Man Kills Pedestrian While Riding Illegal Bike With No Brakes, Victim Had ‘Lesson To Learn,’ ‘Zero Respect’

Charlie Alliston was 18-years-old when he knocked down and killed a pedestrian on a busy London street. He was riding a “fixie” – a fixed-gear track bicycle with no front brake, which, without modification, is illegal on the road. On February 12 last year, Kim Briggs, a 44-year-old mother of two from Lewisham in South […]

Planned Parenthood Doctor Facing Disciplinary Action After Aborting 13-Year-Old Girl’s Baby

Dr. Allen Palmer was a part-time Planned Parenthood contractor filling in for a vacationing medical director when he performed an in-clinic abortion on a 13-year-old girl. However, Palmer violated state law by not turning over fetal tissue to the Kansas Bureau of Investigation, which is a requirement for any abortion performed on a girl younger […]

Pedophile Priest Told Altar Boy Sex Abuse Is ‘Part Of God’s Work’

Former Catholic priest Gerald Francis Ridsdale has pleaded guilty to sex crimes against children as young as 6-years-old during the three decades he abused children throughout Western Victoria in Australia. Ridsdale has previously been convicted of sexually abusing 53 children, though his true number of victims is believed to be in the hundreds. The court […]

Huge Sex Trafficking Ring Uncovered Across California And Nevada

In late 2016, the Tulare County Sheriff’s office received a report about a missing teenager. The rescue of this 15-year-old girl from an apartment in West Hollywood led to the launch of a fully-fledged investigation, ultimately leading to police busting the largest sex trafficking ring on the West Coast. Faith It reported that, while 13 […]

An Idaho Boy Packed A Christmas Package For A Stranger In The Phillippines, Years Later They Met And Married

In the year 2000, 7-year-old Tyrel Wolfe and his family participated in the Operation Christmas Child program, a program whereby churches and organizations all over the nation partner with Samaritan’s Purse to send toys, school supplies, activities, small toiletries, and other gifts to children in third-world countries at Christmas time. Faith It reported that the […]

Australian Woman Dead After Too Many Protein Shakes

Meegan Hefford was just 25-years-old when she was found unconscious in her apartment in Mandurah, Western Australia. On June 19, Meegan was rushed to Fiona Stanley Hospital in Perth where doctors frantically tried to determine why such a young and fit woman was rapidly losing brain activity. It took two days for the medical team […]

Inside The World Of Bali Orphanages: Fronts For Pedophilia And Child Sex Abuse

Former Australian police officer Glen Hulley runs Project Karma, an organization designed to save children in South East Asia from sexual predators. Glen says a crackdown is needed on some illegitimate orphanages which are set up under the guise of helping local children but, in reality, are allowing more sinister activity to occur in the […]

Family Tragedy: Five Children Dead, Only One Child In Family Remaining

In an unbelievable set of tragic circumstances, Jason and Clarissa Osborn have lost five children, four of whom within three days of each other. Faith It reported that, three years after their marriage, Clarissa and Jason decided to start their family. In 2013, the happy couple welcomed their son Carter, but then Clarissa developed brain […]

‘Teacher Of The Year’ Jailed For Hosting Teen Sex Parties

Jared Anderson, a high school teacher at Judson High School in San Antonio, was honored as Teacher of the Year just two months prior to being arrested for hosting sex parties for teenage boys. Perth Now reported that the sex parties included a “Bros Night” that featured a front door sign urging the teenagers to […]

Woman Fakes Full Nine-Month Pregnancy, Including Two Baby Showers And Gender Reveal, To Get Back At Her Ex

Angela Smith of Dunn, North Carolina, probably takes the cake when it comes to revenge when she faked an entire nine months of pregnancy just to hurt the man that did her wrong. Gossip On This reported that not only did Smith fake an entire pregnancy, she also faked doctor’s visits, threw two baby showers, […]

Maybe Joey Was Rachel’s ‘Lobster’ On ‘Friends’ After All

Friends may have been off screen for 13 years, but no one can forget the Ross and Rachel love story that wound through all ten seasons. It’s been 13 years since Friends was on the air, but the show and the characters are kept very much alive through reruns, fans’ memories, and the excellent use […]

Swimming In Vomit: Swimmers Horrified As Lifeguards Use Wave Machine To ‘Break Up’ Vomit In Public Pool

Swimmers at a public pool at Cleethorpes Leisure Center in Lincolnshire were horrified with the way cleanup was handled – or not handled – after a woman vomited in the pool. Swimmers were enjoying a day in the pool on Sunday at at Cleethorpes Leisure Center in Lincolnshire when a woman felt ill and vomited […]

Bizarre Developments In Chloe Ayling Kidnapping Case Have Many People Crying ‘Hoax’

Chloe Ayling, the British model who claims she was kidnapped and drugged in Milan, has many people wondering if the whole story was a hoax as bizarre new developments come to light. Chloe Ayling had the world talking when the story broke that she had been kidnapped and drugged in Milan. But now, new evidence […]

Kelsey Grammer’s Lifetime Of Tragedy

Kelsey Grammer has experienced a lifetime of tragedy, and it’s because of these heartbreaking tragedies that he says he has surrendered his life to God. Faith It reported that the 90s sitcom star enjoyed a spiritual youth, but a series of unfortunate events made it almost impossible for him to keep his faith at such […]

The Mom Who ‘Ordered’ Her Missing Daughter From An Adult Escort Website

Kubiiki Pride experienced every mother’s nightmare when her 14-year-old daughter disappeared, so she did what any heartbroken mother would do: she did everything in her power and exhausted all her resources trying to find her precious daughter. Faith It reported that nine months after continuously searching for her daughter, Kubiiki discovered a recently-taken photograph of […]

Celebrant In Hot Water For Marrying Unconscious Bride: Husband Signed Marriage Certificate For Both Of Them

A wedding celebrant in Western Australia, Diane Caratozzolo-Waddington, could be struck off the registrar for failing to get an “I do” from a terminally ill and unconscious bride. The President of the Australian Federation of Civil Celebrants, Anthony Burke, says he has never heard of anything like this before. The West Australian reported that Diane […]

Inside The Village Where Girls Grow Penises At Age 12

A rare genetic disorder means girls in Salinas in the Dominican Republic turn into boys at 12-years-old. Around one in 90 children in Salinas are “Guevedoces” (sometimes called “Machihembras,” meaning “first a woman then a man”). When these children are born they look like girls, with no testes and what appears to be a vagina, […]

New Health Warnings About Charcoal Teeth Whitening Trend

Activated charcoal has recently become a popular trend for DIY teeth whitening, but medical professionals are warning against smearing the charcoal-derived black mixture on teeth. Fox News reported that YouTube user Mama Natural posted a video detailing how to use activated charcoal to whiten teeth, and by Monday morning the video had amassed more than […]

Prominent Family Planning Group Urges Prince William And Princess Kate Not To Have Any More Children

On a recent royal tour of Poland, the Duchess of Cambridge received a gift designed for newborns, so while saying thank you for the present, she turned to her husband and laughingly made the comment, “We will just have to have more babies.” It was a simple throwaway line, but one that avid royal baby […]

How One Quote Taken Out Of Context Lead To Rumors That The Queen Is A Binge Drinker

Queen Elizabeth ll certainly has classy tastes when it comes to alcohol, and sources are now suggesting she may even be a binge drinker. Government standards state that drinking four alcoholic beverages per day constitutes binge drinking in a woman, but how did these rumors that the Queen drinks four alcoholic drinks each day start? […]

Stephen McGown Free: Man Held Captive By Al Qaeda For Six Years Now Free

In July this year, an Al Qaeda-linked group released a proof-of-life video showing Stephen McGown and five other foreign hostages from Australia, France, Switzerland, Romania, and Colombia. Today, Stephen McGown is a free man. Johan Gustafsson, a Swedish national who was being held with Stephen, was released in June this year. Johan and Stephen were […]

Babies With Three Parents: Controversial New Fertility Treatment Uses DNA From Three People

On Friday, August 4, Dr. John Zhang was warned by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration that he must stop marketing an experimental procedure that uses DNA from three people – mother, father, and egg donor – to avoid certain genetic diseases. The Washington Post reported that Dr. Zhang used the technique last year to […]

This Man Created The World’s First Ultra-Accessible Theme Park So His Daughter Had Somewhere To Be Free

Gordon Hartman created the world’s first ultra-accessible theme park for his daughter, Morgan, who has disabilities. At the time, 12-year-old Morgan had a form of autism and the cognitive understanding of a five-year-old, and her father, Gordon, realized that people typically didn’t know how to interact with people with disabilities. He had seen Morgan trying […]

Unbelievable Photos Of Baby’s Development At 14 Weeks Gestation Reignites Abortion Debate

Faith It reported on a story of ultimate heartache and sadness, showing pictures of a baby boy at just 14-weeks gestation who ultimately failed to thrive. Felicia Cash, the mother of baby Japeth Peace, shared her heartbreaking story on Facebook, hoping to inform people who may not be aware just how complete, real, formed, and […]

Raped While She Slept: Man Turns Himself In When Wife Discovers Rape Videos On His Phone

A woman suffered the ultimate betrayal by her husband when she discovered videos showing her being raped while she slept. A horrified wife has discovered that she was repeatedly raped by her husband while she was asleep. The shocking revelation came when she found videos of the sex attacks on his mobile phone. The woman […]

This 7-Year-Old’s Mom Dresses Her Daughter In Heels, Hair Extensions, And Sparkly Midriff Outfits

Jenna Eastland of Newton Aycliffe in County Durham is convinced her youngest daughter Layla is destined for show business, and has already spent thousands of pounds preparing her seven-year-old daughter for fame. The Daily Mail reported that Jenna and her daughter recently appeared on This Morning and were questioned by presenter Ruth Langsford as to […]

Transgender Artist Free-Bleeding In Public To Prove ‘Periods Are Not Just For Women’ Sparks Fiery Debate

Cass Clemmer is a non-binary transgender artist and menstrual health activist from Washington. Cass, who doesn’t conform to a specific gender and prefers to be referred to as they/their, previously caused an uproar after releasing an educational coloring book about menstruation. The Mirror reported that Cass, who is biologically female, sat on a park bench […]

Why Disney Princesses Wear Blue And Disney Villains Fall To Their Deaths

Can you think of one thing that Belle, Jasmine, and Sleeping Beauty all have in common? Besides the fact that princesses are always very pretty, have a special affiliation with children and animals, and, of course, all sing beautifully, something you may not have realized is that they all flavor the color blue. The Mirror […]

30 Child Sex Slaves Rescued In Harrowing Undercover Operation In Haiti

Australian Channel 7’s Sunday Night program in Australia reported on an undercover sting by agents who have been planning a dangerous rescue operation for more than a year. Thirty child sex slaves in Haiti were rescued in the dangerous and elaborate sting that took place on a luxury yacht in the Caribbean. On-board the yacht, […]

Woman Wrongly Diagnosed With Depression Now Has Just Weeks To Live

Tina Locke from Penygraig, Rhondda, has been complaining of stomach and chest pains for two years, but was incorrectly treated for depression, anxiety, and muscle pain. The only medication she received was antidepressants, and now this loved wife and mother-of-two has just weeks to live, according to Perth Now. Tina Locke’s devastated husband Jason has […]

It’s Come To This: Retail Giant Launches Padded Bras For Seven-Year-Olds

Parents are outraged as retail giant Primark launch a range of padded bras directly aimed at girls as young as seven-years-old. Primark has over 300 stores in 11 countries across Europe and America and is famous for selling trendy clothes at low prices, but it’s this range of bras for young girls that has parents […]

Woman Who Secretly Fed Kids ‘Breast Milk Brownies’ Cannot Understand Why Parents Are Upset

A breastfeeding mother admits she used her breast milk in the brownies she was making for a bake sale because “she didn’t have time to go out and buy regular milk.” Metro reported that her lack of judgment has caused an uproar on social media, with many mothers absolutely furious that this woman sneakily used […]

This Goat’s Deformed Face Is So Scary That Locals Called The Police [Photos]

A baby goat born on a farm in San Luis province in central Argentina was so horribly deformed that frightened locals called the police to document the bizarre find. The goat’s owner, Gladys Oveido, admitted she was very surprised when she saw the kid’s face. The Mirror reported that locals feared the demonic features of […]

Pedophile Who Told His 6-Year-Old Victim To Bite A Pillow Jailed For 17 Years

Trained mechanic John Bell, 30-years-old, of Throckley, Newcastle, has been found guilty of six counts of rape of a 6-year-old boy. The child was repeatedly raped by Bell and was in so much pain during the attacks that Bell told him to bite on a pillow during the horrific assaults. The Daily Mail reported that […]

The Man Who Killed His Stepdaughter, Had Sex With Her Dead Body, And Now Refuses To Grant Her Mother A Divorce

Gregory Graf killed his stepdaughter Jessica, then had sex with her corpse. Now in jail, he’s refusing to divorce Jessica’s mother. Gregory Graf shot his stepdaughter Jessica Padgett in the head before violating her body in the worst possible way. On December 8, 2014, the Daily Star reported that Graf filmed himself having sex with […]

JetBlue Removes Family From Flight After 1-Year-Old Kicks Passenger’s Seat [Video]

Many airline passengers have had the unpleasant experience of having their seat kicked by the passenger sitting behind them, and while it can be extremely annoying, no one expects the passenger to be kicked off the airplane. Apparently, that’s what happened on a JetBlue flight from Fort Lauderdale to New York on June 25. According […]

Man Proposes While Under Arrest And Handcuffed On His Birthday

Brandon Thompson of Oklahoma was celebrating both his birthday and Independence Day on July 4 in the front yard of his Muskogee home when two police officers showed up. Thompson, 35-years-old, had been seen earlier in the day by Officer Bob Lynch, who recognized Thompson from several felony warrants out for his arrest. So, he […]

Chelsea Clinton Takes Offense At Claims Mom Hillary Clinton Would ‘Sell’ Her To Become President

Chelsea Clinton responded to a hurtful comment by Fox News contributor Lisa Powers Boothe that her mother Hillary Clinton would have sold her to become president. Chelsea Clinton must have been very hurt by Lisa Powers Boothe’s comment on The Five that her “soulless” mother Hillary Clinton would “sell her only child to be president.” […]

Caitlyn Jenner Is A ‘Man Pretending To Be A Woman,’ According To Blac Chyna’s Mom

Blac Chyna’s mother, Tokyo Toni, went on a venomous rant on Twitter yesterday against Caitlyn Jenner, saying (amongst other things) that the two-time gold medalist was a “man pretending to be a woman.” The 44-year-old released her video tirade against Caitlyn, including a transphobic response to Caitlyn’s comments about the Instagram scandal involving Rob Kardashian […]

‘Gardenscapes – New Acres’ Tips, Hints, Cheats And Hacks

Gardenscapes – New Acres is the second generation of the popular Gardenscapes game, originally based on Facebook, and created by Playrix. While the original Gardenscapes game involved solving hidden object puzzles, the newer Gardenscapes – New Acres is a match-three game combined with a gardening simulation. It is an unusual combination by any account, but […]

How ‘Phubbing’ Could Be Damaging Your Relationship

“Phubbing” is a term that was coined in 2012 to describe a rather nasty habit: snubbing someone in favor of your mobile phone. Phubbing is actually a combination of the words “phone” and “snubbing.” An example of phubbing is when someone becomes more absorbed with their mobile phone than the person they’re with. Get Surrey […]

How The Italian Media Have Handled Accused Sex Offender Cardinal George Pell

Cardinal George Pell is the most senior Catholic cleric to face charges of historical sexual assault claims, and the Italian media is providing close coverage of the 76-year-old cleric and details of his latest setback. Earlier this week, Italian newspaper websites ran prominent pictures of Pell, and included footage of sex-abuse survivors in Australia who […]

Jim Carrey To Be Deposed In Wrongful Death Lawsuit, Seeks Medical Records To Disprove STD Claim

Jim Carrey will give a sworn deposition in the wrongful death lawsuit over his ex-girlfriend Cathriona White’s suicide, and seeks medical records to disprove claims that she had STDs. It has been two years since actor Jim Carrey’s on-again, off-again girlfriend Cathriona White committed suicide at 30-years-old. White was found in her Los Angeles home […]

Meet Chewy, The Three-Month-Old Chihuahua Puppy Abandoned In An Airport Bathroom With A Heartbreaking Note

Domestic violence doesn’t only affect humans, a fact that was made clear over the weekend at a Las Vegas airport. People magazine reported that a three-month-old Chihuahua puppy was abandoned in the bathroom at a Las Vegas airport, along with a heartbreaking note explaining the reason why the little puppy had been left behind. The […]

Twenty-One Years After His Death, The World Finds Out Why Tupac Dumped Madonna

Tupac Shakur’s highly-publicized romance with Madonna is catching fire in the media 21 years after his tragic death. While the world still doesn’t know who killed Tupac in 1996, at least the reason why he dumped Madonna has been exclusively revealed. A letter written by Tupac in prison lifted the curtain on why the rapper […]

Is Kissing Cheating?

Does kissing someone mean cheating in the modern world? A study involving 5,000 people has revealed a huge gap in how younger and older generations of lovers view cheating. Flirting, kissing, and watching porn. Which of them are considered to be cheating? In the world where divorce rates are on the rise and people turn […]

How Far Would You Travel For A Tinder Date? One Women Flew 1,000 Miles, Now She’s Getting Married

Tinder now brings together people from different U.S. states! The dating app that is meant to help you hook up with people in the nearby vicinity brought together two women living in two different states. Katie Shaffstall, from Las Vegas, Nevada, swiped right on Kelley Johns, from Denver, Colorado, via Tinder and ended up traveling […]

Doctors Trade Handshakes For Fist Bumps To Stop The Spread Of Germs

There is a thing pretty much every human being does about a few times per day that may be banned soon: handshakes! Doctors are calling for handshake bans around the globe and want people to trade them for fist bumps to stop the spread of germs and “save large numbers of lives.” The seemingly absurd […]

Kanye West Says ‘No More Exclusive Releases’: Future Music Will Be Available On Multiple Platforms

No more exclusive music releases from Kanye West, the rapper has announced to streaming services. Following his major falling out with Tidal, the rapper says he’s done with exclusive releases for streaming services such as Apple and Spotify. Kanye West is adamant to transform the modern music industry, as the rapper has just announced his […]

What Happened To The Microsoft Surface Mini? The Little Microsoft Tablet That Was Never Released

Microsoft had tablet fans all fired up about the release of its Surface Mini in 2014, but the tech giant then canceled the little tablet just weeks before its official debut. There have been only a handful of Microsoft Surface Mini promo images, and the world has never seen real pictures of the since-canceled device, […]