‘Sister Wives’ Stars Christine and Janelle Brown Say Kody Brown Is ‘Vastly Different’ Now: “Not Attracted”

‘Sister Wives’ Stars Christine and Janelle Brown Say Kody Brown Is ‘Vastly Different’ Now: “Not Attracted”
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Sister Wives stars Janelle Brown and Christine Brown both agree that Kody Brown, 54, has 'changed' considerably over the years. As they discussed Janelle's future with ex-husband Kody, Christine, 51, asked Janelle, 54, if she would ever desire a 'full marriage' with Kody once more if he changed. Janelle confessed that she no longer wants to be married to him, as per Hollywood Life; she said, “Yes, but I think it’s unrealistic.” Moreover, Christine said that Kody is “vastly different” from who he used to be while in conversation with Janelle on the Sister Wives episode of October 1. “He’s different,” Janelle acquiesced.

Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Gabe Ginsberg
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Gabe Ginsberg

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Christine continued to explain, “He’s not the same person… I couldn’t be in love with who he is now.” Janelle agreed with Christine's explanation, adding, “Maybe that’s what’s changed because all of a sudden it just doesn’t work for me anymore.” Christine admitted, “I’m so not attracted to anybody like that.”



According to Janelle, Kody 'used to be so dynamic and bold.' Kody didn't "let anybody control him,” Christine also observed, adding, “He was his own person.” However, Christine and Janelle shared that they no longer see such traits in him, which has made Janelle reluctant to pursue a relationship with him. Janelle claimed, “He’s really advocating patriarchy, and I’m not that person.”

But the brown family patriarch, Kody, doesn't agree with these sentiments. He got defensive about his exes' assessment that he’s changed. “I don’t think I’m the only one who changed here,” he was heard saying in a confessional. “We’ve all changed.”

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It is also interesting to note that Christine and Janelle aren't the only ones who have observed a change in Kody; his other sister-wives, Meri and Robyn, have felt this, too. “I don’t know how you do it ‘cause he’s not who you married, he’s not who I married,” Meri Brown was heard telling Kody's current and only legally wedded wife, Robyn, in the same episode. Robyn, 44, also seemed to agree with Meri, 52. “No, he hasn’t been. No, he hasn’t been,” she said.

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Meri acknowledged that she found it 'really sad' to watch Kody 'go downhill' from the man he once was. Meri added that she 'doesn't buy' the fact that Kody is so concerned about his family breaking apart "because if he was, he would work more at it."



The fissures in Kody's life continue to deepen as the sister wives assert control over their own lives. The 54-year-old Sister Wives patriarch exclusively disclosed to PEOPLE that he was 'still in a deep state of mourning' as a result of the plural marriage's dissolution over the last few years. “We are not recovering from this,” he says. “I mean, it's not clinical depression, but we've been a bit depressed about what the experience did. That's an understatement. But we've been through a very hard experience and our reaction to it has changed us. We are not the same.” 


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