Dr. Drew Pinsky Analyses the Results of Tom Sandoval's Narcissism Test, These Are His Findings

Dr. Drew Pinsky Analyses the Results of Tom Sandoval's Narcissism Test, These Are His Findings
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Tom Sandoval, the Vanderpump Rules star, has been in the news recently after his cheating scandal came to light. To that front, he sat down with Dr. Drew Pinsky on his Everybody Loves Tom podcast to address claims of him (Sandoval) being a narcissist. Here's the kicker: the results might surprise you!


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Dr. Pinsky didn't specify the exact test used, but the Narcissistic Personality Inventory (NPI) is a commonly employed measure for narcissistic traits. Scores on this test range from zero to 40, with the average person falling in the low to mid-teens. Sandoval, however, scored a mere seven, “It’s not a way of diagnosing a disorder, but it’s a way of showing traits. You actually scored very low,” Dr. Pinsky explained, as per US Weekly. "The only thing you were slightly up on was vanity" he added. Dr. Pinsky suggested that this could be attributed to Sandoval's interest in his appearance. However, Dr. Pinsky advised people not to become 'pejorative and judgmental of traits.'

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Furthermore, Dr. Pinsky described Sandoval as "more on the codependent side and less on the narcissistic side. Codependency is a construct, it is not a diagnosis." The addiction medicine specialist continued, "It is a situation where it is hard to assert yourself. You are not great at boundaries and when you see people in pain, you have to make it stop." Dr. Pinksy also inquired if Sandoval had been to therapy recently, as it could impact test scores. Sandoval's best friend, Tom Schwartz, jokingly interjected, suggesting Sandoval had 'crammed' before the test.


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Sandoval's fame skyrocketed after a scandal in March involving cheating on his long-term girlfriend, Ariana Madix, with their co-star and close friend Raquel Leviss. Following his high-profile breakup with Madix, Sandoval started therapy and stated on his podcast that he found it helpful: "Talking with my therapist, I was able to take things and things that he said, advice, and apply them in real-time, to real life," he said. "And I think that was really important. Staying here, facing it, being in it," Sandoval added. "So I like to be friends and connect, but I have to warn people to keep things from getting too attached too quickly. I need to take time to not get into a serious relationship again." He's since chosen to avoid serious relationships for the time being.

Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Phillip Faraone
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Phillip Faraone

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Despite being called the 'world's worst narcissist' during the scandal, the test results show something different, as per The Daily Mail. Sandoval said he's told people he's dating now that he is 'very honest, open and very loving.' He also takes a practical view of his connection to his ex. Since they have the same friends and are on the same TV show, he knows they need to get along. Madix and Sandoval still live together, despite their breakup, since they bought a house together.

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