Kenny Rogers Suffers ‘Unspecified Health Issues,’ Continues To Postpone Concerts

Singer Kenny Rogers has announced that he is on his final tour, called The Gamblers Last Deal, but health issues have caused him to postpone a fair amount of his concert dates. Rogers, who admits he has struggled with cancer and various surgeries says that he has lived a full life, and he is ready to hang up his guitar. Rogers acknowledges that he has had many wives and even more affairs, and it seems that his career is winding down.

This year, many musicians of Rogers’ generation have fallen ill or passed, including Glenn Frey of the Eagles, according to the Inquisitr. At age 67, Frey was still touring, but got sidelined with intestinal problems that led to surgery, and then he fell ill with pneumonia. Frey, a lifetime founding member of the Eagles, became a music icon, and also acted on shows like Miami Vice. Frey had planned to continue touring with the Eagles, and the remaining members of the band felt his loss deeply.

Radar Online says that Kenny Rogers has lived hard with women, drugs, and a lot of plastic surgery. Rogers has confirmed that he is done, and though he regrets the cancellations and postponements during this tour, he hasn’t specifically commented on what kept him away from the stage. But he wants to be clear with fans that this is the end for him.

“I have no intention of coming back.”

It has been reported that Kenny Rogers has been dealing with Hepatitis C, knee replacement surgery, plus rotator cuff and throat procedures, and he is done. Rogers has allegedly started sharing things about his life with fans that he has previously kept to himself. Rogers admits that he has always had sexual electricity with Dolly Parton.

“There was always tremendous electricity between us. Every night was a thrill. I will always love her.”

Rogers says that he is the father of six, and has been married five times, though he claims he cheated throughout.

“I thought having a wife just meant a guy could have sex any time he thought about it, which in my case was all the time.”

Rogers says that his fourth marriage ended because of a phone sex scandal. Rogers set up a “secret love hotline” with a private 800 number that he gave out to a limited number of “beautiful women.” Rogers insists that there was no “physical contact” with the beauties, only phone sex. But this led to two lawsuits because the women said that Rogers kept harassing them with his “filthy fantasies.”

But Kenny Rogers also says that drugs took a real toll on his health, and acid gave him severe flashbacks. Songwriter Mickey Newbury provided Rogers with acid, and things went wrong. Newbury had told him what he was taking wasn’t really acid.

“I thought I was never gonna get over it. The first eight hours were the most incredible eight hours of my life. The second eight hours I wasn’t sure about, and the third eight hours scared me to death!”

Kenny Rogers told Tulsa World that he will miss touring because he will miss the adoration of his fans. His final tour is a way for Rogers to say goodbye to his fans.

“I will miss the people and the appreciation and the respect they’ve shown me. That’s been such a gift.”

Rogers claims that it’s not just about singing and playing guitar, it’s about talking to audiences and entertaining.

“I’ve found that I’m much more accepted when I’m entertaining than necessarily when I’m singing. So I try to constantly entertain people, make them laugh,” Rogers said. “I’ve found out if they’re laughing, they’re having a good time. That’s always been my ace in the hole: I’ve always been an entertainer before I was a singer.”

Rogers says that he has had a great time, and he will miss his fans.

Are you upset that Kenny Rogers is retiring?

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