Brodie Lee Cause Of Death: Wrestler Jon Huber Died Of Non-COVID Lung Ailment

Wrestler Jon Huber, best known for his work under the stage name Brodie Lee in All Elite Wrestling, has died of a non-COVID lung ailment. Huber’s wife announced his death on social media on Saturday, saying that the 41-year-old passed away while surrounded by family after having a battle with a lung issue. An Instagram […]

AEW News: Main Event Star Details Why He Will Never Go Back To WWE

Brian Cage is in the main event scene of All Elite Wrestling with a big title match coming up, and he’s happy to never return to WWE. Many wrestlers around the world believe that making it into Vince McMahon’s company is how you know you’ve hit the big time. Cage never even made it to […]

WWE News: The Undertaker Details His Falling Out With Vince McMahon Over Starrcast II

The relationship between The Undertaker and Vince McMahon has been solid ever since the legend’s debut in WWE, but there have been some bumps in the road. Last year, the former WWE Champion agreed to do a fan signing at Starrcast II. That event ran on the same weekend with All Elite Wrestling’s Double or […]

AEW News: Match Removed From ‘Dark’ After Wrestler’s Controversial Tweets Resurface

Everyone in the world is dealing with a number of sensitive issues right now, and that includes those in All Elite Wrestling. A match scheduled for Tuesday’s episode of AEW Dark has been removed from the card due to one wrestler’s past actions. Clutch Adams was in a match against Shawn Spears, but it is […]

AEW Stars Throw Shade During Controversial ‘SmackDown’ Angle Involving Jeff Hardy’s Arrest

This week’s episode of Friday Night SmackDown brought about a lot of confusion for WWE fans and shots from those in other promotions. The show started with an angle in which Elias was run over by a vehicle that was reportedly driven by Jeff Hardy. As the segment played out to open SmackDown, multiple stars […]

AEW News: Former WWE Tag Team Champion To Wrestle On Next Week’s Episode Of ‘Dark’

Many former WWE superstars are now members of the All Elite Wrestling roster, and that number continues to grow. AEW hired Billy Gunn in January of 2019, and he has worked primarily as a producer for the second-year promotion. While doing backstage work is his primary job, he will get back in the ring for […]

WWE Rumors: Update On Sting Possibly Going To AEW, Chris Jericho Drops Hint On ‘Dynamite’

There have been plenty of rumors swirling around that WWE Hall of Famer Sting is heading to All Elite Wrestling. A new update full of speculation has things looking more likely that the legendary former champion will end up in AEW before too long. Fuel has undoubtedly been added to the fire by Chris Jericho, […]

WWE Rumors: Vince McMahon No Longer Worried About AEW Signing Released Superstars

In the middle of April, WWE cleaned house with the release of nearly two dozen superstars during the coronavirus pandemic. For the last year, Vince McMahon was seemingly working diligently to lock up as much talent as possible since he likely didn’t want stars going to other promotions. Rumors are now swirling that WWE is […]

AEW News: Former Champion Says He Has No Reason To Hate WWE, Explains Why He Left

Brodie Lee may not have wrestled much in his final year working for WWE, but the current AEW star does not hate his old employer. The man formerly known as Luke Harper had his ups and downs in WWE before finally receiving his release from the company. Even though the relationship seemed rocky for quite […]

AEW News: WWE Hall Of Famer To Appear At ‘Double Or Nothing’ This Month

A WWE Hall of Famer is heading to All Elite Wrestling, and he will present the AEW TNT Title to its first champion at Double or Nothing. Legendary boxer Mike Tyson will be at the next big pay-per-view for the promotion, and he will play a huge role in its future. Tyson has always been […]

WWE News: Legendary Superstar Signs New Contract

Ric Flair is one of the most well-known superstars in professional wrestling history, and he’s going to be sticking around WWE. There had been some speculation over the last year that Flair’s contract was close to expiring and that he would end up with another promotion. All of those rumors have proved to be false, […]

Former Champion Teases Mysterious Connection To WWE’s Cryptic Tweet

Twitter is a strange place that can bring about the most hidden of personalities — even for a company like WWE. On Tuesday afternoon, the company tweeted a cryptic message that read in reverse and upside-down before deleting it about 10 minutes after it was up. About three hours later, former superstar Matt Hardy posted […]

WWE News: Former Champion’s Arrival In AEW Teased By The Dark Order

The creation of All Elite Wrestling means that the excitement of wrestlers jumping ship to or from WWE has finally returned. A number of former superstars have gone on to sign with AEW, and it now appears as if another may be on the way. With his contract for WWE now expired, there have been […]

WWE News: Hall Of Famer Shockingly Appears On Tonight’s AEW ‘Dynamite’

A number of WWE superstars have found their way onto All Elite Wrestling shows since they started last year, but they’re always quite shocking. On Wednesday night’s episode of Dynamite, things were going normally early on in the show as Cody Rhodes delivered a promo in the ring. All of a sudden, a WWE Hall […]

WWE News: CM Punk Reveals If He Can Technically Wrestle For Rival Promotion, Praises Renee Young

Most wrestling fans want CM Punk to return to the ring, but the former WWE superstar appears to be enjoying his new gig as a pundit for WWE Backstage. However, Punk is always asked about the possibility of a return to the squared circle — and whether All Elite Wrestling could be a destination if […]

WWE News: Hall Of Famer Says With Social Media ‘There’s Not Even Competition’ Between Companies

The world of professional wrestling was delivered a shake-up last year when AEW was created to face off against WWE. All Elite Wrestling has a talented roster, a primetime TV slot on a major network, and it keeps building momentum. Despite all of their success, guys like WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash aren’t overly […]

WWE Rumors: Big Update On Matt Hardy Possibly Signing New Deal, Moving To Another Brand

When it comes to superstars signing new deals with WWE, all of the backstage news isn’t always shared with the public. Many fans have been wondering why Matt Hardy has been treated so poorly over the last year, some feeling as if he’s as good as gone once his deal expires. Nothing has been confirmed […]

WWE News: Former Tag Team Champions Say They Want Creative Control

It is no secret that many superstars don’t have a lot of say over their characters as WWE is going to lead them in directions that they believe will work. The Revival has had moderate success during their run, but it’s obvious that they are wanting out of the company to move on elsewhere. Now, […]

WWE News: Former Champions Rip Fans After Requesting Their Release Again

Many superstars have been granted their release requests by WWE in the last year, but some have remained under contract with the company. Luke Harper, Sin Cara, Tye Dillinger, and others have all been granted their releases, but not The Revival. The former Raw Tag Team Champions have once again asked for their releases, and […]

WWE News: ‘SmackDown’ Tag Team Says It Is Time For Them Go Away For A While

Social media has allowed WWE superstars to continue storylines and express their feelings even if they aren’t being featured on television. For months, The Revival have been in tag team winning championships and featured in some pretty big angles. Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson have also teased that they will be leaving WWE, and they’re […]

AEW Rumors: Former WWE Superstar To Become On-Air Commissioner

There are a number of former WWE superstars and big names in All Elite Wrestling, but another may soon have a position of authority. AEW is looking to continue its momentum into 2020 since its debut earlier this year has been quite successful. Now, there are rumors flying around that former WWE superstar and former […]

AEW News: Cody Rhodes Reveals What He’d Do If He Bumped Into Triple H

Much has been made of the current rivalry between WWE and All Elite Wrestling. With NXT and Dynamite airing at the same time on Wednesday nights, both companies are trying to steal ratings from each other. At AEW’s Double or Nothing pay-per-view earlier this year, Cody Rhodes smashed a throne with a sledgehammer, which was […]

AEW News: Photo Shows Bad Turnout For ‘Dynamite,’ Cody Rhodes Responds With Facts

The business of professional wrestling is one that is always about who can do better, and AEW is trying to prove that they belong with the big boys. Ever since Dynamite debuted in early October, it has done good numbers on television, but NXT has caught up and started beating it in the ratings. A […]

WWE News: Vince McMahon Files Even More Trademarks For Old ECW And WCW Event Names

Vince McMahon and his company are looking into the future, but there are some things from the past that WWE wants to hold on to. Last month, a few trademarks were filed for old event names from both ECW and WCW, but it seems the company was far from finished. WWE has now filed for […]

WWE News: AEW Wrestler Fires Back At Former Superstar Amid Renewed Feud On Twitter

Months after both men were involved in a controversial backstage incident at an independent show, former WWE superstar Big Cass and All Elite Wrestling‘s Joey Janela are at it again, this time on Twitter. With Cass recently posting a tweet which many construed as a threat against Janela’s life, AEW’s “Bad Boy” responded on the […]

WWE Rumors: Former Superstar Explains Why He Thinks CM Punk Turned Down AEW For Fox Show

Although CM Punk is technically working for Fox Sports 1 as an occasional panelist for the network’s weekly show WWE Backstage, one of his former colleagues believes that the former world champion opted for his current gig in favor of a chance to join All Elite Wrestling because he has unfinished business with WWE. According […]

WWE News: NXT Tops AEW In Ratings Again – ‘Dynamite’ Has Lowest Rating Ever

At the beginning of October, a brand new professional wrestling war broke out when All Elite Wrestling started facing off directly with WWE. NXT officially began its run in mid-September and has done well in the ratings, but AEW started beating it immediately when Dynamite started in October. Now, the roles have reversed and AEW […]

AEW News: Superstar Says Company Is Inclusive And Safe For LGBTQ Wrestlers

As quoted by 411Mania, Nyla Rose recently spoke with Ring the Belle about All Elite Wrestling‘s dedication to creating a diverse company. According to the transgender superstar, the locker room is supportive of performers from all backgrounds — regardless of their race, gender, sexual orientation, shape or size. “It’s such a different environment. It’s very […]

WWE Rumors: Update On The Company Releasing More Superstars Soon

There is always the possibility that superstars could be released from WWE, but nothing is known until it happens. Rumors have been flying that the company is going to start releasing a number of names by the end of the year, but it appears as if someone may have jumped the gun on those rumors. […]

WWE Rumors: Triple H Was Not Happy An AEW Star Was On Camera At ‘NXT TakeOver: WarGames’

It isn’t often that WWE is going to name-drop or give credit to another promotion, but sometimes, things just happen. At this past Saturday night’s NXT TakeOver: WarGames, AEW wrestler Britt Baker appeared on camera for a short period of time as she watched boyfriend Adam Cole in the ring. Rumors are swirling that Triple […]

WWE Rumors: Vince McMahon Attempting To Block Cody Rhodes’ Trademarks For Old WCW Names

When it comes to professional wrestling, there were a lot of good ideas which have come through the years leading up to WWE vs. AEW. Both promotions are currently trying to trademark different ideas and event names that are from the past, but Vince McMahon may want to snatch up as many of them as […]

WWE News: Superstar Knows Why His Release Wasn’t Granted – ‘Opportunity Hasn’t Existed’

A number of superstars have requested their release from WWE within the last few months. However, very few of them were granted. Mike Kanellis is one of those who asked to be let out of his contract, but it simply has not happened, and he remains with the company. Now, the 205 Live superstar is […]

WWE News: Vince McMahon Now Files Trademarks For Old ECW Pay-Per-View Names

The future of professional wrestling is certainly bright with some of the best minds in charge of it, but WWE knows the worth of the past. Even though there are many events happening each year with different and unique names, some of those from the old ECW days still have worth. Vince McMahon is still […]

WWE News: Vince McMahon And AEW Both File Trademarks For Old WCW Pay-Per-Views

Many years ago, Vince McMahon bought out WCW and made WWE the top wrestling promotion in the world. Two decades later, McMahon and Cody Rhodes are both still playing off of ideas that the promotion once had, and they are trying to trademark old pay-per-views names from it. In the last couple of months, both […]

WWE Rumors: Vince McMahon Still Greatly Affected By Losing Chris Jericho To AEW

There have already been a number of big names join All Elite Wrestling after parting ways with WWE, but is one any bigger than another? When Chris Jericho was announced as joining AEW, the wrestling fans of the world were absolutely shocked by the huge move. As the first year of AEW’s existence is soon […]

WWE News: AEW Founder Tony Khan Calls Out Top Superstar After Throwing Shade At Company

Tony Khan engaged in a brief war of words with 13-time former world champion Randy Orton on Monday, one which ended with the businessman calling out “The Viper” for a pair of controversies he dealt with in previous weeks. This came shortly after the All Elite Wrestling founder took to Twitter to reply to CM […]

WWE News: Chris Jericho Explains Why He Didn’t Expect Randy Orton To Join AEW

Despite dropping a number of hints that seemed to indicate his interest in signing with All Elite Wrestling once his WWE contract expired, Randy Orton re-signed with the latter company earlier this week, as he himself confirmed on social media shortly after news of the deal first emerged. And while it was interesting to consider […]

WWE News: NXT Almost Totally Closes The Ratings Gap With AEW In ‘Wednesday Night Wars’

When WWE decided to move NXT to the USA Network, many wondered if it would keep its appeal and do as well as it did on the WWE Network. Not only has it continued to keep its fanbase, but it has grown as well. Many thought that All Elite Wrestling would rule things in the […]

AEW News: Former WWE Star Explains Why He Prefers The Backstage Environment In His Current Company

In a recent radio appearance, All Elite Wrestling star Jake Hager — formerly known in WWE as Jack Swagger — discussed a number of topics related to his in-ring career, including the difference between the backstage environments in both his former and current promotion. As quoted by Wrestling Inc., Hager recently guested on Busted Open […]

WWE Rumors: Multiple Superstars Reportedly Planning To Join AEW For Less Money Once Their Contracts Expire

Despite Friday Night SmackDown‘s high-profile move to Fox earlier this month — and a number of reports suggesting that certain wrestlers would be getting a better push going forward — recent rumors have pointed to a decline in morale in the WWE locker room. And with All Elite Wrestling‘s success as a fledgling company in […]

WWE Rumors: ‘Raw’ Fans Reportedly Threatened With Removal From Venue If Caught Wearing AEW Merchandise

With All Elite Wrestling establishing its presence on TNT with its weekly prime-time show Dynamite and further standing out as a threat to WWE‘s popularity, it appears that the latter promotion is doing what it could to curb AEW-mania among its live fans, as alleged in recent reports. According to WrestleZone, multiple fans who showed […]

WWE News: Hall Of Famer Blasts ‘Stagnant’ Vince McMahon, Comments On AEW’s Appeal With Fans

For years, WWE owner Vince McMahon has faced rampant criticism from ordinary fans and people within the industry alike, many of whom feel he is out of touch with the trends in professional wrestling. In a recent interview, WWE Hall of Famer Terry Funk became the latest wrestling personality to criticize McMahon for his perceived […]

WWE Rumors: Major Superstar Might Have Teased Plans To Join AEW In Cryptic Instagram Post

This year has seen two big names primarily connected with WWE in the past — Chris Jericho and Jon Moxley (formerly Dean Ambrose) — leave Vince McMahon’s company and join the recently formed All Elite Wrestling. Could Randy Orton be the next main-event talent from WWE to jump ship once his contract with the company […]

WWE Rumors: Superstar’s Release Request Is Not Likely Going To Be Granted

There are a large number of superstars who are thrilled to be a member of the WWE roster, but some just feel as if better things are out there. Even though Vince McMahon’s company sometimes seems as if it’s the ultimate goal, not everything is what it appears to be upon arrival. Still, WWE is […]

WWE News: Former Champion Talks Current Star Jumping Ship To All Elite Wrestling

When All Elite Wrestling came into existence, it was obvious to many that WWE was going to have some true competition facing them. There have already been a number of big names who have split from the wrestling giant and moved onto something else, but the bleeding is far from over. Now, a former champion […]

AEW News: Shad Khan Discusses Competition With WWE

Shad Khan isn’t the public face of All Elite Wrestling, but he put forth the funds to start the company in the first place. The Jacksonville Jaguars owner has allowed his son, Tony Khan, to run the day-to-day operations of the company, and he believes that he’s off to a strong start. As quoted by […]

WWE Rumors: Update On Stone Cold Steve Austin’s In-Ring Return And Possible Match At ‘Crown Jewel’

The idea that a WWE Hall of Famer and true legend could come back for one more match is something that numerous wrestling fans wish. Stone Cold Steve Austin is one of the most iconic superstars of all time in any wrestling promotion and fans would love to see him come back and deliver Stunners […]

WWE Rumors: WWE Hall Of Famer Gets New Deal Which Includes A Return For One More Match

Longtime wrestling fans will always have certain superstars they want to see return to the ring, but some careers are simply over for good. As people get older, they simply can’t go as they used to or injuries may merely cause them to retire for their own health. Well, rumors are now swirling that a […]

AEW News: Former WWE World Champion’s Debut Kept Tight Secret, News On New Heel Stable

On Wednesday night, All Elite Wrestling laid the first stone on their path to wrestling immortality with the debut episode of AEW: Dynamite. The opening match saw Cody defeat Sammy Guevara, but those two weren’t finished for the night. As the main event came to a close, a former WWE World Heavyweight Champion made his […]

WWE News: CM Punk Actually Comments On A Possible Return To WWE

The mere idea that CM Punk would ever return to professional wrestling at all is big enough, but to head back to WWE? After many bridges were said to have been burned, there have been plenty of rumors swirling around that this partnership could happen again. Lately, the reports have had Punk coming back to […]