Melissa McCarthy Flaunts 75-Lb Weight Loss & ‘Mom Boobs,’ Eats Pot Candy In ‘Life Of The Party’ [Video]

Melissa McCarthy has been stunning her fans after her 75-pound weight loss. But as McCarthy proves in her newest movie, this funny lady of film hasn’t lost any of her comedic talents. Life Of The Party once again brings together Melissa’s acting talents with her husband Ben Falcone helming behind the camera, pointed out ET. […]

Melania Trump & Ivanka As ‘Real Housewives’? Bethenny Frankel Analyzes Donald Trump’s Wife & Daughter

Long before Donald Trump’s name was even whispered as a possible contender for the White House, his fame soared when he turned his talents to reality TV with The Apprentice. Celebrity Apprentice helped transform Trump into a celebrity himself, along with his older children such as Ivanka Trump. While the Trump family’s participation in the […]

Farrah Abraham Slammed For Instagram Of Sophia, 9, Seeing Butt Injections: ‘Teen Mom’ Star’s Defense Shocks

Former Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham isn’t exactly a stranger to getting slammed as a bad mom on Instagram. But when Farrah got blasted recently for her Instagram post showing her daughter Sophia, 9, watching as Abraham got butt injections, the mommy-shaming slams seem to have stung more than usual. When Farrah responded, however, […]

Kim Kardashian Instagram Amid Khloe Cheating Scandal Stuns: Kim Flaunts Tiny String Bikini On Paddleboard

Kim Kardashian has been entertaining her Instagram followers with ever more revealing photos from her vacation in Turks & Caicos. Kim and her sister Kourtney Kardashian seemed to be playing a game of who-can-wear-the-tiniest-bikini, with the Kardashian siblings only taking time away from the swimsuit showdown to post a photo together for National Siblings Day. […]

Elizabeth Hurley Stuns In One-Shoulder Swimsuit With Cutout On Instagram: Model Shares Bikini Body Diet

Elizabeth Hurley has attracted a growing group of Instagram fans with her constant flow of pictures showing off her body in bikinis. The 52-year-old model took a break on Friday from showing off bikinis from her Elizabeth Hurley style collection to slip into a stunning white swimsuit with cutouts. Turning the spotlight on Liz’s latest […]

Susan Lucci, 71, Thanks Paparazzi Who Took Famous Strapless Red Swimsuit Pic As She Unveils New Style Line

Susan Lucci, who soared to fame as Erica Kane on All My Children, and even did a season on Dancing With The Stars, has attracted a growing group of followers to her Instagram platform. But while Susan has shared a variety of photos showing that she seems to have found the Fountain Of Youth, Lucci […]

Khloe Kardashian, Tristan Thompson Reportedly Provide Drama Blac Chyna ‘Lives For,’ Claims ‘Hollywood Life’

Khloe Kardashian has gone through challenges before under the scrutiny of the spotlight. But although the 33-year-old star of Keeping Up With The Kardashians and spin-offs such as Kourtney And Khloe Take Miami is accustomed to publicity, her current drama involving the pregnant reality TV star and her 27-year-old baby daddy Tristan Thompson has intensified […]

Donald Trump Reportedly Likes Only One Of His Five Children: ‘Metro’ Cites Sources Revealing Which One

President Donald Trump has five children: Donald Jr., Ivanka, Eric, Tiffany, and Barron. While they range in age (pre-teen to adult), location (not all are in Washington, D.C. with their presidential dad), and occupation (the five are focused on everything from school to helping Trump run the nation), one of Donald’s daughters reportedly has something […]

Lamar Odom Reportedly Has Shocking Reaction To Tristan Allegedly Cheating On Khloe Kardashian, Claims ‘People’

Khloe Kardashian is looking forward to welcoming her first baby into the world, and viewers of Keeping Up with the Kardashians have seen Khloe’s longing for a child. But Kardashian’s joy in motherhood has reportedly become tarnished with rumors that her baby daddy, Tristan Thompson, has cheated on the reality TV star. An insider told […]

Melissa McCarthy To Show Off 75-Lb Weight Loss From Keto Diet In ‘Super-Intelligence’ New Action Comedy Film

At 47, Melissa McCarthy has been stealing the spotlight in two areas: She’s become a celebrity weight-loss winner, shedding 75 pounds on a ketogenic (keto) diet, and she’s also turned into a filmmaking superstar, expanding her resume with serious movies as well as her traditional comedies. McCarthy has discussed her weight loss, saying that she […]

Kim Kardashian, Kourtney War On Instagram For Best Bikini Body, Tiniest Swimsuit, Reports ‘Marie Claire’

Keeping Up With The Kardashians sisters Kim Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian are famous for their racy photos on Instagram. In recent days, Kim and Kourtney have been fascinating their followers by posting a series of increasingly revealing pictures of their bikini bodies on social media. And in the battle to keep up with each other, […]

Brad Pitt Reportedly Heals From Angelina Jolie Heartache With Woodwork & New Gal Pal, Claims ‘Daily Mail’

Since Angelina Jolie filed for divorce from Brad Pitt in September of 2016, Pitt has been linked to almost as many rumored girlfriends as Justin Bieber. In addition to repeated rekindled romance rumors about Brad’s first wife, Jennifer Aniston, Pitt has faced reports that he was dating everyone from Kate Hudson to Sienna Miller, as […]

Roseanne Barr, Sara Gilbert Face LGBT Backlash Over ‘Roseanne’ Revival’s Gender-Neutral Child [Video]

When Roseanne Barr, John Goodman, Laurie Metcalf, Sara Gilbert, and the other stars of Roseanne first brought the show to TV, they earned praise for reflecting middle-class America. Now, years later, the revival of Roseanne stars the same actors with a few additions chosen to update the mirror that the sitcom wants to hold up […]

Megan Fox, Kourtney Kardashian Credit Bikini Bodies To Keto Diets And ACV Supplement For Weight Loss

Megan Fox and Kourtney Kardashian are among the celebrities proudly showing off their bikini bodies. Megan, 31, and Kourtney, 38, have three children each, and these celebrity moms share something in common beyond their flocks of kids. Both Fox and Kardashian are crediting the popular ketogenic (keto) diet and a trendy supplement for helping them […]

Melania Trump Reportedly May Never Divorce Donald Trump: ‘Yahoo’ Reports Rumors Why She Won’t Split

As reports emerge surrounding President Donald Trump’s alleged affairs, some are speculating that it’s only a matter of time before his wife, Melania Trump, files for divorce. But despite the allegations that Trump had affairs with adult film star Stormy Daniels and former Playboy model Karen McDougal, a new report claims that Melania won’t ever […]

Angelina Jolie, ‘Roseanne’ Share Same Views On LGBT Labels For Gender Neutral Kids Like Shiloh Jolie-Pitt

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have raised six children who became accustomed to the spotlight from an early age. Their oldest biological child, Shiloh Jolie-Pitt, has attracted special attention because of her preference for wearing styles like her brothers. Jolie has commented on her daughter’s fashion. However, both Angelina and Brad have avoided any references […]

Donald Trump Reportedly Drags Paris Hilton Into Stormy Daniels Alleged Affair Drama, Reports ‘The Blast’

Paris Hilton, President Donald Trump, and his alleged mistress, 39-year-old adult film actress Stormy Daniels, just became the most unlikely trio to star in a legal situation. The bizarre uniting of Paris, Trump, and Stormy took place because Trump is reportedly doing everything that he can to battle Stormy’s defamation lawsuit — and Hilton’s legal […]

Meghan Markle Reportedly Haunted By Past Amid Royal Wedding Plans: ‘E! News’ Reveals ‘Ghosts’ Who Betrayed Her

Meghan Markle is counting the days until her royal wedding to Prince Harry. But even as Meghan joyfully prepares for her walk down the aisle and marriage to royalty, Markle reportedly is finding herself haunted by ghosts from her past. Ranging from Meghan’s former best friend, Ninaki Priddy, who allegedly betrayed Markle in a shocking […]

Jennifer Aniston Reportedly To Romance Brad Pitt: His New Girlfriend Changed Plan, Claims ‘Hollywood Life’

Jennifer Aniston isn’t exactly having the greatest 2018. From her highly publicized failed marriage to Justin Theroux to facing the seemingly endless flood of rumors about Brad Pitt, Jennifer can’t seem to get a break. And now, according to a new report, Aniston is feeling worse than ever after learning about Brad’s rumored new girlfriend. […]

Kelly Ripa Rocks Crop Top And Leotard On Instagram As Her Nutritionist Talks Bikini Body Backlash And Diet

Kelly Ripa is getting raves from her Instagram followers for her new photo. Ripa posed in a crop top and leotards, showing off her amazing abs and thanking her fitness trainer in the caption. But beyond working with a trainer to tone her tummy, Kelly’s fabulous figure at 47 owes credit to her nutritionist. Dr. […]

Kylie Jenner Bares Flat Tummy On Instagram After Shockingly Strict Post-Baby Diet For 35-Lb Weight Loss

Kylie Jenner is stunning her Instagram followers by showing off her toned tummy just weeks after welcoming her first baby into the world. Kylie and her 25-year-old boyfriend Travis Scott have been caring for their tiny daughter as a team, but Jenner is getting all the credit when it comes to restoring her post-baby body […]

Melania Trump Reportedly Pushed To ‘Breaking Point’ With Donald Trump Amid Divorce Rumors, Claims ‘In Touch’

It’s been weeks since the first rumors began about President Donald Trump, Stormy Daniels, and their alleged affair, and reports about First Lady Melania Trump’s alleged reaction to those rumors continue to flood the internet. As speculation that Melania and Trump might divorce continues to swirl, one insider told In Touch about the first lady’s […]

Melissa McCarthy Weight Loss Wows In Her New Style Line: Star Talks Spotlight On Losing 75 Lbs On Keto Diet

Melissa McCarthy has been stunning her fans with her 75-pound weight loss. As the Inquisitr reported, McCarthy became a celebrity weight loss winner by turning to the ketogenic (keto) diet along with exercise. Starring in new films as well as on TV, Melissa is earning wows from her success in slimming down. While McCarthy has […]

‘Jersey Shore’ Star Vinny Guadagnino Credits Keto Diet On Instagram For 6-Pack Abs & Stunning Weight Loss

The cast of Jersey Shore isn’t typically viewed as a resource for weight loss and health advice. And when it comes to celebrities touting the ketogenic diet (sometimes referred to as the keto diet) as their choice for slimming down, it’s the women such as Kim Kardashian, Halle Berry, Kourtney Kardashian, and Melissa McCarthy who […]

‘Jesus Christ Superstar Live’ With John Legend And Alice Cooper Turns Twitter And YouTube Heavenly [Video]

Even before John Legend sang a single note in Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert on Easter Sunday, the audience sitting eagerly in front of the stage had begun cheering. From the backup dancers, who inspired some of the viewers sitting in the bleachers to perform their own jazz hands, to Alice Cooper, cheers and […]

Roseanne Barr, John Goodman, And Funny Side Of Aging Shine In Sneak Peek Of Tuesday’s ‘Roseanne’

Just like the original Roseanne, the revival starring Roseanne Barr and John Goodman is earning praise as showing what life is like for many of the middle class in the United States. And as a sneak peek of Tuesday’s episode revealed, one of the challenges for many individuals resides in coping with aging, from the […]

‘Teen Mom’ Star Farrah Abraham Slammed for Supporting Roseanne Barr Tweet On Trump Freeing Kids From ‘Pimps’

Teen Mom OG alum Farrah Abraham is back in the news, with Twitter lighting up in response to Farrah’s support for a controversial tweet from Roseanne sitcom star Roseanne Barr. Barr continues to get mixed reactions to her post on Twitter alleging that President Donald Trump freed “hundreds” of kids from being “held in bondage […]

Melissa McCarthy Weight Loss Goes Viral In 2018, Credits This Fat-Burning Fitness And Keto Diet For 75 Pounds

Melissa McCarthy is stealing the celebrity weight loss spotlight in 2018. Multiple media outlets are headlining McCarthy’s stunning success in shedding pounds, and Melissa’s weight loss is getting noticed as several new trailers for her most recent films have debuted. And as fans and movie reviewers praise McCarthy’s weight loss, using phrases such as “almost […]

Melania Trump Stuns In $1,280 Dress By Designer Who Crafted Planned Parenthood Style Show, Reports ‘Yahoo’

Ever since 60 Minutes boasted huge ratings for interviewing adult film star Stormy Daniels about the allegations involving President Donald Trump, Melania Trump has been noticeably avoiding the spotlight. Melania has a history of steering clear of public appearances, notably photo ops, every time those rumors soar that Trump cheated on her, as the Inquisitr […]

Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian Jealous Fight Rumors Soar: ‘Cosmo’ And Fans Ask If Kim ‘Ripped Off’ Kylie

Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian have faced rumors that they are fighting multiple times. Amid the joy that Kylie and Kim both are feeling over their new baby girls, Kardashian recently reportedly became judgmental about Jenner’s baby daddy Travis Scott, as the Inquisitr noted. There also have been allegations of a sibling rivalry involving reportedly […]

Melissa McCarthy Feels ‘Amazing’ After 75-Lb Weight Loss From Ketogenic Diet For New Films [Video]

Melissa McCarthy recently earned raves for her hilarious take on Sean Spicer for Saturday Night Live. Now, Melissa is earning even more praise for several new movies, and these films are shining a spotlight on McCarthy’s stunning 75-pound weight loss from a ketogenic diet. One of those movies, Life of the Party, highlights Melissa’s weight […]

Roseanne Barr Throws Shade At Wendy Williams On Her Talk Show By Clapping Back In Husband Showdown

Roseanne Barr and Wendy Williams have both earned reputations for their sometimes jaw-dropping honesty in interviews. And while it’s Wendy who has made a name for herself as a controversial talk show host, Roseanne just proved in a visit to Williams’ talk show that she’s capable of creating her own controversy. Barr’s visit to The […]

Melania Trump Reportedly ‘Horrified’ By Cheating Rumors, Avoiding Donald Trump Photo Ops, Reports ‘Spin’

In the wake of soaring rumors that President Donald Trump cheated on Melania Trump, the first lady’s every move has been analyzed. Her body language when she is with Donald has been analyzed in detail, along with just how close (or how far apart) the Trumps stand. Recently, however, Melania has been noticeably absent for […]

Nuts Such As Pecans Help Weight Loss & Heart Health, Reduce Cancer & Diabetes Risk In Diet Studies

It’s time to go nuts, according to the newest diet studies. Eating nuts such as pecans offers a tasty way to improve the health of your heart, boost weight loss by burning fat faster, and even reduce the risk of diseases ranging from cancer to diabetes. Multiple health concerns, such as obesity and diabetes, have […]

Kim Kardashian Puts Booty On Display In Thong And Bra On Instagram For Cheeky Promo Of New KKW Beauty Makeup

Kim Kardashian is putting that Photoshop blooper on Instagram behind her. Kardashian recently flaunted her tiny waist in a bra top and shorts on social media, but fans paid more attention to the obvious use of Photoshop than they did to Kim’s curvy body, as the Inquisitr reported. Showing that she’s recovered from that Photoshop […]

Elizabeth Hurley Takes Break From Posting Instagram Bikini Pics To Stun In Sari For India Elephant Charity

Elizabeth Hurley, 52, is known for posting photos of her bikini body on Instagram. But Liz took a break from those swimsuit pics to pose in an ivory-hued sari that sparkled with sequins. Hurley shared the stunning photo on Instagram with the caption “Balmy Bombay Night #india #elephantfamily.” Liz donned the sparkling sari as part […]

Roseanne Barr, John Goodman Lose 300 Pounds Before ‘Roseanne’ Reboot: Inside Their Weight Loss And Diets

When Roseanne Barr and John Goodman reunited for the first time to rehearse for the Roseanne reboot premiering on March 27, they brought their acting talents, famous laughs, and enthusiasm for the project. But something about the two was noticeably smaller: Roseanne achieved an impressive 200-pound weight loss, while John shed 100 pounds, in the […]

Meghan Markle, Prince Harry Reportedly On Wedding Weight-Loss Diet Including Green Juice, Reports ‘ET’

Meghan Markle reportedly is encouraging Prince Harry to join her in the time-honored tradition of shedding for the wedding. From joining Meghan in adding green juice to his diet to learning yoga from Markle, Prince Harry has become somewhat of a “fitness fanatic,” a royal expert told ET. Author of Harry: Life, Loss, and Love, […]

Kylie Jenner Posts Stunning Pre-Baby Body Bikini Pic On Instagram, Revealing Her ‘Summer Goals’

Kylie Jenner has been busy with her new baby daughter Stormi, but the queen of Instagram has also taken time to restore her crown. Kylie has been sharing a series of increasingly revealing photos on Instagram, even posing in a hot tub. But although Jenner has earned wows for her fast post-baby weight loss, it […]

Kim Kardashian Flaunts Tiny Waist In Bra Top, Spandex Shorts In Instagram Pic: Fans Mock Photoshop Blooper

Kim Kardashian loves a chance to flaunt that tiny waist, which she’s shared with fans is a mere 24 inches. So Kardashian pulled on a pair of her favorite spandex biker shorts, topped them with a bra top, and celebrated the “Let’s March” protest against gun violence with a photo and caption on Instagram. Kim […]

Men Who Follow Vegan And Vegetarian Diets, Such As Brad Pitt, Promote ‘White Masculinity,’ Says Sociologist

Vegans and vegetarians typically cite a variety of reasons for going on plant-based diets and giving up animal-based products, ranging from health concerns to environmental. But according to a sociologist, men who go on vegan and vegetarian diets are actually promoting “white masculinity,” reported Fox News. A teacher at North Carolina State University, Mari Mycek, […]

Kylie Jenner Stuns In Mini Dress, Kendall & Kourtney Kardashian Rock Skinny Jeans In Instagram Party Pic

Kylie Jenner, Kendall Jenner, and Kourtney Kardashian just enjoyed what appears to be a very stylish dinner party. Kourtney posted a photo of the Keeping Up With The Kardashians (KUWTK) girls’ night out on Instagram, and the three sisters were on point when it came to flaunting their flattering fashion choices. The event gave Kylie […]

Melissa McCarthy Stuns After 75-Lb Weight Loss From Ketogenic Diet In ‘Can You Ever Forgive Me?’ Film Trailer

Melissa McCarthy is known for her comedic talents in films such as Ghostbusters and Bridesmaids. But after losing a significant amount of weight, McCarthy is taking her acting skills in a different direction, moving from movie and television comedy into darkly dramatic films. In the wake of her career shift and weight loss, Melissa is […]

Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner Reportedly Fight Over Travis Scott: Kim’s Judgmental, Reports ‘Hollywood Life’

Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner have so much in common right now. The two Keeping Up with the Kardashians stars both have adorable new baby girls in their homes, with Kylie welcoming her first child with boyfriend Travis Scott and Kim joining Kanye West in changing diapers for their second daughter, born via surrogate. But […]

Kevin Smith Loses 17 Pounds In 9 Days After Heart Attack With Penn Jillette’s 100-Lb Weight Loss Diet

Kevin Smith shocked fans when news spread that the director known for comedies ranging from Clerks to Mallrats had suffered a terrifying “widow-maker” heart attack. When Smith received a prescription from his physicians after the heart attack to shed 50 pounds, Kevin turned to the same diet that magician Penn Jillette followed. Jillette is the […]

Justin Bieber Reportedly Flirts With Blonde Model To ‘Manipulate’ Selena Gomez’s Love, Reports ‘ET’

Justin Bieber reportedly had just one goal in mind when he was seen flirting with blonde beauty Baskin Champion. Amid the drama of his are-they-or-aren’t-they-a-couple renewed Jelena romance with Selena Gomez, Bieber deliberately chose to be seen dancing with the model, 22, to make Gomez jealous, an insider told ET. As the Inquisitr reported, Selena […]

Kim Kardashian Rocks Bra Top And Shorts On Instagram After 75-Lb Ketogenic Weight Loss, Posts New Diet Tip

Kim Kardashian has become famous for using a high-fat, low-carb ketogenic diet to achieve her 75-pound weight loss. Kim has shared her weight-loss journey with her social media fans, and now Kardashian is flaunting the results of her keto diet in a sleek bra top and shorts on Instagram. Those bra tops and shorts that […]

‘This Is Us’ Star Chrissy Metz Says Stepfather Forced Weigh-Ins And Hit Her, Causing Binge Eating At Night

This Is Us star Chrissy Metz is known for her portrayal of Kate, a woman whose struggles with her weight have become the focus of her life. On This Is Us, viewers have seen Kate as a chubby child and as a plump teen, sometimes seeking to diet but always feeling like a failure on […]

New Diet Study Shows Meal Timing And Frequency Can Boost Weight Loss More Than Counting Calories

For decades, most diets have focused on counting calories for weight loss, with Calories In, Calories Out (CICO) diet advice typically given for those trying to win the battle of the bulge. Now, however, a new diet study could be a game changer for CICO dieters by showing that the timing of meals and frequency […]

Justin Bieber Romance Reportedly Means ‘Bad News’ For Selena Gomez: ‘ET’ Reports On Shocking Rumors Why

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez recently rekindled their romance once more. And even though rumors are swirling that Justin and Selena just broke up again, insiders told ET that Bieber and Gomez are just taking a break and are still officially a couple. Although Selena and Justin are still in an “on” phase of their […]