Seth Meyers Hilariously Roasts Donald Trump's Courtroom Sketches, Says They 'Nailed' This One Aspect

Seth Meyers Hilariously Roasts Donald Trump's Courtroom Sketches, Says They 'Nailed' This One Aspect
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In a recent segment on Late Night With Seth Meyers, the namesake host couldn't resist poking fun at the courtroom sketches of Donald Trump from his civil fraud trial in New York. Meyers quipped that the former President hadn't even utilized the sketch artist's work in his defense arguments. Despite the sketches not entirely capturing Trump's likeness, Meyers humorously noted, "I’ll admit, it doesn’t look a ton like Trump until you widen out and see the hands. They nailed the hands."


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This light-hearted commentary came in the wake of criticism from former Trump White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany, who deemed the depictions of her former boss a 'travesty,' reported HuffPost. The courtroom drama also took an amusing turn on Monday when Trump was barred from reading a document he produced from his jacket during testimony. 

Between all the legal challenges and a barrage of felony charges, Trump remains fixated on the prospect of a comeback in the 2024 presidential election. The former President's intentions, as outlined in a recent New York Times article, include a vengeful agenda featuring the mass detention of undocumented individuals and the establishment of sprawling camps for their expulsion.

Cover Image Source: Getty Images | Brandon Bell
Image Source: Getty Images | Brandon Bell

Meyers, in another episode, in response to Trump's ambitions, minced no words during his A Closer Look segment, delivering a candid and unfiltered assessment: “F**k this dips**t, racist doofus thinks he can swoop in and set up a dictatorship in 2024 despite having, like, nine sets of handcuffs on him.” Meyers also called out the entourage surrounding Trump, including prominent individuals like Rudy Giuliani and Steve Bannon, while referring to them as 'moronic criminal goons.' According to Meyers, they struggle to articulate coherent sentences without simultaneously engaging in criminal activities, presenting a formidable barrier to Trump's political resurgence.

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However, Meyers saw an even more significant obstacle in Trump's alarming embrace of 'increasingly and openly fascist rhetoric.' He pointed to a Veterans Day speech where Trump pledged to root out perceived threats within the country, drawing comparisons to Hitler from various quarters, which was also reported on extensively by The Washington Post and Reuters. “In honor of our great veterans on Veterans Day, we pledge to you that we will root out the Communist, Marxist, fascist, and radical thugs that live like vermin within the confines of our country,” Trump proclaimed, leading Meyers to remark, “That was supposed to be in honor of veterans?... Dude, you’re a former game show host. You’re not General Hux. Usually, veterans want to hear something like, ‘We will honor your sacrifice, not ‘We will root out the vermin from within.’”

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While Meyers humorously characterized Trump as a 'big sweaty moron' with a limited verbal repertoire and awkward dance moves, he also issued a sobering warning. Meyers cautioned that Trump is earnestly plotting an authoritarian takeover should he secure victory in 2024, underscoring the clear support the former President enjoys within the Republican Party.

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