Chick-fil-A Honors Fallen Soldiers On Memorial Day

In keeping with its long-term corporate mandate for community service and appreciation, some Chick-fil-A locations are once again making a push to honor those who sacrificed their lives for our freedoms on Memorial Day. Two Alabama locations will be honoring the fallen with what they call the Missing Man Table. Two Chick-fil-A locations commemorating Memorial […]

New York Prison Guard Targeted In Attack, Suffers Serious Burns

A 52-year-old unidentified New York prison guard was seriously burned today after he picked up a package near his home that exploded. He is currently hospitalized and in stable condition. His injuries include burns on his hands and arms. Authorities are not yet certain whether the attack was related to the man’s work, and the […]

Jan Crouch: Trinity Broadcasting Network Co-Founder Suffers ‘Significant’ Stroke

The family of Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) co-founder Jan Crouch announced on yesterday that the iconic religious television personality has been hospitalized due to a massive stroke. Crouch, 78, was the wife of the late Paul Crouch who passed away in 2013 at the age of 79 from degenerative heart disease. The two founded the […]

NY Man Kills Wife, Wheels Body Around On Dolly, And Then Dumps Corpse In Front Of Another House

A 32-year-old man is being held without bail for the strangulation death of his wife. Anthony Lopez was seen wheeling a body around Staten Island on Friday morning at 7 a.m. by an off-duty detective. The corpse was covered with a sheet and was later identified as Aduba Obiamaka, Lopez’s 26-year-old wife. When the detective […]

Chicken Wars: KFC Gearing Up To Compete Against A Restaurant Half Its Size That’s Raking In Three Times Its Sales

Long time popular fast food chicken restaurant Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) has made the decision to go up against mega-successful Chick-fil-A in an effort to compete with them for sales. Chick-fil-A generates roughly three times in sales per restaurant as KFC, and KFC is making changes in the way that it does business to try […]

Atlanta Mayor Fires Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport’s General Manager

Atlanta’s mayor’s office has confirmed that the general manager of Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport has been fired. Mayor Kasim Reed thanked Miguel Southwell for his service in a statement to the press and indicated that he was committed to achieving “maximum operational efficiencies and the highest level of customer service possible” in the facility. The exact […]

Duffy McLemore: Body Of Missing 4-Year-Old South Carolina Boy Is Found

The body of a 4-year-old reported missing while at James Island County Park in Charleston, South Carolina, has now been found. Duffy McLemore was reported missing to park officials by his family on Saturday at around 4:45 p.m. Police were notified 30 minutes later. His body was found around 10 p.m. 4 year old Duffy […]

Man Who Choked 8-Year-Old Girl Unconscious In A Women’s Bathroom At A Chicago Restaurant Has Been Arrested

The Chicago man accused of choking an 8-year-old girl in the restroom of a Jason’s Deli last week has been arrested. Reese M. Hartstirn, 33, is being charged with aggravated kidnapping and aggravated battery of a child, both of which are felonies. He also faces a misdemeanor battery charge and aggravated assault of a peace […]

Photo Of Server’s Bloody Feet After Being Forced To Wear High Heels Tells The Story Of One Restaurant’s Alleged Unfair Uniform Policy

A photo of a server’s bloody feet that is circulating around social media is not portraying the uniform policy of Joey Restaurants in a favorable light. Make-up artist Nicola Gavins, a resident of Alberta, Canada, posted a photo of her friend’s feet after working a shift where she was forced to wear high heels while […]

College Student Tucked Into Bed By ‘Friends’ After Being Brutally Beaten And Stabbed At A Party, He Later Dies

What probably in the mind of a Virginia college student started out as an evening of fun and relaxation ended up as the night that would lead to his tragic death. Hosung “Steven” Lee, 21, a student at George Mason University, attended a house party on April 23 where, for reasons currently unknown, 15 people […]

Mississippi State Student Dies After 18-Foot Fall From Jumbotron

Mississippi State University became the scene of a tragic accident when one of its students and two of his friends decided to climb atop an 18-foot Jumbotron at Wade Davis Stadium in Starkville, Mississippi. Andrew Scott Demboski, 21, died Saturday morning at around 1:30 a.m. Demboski was a junior at Mississippi State. He and his […]

Mom Finds Slimy Razor Blade In Daughter’s Wendy’s Soda Cup

In yet another tale of disgusting foreign items found in fast food purchases, a New Hampshire mom reports finding a slimy razor blade at the bottom of a soda cup that she bought for her daughter at a local Wendy’s on Friday. To make matters worse, her daughter had already consumed about one-fourth of the […]

Pope Francis Speaks Out Against Pedophilia After Rape And Murder Of Little Girl

Pope Francis put aside his prepared speech for his weekly Sunday message today and called for the “severe punishment” of pedophiles. His reaction was brought about after more details surrounding the death of six-year-old Fortuna Loffredo were made public. Loffredo died near Naples in 2014 after being sexually abused by a neighbor. Authorities say that […]

Bodies Of Mountain Climber And Cameraman Finally Discovered 16 Years After Being Buried Alive

Sixteen years after a tragic avalanche in which they were buried alive, the bodies of noted mountain climber Alex Lowe and his cameraman, David Bridges, have finally been found. Lowe, 40 at the time of his death, and Bridges, 29, were making an expedition on October 5, 1999, to climb Shishapangma in Tibet when the […]

St. Petersburg, Florida: Man Shoots Wheelchair-Bound Wife And Then Kills Himself

A well-known and respected St. Petersburg couple fell victim to a tragic murder-suicide this weekend. The bodies of Gerard Stempinski, 69, and his wife Marie, 72, were found on Friday. Authorities speculate that Gerard, who allegedly was suffering from depression over a gym injury that forced him to use a cane, shot his wheelchair-bound wife […]

Appling, Georgia Mass Shooter Wayne Anthony Hawes Made Threats On The Day Before He Murdered Five People And Then Took His Own Life

Information has emerged that Appling Georgia mass shooter Wayne Anthony Hawes, 50, made threats to family members on the day before the shootings. Hawes killed five people on Friday in retaliation for his wife moving out and declaring that she planned to file for divorce. Some of the victims were related to his wife, although […]

Pike County Mass Shootings: Victims Identified And Possible Motive Offered

The victims of a horrific mass shooting in Pike County, Ohio, that seems to have targeted one specific family have now been identified. Eight members of the Rhoden family were shot execution style on Friday night. Crime scene evidence suggests that most of the deceased were shot while they were asleep, including a young mother […]

Second United States Mass Shooting On Friday: Five Dead In Appling, Georgia, Wayne Anthony Hawes Identified As Suspect

At least five people are dead after two shootings on Friday night in Appling, Georgia. Authorities have identified the suspect in both shootings as Wayne Anthony Hawes, 50. A brief manhunt ensued to locate Hawes. It is currently believed that Wayne Hawes took his own life after killing the victims by setting his house on […]

A 9-Year-Old Atlanta Boy Dies After Being Struck By A Motor Vehicle Along With Two Friends As They Were Riding Their Bikes

An Atlanta tragedy has been made even worse as a nine-year-old boy died after being struck by a motor vehicle along with two of his friends as they were riding their bikes. Isaiah Ward, who suffered severe brain and spinal injuries in the accident, died on Sunday evening after he was removed from a respirator. […]

Man Shoots Two Maryland Firefighters Who Were Trying To Help Him, One Dies

A 61-year-old man, whose identity police have not yet released, shot two firefighters who were trying to gain entrance into his home on Friday night. Firefighters/medics John Ernest Ulmschneider, 37, and Kevin Swain, 19, were responding to an emergency call from the man’s brother, who said that he had been unable to get in touch […]

Mystery Foam Flows Down The Streets Of Japan After Earthquake

Japan continues to command the world’s attention after two powerful earthquakes wreaked havoc in the southern region of one of its cities — Kumamoto. But in the midst of all of the destruction, a mystery was created. Overnight a mysterious foam flowed through and covered the streets of another of its cities, Fukuoka. It is […]

Barney Simms: Former Civil Rights Activist And Community Leader Shot And Killed In Own Front Yard In Atlanta

A beloved former civil rights activist and Atlanta community leader was fatally shot in his front yard yesterday. Police say that the unknown shooters also stole his black Lexus which was later recovered. Barney Simms, 70, was pronounced dead on the scene. He died of what appeared to be a single gunshot wound. Simms’ body […]

Man Arrested In Death Of Woman Whose Body Was Found Inside Of A Suitcase Outside Of A Hotel

Police announced the arrest of a man as a suspect in the murder of a young woman whose body was found in a suitcase last week. Joshua Matthew Palmer, 33, has been arrested and charged with suspicion in the murder of Shauna Haynes, 21. Haynes’ body had been stuffed into a suitcase and left in […]

Passenger Dies On Qantas Airways Flight To Dubai

Qantas Airways has had more than its share of problems over the past couple of weeks. It has been confirmed that an unidentified passenger died on a Qantas Airways flight bound for Dubai on Saturday. The airline states that the apparent cause of death was a heart attack. Flight QF9 originated from Melbourne on Friday […]

Stacy Fawcett: Popular Dallas Food TV Reporter Stabbed To Death By Oldest Son

A popular Dallas TV personality and food reporter has now been confirmed dead. Stacy Fawcett, 45, was the victim of a fatal stabbing, presumably, police say, at the hands of her oldest son, McCann Utu, Jr., 19. Fawcett’s youngest son, Josiah, 17, was also killed in the attack. According to the Plano Police Department, the […]

French Peacekeepers Allegedly Raped Approximately 100 Children And Even Forced Four Girls To Have Sex With A Dog

The United Nations recently made a shocking announcement that their investigations have revealed accusations that French peacekeepers posted in the Central African Republic (CAR) have raped over 100 children and even forced four girls to have sex with a dog. Stephane Dujarric, United Nations spokesman, said that the allegations were shocking and that disciplinary actions […]

Christian School Principal, Douglas J. Allison, Arrested And Charged With Molesting Two Of His Students On Multiple Occasions, Right In His Own Classroom

The principal of a small Seventh Day Adventist school in Washington State has been arrested for the alleged molestation of two of his young female students. Douglas J. Allison, 55, principal of Mountain View Christian School, has been charged with raping and sexually assaulting a 10-year-old girl and her classmate. Allison, unbelievably, even told prosecutors […]

Actress Tisha Campbell Of ‘Martin’ Fame And Husband File For Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Popular actress Tisha Campbell of Martin fame and her husband Duane have apparently fallen on troubling times. It has now been revealed that the couple filed for a chapter 7 bankruptcy at the beginning of the year, listing a total debt of approximately $15 million dollars. The bankruptcy is now pending in a federal court. […]

New Orleans Man Steals Candy And Is Now Facing Life In Prison

A Louisiana man allegedly shoplifted $31 worth of candy from a Dollar General store back in December. He was caught, and now is facing 20 years to life for the offense under the state’s habitual-offender law. Jacobia Grimes, 34, has a criminal record that includes five prior convictions. According to Yahoo News, even Judge Franz […]

Bee Sweet Lemonade: She Gets $11 Million Contract From Whole Foods, And She’s Only 11

Business is business, and an 11-year-old entrepreneur has proven that if one just makes up their mind to it she can have the business of her dreams. Mikaila Ulmer was first seen on Shark Tank where she won a $60,000 investment to fund her lemonade business. Now branded as Bee Sweet Lemonade, she has signed […]

Dead Woman Found In Macon Zaxby’s Parking Lot In Back Seat Of SUV

The dead body of a woman was found in the parking lot of a Macon, Georgia Zaxby’s located at 910 Riverside Drive on Saturday morning around 8 a.m. The woman has been identified as Blair Chamblee, 25. Chamblee was found in the back seat of a 2006 Toyota 4Runner by the manager of the Zaxby’s […]

Three Florida Teen Girls Found Dead In Stolen Car At Bottom Of Pond

Three Florida teens allegedly stole a car on Wednesday, and on Thursday at around 4 a.m. drove it into a pond inside of a cemetery while trying to evade sheriff’s deputies. The girls were found dead inside of the vehicle after deputies attempted a rescue. They were apparently trapped inside after the vehicle was submerged. […]

Tennessee Mom Faces Child Neglect Charges After Making Children Walk To School Behind Her Car After They Missed The Bus

A Tennessee mom is being charged with child neglect for making her two daughters, both under the age of 10, walk to school after they missed the school bus. The police report indicates that the temperature was cold that morning and that there were heavy traffic conditions. Lisa Marie Palmer, 32, was driving ahead of […]

Evidence Proves Jack McCullough Was Wrongly Convicted Of Child Murder, But Judge Says He Will Not Be Rushed In Releasing Him

Evidence has now emerged that Jack Daniel McCullough, the 76-year-old grandfather who was convicted in the cold case child murder of 7-year-old Maria Ridulph, is innocent. McCullough’s legal team has filed a motion for his immediate release, but DeKalb County Judge William Brady says that the process “can’t be rushed” and on Friday refused to […]

Carolyn Robinson: Family Of Atlanta Woman Found Dead In Westin Hotel Freezer Is Now Suing For Unspecified Damages

The family of Carolyn Robinson, the 61-year-old Westin Peachtree Plaza hotel kitchen employee recently found dead in one of the hotel’s walk-in freezers, has retained the services of a law firm and is suing the hotel for unspecified damages. Robinson’s body was found in the freezer on March 22 around 9 a.m. after her family […]

Fitzgerald, Georgia: Seven Suspects Have Been Arrested In The Murder Of Lottery Winner Craigory Burch

Seven suspects have been apprehended and charged in the murder of Georgia lottery winner Craigory Burch. Armed robbers entered Burch’s home a little more than two months ago in a failed robbery attempt. When they found that Burch did not have cash on the premises, they shot the 20-year-old in cold blood in front of […]

PEZ Cancels Annual Easter Egg Hunt Due To Poor Adult Behavior

What a mess. PEZ had to cancel its Annual Easter Egg Hunt this year due to the bad behavior of the adults in attendance. It seems that some adults simply cannot follow directions. Despite PEZ putting out close to 10,000 Easter eggs for the children to find on three separate fields and giving specific instructions […]

Galveston County Accused Bank Robber Escapes From Jail

Update: Click 2 Houston is now reporting that Alex Washington has been apprehended by authorities. The Galveston County Sheriff’s Department took him into custody tonight around 8:30 p.m. He was located in Bolivar Peninsula. ===== An accused bank robber, Alex Washington, 38, has escaped from the Galveston County Jail in what Sheriff Henry Trochesset describes […]

Lakeland, Florida Security Guard Fatally Shoots Teen Who Shot Him In The Face With A BB Gun

A Lakeland, Florida security guard fatally shot a 15-year-old teen who allegedly shot him in the face with two pellets from a BB gun. Shawn Plain, 19, was apparently charging his cell phone in the laundry room of the apartment building where he worked at about 4:45 a.m. when a young male appeared at the […]

Florida Man Throws Molotov Cocktail At Home of Ex While Son Is Still Inside

A Florida man, Nicholas James Vought, has been arrested for throwing a Molotov cocktail at the home of his ex while she and his son were still inside. Vought, 33, was arrested on Thursday and charged with arson, using explosives and intimidation, and possession of a fire bomb. Fortunately, no injuries were reported as a […]

‘Sesame Street’ Actor David Smyrl, Known As Mr. Handford, Dead At Age 80

David Smyrl, better known as Mr. Handford of Sesame Street, has passed away at the age of 80. His wife, Cheryl, states that he was diagnosed with lung cancer in January. He died on Tuesday at Lankenau Medical Center in Wynnewood, Pennsylvania. Smyrl appeared in a recurring role on Sesame Street from 1990 to 1998. […]

Betty White Being Sued By Former Live-In Maid

Former Golden Girl Betty White, 94, is being sued by her maid and caretaker of more than 20 years over unpaid wages, unpaid vacation pay, unpaid overtime, and lack of breaks. Anita Maynard, a Los Angeles resident, says that she worked six days a week on 14 hour-a-day shifts for Ms. White but was never […]

Two Atlanta Police Officers Get Into A Fight With Each Other, One Pulls His Gun

Last Friday, what began as lively banter between two fellow Atlanta police officers turned into a full-fledged fist fight with one pulling his service weapon on the other. And the fight was over who could run the fastest. Officers Stephen Green and Joseph Tyler, veterans of the force for approximately five and four years, respectively, […]

Georgia Resident David Pressley Shoots Lawn Mower Full Of Explosives And Loses Leg

David Pressley, a Georgia man who had friends record him on their cell phones while he was attempting target practice on a lawn mower that he had filled with explosives, lost a leg when the incident turned tragic. Pressley had filled an old lawn mower with three pounds of Tannerite, an explosive material that contains […]

Donald Trump: Some Mexicans Have Decided To Burn Him In Effigy For Easter

Some folks have had enough of Donald Trump, and to express their dissatisfaction, they will be burning him in effigy over the Easter weekend. A papier-mache representation of Trump created by artist Felipe Linares will be used during the “Burning of Judas” celebration, a tradition where Mexicans burn figures of politicians, the devil, and others […]

Atlanta Woman Found Dead In Freezer Of Upscale Downtown Hotel

A 61-year-old kitchen worker at an upscale downtown Atlanta hotel was found dead in a walk-in freezer in the hotel today. Carolyn Robinson, a resident of East Point, Georgia, apparently entered the freezer alone around 8 p.m. on Monday night. Her family was concerned when she did not come home after her shift ended that […]

County Donegal, Ireland: Family Of Five Killed As Car Slips Into Sea, Only An Infant Survives

A tragic scene unfolded in County Donegal, Ireland, this weekend as a family of five was killed when their car slipped into the sea from a pier. The accident occurred at Buncrana Pier at about 7:15 p.m. on Sunday. Only one survivor has been reported, a baby girl who is listed in stable condition. Three […]

Three Washington Teens Accused of Allegedly Raping Girl And Then Posting Attack On Snapchat

Three teenage boys, ages 13, 14, and 17, have been arrested and are being accused of gang raping a 15-year-old girl in a backyard shed on the grounds of her own home last week and then posting images and video of the attack on Snapchat. The crime reportedly occurred in Lakebay, Washington. All of the […]

Indiana School Bus Carrying Basketball Team Overturns, Multiple Injuries Reported

An Indiana school bus transporting basketball players to a game was sideswiped by a local driver and overturned on the side of an expressway in yet another case of distracted driving gone wrong. Officials say that the accident was caused when the driver of an automobile spilled a drink on herself and swerved into the […]

Pennsylvania Couple Arrested For Allegedly Starving 10-Pound Toddler To Death

Police arrested a Pennsylvania couple on Thursday in the alleged starving death of Lydia Wright, their 23-month-old daughter. The victim, who the parents rushed to the emergency department after noting foaming from her nose and mouth and that she had stopped breathing, weighed only 10 pounds at the time of her death. Andrea Dusha, 26, […]