Indiana Couple Accused Of Forcing Teen Bicyclists Off The Road Because They Had Trump Flags On Their Bikes

A Northwest Indiana couple is accused of deliberately running two teenage bicyclists off the road because they (the teens) had Trump flags on their bikes, The Northwest Indiana Times reports. The incident happened last July, but it took until this week for authorities to issue felony charges against the couple.

Authorities say that on July 22, 2019, Kyren Gregory Perry-Jones, 23, and Cailyn Marie Smith, 18, were driving through the town of Hobart when they came upon teenage twin brothers riding their bicycles. Those bikes were festooned with pro-Donald Trump flags.

That, apparently, didn’t sit well with Perry-Jones and Smith. They allegedly began following the boys, according to The Chicago Tribune, and at some point began recording their alleged crime on Snapchat.

For a time, Perry-Jones and Smith allegedly followed the two lads, shouting expletives at them and yelling at them to “pull that flag down.” Then, at some point, Perry-Jones, the driver, allegedly swerved his wheels “sharply” as if he wanted to aim for the boys and hit them with his car, while yelling, “Y’all better get home.”

Perry-Jones also allegedly asked one of the boys if he was a fan of President Donald Trump, which the boy said he was.

“Y’all scared, just like your president… America is not great,” Smith reportedly said, before allegedly calling him a racial epithet.

During the altercation, Perry-Jones allegedly threatened to “beat the boys up” if they called authorities, then allegedly told them that if they did call 911, he would simply tell police that the altercation started because the boys had called him a racial slur.

Nevertheless, it seems as if the couple lost interest in hassling the boys after the teens either threatened to or attempted to call police. As the couple was driving off, the boys chased after the car on their bikes in order to get their Trump flag back. At some point, the couple dropped the flag and ran over it before driving off.

Because the incident was allegedly recorded on Snapchat, on August 6, police executed a warrant for the video. It took Snapchat until November 7 to provide the video. It then took police until this week to issue criminal charges.

Both adults have been charged with intimidation and criminal recklessness, all felonies, as well as one count each of theft and criminal mischief, which are misdemeanors.

In a similar incident of a teenager purportedly being hassled for their support of Donald Trump, back in December 2019, as reported at the time by The Inquisitr, a Florida mom claimed her teenage son was beaten up on a school bus for wearing a pro-Trump hat.

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