Sherri Shepherd Calls Britney Spears 'Crazy' on ‘WWHL’, Faces Backlash From Fans

Sherri Shepherd Calls Britney Spears 'Crazy' on ‘WWHL’,  Faces Backlash From Fans
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Sherri Shepherd, a popular talk show host and comedian, sparked outrage after making a remark about Britney Spears during her appearance on Watch What Happens Live (WWHL). In one segment of the show, Shepherd referred to the pop diva as "crazy," sparking a maelstrom of controversy and anger from fans.

Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Santiago Felipe
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Santiago Felipe

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The dispute erupted during a WWHL segment titled Do You Give A Damn? The show, hosted by Andy Cohen, featured Shepherd and actress Issa Rae as guests. The conversation turned to Spears and her highly awaited memoir, The Woman in Me, which is expected to be released on October 24, 2023.

Rae stated her desire to read the book, citing Spears' fascinating discoveries in the excerpts. Notably, Spears had revealed something about a previous connection with ex-boyfriend Justin Timberlake, as well as suspected adultery on his side, sparking immense attention and speculation, per The Sun.



Shepherd made her infamous remark in response to this discussion. When asked by Cohen if she gave a "damn" about Spears' memoir, Shepherd said, "Not really, ’cause how many chapters are you gonna have — crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy and crazy." The remark elicited immediate emotions from both Issa Rae and the audience, with Rae expressing dismay and Shepherd remaining firm in her remarks, saying, "I said it."

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The reaction to Shepherd's remark was quick and intense, with Spears' fan base, known as the "Britney Army," rushing to social media to vent their displeasure. Many fans saw the comment as not just disrespectful but also damaging, especially given Spears' well-documented difficulties with mental health and her conservatorship.


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Online critics accused Shepherd, stating, "Sherri Shepherd. You are part of the problem that has turned Britney into a victim!" The remark was regarded disrespectful, especially in light of the pop star's extremely public difficulty with mental health and the conservatorship that has dominated headlines for years. Some fans demanded that Shepherd be held accountable for her statements, as well as respect for Spears.

As per Page Six, one person tweeted, “Why would [you] call someone that went through so much scrutiny from the media and destroyed her mentality ‘crazy’?!” while someone else stated, “Yikes….that’s not very nice of her,” which was followed by, “I need this woman to be held accountable for her words, IMMEDIATELY.”



Among the outrage, it was evident that many saw Shepherd's remark as a dismissal of someone who had survived severe trauma. Spears' protracted court battle to dissolve her conservatorship spurred a broader discussion about individuals' rights and autonomy under such arrangements. Some fans claimed that Spears had played a crucial role in causing the public to rethink conservatorships to an unprecedented degree.

However, not all of the responses were negative toward Shepherd. Some people warned against lowering yourself to her level and suggested a more courteous and calm response to her remark. They highlighted the necessity of engaging in productive discourse over harsh criticism.

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