President Joe Biden Derides Ex-Obama Advisor David Axelrod for Questioning His Re-Election Bid

President Joe Biden Derides Ex-Obama Advisor David Axelrod for Questioning His Re-Election Bid
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President Joe Biden found himself in a political tussle as he responded to criticism from veteran Democratic strategist David Axelrod, known for orchestrating Barack Obama's election victories. The rift between the two escalated when Axelrod—in the wake of a New York Times/Siena College poll showing Biden trailing Trump—suggested that the current President should contemplate his re-election bid, per NY Post.

Image Source: GettyImages| Photo by Drew Angerer
Image Source: Getty Images| Photo by Drew Angerer

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President Biden's candid reaction to Axelrod's remarks included labeling him a 'prick,' a private sentiment that has now become public knowledge. The statement received flak from several analysts and commentators. Jonathan Martin, a columnist for Politico, didn't mince words as he criticized President Biden's approach to Axelrod's suggestion. In a scathing piece, Martin argued that name-calling, such as reportedly referring to Axelrod as a 'prick,' is not a strategic move to secure the 270 electoral votes needed for a successful re-election bid. 

Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Scott Olson
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Scott Olson

The backdrop to this political drama were concerns raised by Axelrod regarding the 'age issue' surrounding President Biden. Axelrod pointed to polling data during an interview with CNN, revealing the most upbeat concerns of voters. "I have no concerns about polls a year out. I mean, you have to look at them and analyze them and adjust. But I was in a situation as a strategist for Barack Obama in 2011 where we were facing some difficult polls," he said. 


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"The one number in the polling that was concerning, and in the CNN poll that followed after the New York Times poll, had to do with age. And that’s one thing you can’t reverse. And no matter how effective Joe Biden is behind the scenes, in front of the camera, what he’s projecting is causing people concerns," Axelrod said, as per The Hill.

This concern, according to him, poses a challenge for Biden as it's an aspect that cannot be reversed, irrespective of his effectiveness behind the scenes. He also posted on Twitter, now known as X, "Only @JoeBiden can make this decision. If he continues to run, he will be the nominee of the Democratic Party. What he needs to decide is whether that is wise; whether it’s in HIS best interest or the country’s?"

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Responding to all the criticism, Biden said to a Fox News reporter, " don’t read the polls — there are ten polls — eight of them I’m beating him in. You guys only do two. CNN, New York Times, check it out. We’ll get you a copy," defending his chances of winning.

However, Martin said, "The oldest president in history when he first took the oath, Biden will not be able to govern and campaign in the manner of previous incumbents. He simply does not have the capacity to do it, and his staff doesn’t trust him to even try, as they make clear by blocking him from the press."

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