Kim Kardashian Says Mom Kris Jenner Feels 'Sad' About Pushing Her Kids Into 'Fame': "No One's Easily Happy"

Kim Kardashian Says Mom Kris Jenner Feels 'Sad' About Pushing Her Kids Into 'Fame': "No One's Easily Happy"
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Kim Kardashian admits that life would have been totally different as a non-reality star. "I wonder what life would be like now if we didn't take that road or take that journey." In the latest episode of The Kardashians on Hulu, the reality star confessed that success has definitely become a major part of their lives.

Kim also revealed that her mom Kris Jenner feels "sad" about the level of insane fame the family has attained. "I know something that is hard for my mom, she's been really sad, like, 'What did I do?' Did I create them to get to this level...?'"

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Discussing the topic with Scott Disick, Kim shared that her mom sometimes contemplates, "fame has done them more harm than good". "No one's easily happy," Disick quips in while trying to share the point that the Kardashians have always been 'hustlers'. Kim agrees and says, "She thinks it's all connected."

Scott had asked the SKIMS founder what she misses the most from a simple life before touching immense fame. "I get it, everyone kind of has something great and something bad," he agrees. "And I can handle it all, even the bad stuff, I can handle it," Kim continues.

Disick then questions her if she's ever been depressed. "What's so crazy is when my dad died, I remember automatically being like, 'Okay I'm going to speak at the funeral. This is happening. My dad left us and now we finally have to grow up, we have to figure it out.'"

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According to Buzzfeed, momager Kris Jenner always wanted to become famous and she has revealed that it was her "lifelong dream to have her own TV show" in her 2011 memoir, Kris Jenner... and All Things Kardashian.

When the opportunity rose up to air a chaotic blend of family, Kris made the call and started filming the reality show without taking permission from any of her children. During the filming, Kourtney in particular expressed her concerns about being involved in a live reality show, but Kris convinced her saying, "Nobody has to do it. But this is something I really, really want to do."

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Image Source: Getty Images | Noel Vasquez


The show Keeping Up With the Kardashians has since spun over 20 seasons with more than 280 episodes of pure drama and family feuds. The popular reality show has now got another spin-off which is already in season 3.

According to Deadline, showrunner Danielle King joked during a recent Hulu FYC event that the show will keep going until North's marriage. Revealing that The Kardashians season 4 is already underway and they may have further seasons as well, King and her fellow EP Ben Winston said shooting for season 4 is going great. "We feel very fortunate that Disney picked us up for Season 5 and Season 6. We feel great about that," Winston added.

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