US & China Cold War Is Possible, Warns France’s Finance Minister

The French finance minister is warning that sanctions and trade tension between China and the United States could spark a new cold war. Speaking at a conference in Paris on the World Trade Organization’s future, Bruno Le Maire said he felt there is a “real risk” that the two countries could cause a trade war […]

United Kingdom Praises Trump Withdrawal From Russia Nuclear Treaty

United Kingdom Defense Secretary Gavin Williamson praised U.S. President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw from a landmark Reagan-era nuclear treaty with Russia. In an interview with the Financial Times published Saturday, Williamson blamed Russia for endangering the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty, stressing that Great Britain stands “resolute” behind the United States’ decision to withdraw. […]

China Is Waging A New ‘Cold War’ Against United States, CIA Official Says

A leading CIA official warned that China might be planning to declare “cold war” on the United States and that this threat could be the “most serious” that the country has to deal with at the present. Speaking at the Aspen Security Forum on Saturday, CIA East Asia Mission Center deputy assistant director Michael Collins […]

Who Was Charles Jenkins The U.S. Defector Who Described North Korea As ‘Giant Demented Prison’?

Charles Robert Jenkins was a U.S. Army sergeant who achieved notoriety when he defected to North Korea in 1965. As reported by the BBC, Jenkins died on Sado Island, Japan, yesterday at age 77. Jenkins had been living on Sado Island with his wife Hitomi Soga, who was also a former prisoner of North Korea. […]

Hawaii Prepping ‘Cold War’ Style For Nuclear Attack By North Korea, Doomsday Clock Moves Once Again

Hawaii is preparing for a possible nuclear attack by North Korea using some Cold War-style evacuation drills for schools and other facilities around the island state. The Hawaiian Emergency Management Agency launched the nuclear war preparedness campaign and evacuation drills in an effort to ready citizens for a nuclear missile attack by North Korea. When […]

Russia War: Putin Calls The West ‘Barbarians,’ But Are Fears Of War Exaggerated?

A war with Russia seems to be at the front of everyone’s mind these days. While fear of the Soviet Union and the Cold War era may seem like something from the very distant past, once again headlines are proclaiming that Russia is our sworn enemy and that we should all be on the alert. […]

Putin Preps Russians For Nuclear War: Civilians Advised To Check Bomb Shelters And Prepare Gas Masks

President Vladimir Putin of Russia is sending a clear signal to the U.S. and its Western allies that he is ready for a military showdown with the West over the ongoing clash of geostrategic interests in Syria. Following the spiraling of tensions between Moscow and Washington to their highest since the Cold War, the Russian […]

Largest War Game Since The Cold War Launched By NATO In Eastern Europe

As tensions escalate between the United States and Russia, the largest war game since the Cold War was launched by NATO. Poland and its NATO partners launched the exercise with the purpose of shoring up the eastern flank of the NATO alliance. Tensions between the United States and Russia have continued to escalate as Russia […]

Russia Moves From Buzzing U.S. Warships To Threatening Nuclear Attack On Tiny North Sea Island

Russian fighter planes have buzzed U.S. warships in recent months and allied NATO aircraft have reported several close calls, but now a senior official is urging President Vladimir Putin to launch a nuclear strike. Vladimir Zhirinovsky, the leader of Russia’s ultra-nationalist Liberal Democratic Party, went on TV to advocate a nuclear missile launch to destroy […]

Fidel Castro Meeting With Barack Obama In Cuba Won’t Happen — Here’s Why

Fidel Castro meeting with Barack Obama in Cuba may seem like political suicide for the United States president, but in Latin America, the revolutionary’s reputation is much more divisive. Many on the continent and its accompanying islands see Fidel and his right hand man Che Guevara as symbols of a fight against American and European […]

Russia ‘Proxy War’: Are Russia And The United States On Their Way To Another Cold War? Will World War 3 Start Because Of Syria?

Russia is engaging in strong rhetoric by cautioning the United States from starting a proxy war in Syria. The statement from Russia was in direct response to President Barrack Obama’s announcement that the United States would send special forces into Syria. The United States ground troops will be deployed into Syria in order to assist […]

Palomares Nuclear Crash: America Agrees ‘In Principle’ With Spain To Clean Up One Of Its Most Serious Accidents Of Cold War

To clean up Palomares, contaminated by nuclear material after the infamous B-52 crash in 1966, America and Spain have come to an agreement. The two countries confirmed the agreement is “in principle,” and it will involve a lot of planning to decontaminate the affected region whose inhabitants have been living in fear for almost half […]

Russian Jet Breaches Japan Air Space — Four Japanese Fighters Scramble To Cut Off Intruder

A Russian jet penetrated Japan air space on Tuesday, prompting the Japanese Air Self- Defense Force to send four of its own fighter jets into the sky to cut off the intruder and keep it from again making an incursion into sovereign Japanese territory. The intrusion by the Russian jet also sparked an official protest […]

Russian Sub Found Off Coast Of Sweden?

A Russian sub found in wreckage of the coast of Sweden rumors hit the internet on Tuesday morning. The submarine wreck discovery may date back to World War 1. Speculations has emerged that the find could be debris from a Russian submersible which was “hunted” in the area last year. A Russian submarine was believed […]

Russia Warns U.S. That War Games In Ukraine Might Have ‘Explosive Consequences’

Russia is warning the United States that the military exercises in Ukraine could spark “explosive consequences.” The war games began in the western region of the nation this week. Vladimir Putin‘s officials also stated that the exercises could derail the peace process ongoing in the separatists’ eastern region of the country. U.S. Military and Ukrainian […]

Russian Fighter Jet Comes Within 10 Feet Of U.S. Plane Over Black Sea

In the latest of a long list of close encounters, a Russian fighter reportedly barely missed a large U.S. Air Force reconnaissance aircraft over the Black Sea in international airspace on May 30. Military officials broke the news about the incident on Thursday. ABC News reports that there were two intercepts involving Russian Sukhoi Su-27 […]

Alaskan Farmers Are Growing A Siberian Plant That Was Used By Soviets To Gain Super-Human Strength And Endurance

Alaskan farmers have started growing a Siberian plant that was once used by the Soviets because they believed the plant had powerful medicinal properties. The farmers believe it could soon become one of the most valuable crops. Known locally as the “Golden Root,” the Rhodiola Rosea plant is native to Siberia and is commonly found […]

Power Grid EMP Attack Warnings Issued By Security Experts

An EMP attack on the power grid has security experts concerned and responding to the decision by NORAD to move back into the Cheyenne Mountain complex. Dr. Peter Vincent Pry and Henry F. Cooper believe the North American Aerospace Defense Command has abruptly decided to return to its Cold War era home due to mounting […]

Britain UFO Mystery Solved — After 53 Years? Bizarre 1962 Discovery Gets Strange Explanation

A 53-year-old UFO mystery, sometimes called “Britain’s Roswell,” has been solved — maybe. But if so, the explanation is in some ways as strange as the original story of a crashed alien spacecraft, reaching back into the deepest secrets of the Cold War. The mystery began in 1962 when a Scottish shepherd named Donald McKenzie […]

Russian Jet Cuts Off American Plane, U.S. Crew Lives In Danger — Pentagon Blasts ‘Reckless’ Russians

A Russian jet cut off a United States reconnaissance plane over the Baltic Sea last Tuesday, zooming within 20 feet of the American jumbo jet and sparking a protest from the Pentagon, which condemned the Russian move as “unsafe and unprofessional.” The U.S. RC-135 plane was flying what the Pentagon said was a routine information-gathering […]

Cheyenne Mountain Complex To Re-Open, Prompting EMP Attack And World War 3 Fears

Cheyenne Mountain Complex, a prominent icon of the Cold War, will soon be re-opened by the Pentagon. The “self-sufficient town” was buried beneath the Rocky Mountains in order to make the facility safe from an attack by Russia. The Cheyenne Mountain Complex was reportedly built to withstand a nuclear attack by the Soviet Union. The […]

Cold War 2: Russian Submarine Fleet To Add Five Nuclear Subs In 2015, U.S. Navy Only Adds Two

The size of the Russian submarine force will begin going up by five starting in 2015, with the pace of construction resembling the Cold War days more than the lethargic shipbuilding rate that has prevailed ever since the Berlin Wall fell. But although the number of U.S. nuclear submarines will only increase by two this […]

See Russian Fighter Jet Confront NATO Spy Plane In HD Video — Amazing Look At New Cold War In Skies

A Russian Su-27 fighter jet confronted a NATO spy plane flying over the Baltic Sea last November, and the incident was captured by the NATO Orion P-3 surveillance aircraft, flown by the Portuguese Air Force, in an amazing high definition video that gives the clearest look yet at the Cold War-style showdown taking place in […]

Russian, Chinese Jets Put Japan Under Siege, More Aerial Showdowns Than In Cold War 30 Years Ago

Russian bomber and spy jets to flying in from the north and Chinese fighters penetrating from the south placed Japan under siege for most of 2014, forcing Japanese Air Self Defense Force fighter jets to scramble more frequently than at the height of the Cold War, the country’s defense ministry said Tuesday. Japan keeps statistics […]

Russians Can’t Stop Santa Claus, JFK Assured 8-Year-Old Girl In Touching 1961 Letter

President John F. Kennedy, as the Cold War and the nuclear era were entering their most frightening phase, assured one little girl that the Russians were nothing to worry about, at least as far as Santa Claus was concerned. A letter from JFK to Michelle Rochon, an eight-year-old girl from Marine City, Michigan, was released […]

Could Russia Win World War III? Russia Passed US In Nuclear Weapons Capability For First Time In 40 Years

With a new round of nuclear weapons development complete, Russia has officially passed the United States in nuclear weapons capability for the first time in 40 years. How are they getting away with it? Russia has been smart about their growing nuclear weapons inventory, instead of stockpiling large amounts of strategic nuclear weapons, which are […]

Russian Jet Forced Out Of Baltic Air Space By Dutch F-16 Fighters On NATO ‘Policing’ Mission

A Russian jet identified as a military transport plane flew through Baltic air space dangerously close to the countries of Lithuania and Estonia Wednesday night, without revealing its flight plan to either country in what appears to be just the latest in an increasingly worrying series of provocations by Russian jets, possibly testing NATO defenses. […]

Russian Spy Plane Almost Rams SAS Passenger Jet With 136 Aboard, One Of 40 Dangerous Confrontations

A Russian spy plane nearly missed ramming a passenger jet taking off from a Danish airport with 132 passengers on board as the Russian plane conducted a spying mission over the country on March 3, according to a new report by the European Leadership network that found the continuing “dangerous brinksmanship” by Russia to be […]

FBI Memo Reveals Churchill Wanted U.S. To Nuke Russia To Win Cold War

A newly unveiled memo from the FBI’s archives has revealed that Winston Churchill urged the United States to launch a pre-emptive nuclear strike against Russia in an attempt to win the Cold War, believing that such an act could be the only way to stop the spread of communism to the west. The memo details […]

Ex-Soviet Cold War Leader’s Ominous Predictions Mar Berlin Wall Milestone

With ongoing diplomatic relations between the West, its allies, and Russia over the Ukrainian crisis strained, an ex-Soviet Union leader made some ominous predictions about rising tensions. On the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, Mikhail Gorbachev, the face of the former USSR at the end of the Cold War, warned that […]

Russian Submarine ‘Like Jesus’ Says Admiral As Sweden Threatens ‘Armed Force’ To Raise Sub

After two new sightings of an alleged Russian submarine off the coast of Sweden, a frustrated top-ranking official in the Swedish Navy has described the elusive submarine as “like Jesus.” The reason for the unusual choice of comparison? “Everyone knows who he is, but no one has seen him,” according to Sweden’s Rear Admiral Anders […]

Russian Spy Spotted In Sweden, Reports Say — Was Submarine Sent To Pick Up Mystery Man?

A possible Russian spy was photographed by a private invidividual in Sweden, and the Swedish intelligence service is now on the hunt for the mystery man in black, who may have been waiting to be picked up by the alleged Russian submarine now the target of Sweden’s largest military operation since the Cold War. The […]

Alexei Leonov, First Man To Spacewalk, Reveals Untold Story That Makes ‘Gravity’ Look Easy [Video]

Alexei Leonov, almost 50 years ago, became the first person to walk in space — an incredible moment in the history of humankind, and more immediately, in the race to conquer space, pitting what were then the world’s two superpowers, the Soviet Union and the United States, against each other as the Cold War played […]

Chilling Audio Of Lost Cosmonaut Inspires Short Film

Filmmakers Mirjam Veske and Nils Eilif Bremdal have unveiled a short movie which depicts the life or death struggles of an unknown, lost cosmonaut, thought by some to have burned to death upon re-entry at the height of the Cold War. Kosmonauta depicts a disputed event which, if true, could potentially re-write the history of […]

Vladimir Putin And Russia’s Nuclear Weapons Require Another Ronald Reagan?

Vladimir Putin has Russian chess grandmaster Garry Kasparov giving the world strategic advice on how to avoid World War 3. Kasparov also criticizes President Barack Obama for the handling of the Ukraine crisis, warning the United States government that they cannot hope to deal with Putin’s threats with military force due to Russia’s nuclear weapons. […]

Cold War 2: Russia And The United States Wage A Proxy War Over Ukraine And Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17?

Cold War 2 may have officially begun now that even U.S. Senators and House Representatives are claiming Vladimir Putin has dragged the Earth into another confrontation between two major world powers over the situation in Ukraine. Putin even recently revived a Cold War 1 spy base in Cuba in order to keep closer tabs on […]

Putin Revives Old Cold War Spy Base In Cuba

The Lourdes spy base, located south of Havana, was originally opened in 1964 shortly after the Cuban missile crisis. Strategically placed just 150 miles from the U.S. coast, it had been ideal for gathering information about our country during the Cold War. At the peak of the Cold War Lourdes was the largest single intelligence […]

World War 3: Russian Tanks Invade Ukraine, Bombers Buzz US Coast… Or Is That Russophobia Propaganda?

Is the talk about World War 3 just propaganda generated by Western media? Recent headlines have reported on Russian tanks invading eastern Ukraine and Russian bombers spotted by the US Air Force about 50 miles off of California’s coastline. Or is America suffering from an old-fashioned, 1950’s style case of “Russophobia” as claimed by the […]

Family Finds Cold War Fallout Shelter In Backyard: Here’s What Was Inside

A fallout shelter dating back to the Cold War era was discovered by a Wisconsin family in 2010. The Zwicks posted pictures of their find online, but it wasn’t until this week that the Internet became aware of the story. That’s because the original report from the Daily Mail surfaced on page one of Reddit […]

Cold War 2 Or World War 3? Economic Warfare Between The United States And Russia And China Has Begun

The potential for World War 3 or Cold War 2 has NATO nation scrambling to prepare for economic warfare with Russia or China. But according to some reports, the attack began years ago and only has intensified in 2014. In a related report by The Inquisitr, some people are claiming that the United States will […]

World War 3: Is The United States Space Command Planning A Nuclear Weapons First Strike On Russia And China?

Fears over World War 3 involving nuclear weapons has spawned conspiracy theories that the United States may have plans for a first strike against Russia and China. In addition, some experts are looking to the history of the first Great War to determine if the situation in Ukraine could be the spark that ignites a […]

Cold War 2: Bill Clinton Claims Vladimir Putin Wants A Russian Empire, Hillary Says He’s Like Hitler

The makings of another Cold War may be in the works if Bill Clinton is correct about Vladimir Putin’s intentions for the world. In a related report by The Inquisitr, Putin ordered that Russia’s nuclear weapons be tested alongside drills preparing for if a WMD were to ever be used. Russia also claims a CIA […]

Man Finds Underground Cold War Bunker, You Have To See What’s Inside!

Ever wondered what an abandoned Cold War bunker looks like? Well, thanks to one Reddit user who stumbled across one in the corner of a military base, we no longer have to wonder. Check out the photos and captions posted below of the experience that were posted on Imgur. Do you think you would of […]

World War 3: Russia’s Nuclear Weapons Test And WMD Strike Readiness To Commence Today

The haunting specter of World War 3 raised once again when Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that Russia’s nuclear weapons would be tested today as part of Victory Day in Russia, which marks the capitulation of the Nazis to the Soviet Union on May 9, 1945 to end World War II. That war cost 26 […]

Russian Bombers Buzz British, Dutch Airspace, Fighters Scramble To Chase Them Off

Two Russian bombers flew frighteningly close to the airspace of three western European countries Wednesday, forcing the Dutch, Danish and British Air Forces to put fighter jets in the air, making sure the two strategic bombers did not create a serious international incident. But Wednesday’s near-incursions were not the first such incidents over the past […]

Russia Claims Obama And CIA Pushing Ukraine To Confront Separatists, Putin Will ‘Respond In Kind’

Russia is now claiming President Barack Obama and the CIA are secretly working with Ukraine behind closed doors in order to convince the newly formed government to send their military against the separatists, who have seized around 10 cities in eastern Ukraine near the Russian border. Vladimir Putin and the Russian foreign ministry have already […]

End Of The World Or World War 3 In 2014 To Be Caused By A United States CIA Conspiracy Theory [Poll]

The end of the world, or World War 3 in 2014, would be caused by some sort of United States conspiracy theory according to a WIN/Gallup poll that surveyed 66,000 from all over the world. Today, Russia’s government made it clear they feel CIA conspiracy theories are behind the events in Ukraine. In a related […]

World War 3: Ukraine Crisis Worsens With Claims Of Russian Special Forces Killing Civilians

World War 3 is what everyone fears, and the Ukraine crisis may be enough to be the trigger point. Now the new Ukrainian government is claiming that Russian special forces may have been involved in a deadly attack that killed several people. The Donetsk People’s Republic, which declared itself a separate state from Ukraine, is […]

Cold War 2: Could Economic Warfare Be As Bad As Russia’s Nuclear Weapons Or An EMP Attack?

Cold War 2 may be inevitable even if World War 3 is not around the corner. But could a new Cold War be as damaging to the United States as an EMP attack or Russia’s nuclear weapons? In a related report by The Inquisitr, some journalists have already declared that World War 3 started yesterday […]

World War 3 Started? NATO Troops Deployed To Ukraine, US Forces May Increase Due To Russia

Cold War 2 is on the tips of many tongues although World War 3 is feared by many. But with NATO troops deployed some already believe we may look back and say that April 15, 2014 is the day when WW3 started, similar to how the trigger point for World War I was the assassination […]