Second Mistrial Declared In The Murder Of Jessica Chambers

In 2014, 19-year-old Jessica Chambers was found dead by the side of the road, her body scorched after it had been doused with fuel and set on fire. The prime suspect in her murder, Quinton Tellis, went on trial last year for her murder, but it ended in a mistrial. Now, People reports that the […]

Burned Alive: Mississippi Teen Cheerleader Murder Case Court Trial Begins, Witnesses Recall Her Horrific Death

Burned alive victim Jessica Chambers’ parents will finally get answers to the questionable death of their daughter soon as her case gets heard in court where her alleged killer appears and witnesses recall the gruesome death of the Mississippi cheerleader. The three-year-old murder case is finally getting attention it deserves as the trial week began […]

Jessica Chambers Murder: Quinton Tellis Charged With Burning Teen Alive, Linked To Another Woman’s Murder

Jessica Chambers was burned alive on a rural road in Courtland, Mississippi, in December of 2014. The horrific murder rocked the nation as the local sheriff’s department and FBI seemed to be unable to pinpoint any suspects in the gang-ridden small town. With authorities claiming that no one would talk, it seemed that Jessica Chambers’ […]

Jessica Chambers: Quinton Tellis Indicted In Teen’s Burning Death

Jessica Chambers’ brutal burning death stunned the nation. However, the case was specifically disturbing, as the murder went unsolved for more than one year. On Wednesday, Panola County, Louisiana, officials announced the indictment of 27-year-old Quinton Tellis. According to reports, Tellis is also the primary suspect in the murder of a University of Louisiana student. […]

Jessica Chambers Update: Killer Of Mississippi Girl Burned Alive ID’ed? Police ‘Know Now Who Did It,’ Claims Family

In the murder case of Jessica Chambers, news updates on the story have been few and far between. The Mississippi girl was burned alive in December of 2014, but so far no arrests have been made directly related to the victim. A year after the sensational murder, 17 gang members were arrested, but the FBI […]

#JusticeForJessica: Media Outlet Wrongly Claims 17 Men Arrested For Burning Teen Jessica Chambers Alive, No Murder Arrests

The horrifying murder case of 19-year-old Mississippi teen Jessica Chambers is making headlines once again after the FBI arrested 17 men in the town where the startling murder took place. The arrests happened, thanks to the investigation into the Chamber’s murder; however, the men arrested were not connected to the murder itself. Instead, the murder […]

Jessica Chambers Burning Death Update: 17 People Arrested By FBI In ‘Operation Bite Back,’ But No Murder Charges

Some justice is finally being served in Courtland, Mississippi, following the burning death of teen Jessica Chambers. The 19-year-old girl was burned alive on a rural road in Panola County after she was doused in gasoline and set on fire on December 6, 2014. The Panola County Sheriff’s Office was joined by the FBI after […]

#JusticeForJessica: 17 People Arrested During Jessica Chambers Burning Death Investigation, Case Still Unsolved

A 19-year-old Mississippi girl was burned alive last year in a horrifying murder that has left the Courtland, Mississippi, community reeling. Chambers was doused with gasoline and set on fire by an unknown party or parties and left to die on the side of the road. The teen was found on the rural road with […]

Jessica Chambers Burned Alive: Case Of Mississippi Teen’s Burning Death Going Cold — Or Is It?

Jessica Chambers was burned alive in Courtland, Mississippi, on December 6, 2014. However, with the Panola County Sheriff Dennis Darby and DA John Champion claiming that no one is talking, it seems that the investigation into the burning death of Jessica Chambers is going cold. In a town of just 500 residents, Darby says that […]

Jessica Chambers’ Dad Says ‘Nobody Seems To Know Anything’ About His Daughter’s Death

It has been over three weeks since the horrendous burning death of Mississippi teen Jessica Chambers. However, police seem to be no closer to finding the murderer or murderers than they were on day one. This has left many following the case frustrated and asking for answers, including Jessica’s own father, Ben Chambers. The Associated […]

Was Jessica Chambers On The Way To Women’s Shelter On Night Of Murder? Leah’s House Possible Destination

With local police remaining mum on the evidence surrounding the Jessica Chambers burning murder, many internet sleuths are continuing to compile information to provide to the public. With various “Anonymous” hacktivists, social media sleuths, and data miners working to bring Justice for Jessica, a number of theories discussing why Jessica Chambers was found burning to […]

Jessica Chambers’ Death Has Scams Trying To Profit, Family Puts Up Cash Reward For Killer’s Identity

Jessica Chambers’ death has scam artists trying to turn a profit by setting up fake donation websites as the hunt for the killer continues. The Chambers family is trying to raise money in order to offer a cash reward for anyone who can help identify the murderer. In a related report by the Inquisitr, Jessica […]

Call For ‘Rape And Burning’ Of White Women Posted In Panola County Day Before Jessica Chambers Death

The Jessica Chambers burning case has left many wanting answers. The police department has been unable to get any solid leads, claiming no one is talking in the tight knit community. However, a number of self-proclaimed “Anonymous” hackers and social media investigators are taking the case into their own hands. While many people are asking […]

Police Hunt Burning Death Killer: Jessica Chambers’ Dad Has Message For Killer, Justice Sought For Teen

Police are on the hunt for the burning death killer who took the life of Jessica Chambers in Mississippi earlier this month. According to the Clarion-Ledger, Ben Chambers, Jessica’s dad, had a very clear message for the person who murdered her by burning her alive: “They’re coming for you.” “To the person that done this: […]

Jessica Chambers: See The Message Her Mother Has For Hacktivist Group Anonymous

Jessica Chambers mysterious death has garnered lots of attention over the past week. Over the weekend, it was reported that the online hacktivist group Anonymous would be joining in on the investigation along with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. New details in the case were also reported. As a matter of fact, the group has […]

Jessica Chambers: Gas Station Manager Receives Death Threats Amid Accusations

Jessica Chambers was found severely burned on the evening of December 6. Although she survived the initial assault and was transported to a Memphis hospital, the 19-year-old died the following day. Authorities have not identified a suspect in Chambers’ brutal death. However, a local gas station manager has received death threats in connection with the […]

‘Anonymous’ Hacktivists On Jessica Chambers Case Increase, FBI Arrives In Panola County

It appears that additional “Anonymous” hacktivists have picked up the Jessica Chambers burning case. With pressure on local law enforcement to quickly solve the disturbing case of the teen who was burned alive, it appears that the FBI has arrived on the scene in Panola County. Many are claiming that the hacktivists are responsible for […]

Hacktivist Group ‘Anonymous’ Takes On Jessica Chambers Burning Case, See The Startling New Evidence Found

The Hacktivist group known as Anonymous has recently come out in support of the Jessica Chambers murder case. The young girl was found burned alive near her vehicle in rural Mississippi. Anonymous claims that the police were ill-prepared to handle such a high-profile case; therefore, the group decided to take the case into their own […]

Jessica Chambers Murder: Family Of Woman Burned Alive Speaks Out, New Details Emerge

The family of Jessica Chambers, the woman who was brutally burned alive in Mississippi, is speaking out as new details surface in the case of her horrific murder. The murder of the 19-year-old woman has riveted the nation, after someone put gasoline down Chambers’ throat and nose and set her on fire. The only part […]

Jessica Chambers Burned To Death By Former Boyfriend? Friends Claim It Was Domestic Violence

The tragic death of 19-year-old Jessica Chambers has been a topic of discussion across the nation after the teen was found ablaze near her vehicle. Authorities say that the teen was doused in lighter fluid and set on fire by an unknown assailant. However, Jessica’s friends, and some family members, are quick to call the […]

Panola County Manhunt: Video Surveillance May Reveal Who Burned Jessica Chambers Alive [Video]

The Mississippi Bureau of Investigation and the Panola County Sheriff’s Office are diligently analyzing any and all information they can get their hands on, including phone records and interviewing witnesses, in order to find who set 19-year-old Jessica Chambers on fire and burned her alive. But are they any closer to a suspect? Saturday night, […]

Jessica Chambers Teen Fire: 19-Year-Old Burned Alive Identifies Attacker Before She Dies

Jessica Chambers is a teen that was set on fire in Mississippi. According to the New York Daily News, a suspect got into Chambers’ car in Panola County on Saturday night, attacked her, and poured lighter fluid down her throat. The suspect then exited the car and set it on fire, leaving Chambers inside to […]

Burning Victim: Mississippi Teen’s Final Words May Lead To Her Killer

Burning victim Jessica Chambers, 19, was found near her car, both aflame, on Saturday night. She was immediately rushed to a hospital in Memphis where she was later pronounced dead. The car was discovered by a passerby, burning on the side of Herron Road near Highway 51, when the concerned citizen made a call to […]