New Poll Suggests RFK Jr Might Attract 1 in 7 U.S. Voters for 2024 Presidential Election

New Poll Suggests RFK Jr Might Attract 1 in 7 U.S. Voters for 2024 Presidential Election
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Renowned anti-vaccine activist Robert F. Kennedy Jr. might pose a significant influence in the upcoming 2024 presidential election, according to the latest insights from a Reuters/Ipsos poll. The survey indicates that  Kennedy’s independent candidacy could attract approximately one in seven U.S. voters, providing a peculiar twist in an already tightly contested presidential race. Kennedy, a scion of the prestigious Kennedy family and a vocal anti-vaccine advocate, once was anticipated to transition from the Democratic race against President Joe Biden to announce his independent candidacy. As per the speculations, this move may significantly sway the voting dynamics, potentially drawing voters away from both Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump.


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The Reuters poll findings highlight the significance of Kennedy’s independent run. In a three-way competition scenario, Kennedy accumulated a notable 14 percent of the vote. Biden saw a decline to 31 percent, while Trump dropped to 33 percent in this altered dynamic. Additionally, approximately 9 percent of respondents expressed contemplation regarding casting their vote, while 13 percent indicated they might abstain from voting. This detailed analysis reveals a difficulty in the current scenario, where both Biden and Trump have shown a lack of voters. The poll conducted highlights a tied match between the two, each scoring 35 percent of the vote in a hypothetical scenario. Kennedy’s entrance into the independent candidacy could play a prominent role in shaking the established two-party system. Based on the responses from 1005 individuals, the poll showcased the potential for Kennedy to affect the outcome with a credibility interval of approximately 4 percentage points in either direction.


Kennedy is not regarded as a top contender for the presidency but his popularity and recognition as a member of the Kennedy family is in his favor. His public stand is parallel to what Trump stands for. For instance, supporting anti-vaccination views and conspiracy theories could explain his appeal to a section of voters that’s above the party lines. However, Kennedy’s history is not without controversy. His past statements and actions, including spreading misinformation about vaccines and COVID-19, have led to his banning from YouTube. White House, medical professionals, and Democrats have also criticized his few remarks for influencing antisemitism and racial bias.


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In the arena of fundraising, Kennedy’s campaign doesn’t lag. According to reports from The Hill, on his second-quarter fillings, he accumulated a whopping $6 million, a hefty $3 million of which was gathered in just three days. This poll brings forward an evolving political landscape, mirroring the potential influence of a Kennedy independent candidacy. These ever-changing dynamics highlighted in the poll underscore the never-before-seen variables that could affect the presidential race, highlighting the potential power Kenedy might hold in the impending 2024 election.  As the political stage continues to evolve, the presence of an independent candidate like Kennedy could significantly redefine the political narrative and the path to the presidency.

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