Jason Kelce Was Rooting For Wife Kylie to Go into Labor at the Stadium During Super Bowl 2023

Jason Kelce Was Rooting For Wife Kylie to Go into Labor at the Stadium During Super Bowl 2023
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Jason Kelce, the Philadelphia Eagles player is still awaiting the birth of his third daughter, he shared in the latest episode of the New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce, a Jukes Original Presented by Wave Sports + Entertainment. Kylie Kelce was "heavily pregnant" when she attended the Super Bowl and could've gone into labor during the game. "I was actually rooting for Kylie to go into labor and have the baby at the stadium. I feel like that's very selfish of me, but that's what I wanted to happen. I don't know why I wanted that to happen," Jason shared during the episode of the podcast with his brother Travis Kelce.



In this new episode of his podcast, New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce, the Philadelphia Eagles player, 35, shared an update on his family awaiting their new arrival. "It was an epic game, an epic Super Bowl, an epic one for our family. We did miss out on one thing that could have made it more epic though. That baby is still inside Kylie's belly," Jason shared. "That's how you know. Baby didn't come, Super Bowl didn't come, so we're in my matrix. I knew it all along. We're in my simulation boys."

"I fully believe that Kylie would have been perfectly fine and able to handle it. She does not like that I wished this would happen, but I told her," Jason shared while recounting the experience and his belief that Kylie would have been able to handle the situation calmly.  "It's still in there. You're going to have a new niece soon," Jason told his brother.




"I loved being there for both of my previous daughters. I would not have come to the game. Kylie was under strict orders to not say anything if she was going into labor. [They] really weren't orders, that was her suggestion, I shouldn't act like that," he continued. "Her direct quote is, 'he was going to be useless to me anyways,'" Jason said.

"I cannot wait to meet her," Travis said, joking about his brother wanting the baby to come so he would miss the birth. "Kylie, we're patiently waiting. No rush," Travis finally said.



Previously, talking with People, about attending the Super Bowl at 38 weeks pregnant, Kylie Kelce, 29, admitted that the couple is still undecided on a baby name. "We don't have a name, but my husband keeps making the joke that if she does come while we're out there that we'll name her Super, which is one of the most absurd things I've ever heard of in life," The soon-to-be mom of three said with a laugh. "We have talked about if she does come out there that we might consider making her initials S.B., or something related to the Super Bowl, just as sort of a tribute."

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