Former Presidents Obama and Clinton Endorse Biden for a Second Term: “The World Needs Him”

Former Presidents Obama and Clinton Endorse Biden for a Second Term: “The World Needs Him”
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At a star-studded fundraiser event, moderated by comedian Stephen Colbert, former presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton praised President Joe Biden and asserted that the nation should reelect him as he is essential to world democracy.

At the historic fundraising gathering on March 28, Biden and the ex-presidents underscored the Democratic contention that democracy is at stake in the next presidential election, Axios reported. Clinton emphasized that Biden is essential to 'democracy around the world' not just American democracy. "He's been good for America and he deserves another term," he added.


He stated, "We should stick with what works and not let people who try to undo it take credit for what happened." Additionally, he assured that the economy is "going to get better and better and better and better and better," as per the official transcript released by the White House.

Joining in, Obama praised his former vice president, asserting that Biden has all the attributes of a great head of state. "It's not just the negative case against the presumptive nominee on the other side; it's the positive case for somebody who's done an outstanding job in the presidency," Obama said. Furthermore, he complimented Biden on his eagerness to seek common ground and voiced, “That’s the kind of president I want.”


Clinton, while praising Biden's border policy outreach to Republicans, said, "He’s good at finding solutions people are actually glad they embraced. And that’s why he should win." The event attracted over 5,000 people to Radio City Music Hall in New York City and raised a record $26 million for Biden's reelection campaign, according to The Associated Press.

The packed event was a golden exclamation point for Biden's recent campaign travels. Three weeks after his State of the Union speech, which acted as a rallying cry for his reelection attempt, he has visited several electoral battlegrounds.

Cover Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Justin Sullivan
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Justin Sullivan


Also present at the gathering on Thursday were almost thirty years of Democratic leadership. Obama in particular, has been more actively involved in Biden's reelection campaign in recent weeks, driven by fear that the former vice president and friend, may be forced to pass up the Oval Office to Trump, according to CNN.

On Wednesday CNN's MJ Lee and Jeff Zeleny revealed that Obama visited the White House last week on a working visit. According to sources, Biden has also maintained frequent communication with Clinton, who served as president when he was a significant Senate voice on justice and foreign policy.


As the discussion progressed, it touched on a range of topics, including democracy, foreign policy, and the contrast between Biden’s leadership as opposed to election frontrunner, ex-President, Donald Trump.

Moderating the discussion, host Colbert humorously dubbed the trio as 'champion talkers'. Additionally, pointing out the trio's absence from court, he joined Biden in taking a dig at the Republican candidate.

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