Obama Vetoes Clean Water Act Restrictions Resolution Effort By Joni Ernst

President Barack Obama used his powerful pen to veto a Clean Water Act resolution by Congress. The legislative body was attempting to overturn controversial authority granted to the EPA, which has been deemed as a major power grab and infringement on property rights by opponents. Joni Ernst, the first female Senator from Iowa, is leading […]

Galice Mining District BLM Battle Could Be Next ‘Bundy Ranch’ Oath Keepers Called For Help

A “Bundy Ranch” style is brewing in the Galice Creek, Oregon mining area with the Bureau of Land Management– BLM. For the last few years the miners from the Galice Mining District have been fighting with the BLM over the ownership of mineral rights in Galice Creek. The Galice Mining District is one of the […]

Cliven Bundy Takes On The Government Again, Pushing For States’ Rights And Less BLM Power

Cliven Bundy, a Nevada rancher and states’ rights activist, traveled to the statehouse to once again take on the government. The 69-year-old rancher first garnered national attention last spring when his battle with the Bureau of Land Managmenet (BLM) came to a head. The BLM owns significant, or even the majority, of land in multiple […]

Agenda 21 Law Proposed In Texas

Texas Agenda 21 legislation is now being debated by lawmakers in the Lone Star State. The anti-Agenda 21 bill follows in the footsteps of similar proposals currently being debated in a host of states around the United States. Those who opposed the United Nations plan routinely note property rights and states rights concerns when pushing […]

Agenda 21: Tennessee Pushing Bill To Protect Property Rights And Ban UN Biodiversity Plan

Tennessee lawmakers are pushing forward with legislation drafted to combat property rights infringement and the United Nations Agenda 21 plan. Tennessee HB185 and SB459 will prohibit the federal government from implementing any of the Agenda 21 dictates in the state, if passed. Tennessee has joined a growing number of states proposing and passing anti-UN Agenda […]

Agenda 21 Bill Rejected In Montana

An Agenda 21 bill in Montana was rejected by lawmakers earlier this week. The bill was reportedly designed to protect property rights and states rights from the dictates and regulations in the non-binding United Nations plan. The Montana Agenda 21 bill was sponsored by Sun River Republican Randy Pinocci. House Bill 583 failed by just […]

Agenda 21 Outlawed In Mississippi

Mississippi voted to prohibit Agenda 21 tactics from being initiated in the state. House Bill 490 (HB490) passed by an overwhelming margin with a vote of 79 to 36. The Agenda 21 bill would prohibit the state, and all counties and cities within, from adopting or developing any of the United Nations policies. Agenda 21 […]

Joni Ernst: Republican Response To Obama State Of The Union Highlights

Joni Ernst made history when she became Iowa’s first female Senator, and just a few months later she was tapped to give the Republican response to President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address. The military veteran garnered national attention during her seat race due to her viral “castrating hogs” campaign commercial and her stump […]

Agenda 21 Bill In Missouri Seeks To Thwart United Nations Plan In The State

An Agenda 21 bill in Missouri reportedly seeks to protect the state from the mandates of the United Nations plan. Missouri Representative Mike Moon introduced House Bill 216 in order to amend state statute and prohibit political subdivisions from enacting Agenda 21 projects. Agenda 21 is a voluntary, non-binding UN action plan which is allegedly […]

Agenda 21 Opponent Threatens To Shoot Miami-Dade County Officials At Public Meeting [Video]

A man wearing a shirt bearing an Agenda 21 opposition slogan took the podium at a Miami-Dade County Commissioners meeting in Florida Tuesday night and quickly threatened to shoot all of the commissioners, saying that the constitution allowed him the right to do so. Jose Antonio Fernandez, 54, was the first speaker at Tuesday’s public […]

Agenda 21: GOP Candidate Joni Ernst Vows To Stop UN Plan

Stopping Agenda 21 is at the top of Joni Ernst’s “to do” list if she gets elected to the U.S. Senate. In a recently posted campaign video the Iowa Republican vowed to fight for the property rights of all Americans and thwart the presumed objectives of the United Nations plan. As previously reported by The […]

Mileage Tax Trackers In Cars May Soon Be A Reality GBO Report Says

A mileage tax to help cover the expenses created by a dwindling highway fund are once again being discussed by the federal government. Vocal opponents to such a plan maintain that rural and suburban residents will be unduly targeted by such a tax and that the little black boxes tracking driving habits are an invasion […]

EPA Threatens To Fine Couple $75,000 For Building Pond On Their Own Property

The EPA is threatening to fine a Wyoming couple $75,000 for building a pond on their own property. Andy and Katie Johnson designed the pond as a watering hole for their cattle. The Environmental Protection Agency claims the pond violated Clean Water Act dictates. Katie and Andy Johnson thought that they had filed all the […]

BLM Declared 50 Million Acres Of Public Land In Nevada Open For Solar Development

The BLM (Bureau of Land Management) designated 50 million acres of public land in Nevada for solar development. The specified area reportedly included the majority of Bunkerville, the town where Bundy ranch owned by Cliven Bundy is located. A map of the “Proposed Solar Energy Zones” created by the BLM in 2010 revealed that more […]

Southern Poverty Law Center Blames Grassroots Activists For Lack Of Agenda 21 Popularity

Agenda 21 is losing public support due to an increase in grassroots efforts to curtail the United Nations program, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the UN Agenda 21 initiative is a voluntary and non-binding action plan which is reportedly focused only on sustainable development. A total of […]

China’s Eco-Cities Raise Concerns About Agenda 21 And ‘Rural Roundups’

China’s eco-cities, or “Ghost Cities,” are allegedly part of the sustainable development plans outlined in the United Nations’ Agenda 21 initiative. The eco-cities may boast energy conscious buildings, shops, and apartments, but they are primarily empty. Some shops were at least temporarily occupied, but hospitals have largely not been so lucky. The United Nations’ Agenda […]

Bundy Ranch: Ron Paul Says ‘Waco’ Scenario Still Possible, Federal Land Comprises 81 Percent Of Nevada

Agents from the Bureau of Land Management vacated the Bunkerville area of Clark County around the Bundy ranch, but Ron Paul fears that the federal government is not done with Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy just yet. Due to the large amount of land the BLM oversees for the federal government in the state, Paul is […]

Bundy Ranch: Cliven Bundy Feels He Is Being Pushed Off His Land For Refusing To Sell [Interview]

The Nevada range war at the Bundy Ranch appears to have far more facets to the story than merely the fate of cattle grazing on public land. Bunkerville rancher Cliven Bundy is standing steadfastly against what many have deemed the massive government overreach going in the Gold Butte region. Protesters from a multitude of states […]

Lesser Prairie Chicken Protection Plan Prompts Property Rights Battle And Agenda 21 Concerns

The lesser prairie chicken has been placed on the threatened species list. The US Fish and Wildlife Service set the lesser prairie chicken threatened species rules to take effect around May 1. The threatened designation is one step below the more restrictive endangered species title. Government officials have told ranchers, farmers, and energy producers that […]

Cliven Bundy: Range War Brewing In Nevada Over Cattle Grazing On Public Land

Heavily armed federal agents have converged on Clark County, Nevada to stop the grazing of cattle on public lands. The standoff has been brewing for decades and only one rancher still remains in the fight. Cliven Bundy has likened the fight against the federal government in support of both individual rights and states’ rights to […]

Oklahoma Moves To Protect Citizens From Agenda 21 Measures

The Oklahoma House of Representatives members voted overwhelmingly in support of a measure designed to protect the unalienable rights of property owners and due process procedures earlier this month in order to curtail Agenda 21 plans in the state. The Oklahoma Community Protection Act would nullify any Agenda 21 or related assaults on individual property […]

Agenda 21 Bill Proposed In Kentucky State Senate To Thwart UN Control

An Agenda 21 bill will soon be heard by the full Kentucky State Senate. The bill is designed to thwart United Nations environmental regulations in the state. The Agenda 21 United Nations program is a voluntary, non-binding action plan which is allegedly focused solely on sustainable development. Adopted by 178 countries in 1992, the plan […]

Ukraine Protests: Could Similar Uprisings Happen In America?

The death toll in the Ukraine continues to rise. The unrest is the worst since the nation gained independence in 1991. Protests started when President Viktor Yanukovych refused to ink a trade deal with the European Union. Rallies on Independence Square quickly turned into a political stalemate and then the horrific violence began. The gathering […]