jon Stewart’s Controversial Book Banned From Texan Prisons, But Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf’ Is Permitted

Jon Stewart, comedian and former host of The Daily Show, has entertained television audiences by hilariously parodying news stories, politicians, and organizations, while hosting the famous American talk show. Oh how I miss the daily show with Jon Stewart — sammy (@sammy_lay) September 12, 2016 The Daily Show made Jon Stewart a household name, […]

‘Nightly Show’ Canceled, Last Show Thursday, Larry Wilmore And Comedy Central Confirm

The end of the road has come for The Nightly Show, which was canceled Monday (Aug. 15) by cable network Comedy Central. In a statement to the New York Times Monday morning, Comedy Central President Kent Alterman said the ratings simply weren’t there and the cancellation of The Nightly Show was purely a business decision. […]

Trevor Noah Continues To Bash Donald Trump While Ratings Continue To Sag

Trevor Noah’s takeover of The Daily Show continues to be an absolute disaster. According to Showbuzz Daily, Noah attracted just 719,000 viewers on Monday evening. This is pretty typical for The Daily Show these days, as it continually attracts less than 1 million viewers a night. Sometimes, it even attracts less than 600,000. It’s obvious […]

Jon Stewart To Start New Gig On HBO

After stepping down as host of the well-received Daily Show last year, America’s beloved late night comic is finally staging his big television comeback. Following in the footsteps of one of his most successful disciples, John Oliver, Stewart will be airing his new project as an HBO series. Though Stewart signed a contract with the […]

The ‘Jon Stewart’ Of The Middle East Escapes Egyptian Oppression To Show America What Democracy Looks Like

For many, Comedy Central’s The Daily Show really ended long before Trevor Noah took over last year, when Jon Stewart left the program. The Daily Show host was single-handedly responsible for boosting the careers of many who got their start on the show, who would later have their own major shows and/or become much bigger […]

Sean Hannity Calls Jon Stewart ‘A Fool’ In Profanity-Laced On-Air Attack

Sean Hannity has answered back to Jon Stewart’s take-down of Donald Trump, Fox News, and others, calling the former Daily Show host a “fool” and an “idiot” on the air. Stewart fought against Fox News, often calling out hypocritical reporting, for many years from his Daily Show desk. A lot has changed since he left […]

Jon Stewart Returns To Skewer Trump Supporters And Right Wing Media On Late Show With Stephen Colbert [VIDEO]

Jon Stewart is back! The former Daily Show host made a brilliant return to late-night as he joined his friend and colleague Stephen Colbert on The Late Show. Stewart took the opportunity to address the coverage of Republican National Convention in a live segment that reminded viewers of his days doing The Daily Show. As […]

The Return of ‘The Colbert Report’—Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart Reunite to Cover the RNC [Video]

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert aired live Monday night after the Republican National Convention (RNC); on the special live episode Colbert was reunited with his longtime friend and political-satirical partner, Jon Stewart. Jon Stewart was the host of The Daily Show on Comedy Central for 16 years, and Stephen Colbert was recruited by Stewart […]

Stephen Colbert Briefly Hijacks RNC In ‘Hunger Games’-Themed Prank

Stephen Colbert hit the Republican National Convention (RNC) with a bang and quite likely became the best part of the entire convention. In what has, for Stephen Colbert, become a long-running gag about the RNC, the talk show host hit the stage at the RNC dressed similarly to Hunger Games host Caesar Flickerman, complete with […]

Jon Stewart Will Join Stephen Colbert Monday To Cover Republican Convention

For those of you missing Jon Stewart skewering election candidates, you are in luck! Stewart will be joining Stephen Colbert on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert on Monday, according to Vulture. Colbert will be doing two weeks of live shows to cover the conventions, and who better to help him kick it off? Jon […]

Jessica Williams Is Leaving ‘The Daily Show’

Jessica Williams will be leaving her post as a correspondent for The Daily Show, according to Entertainment Weekly. Thursday will be the last time Jessica Williams will be seen on The Daily Show, and Williams is leaving to work on her own show with Comedy Central. Williams started working for the show four years ago […]

Was Jon Stewart’s Paintball Horse Abused? Former Owner Says No

Jon Stewart has ridden in on the proverbial white steed again; except this time, it was the horse who needed rescue. However, Lily’s story continues to get weirder. Stewart, who with his wife Tracey is opening a New Jersey animal sanctuary, stepped forward on behalf of Lily, the mare. She had been abandoned at a […]

Jon Stewart To Adopt Lily The Paintball Pony, And She’s Doing Great

A lame, half-blind pony covered in more than 125 paintball impact marks will be moving in with Jon Stewart, the former host of The Daily Show. Back on March 15, the SPCA and the New Holland police investigated the case of a horse found abandoned and malnourished in a stall at the New Holland Sales […]

Jon Stewart: Hillary Clinton Has No Convictions — ‘I’m Not Even Sure What They Are’

Jon Stewart called Hillary Clinton “a woman without the courage of her convictions” in a wide-ranging interview with former Barack Obama surrogate David Axelrod for his podcast, The Axe, which is distributed by CNN. “What I think about Hillary Clinton, is, you know, I imagine her to be a very bright woman without the courage […]

Jon Stewart Rips ‘Crack Dealer’ News Media For Rise Of Donald Trump

Jon Stewart took on the news media in an interview with David Axelrod distributed by CNN, blaming them for setting up Donald Trump’s shocking rise to the GOP nomination. The former Daily Show host’s commentary has been missing from this year’s presidential race, having left the show in August last year. He’s still ripping the […]

Jon Stewart Says He Would Vote For Mr. T Over ‘Man-Baby’ Donald Trump

Sure, Jon Stewart gave up a full-time gig as an irreverent commentator on all things politics, but who could blame the guy on weighing in with a few jabs about this year’s raucous election? Indeed, the former host of Comedy Central’s The Daily Show let loose on GOP front-runner Donald Trump with some epic barbs […]

Jon Stewart Returns: Hosting USO Party, Eyeing HBO Debut

Jon Stewart may be responding to the Bat Signal. Or, at least, he will be back in the neighborhood. When the political lampooning giant announced that he was leaving The Daily Show in February, the reaction was nothing short of panic. “Jon Stewart, we need you in 2016!” the New Yorker moaned. “Can We Survive […]

‘Frank’ The Runaway Bull Escapes New York Slaughter, Gets Rescued By Jon Stewart

A New York City slaughterhouse had one less side of beef to process on Friday, when a bull named Frank ran for his life through the streets of Queens. New York Police said that the “vicious animal” leapt off the truck while handlers attempted to unload him, and galloped away near Liberty Boulevard around 10 […]

Trevor Noah Earning Better Reviews For Stand-Up Act Than Host Of ‘The Daily Show’

Trevor Noah may be having trouble garnering an audience for The Daily Show. However, his stand-up comedy tour is doing well, at least with the critics. The Chicago Tribune describes Noah’s performance at The Chicago Theatre as a break from his hosting job at Comedy Central. “But regardless of what anyone thinks of his relative […]

List Of Celebrities Who Will Leave The U.S. If Donald Trump Becomes President – Jon Stewart, Whoopi Goldberg, Al Sharpton, More

Donald Trump has already won a number of states and is leading in plenty of others, including the Florida polls, as Super Tuesday 2016 approaches. Lots of prospective voters are speaking out against him and don’t feel he has any place even running for office. Many of those voices belong to celebrities, and here is […]

Ratings-Challenged Trevor Noah Compliments Kendrick Lamar While Bashing Kanye West

When averaging ratings for each night at Showbuzz Daily for last week, Trevor Noah averaged a poor, but not disastrous, 856,000 viewers a night. Though Noah obviously doesn’t like the Jon Stewart comparisons, it’s obvious that he is turning advertisers for the show since the ratings have dropped a lot. Trevor Noah is doing everything […]

Trevor Noah’s ‘The Daily Show’ Ratings Are Low, But Not On Life Support

Trevor Noah may have found some well-received moments on The Daily Show, but he is not out of the red yet. Ratings for the show may have leveled off in January, but they are still low. Worst of all, they are much lower than when John Stewart held the reins. According to Showbuzz, Trevor Noah’s […]