Robin Thicke Says Father Alan Thicke’s Death Inspired New Music: ‘These Songs Started Pouring Out’

Sometimes, heartache brings out the best in songwriters and music. After tragically losing his father back in 2016, Robin Thicke says that it really put a new perspective on his music and the album that he wanted to put out for the public. At the time, he had an album ready to go, but as […]

Alan Thicke’s Estate Finally Settled Among Warring Family Members

After actor Alan Thicke suddenly passed away in December 2016, his three sons and widow almost immediately began fighting over his estate. Seventeen months later, it looks like they have finally come to an agreement. When he died, the beloved Growing Pains dad had been married to his third wife, model Tanya Callau, for 11 […]

Robin Thicke Welcomes New Baby Girl With Girlfriend April Love Geary

Robin Thicke officially announced the birth of his second child in a post on social media, which included a video of him holding the bundle of joy inside the hospital. The newly born baby girl, named Mia Love Thicke, is the singer and April Love Geary’s first child together. Geary gave birth over the weekend […]

Robin Thicke Expecting Baby With Girlfriend April Love Geary On Dad Alan’s Birthday, Instagram Fans Celebrate

Robin Thicke is expecting his first baby with girlfriend April Love Geary. Interestingly, the due date falls on his dad Alan Thicke’s birthday, March 1. April broke the news on her Instagram page while sharing an ultrasound picture of the baby. April declared that they were excited to share the news with their fans. She […]

Alan Thicke’s Widow Says His Sons Want To Turn His Home Into A Weed Farm

The battle for Alan Thicke’s estate is predictably getting quite nasty, especially since his widow, who is not the mother of this three children, has been added into the mix. Earlier this week, Alan Thicke’s sons filed a petition claiming that his widow, Tanya Callau, is attempting to get more than what was left to […]

Alan Thicke’s Estate: Robin Thicke And Brother Battle Stepmom Tanya Callau

Alan Thicke’s third wife, Tanya Callau, and his two oldest sons, Brennan and Robin Thicke, are embroiled in a bitter battle over Thicke’s estate. Robin Thicke and his brother, Brennan, approached the Los Angeles Superior Court on May 16 to file a petition against Callau. Brennan and Robin Thicke are co-executors to Alan Thicke’s estate […]

‘This Is Us’: Every Guest Star So Far And Who Could Turn Up For Season 2

This Is Us casting directors are keeping busy. With a supersized cast lineup that includes Mandy Moore, Milo Ventimiglia, and three incarnations of their characters’ kids ranging from age 8 to 36, the first season of the breakout NBC drama featured many familiar faces and newcomers. And in addition to recurring guest stars like Gerald […]

Leonardo DiCaprio To Present Award At Oscars 2017

Leonardo DiCaprio will present an award at this year’s Oscars, according to Variety. Leo will be a presenter at the Oscars this year! — Leonardo DiCaprio (@LeoDiCaprioFans) February 2, 2017 The Titanic actor, who won his first Academy Award last year for his starring role in The Revenant, will take to the stage once […]

Robin Thicke Goes With Cops To Ex-Wife’s Home In Violation Of Custody Order, Son Refuses To Leave With Him

According to Hollywood Life, Robin Thicke called the cops on former wife, Paula Patton, for allegedly violating a custody order and not allowing him to take his son home. The 39-year-old singer reportedly called his former wife about retrieving their son, Julian, but got no answer. This led the “Blurred Lines” singer to show up […]

Celebrity Deaths In 2016: A List Of Who We’ve Lost In The Year That Savaged The Entertainment Industry [Video]

If you’ve noticed that 2016 has been a ruthless year for celebrity deaths, you are far from the only one. Every time we think there’s not another star that we’ll have to say an early goodbye to, the news breaks that the world has lost another famous face and unique talent. Christmas week 2016 underscored […]

Alan Thicke Cause Of Death: What Is A Ruptured Aorta?

Despite an initial diagnosis of a fatal heart attack, after an autopsy, the official Alan Thicke cause of death was reported on December 21, 2016, as a Type A ruptured aorta. A ruptured aorta, properly known as an aortic dissection, is a medical condition where a small tear occurs in the inner layer of the […]

Alan Thicke: Cause Of Death Revealed After Memorial Gathering The Los Angeles coroner has issued a death certificate for Alan Thicke, and even though doctors tried to save Thicke, rushing him into surgery at Providence St. Joseph’s Medical Center in Burbank, they were too late after Thicke suffered a massive heart attack. Alan Thicke had been playing ice hockey with his son, Carter, […]

Why Alan Thicke’s Last Words To His Son Were Especially Poignant

Alan Thicke, the actor who will be fondly remembered for television shows like Growing Pains, passed away after suffering a heart attack on December 13, but his last words to his son reveal why he was loved so much by his family and friends. There is an endless fascination with the last words uttered by […]

Alan Thicke Remembered And Celebrated At Star-Studded Memorial Service

The late Alan Thicke was fondly remembered by friends and family at a memorial service, US Magazine is reporting. The memorial service which took place at the home he shared with his wife, Tanya Callau in Carpinteria, California, near Santa Barbara had over 300 guests in attendance. The star-studded ensemble included Leonardo DiCaprio, Alex Trebek, […]

Alan Thicke’s Last Words: What Did ‘Growing Pains’ Actor Tell His Son From Stretcher After Heart Attack?

Growing Pains actor Alan Thicke passed away on Wednesday after suffering a heart attack while playing hockey in California with his son, Carter. The 69-year-old’s death was a shock to everyone as he had kept a healthy and active lifestyle all the way up until the day he died. Thicke is survived by his three […]

Alan Thicke Death: Cause of Death Heart Attack Despite Healthy, Happy Lifestyle, What Are The Signs?

Alan Thicke’s death shone a light on the Growing Pains dad and his lifestyle. Alan was happy and lived in a healthy way that kept him full of energy right up to the moment of his heart attack during a hockey game with his son. He paid attention to his diet, got lots of exercise, […]

TMZ: Alan Thicke Dead At 69, Celebs React Following Actor’s Sudden Heart Attack

After TMZ announced the death of Alan Thicke, several celebrities have come out to pay their respects to the multi-talented actor fondly remembered for being an awesome dad on the 80s TV show Growing Pains. News of Alan Thicke’s death broke on Tuesday. The Canadian-born actor, who also earned a name for himself as a […]

Tanya Thicke Photos: Alan Thicke’s Wife Chronicled Their Love Through Social Media, Including Final Loving Picture Together

Tanya Thicke was more than just Alan Thicke’s wife, and to many of the actor’s fans, she was a sort of biographer, sharing photos that chronicled their marriage and their love throughout the years. In the wake of Thicke’s shocking death on Tuesday, many of his fans have sought out pictures of the actor’s wife […]

Alan Thicke Final Photo: After Suffering Heart Attack, Thicke Gave Thumbs Up And Told His Son To Take A Picture As He Was Being Loaded Into Ambulance

The final photo of Alan Thicke may never be seen to the public, but it apparently displays the showmanship of one of the most beloved television actors of all time. Thicke died this week at the age of 69, suffering a heart attack while playing hockey with his 19-year-old son, Carter. After suffering the heart […]

Remembering Alan Thicke: A Look Back At The ‘Growing Pains’ Star’s Best Work

2016 is shaping up to be one of the worst years on record, as yet another legendary celebrity is claimed. And as we begin remembering Alan Thicke — who died, yesterday, at the age of 69 — we have to take a look back and remember some of his best work, which, incidentally, goes beyond […]

Kirk Cameron, Tracey Gold, Leonardo DiCaprio, And More React To The Death Of ‘Growing Pains’ Dad Alan Thicke Kirk Cameron is speaking out on the shocking death of his TV father, Alan Thicke. Thicke died suddenly on Tuesday after suffering a heart attack, according to the Los Angeles Times. The Growing Pains patriarch was 69-years-old. In a poignant post to Instagram, Kirk Cameron paid homage to his longtime co-star with a throwback […]

Celebrities Who Have Died In 2016: Alan Thicke Adds To The Ever-Growing List Of Big Names Gone This Year

2016 is the year that so many would like to forget for a number of reasons, but mainly due to the numerous losses of big celebrity names. Well, the year still isn’t over and unfortunately, another great celebrity name has been added to the list of deaths that have tragically struck the world in 2016. […]

‘Stop The Wedding’: Hallmark — Hollywood Actor To Marry Naive Widow In TV Movie Based On Book, Starring Rachel Boston, Alan Thicke

Stop The Wedding is an entertaining new Hallmark movie that is going to premiere this Saturday night. Based on the book by Stephanie Bond, Stop The Wedding is directed by Anne Wheeler, and the teleplay is written by Nina Wyman. Hallmark’s Stop The Wedding is about hotshot attorney Anna Colton, who tries desperately to stop […]

‘Scream Queens’ Guest Star Chad Michael Murray Dishes On His ‘Sexual Deviant’ Character

Scream Queens is getting ready to introduce a number of exciting guest stars in its upcoming Thanksgiving special. Along with the usual cast of Jamie Lee Curtis, Ariana Grande, Nick Jonas, and Emma Roberts, the episode will feature Chad Michael Murray, Alan Thicke, and Patrick Schwarzenegger as part of Chad Radwell’s (Glen Powell) egotistic family. […]

‘Scream Queens’ Brings ‘One Tree Hill’ Star Chad Micheal Murray And Alan Thicke To Thanksgiving

Scream Queens is set to feature a few exciting guest stars as it heads into its holiday episode, titled “Thanksgiving.” While most of the ladies of the Kappa sorority will be enjoying Thanksgiving in the company of each other, Chanel (Emma Roberts) will be spending the holiday with Chad (Glen Powell), where a few guests […]

Robin Thicke’s Father, Alan, Admits To Getting Freaky To His Son’s Music

For many of us, our parents are our number one fans. However, there are times when they take their love to an awkward level… like what Alan Thicke apparently does. In the latest Loose Talk video, Robin Thicke’s 68-year-old father came out with a cringe-worthy revelation. Together with wife Tanya Callau, Alan admitted that they […]

‘Growing Pains’ Cast To Reunite On Reality Show

Just last week we were talking about The Wonder Years reunion, and now it looks like there was somewhat of a reunion for the cast of Growing Pains. For his reality show, Unusually Thicke, Alan Thicke, the patriarch of the fictional Seaver family, tried to organize an impromptu Growing Pains reunion with the rest of […]

Alan Thicke: Son Robin’s Split With Paula Patton Not Part Of New Reality Show

Alan Thicke, these days best-known as the father of controversial pop singer Robin Thicke, returns to television Wednesday night, April 16, with a new show that’s part sitcom, part reality show. And though he says that his famous son, who had the biggest-selling single of 2013, will likely turn up on Unusually Thicke, the recent […]

Did Robin Thicke Try To Win Back Paula Patton With Some Help From His Dad?

Robin Thicke reportedly reached out to his famous dad during his quest to win back Paula Patton. Since former Growing Pains star Alan Thicke occasionally has a way with the ladies, the “Blurred Lines” singer asked his father to help saving his marriage. TVNZ claims that Alan has a “close bond” with his son’s wife, […]

Alan Thicke Returns To Television In New Reality Series ‘Unusually Thicke’ [Video]

Alan Thicke, beloved television father and game show host, is returning to your living rooms in the provocatively titled new reality series Unusually Thicke, which will air on TV Guide Network beginning on April 16. This will be a foray into the reality genre for Thicke, as the new show will feature the former Growing […]

Alan Thicke: “Kirk Cameron Needs New Reading Material”

Actor Alan Thicke has taken to Twitter in regards to anti-gay comments made by his former TV son, Kirk Cameron. In his appearance, Friday, on CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight, Cameron – a self-professed devout follower of Jesus – called homosexuality unnatural and destructive. “I think that it’s unnatural. I think that it’s detrimental and ultimately […]