Reality Star Amy Slaton Under Fire for Video of 9-Month-Old Son Crawling on Cluttered, Filthy Floor

Reality Star Amy Slaton Under Fire for Video of 9-Month-Old Son Crawling on Cluttered, Filthy Floor
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Editor's note: This article was originally published on April 27, 2023. It has since been updated.

Amy Slaton, known for starring in the reality TV show "1000-Lb. Sisters," caused a stir by posting a video of her son playing on a cluttered floor strewn with trash and diapers. The reality star took to TikTok on Monday to post the questionable clip of her youngest child, Glenn. Slaton, 35, recorded a video featuring her nine-month-old son crawling on the hardwood floor. The baby was wearing tan shorts, a T-shirt that matched the shorts, and socks. He can be seen leaning on a suitcase to help him stand, which Slaton said was a milestone for the child.

TikTok | amyhalterman87
Image Source: TikTok | amyhalterman87

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"Glenn stood up," the proud mom writes in her caption. However, fans quickly noticed how dirty the space was with garbage like used cups and diapers on the floor. One user wrote, "Girl throw that cup in the trash!!" Someone noticed a stain on the tot's pants and urged the mother to change his clothes. A comment read, "Dirty pants," and a third demanded, "Change that child's diaper in time." Slaton shares Glenn with Michael whom they welcomed in July 2022. Less than a year after the reality star gave birth to Glenn, she split from Michael. Following a heated altercation, Slaton's spouse filed for divorce from the reality TV personality on March 13th. Since then, the messy divorce is ongoing. Slaton has reportedly moved out of the home that they shared and is said to have moved in with her sister Tammy Slaton, who was also her co-star on the show. 

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Image Source: YouTube | TLC

Since the initiation of the divorce proceedings between Slaton and Michael, various updates about their ongoing feud have surfaced. Michael has been accused of domestic violence, and as a result, he has been ordered to vacate the Kentucky home that he shares with Slaton. Recently, Slaton shared glimpses of her new Kentucky home where she has moved in with her sons. However, despite these developments, the divorce between Slaton and Michael is still pending and has not been finalized.


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As per The U.S Sun, The reality star claimed that Michael is "mentally abusive. He's very controlling." Slaton also mentioned that on the night of February 24, he got really mad and that she had to take the kids to her sister's place for dinner. She also said that Michael was "too violent" around their two children, Glenn and Gage. She said that he would hit the boys "too hard" and pulled them by the arm. Slaton went on to file an emergency protection order for herself and her two children on February 28. As of March 7, Michael has denied all claims of domestic violence and is yet to comment on the whole thing in detail. 

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