Ohio Man Accused Of Throwing Iguana In Restaurant

Police in Ohio say they arrested a man for throwing an iguana at the manager of a restaurant this week. According to a Facebook post by the Painesville Police Department in northeastern Ohio, the incident took place Tuesday at a Perkins restaurant. At lunchtime on Tuesday, a 49-year-old man allegedly “removed an iguana from his […]

Sandra Bullock Makes $100,000 Donation To Humane Society For California Wildfire Relief

In the wake of the wildfires that have ravaged the state of California, Sandra Bullock has donated $100,000 to the Humane Society of Ventura County in an effort to care for the animals that have been evacuated due to the fires, according to reports from E! Online. The shelter announced Bullock’s donation on their Facebook […]

‘Megan Leavey’ Star Kate Mara Reveals How Acting Opened Her Up To Serve A Greater Cause

In Megan Leavey, actress Kate Mara plays the title character, a U.S. Marine who develops a deep bond with Rex, her bomb-sniffing K9 partner. As Kate shares in a recent interview, movies like Megan Leavey have helped her heighten her love for animals and have given her a calling to do what she can to […]

‘Brutal’ Animal Abuse: Dog’s Nose, Ears Ripped Off Purposely, Humane Society Issues Reward For Information

A town in Michigan is up in arms over reports of barbaric animal abuse. According to information sourced from the Detroit Patch, someone purposefully ripped off the ears and nose of a dog early this week. A local animal welfare group issued a reward for information leading to the arrest of the suspect or suspects […]

BLM Advisory Board Recommends 45K Wild Horses Be Euthanized After Moving Them To Make Room For Cattle: Horses Can Be Adopted For $125

An advisory board to the U.S. Bureau of Land Management is suggesting euthanizing 45,000 wild horses that were removed from their habitat to make room for privately-owned cattle to graze on U.S. rangelands for profit. The Bureau of Land Management’s National Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board has recommended that all remaining unadoptable horses be […]

U.S. Government Wants To Kill 45,000 Wild Mustangs Held In Captivity

Nearly 45,000 wild mustangs are to be killed by the federal government unless the horses can be sold or adopted. Amounting to “the biggest horse slaughter in history,” the U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is seriously considering a plan to euthanize the animals put forth by the National Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board. […]

No More Puppy Mills? Awesome New Jersey Law Requires Pet Stores Sell Only Rescue Animals

Way to go, New Jersey! The state that gave the world Bruce Springsteen recently passed a law requiring pet stores sell only rescue animals, North Jersey reports. Buying puppies, rather than rescuing puppies in shelters, has been a pet peeve (yes, pun intended) for many animal rights activists for years. And it’s not just because […]

Criminal Cat Costs Florida Town Thousands In Damages After Shelter Destruction

A feisty Florida feline made headlines this week after authorities discovered she was responsible for thousands of dollars in water damage inflicted on the small town of Pompano Beach. Authorities have already called off their investigation, but the paw prints lead directly to a six-month-old kitten who apparently turned on a Human Society shelter’s water […]

Can You Help Adopt Dogs Rescued From South Korean Canine Meat Farm?

More than 100 dogs were rescued from a South Korean canine meat farm and have been brought to America, where they are now safe, up for adoption, and looking for their forever homes. In May, animal lovers with the Humane Society International rescued 170 dogs from a canine meat farm in Wonju, South Korea, where […]

Humane Society Seizes Nearly 300 Small Dogs From New Jersey Home

Nearly 300 small dogs were seized from a home in the Howell Township area of Monmouth County in New Jersey, on Friday. On Thursday, an animal control officer was called to the scene of the New Jersey home when neighbors complained that one of the dogs had gotten loose. Upon arriving, the Humane Society officer […]

RSPCA Releases Video Of Horrific Animal Abuse, Distressing Incident Shows Dog Being Thrown Down Stairs Repeatedly To See If It Will Scream

A carelessly misplaced SD card has led to the arrest and of two individuals responsible for horrendous abuse of a dog. The incident was recorded via a mobile camera and saved on the SD card, revealing two individuals (one was recording) throwing a dog down the stairs as well as stomping on the canine. According […]

SeaWorld To Stop Orca Breeding, Phase Out Theatrical Shows Of ‘Last Generation’ Of SeaWorld Orcas

After years of declining sales and criticism on their treatment of captive animals, SeaWorld announced today that they were putting a stop to their orca breeding program, and would, over the next couple of years, be phasing out their circus-like tricks-for-treats animal shows in favor of “new, inspiring natural orca encounters.” #SeaWorld's current generation of […]

Yoplait Yogurt Cups Killing Animals, Says Humane Society [Video]

Squirrels, skunks, and all sorts of other small animals regularly seek out discarded food scraps for a quick and easy meal. But when these small animals go after specific food containers, like Yoplait yogurt cups, they are often rewarded with a slow, painful death. According to the Humane Society, discarded yogurt cups kill more animals […]

Dog Living In Parked Van For Weeks Sparks Concern, City Officials Say No Laws Have Been Broken

Concerned citizens have flooded their mayor’s office and humane society with calls about a dog living in a parked van behind a car wash. The golden retriever is being kept in a parked minivan and has been living in the vehicle for weeks with windows rolled down slightly to give the dog air. However, neighbors […]

Meet Lucky, The Stowaway Cat, That Survived Being Stuck Underwater On A Sunken Boat For An Hour

When John Zucalla, of Dive Time Recovery, was called to recover a small, sunken boat in Lake Havasu in Arizona on Saturday, he certainly didn’t expect to find a stowaway on the boat. He also didn’t expect that stowaway to be of the furry four-legged variety, but that’s exactly what he found when the boat […]

Humane Society Of Ottawa Seeks Help Finding Person Who Left Kitten To Die In Garbage Bag

The Ottawa Humane Society is looking for potential witnesses to an act of animal cruelty that took place in Barrhaven, when a four-month-old kitten was left for dead inside a sealed garbage bag earlier this week. A good samaritan found the sealed garbage bag Friday morning, on a pile of garbage. The person who found […]

Ryan Gosling Clucks At Costco For Animal Cruelty, Free The Chickens

Ryan Gosling is flapping mad at Costco and he’s not afraid to cluck about it. The heartthrob-turned-animal-activist penned an open letter to Costco condemning them for selling eggs from a supplier that mistreats its chickens. In 2007, Costco made a public promise to start selling only cage-free eggs. Then, mere days ago, a Humane Society […]

Pit Bull Mix Attacks Edwardsburg Michiagan Woman, Becomes Victim Of Cyber Bullying

Casey Sills of Edwardsburg, Michigan was enjoying a cookout with friends on May 23rd when she was attacked by a pit bull-Labrador mix named Zeus. Robert Norris hosted the cookout where Sills was attacked by his dog. She was petting the pit bull and making funny noises at the dog just prior to leaning over […]

Research Chimpanzees Abandoned In Liberia Left To Fend For Themselves, Humane Society Hopes To Help

Nearly 200 chimpanzees were abandoned 10 years ago after being subjected to years of blood research, specifically for hepatitis. The chimps were used for research at the New York Blood Center for Hepatitis and became dependent upon the humans that cared for them during the research. After the research ended, the chimpanzees were not donated […]

Roscoe: Puppy Born With Deformed Legs Walks For The First Time After Life-Changing Surgery [Video]

Roscoe, a rescued pit bull puppy was born with deformed legs that left his front legs bent backwards. Owing to this, Roscoe was unable to walk and had no option but to crawl along. However, thanks to the generosity of a few dog lovers and the Asheville Humane Society in North Carolina, Roscoe is now […]

Humane Society Seizes 20 Dogs From ‘Deplorable’ Compound: Stomach-Churning Conditions Reported

The Humane Society works to provide animals with better homes. Unfortunately, that often means rescuing them from some of the most deplorable conditions imaginable. Such was the case for 20 dogs seized from a compound near Houston. All the animals belonged to the same owner, and they were discovered in a number of shocking conditions. […]

Unbelievably Unique Dog For Adoption, Rami the Pit-Dachshund Is Real Not Photo Shopped

The adorable cartoon-like picture of Rami, the pit bull-dachshund mix you see, is not photoshopped. He’s real. And he’s up for adoption at the Moultrie-Colquitt County Humane Society in south Georgia. According to Dawn Blanton of the shelter, he really has a pit bull head on a dachshund body, as stated on CNN on January […]

‘Zombie Cat’ Buried Alive By Owner Should Get New Home, Humane Society Says

The “Zombie Cat” story isn’t quite over. When Ellis Hutson buried his cat after it was hit by a car, he had no idea that his pet was still alive. That’s his story anyway. But the Humane Society isn’t buying it, and now the two could be going to court to determine who ends up […]

Humane Society Plays Santa To Deliver Pets On Christmas Day: Watch People Get Puppies As Gifts! [Video]

Christmas plus forever homes for rescued puppies equals a whole lot of cuteness and love going on. That was the idea behind the Kansas Humane Society’s unusual decision to play Santa Claus by delivering kittens, dogs, cats, and puppies on Christmas Day. How much do these volunteers want to see the homeless pets go to […]

Animal Shelters Host Santa Paws Pet Adoption Events: Watch Golden Retriever Gobble All The Goodies! [Video]

When it comes to pet adoption decisions, golden retrievers are known for their people-loving personalities and desire for affection. But when one golden retriever was entered in a dog event that required ignoring tempting plates of food in order to race to the finish line, he took a “paws” from the action to treat himself […]

Baltimore Photographers Capture The Real Lives Of Feral Cats In A Community With A TNR Program

For over five years, photographers Elizabeth and JasonPutsché have been capturing an intimate look at the real lives of feral cats within a community that practices a Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) program of animal control. According to Community Cats Maryland, there are believed to be about 185,000 feral cats living within the City of Baltimore. “Also referred […]

Photos Of Pit Bull Rescues At Heart Of Not A Bully Campaign

Douglas Sonders, pit bull owner and voice to the misunderstood breed, began his Not A Bully campaign in 2012. Since then, he’s posted many portraits of pit bulls that managed to find forever homes after being given every reason to lose faith in mankind. Many of the bully breeds may be recognizable because of their […]

Linda Blair: ‘The Exorcist’ Actress Helps the Humane Society

Linda Blair, child star of the movie “The Exorcist,” is putting her star power to good use to help needy animals. Blair is a longtime advocate for animals and was at the Indianapolis Humane Society on Friday, according to WISH TV of Indianapolis. “What happened really in the last 17 years is that the pet […]

Man Stabs Pit Bull Dog Repeatedly At PetSmart As Horrified Kids Look On

Why did a man stab a pit bull dog inside a Georgia PetSmart during a scheduled adoption day, as frantic children looked on? That’s what shoppers and police are trying to determine. Newnan police officers arrived at the bloody scene inside the popular pet store Sunday. Inside the PetSmart during Pet Adoption Day, lay the […]

Over 100 ‘Tuxedo’ Cats Dumped At California Shelter In Boxes, Shelter Overwhelmed

A California Humane Society has been overwhelmed after receiving multiple drop offs of “tuxedo” cats. More than 100 cats and kittens have been dumped off at a North Bay shelter in a series of anonymous, late-night visits, overwhelming shelter operations. The latest drop off included 24 cats all crammed into a large box. Marin Humane […]

These Dogs Were In The Pound For Months — This Is The Moment They Start New Lives

Who says dogs don’t have emotions, the way humans do? Take a look at these 20 dogs and you know exactly what each one is feeling. Because this is the biggest moment in each of these lovable pups’ lives. This is the moment they each start a new life. These pictures were taken of dogs […]

Mother Pony Stands In Fire To Save Her Foal

When a barn fire broke out in Texas, a mother pony stood, literally, in the line of fire to save her two-week-old foal from burning. The fire began from a heat lamp. Firefighters who arrived to put out the barn fire in Alvarado found the mother pony, Bella, standing within the blaze, blocking her foal, […]

San Francisco Shark Fin Bust: Officers Seize More Than A Ton Of Illegal Fins

A San Francisco shark fin bust makes all other offenders of California’s ban on shark fins look like guppies. Before now, California authorities have only cited offenders with possession of small amounts of shark fin – generally under 10 pounds. Now, San Francisco business owner Michael Kwong has been cited for possessing over a ton […]

Canada Seal Hunt Opens

Canada’s seal hunt opened Tuesday in eastern Canada, according to satirist Bill Maher, who has asked his Twitter followers to donate to The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) to fight the slaughter. Most animals killed are harp seals under the age of three months, when the coats are still the highly desired white […]

Dog Wedding Sets World Record With $158K In Gifts To “Bride And Groom” [Video]

What do you bring to a dog wedding? Apparently if it’s anything like the over-the-top affair held in Manhattan this week, you bring more than $158,000 in gifts. The dog wedding, held at Jumeirah Essex House Hotel at Central Park, brought in scores of guests to see bride Baby Hope Diamond get hitched to the […]

Father Had No Idea That His Daughter Had 27 Cats Living In Her Room, Find A Total Of 47 Cats In The Home

A Michigan father stumbled upon an extremely furry surprise when he found out that his daughter was housing 27 cats in her bedroom while she was living with him. Trying to respect her privacy, the unnamed man said he was aware that there were a few cats on the property, but that he no idea […]

6 Bulldog Puppies Rescued From Inside Locked Suitcase

On April 4th, a man from Ohio was found guilty of animal abandonment when Humane Society authorities linked his name to the suitcase found containing six puppies. The suitcase belonged to a 53 year old man named Howard Davis. The suitcase was abandoned next to a Toledo alleyway garbage can. There were three male and […]

McRib Pigs Live In Horrendous Conditions, Complaint Filed By Humane Society

That McRib you like to run out and scarf down the minute it arrives for a limited time at McDonald’s has a dark and sad side. The Humane Society this week filed a complaint against McDonald’s meat supplier Smithfield Foods who they say have misled consumers about the treatment of their animals. McDonald’s has recently […]