Salvatore Anello, Grandfather Who Dropped Toddler To Her Death From Cruise Ship Window, Avoids Prison Time

Salvatore Anello, an Indiana man who dropped his granddaughter through an open window on the 11th floor of a cruise ship to her death, pleaded guilty on Thursday and will avoid prison time, The Indianapolis Star reported. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, in July of 2019, Anello and his family, including his 18-month-old granddaughter, […]

Mom Honors Late Daughter By Paying The Medical Bills For Other Parents Who Suffered Infant Loss

Jennifer Jara of Indiana lost her daughter, Jessica, who was stillborn on July 1, 2014. She knows well the pain of infant loss as well as the financial burdens that come after, which cause further challenges. Thus, she started a non-profit organization to honor her late daughter and also offer financial assistance to other grieving […]

Hannah Potts Found Safe, Family Members Say Video Claiming She Was Abducted Was A Lie

Hannah Potts has been found safe, and family members say the Indiana woman faked her abduction as a way to get attention. Police reported that the missing woman has now been located, but did not comment on claims that she had fabricated an abduction. Additionally, they have not indicated if she is being investigated for […]

Indiana Men Accused Of Threatening To Lynch Black Man In Viral Video Charged With Multiple Felonies

Two Indiana men accused of harassing, detaining, and threatening to lynch a Black man have been charged with multiple felonies, ABC News reported. Back on the weekend of July 4, Vauhxx Booker, a local civil rights activist and a member of the Human Rights Commission, was at Monroe Lake, near Bloomington, when he was approached […]

Law Enforcement Has Planned A Huge Community Canvass To Find Missing Colorado Mother Suzanne Morphew

Suzanne Morphew of Colorado has been missing since Mother’s Day — Sunday, May 10 — and now law enforcement has planned a widespread community canvass with the hopes of yielding new leads. The Chaffee County Sheriff’s Office announced this new plan on Wednesday, June 10. They are also continuing to work with the FBI and […]

Armed White Residents Stare Down Peaceful Black Lives Matter Protesters In Indiana

A disturbing video taken in Crown Point, Indiana depicts a long line of armed, white residents staring down what was reportedly a peaceful protest. The protesters, which consisted of a group of college students of different races, walked quietly while holding signs in support of the Black Lives Matter movement, according to TMZ. The video […]

Suzanne Morphew Still Missing, Husband Barry Files For Her Guardianship

Suzanne Morphew of Colorado remains missing, and now her husband, Barry Morphew, has reportedly filed a petition for her guardianship. Suzanne, a mother-of-two, was originally from Indiana and moved to Colorado with her husband in 2018. On June 1, Morphew filed for her guardianship in Hamilton County, Indiana, claiming that his wife is “incapacitated,” according […]

Chris Beaty Dead, Former Indiana University Football Player Shot & Killed During Protest In Indianapolis

Chris Beaty is dead. On Monday, June 1, IndyStar reported that the 38-year-old former Indiana University football player was killed just before midnight on Saturday. He was found with multiple gunshot wounds at the corner of Talbott and Vermont streets and was pronounced dead at the scene. As of press time, it is unclear whether […]

Members Of Missing Woman Suzanne Morphew’s Hometown Share Their Support For Her, Describe Her Sweet Nature

Suzanne Morphew of Colorado has been missing since Mother’s Day. While she resided in Colorado prior to her disappearance, her hometown is in Alexandria, Indiana. Members of her hometown are sharing their support for her and opening up about the kind of person they knew her to be, according to The Herald Bulletin. Morphew is […]

Olive Garden Employee At Center Of Racist Incident To Sue The Restaurant

The former employee of an Indiana Olive Garden restaurant — one who was singled out because of her race by a customer who asked for a different server — plans to sue her former employer, USA Today reports. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, on February 29, 16-year-old Amira Donahue, who is black, was working […]

Olive Garden Fired One Of Their Managers After They Complied With A Customer’s Reportedly Racist Request

An Olive Garden in Evansville, Indiana, fired one of their managers after discovering that they honored an allegedly racist request from a customer, reports Today. According to the article, a white couple allegedly requested a nonblack server, and the manager agreed to their demand. It is not clear what became of the original server who […]

Indiana Couple Accused Of Forcing Teen Bicyclists Off The Road Because They Had Trump Flags On Their Bikes

A Northwest Indiana couple is accused of deliberately running two teenage bicyclists off the road because they (the teens) had Trump flags on their bikes, The Northwest Indiana Times reports. The incident happened last July, but it took until this week for authorities to issue felony charges against the couple. Authorities say that on July […]

Indiana Man With ‘Crime Pays’ Tattoo On His Forehead Nabbed By Cops After Car Chase

An Indiana man with the words “Crime Pays” tattooed across his forehead was picked up by cops after a high-speed chase and charged with a string of crimes including car theft. The incident took place in Terre Haute, where cops say 38-year-old Donald Murray led them on a short chase before crashing his car into […]

Kobe Bryant Mural Removed After Indianapolis Community Complained It Was Too Ugly

A myriad Kobe Bryant tributes have poured in following the tragic helicopter crash that took his life and the lives of eight others. Not all tributes have been well-received, with one mural being recently removed after numerous complaints were received from the community. As reported by Black Indy Live, shortly after the death of Bryant […]

Indiana Schools Are Investing In Vaping Detectors In A Desperate Attempt To Protect Students’ Health

It’s no secret that youth vaping has become a major issue in the U.S., placing a threat upon public health. Even though vaping devices like Juul are only for those of legal smoking age, they’ve made their way into schools across the nation. Now some Indiana schools are fighting back by investing in vaping detectors […]

Indiana Police Mourn Loyal K-9 Shot Down In The Line Of Duty

Police in Fishers, Indiana, are mourning the loss of Harlej, a K-9 dog that was shot down on Wednesday night during an intense police pursuit of two suspects. Harlej had been with this particular force since 2015, having served and protected the community against crime with loyalty, according to WTHR News. The incident began when […]

Alyssa Shepherd Convicted Of Reckless Homicide For Killing 3 Kids While Speeding Past A School Bus

An Indiana woman has been convicted of reckless homicide for killing three children — and injuring another — when driving past a stopped school bus, The Indianapolis Star reports. Alyssa Shepherd faces nearly 100 years in prison if she is given the maximum sentence on all counts. The Crime Early on the morning of October […]

Ku Klux Klan ‘Kookout’ In Indiana Foiled By Local Residents, Protesters

A small group of Ku Klux Klan (KKK) members dressed with KKK logos, Confederate flags, and masks reportedly planned a “Kookout” in Jaycee Park near the Ohio River. Despite their plans for a Labor Day get-together, USA Today reports that it only lasted about 20 minutes before protesters — some with bandannas covering their faces […]

Young Girl Shocked While Riding Indiana Beach Roller Coaster

A 12-year-old girl, identified by her family as Sage, was reportedly shocked from “her hand all the way to her feet” while riding a roller coaster at Indiana Beach. According to the Lafayette Journal & Courier, the young girl’s aunts – Kris Bowers and Jessica Harris – explained to the outlet that she rode Hoosier […]

Indiana Girl Scout Dies In ‘Freak Accident’

An 11-year-old girl scout has passed away in what authorities are referring to as a “freak accident” after a 45-foot high, 3-foot wide tree fell on her and three others at an Indiana campground called Camp Koch on Monday. Jasper, Indiana resident Isabelle Meyer died after suffering from both head and torso injuries. According to […]

4-Year-Old Indiana Boy Still Missing After Being Swept Up In Flood Waters

Owen Jones, a 4-year-old from Monticello, Indiana, was last seen on Thursday playing near Deer Creek in Riley Park. A witness nearby observed him being swept up by flood waters and struggling to regain his footing. Before help could reach him, he was carried away by the fast moving water. While Indiana Conservation officers continue […]

Donald Trump Is Heading To Mayor Pete Buttigieg’s State Of Indiana On Friday

President Donald Trump is set to hit Indiana Friday for a National Rifle Association (NRA) convention. As USA Today reports, it will be his first visit to the state since South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg jumped into the race for the Democratic presidential nomination. Trump first acknowledged Buttigieg in a SiriusXM interview last week in […]

Steffon Gonzalez Accused Of Threatening Donald Trump On Facebook, Could Be Facing Five Or More Years In Prison

An Indiana man is accused of threatening to kill Donald Trump, The Chicago Tribune reports, allegedly boasting on Facebook that he had a bullet chambered and was ready to “blow his [Trump’s] head off.” On March 28, 2019, Donald Trump visited Grand Rapids, Michigan, for a rally. About 145 miles away — in Hobart, Indiana […]

Pregnant Indiana Women Are Using Potholes To Induce Labor

While most residents in the state of Indiana have had more than enough of the pothole-infested streets, one couple is thankful for the chewed up pavement as they believe the potholes played a key role in inducing labor. Stephanie and Andrew Flittner – who live on the north side of the state – recently opened […]

Indiana McDonald’s Employee Assaults Co-Worker With Cheeseburger

Bloomington, Indiana, police responded to the McDonald’s at 2910 West 3rd Street after receiving a phone call about an incident between co-workers on Tuesday night. According to local news outlet 1340 AM WBIW, the cheeseburger-related incident between co-workers reportedly happened just after 11 p.m. Witnesses on the scene at the time confirmed that a 21-year-old […]

Indiana School Teachers Active-Shooter Training Left Welts, Drew Blood

Last January, during an active-shooter training exercise, teachers at an Indiana elementary school were asked by local law enforcement to kneel down against a classroom wall. They were then sprayed with plastic pellets without warning to show the consequences of inaction during a live shooting. “They told us, ‘This is what happens if you just […]

South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg Could Become First Openly Gay President As He Launches Exploratory Committee

Pete Buttigieg could be the United States’ first openly gay president, as the South Bend, Indiana, mayor launched a so-called “exploratory committee” on Wednesday to explore his options, the Hill is reporting. Buttigieg, 37, attended Harvard and then served in the Navy, serving in Afghanistan in 2013. He remains a lieutenant in the Naval Reserve […]

Evan Schaffer Sentenced To 63 Years In Prison For Murdering Man Who Honked At Him In McDonald’s Drive-Thru

Indiana man Evan Schaffer will likely spend the rest of his life in prison for murdering a man who had honked at him in a McDonald’s drive-through, WBIW-TV (Bedford, Indiana) is reporting. And while the family of the victim, 25-year-old Justin Lampkins, welcomes justice for their loved one’s killer, Schaffer’s family insists that the 2017 […]

Amy Hael’s Viral Photograph Of ‘A Christmas Story’ Baby With BB Gun Has Stirred Up Controversy

Indiana photographer Amy Hael is drawing lots of attention these days, most of it good, but some of it critical. The reason for the spotlight? A photograph she took that features a baby sleeping with a wooden replica of a BB gun. The photo is obviously intended to evoke memories of the classic holiday movie, […]

Election Day Ballot Problems For Voters In Georgia, Florida, And Other Key States

Tuesday was full of frustration for voters in New York, Michigan, Florida, Arizona, and Georgia, among other states, as long lines and voting machine malfunctions put a wrench in the Democratic process on Election Day. The national hotline for reporting poll problems was already flooded with calls by 5 p.m. EST, reports USA Today, with […]

Barack Obama To Headline Event For Trump-Supporting Democratic Senator

Former President Barack Obama is set to rally for Indiana Democratic senator Joe Donnelly, a polarizing figure among voters, who have seen him align increasingly with Donald Trump over the last two years, reports the Associated Press. Obama, not unlike Trump himself, has been busy covering the length and breadth of the country with the […]

Deborah Cantwell, Indiana Woman, Arrested For Allegedly Leaving Racist Note On Neighbor’s Door

Deborah Cantwell, an Indiana woman who allegedly left a racist note on her neighbor’s door, is behind bars and facing misdemeanor hate crime charges, The Kokomo Tribune is reporting. Earlier this month, an African American man — who asked not to be identified — said that he and his family, which includes their bi-racial son, […]

Joe Biden Rallies Democrats On The Campaign Trail

“This election is bigger than politics. This is the most important election you’ve voted in,” said Joe Biden Friday, according to the Chicago Tribune. Biden was on the road on Friday campaigning for Democrats who will be up for election in the upcoming November midterms. During his speech, Biden said that America has seen a […]

Little Caesars Denies Serving Frozen DiGiorno Pizzas In Griffith, Indiana

Today’s story of viral misinformation comes courtesy of a Little Caesars restaurant inside a K-Mart in Griffith, Indiana. USA Today reports that when customer Vincent Romero stopped to pick up pizza at the store, he saw a shopping cart full of DiGiorno frozen pizzas sitting right next to the front counter. A woman who appeared […]

An Indiana Dad Says He Found Mold In His Child’s Capri Sun Juice Drink

An Indiana dad says that he found a disgusting mass of mold growing in his child’s Capri Sun juice drink. As it turns out, the problem is more common than the manufacturer, Kraft Foods, would like to admit. As KMTV reports, dad Cameron Hardwick, of Columbus, Indiana, found the mold and posted about it on […]

Indiana Democrat Joe Donnelly Touts Working With Trump In Senate Debate

Indiana U.S. Sen. Joe Donnelly, who is in a difficult race to keep his seat in a state that overwhelmingly voted for President Donald Trump in 2016, touted his record of working with him in a debate with his opponents Monday, according to Reuters. Democrats are counting on Donnelly holding on to his seat in […]

Indiana Woman Pleads Guilty To Allowing Her Boyfriend To Rape, Impregnate Her 10-Year-Old Daughter

An Indiana woman has pleaded guilty to allowing her boyfriend to molest — and even impregnate — her 10-year-old daughter. Last week the Inquisitr reported on the case of Nicholas Deon Thrash, 34, who was found guilty of repeatedly raping a 10-year-old girl in addition to impregnating her. He was sentenced to 160 years, of […]

Indiana Man Gets ‘FBI Warning’ On His Smartphone After Downloading Child Porn, Turns Himself In

An Indiana man turned himself into the police after getting an “FBI Warning” that locked up his smartphone after allegedly downloading child pornography. As it turns out, the “warning” was a computer virus scam – but it’s too late now. As The Northwest Times reports, Joseph Hanvey, 22, got taken in by a pretty common […]

Marine Corps Veteran’s Service Dog Returned After Going Missing In Stolen Vehicle

Lana Whitner, a Marine corps veteran, and her family were travelling from Illinois to Florida for a family vacation earlier this week. Their service dog, Wrigley, was tagging along as per usual. Whitner stopped off for a pit-stop during the long drive, when to her and the family’s shock, the SUV they were driving was […]

Indiana Man Arrested In 1988 Rape, Murder Of 8-Year-Old April Tinsley

Police have made an arrest in the 30-year-old rape and murder of 8-year-old April Tinsley, using DNA evidence combined with new technology. As WANE-TV (Ft. Wayne) reports, John D. Miller, 59, was arrested without incident at his Gabrill trailer on Sunday morning. When police asked him if he knew why they were there, he reportedly […]

Indiana Church That Had Anti-LGBTQ Sign Gets Evicted From Its Building

An Indiana church that had an anti-LGBTQ sign on its marquee has been evicted from its building, The Hill is reporting. For decades, churches have been putting up signs outside their buildings. Most are mundane, offering information about the pastor’s name, or when services are held. Others have Bible verses or uplifting sayings. Some have […]

Shots Fired Inside Ikea, Child Finds Gun Inside A Sofa

Around 2 p.m. yesterday at the Ikea located at 11400 Ikea Way in Fishers, Indianapolis, a gunshot rang out through the store. Evidence technicians and investigators were called to the scene after kids sat down on a sofa only to find a gun wedged between the cushions. While the parents shopped, one of these children […]

A Man Says He Was Kicked Out Of A Restaurant For Wearing A Cross Necklace

A man says he was kicked out of an Indianapolis restaurant because he refused to hide his cross necklace, and now he’s asking other diners to “send a message,” WVUE-DT (New Orleans) is reporting. Jerry Bond says that he and his friends went to Kilroy’s Bar & Grill in Indianapolis’ Broad Apple neighborhood this weekend […]

An Indiana Teacher Says He Was Fired For Refusing To Call A Transgender Student Their Preferred Name

John Kluge, an Indiana high school band teacher, says he was fired from his job because he refused to address a transgender student by their preferred name. Doing so would have violated his Christian beliefs, according to ABC News. Kluge had, until this year, been the orchestra teacher at Brownsburg High School in suburban Indianapolis. […]

Indiana School Shooting Suspect Reportedly Tackled By Teacher Parents Are Calling A Hero

A science teacher tackled the Noblesville, Indiana school shooter Friday morning, suffering three gunshot wounds but probably saving multiple lives in the process, The Indianapolis Star is reporting. On Friday morning, a school shooter, later identified as a 13-year-old student, entered Noblesville West Middle School in suburban Indianapolis and began shooting. As CNN reports, there […]

Kelly M. Cochran: Indiana Woman Accused Of Killing Nine People, Serving Husband’s Remains At BBQ

An Indiana woman who killed her husband is now accused of having served his remains to her unsuspecting neighbors at a barbecue, Fox News is reporting. Kelly M. Cochran, 34, is already serving time for a 2014 murder, during which she killed a lover, Chris Regan, and dismembered him. Further, last month she admitted to […]

Brinks Truck Drops Bags Of Money Onto Interstate By Accident, Police Asking People To Return Money

During an incident that Indiana State Police are describing like “something out of a movie scene,” a Brinks truck traveling westbound on I-70 accidentally littered the interstate with cash and lots of it. Although initial reports said around $600,000 was scattered on the road, final reports said that the actual amount was not known, according […]

Indiana Teacher Assigned ‘Anti-Trump Homework,’ Allegedly Bullied Eighth Grader For Watching Fox News

An Indiana eighth-grader was assigned “anti-Trump homework,” and his father is none too pleased about it, The Fort Wayne News-Sentinel is reporting. The incident happened on March 20, and quickly became a hot topic around the northern Indiana city, and then around Indiana. It is only now making the national news, Yahoo News is similarly […]

Jaime Simms: Indiana Mom Allegedly Admits To Molesting Daughter On Video, Selling Child Porn For Drug Money

Jaime Simms, a southern Indiana woman, has allegedly admitted to performing sex acts on her daughter and selling the footage to buy drugs, WAVE-TV (Louisville) is reporting. Simms is the non-custodial parent of two children, a 3-year-old and a 1-year-old, both of whom live with their father. Whether limited by the courts, or simply an […]

Indiana Teen Pleads Guilty To Poisoning 11-Week-Old Niece With Excedrin Tablets Mixed In Breast Milk

An Indiana teen who reportedly tried to poison her 11-week-old niece with Excedrin tablets has entered a guilty plea in Allen Superior Court on Monday. The suspect, identified as 19-year-old Sarai Rodriguez-Miranda, will be sentenced to one count of attempted murder on May 18 and could possibly serve up to 25 years behind bars. According […]