Here's Why Britney Spears Shaved Her Head Back in 2007: "Since I Was a Teenager..."

Here's Why Britney Spears Shaved Her Head Back in 2007: "Since I Was a Teenager..."
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In a recent revelation, Britney Spears delves into a previous mental health crisis she faced almost two decades ago, shedding light on the infamous incident in 2007 when she shaved her head amidst a media frenzy. The singer, known for her public struggles, addresses this pivotal moment in her upcoming memoir, The Woman In Me.

Cover Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by James Devaney
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by James Devaney

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Opening up about the episode, Spears shares that the intense scrutiny and judgment she faced throughout her life, particularly regarding her body, compelled her to rebel. "I'd been eyeballed so much growing up. I'd been looked up and down, had people telling me what they thought of my body since I was a teenager. Shaving my head and acting out were my ways of pushing back," reveals a sample from her forthcoming book, as reported by PEOPLE.

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Following the headline-grabbing incident, the Princess of Pop found herself placed in a conservatorship in the subsequent year. This legal arrangement severely limited her personal freedom, extending control even over her appearance, including her hair. The toll on her life extended to losing primary custody of her two sons. "I was made to understand that those days were now over," Spears writes, expressing the constraints imposed upon her. "I had to grow my hair out and get back into shape. I had to go to bed early and take whatever medication they told me to take."


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The 2007 incident unfolded when the Hit Me Baby One More Time singer, grappling with personal challenges, walked into a California hair salon and, after an alleged refusal from the salon owner, took matters into her own hands, quite literally. Armed with a pair of clippers, she proceeded to shave off her then-brown hair, an act witnessed and documented by onlooking paparazzi.


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The shocking footage of Oops I Did It Again hitmaker shaving her head became a symbol of her public unraveling, a narrative that intensified in the following days when she famously attacked a photographer's car with an umbrella. These tumultuous events marked a critical juncture in Spears' life, leading to legal consequences and significant public scrutiny. Adding on to it, in a recent development, sources close to the situation have disclosed to Page Six that singer-actor Justin Timberlake is feeling a sense of concern about the impending release of Spears's memoir. An insider revealed, "He's very curious about what she'll reveal from their relationship. It's eating at him."



Once the "It" couple of the early 2000s, the pop duo captured hearts with their high-profile romance, which spanned three years before their breakup in 2002. While Spears is said to have come down "hard" on Timberlake in her memoir, sources emphasize that it is not a vindictive takedown. Instead, a US Weekly insider clarified, "This is Britney finally getting a chance to tell her empowering story, and it's nothing more than that." 

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