Donald Trump’s Legal Woes Loom Large as New Poll Highlights Voter Concerns for 2024

Donald Trump’s Legal Woes Loom Large as New Poll Highlights Voter Concerns for 2024
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As the political landscape shifts in the run-up to the 2024 presidential election, a new NBC News survey reveals deep-seated concerns among American voters about former President Donald Trump's legal difficulties. This discovery comes amid mounting concern about President Joe Biden's age and mental fitness for a possible second term.

Image Sourvce: Getty Images | Photo by Win McNamee
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Win McNamee

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Trump has maintained a stronghold on the Republican Party's base, with 59% of GOP primary voters vowing their support for the former President. This unshakable commitment is all the more astonishing in light of Trump's four criminal indictments, which include charges of manipulating business records, mishandling confidential documents, and conspiring to rig the 2020 election, per USA Today.

While Trump's lead in his party's primary remains unchallenged, the survey suggests a more uncertain picture for a possible general election. A sizable 62% of respondents are concerned about Trump's indictments to varied degrees. This covers charges relating to the 2020 election, in which Trump was aggressive in challenging the outcome and propagating false claims of voter fraud. Concerns about Trump's legal difficulties have grown as the GOP primary contest for 2024 approaches. However, a strong 58% of Republican primary voters believe Trump should remain the party's leader, a considerable increase from 49% in June.



With 16% support, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis emerges as the second-most favored candidate among Republican voters, while other contenders lag far behind. Trump's rise in the Republican Party has been aided by rising support among men, retirees, and moderate Republican primary voters. The study highlights concerns about Biden's age and mental fitness, with 74% of voters expressing serious reservations. These concerns arise since Biden has an all-time low popularity rating of 41% and an all-time high disapproval rating of 56%.

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Biden faces specific challenges with support ratings of 46% among voters aged 18 to 34, 46% among all women, and 43% among Latinos. Only 36% of Independent voters approve of Biden's job performance. Voters are also concerned about economic issues. Only 37% approve of Biden's economic management, while 41% approve of his foreign policy stance. Furthermore, only 28% of all voters are satisfied with the health of the economy, a considerable decline from 48% in April 2021. However, 55% are satisfied with their own financial positions, which is a record low dating back to 1994.


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There is rising support inside the Democratic Party for an intraparty challenge to Biden in the 2024 primary. Despite the absence of a significant contender, a resounding 59% of Democratic primary voters expressed a desire for a Democratic candidate to confront Biden. When it comes to a possible general election battle, the NBC News poll presents a picture of a tight race. Biden and Trump are statistically tied with 46% support among registered voters. This is a significant reversal from June when Biden led Trump by four points, 49% to 45%.

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