Donald Trump’s Daughter-In-Law, Lara Trump, Records Her First Billboard Top 10 Hit

Donald Trump’s Daughter-In-Law, Lara Trump, Records Her First Billboard Top 10 Hit
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In a week marked by legal challenges and uncertainties for the Trump family, there is a glimmer of positive news as Lara Trump, daughter-in-law to former President Donald Trump, celebrates a noteworthy achievement on the Billboard charts, per American Wire News. Despite the legal turmoil surrounding the family patriarch, Lara has managed to carve out her own success with the debut of her cover of Tom Petty’s classic single, I Won't Back Down.

Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Omar Vega
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Omar Vega

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The chart success comes as a breath of fresh air for the Trump clan, offering a different narrative amidst the legal entanglements faced by Donald Trump. Wife of Eric Trump, Lara's rendition of the late-'80s hit has made an impressive entry onto the music scene, landing at No. 10 on this week’s Digital Song Sales chart, a testament to its popularity among music enthusiasts. The cover, which has resonated with audiences, sold just under 3,500 copies, securing a position within the highest echelons of the Digital Song Sales chart, per Forbes.



Remarkably, Lara's debut on the chart outshines releases from renowned artists such as U2, The Rolling Stones, and Lady Gaga. Her rendition of I Won't Back Down showcases her musical prowess, standing shoulder to shoulder with new releases like Jung Kook and Jack Harlow’s 3D, NSYNC’s Better Place, and Thomas Rhett and Morgan Wallen’s Mamaw’s House, which claimed the top spots on the chart.

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Not confined to the broader Digital Song Sales chart, Lara's foray into music also makes a splash on the Country Digital Song Sales tally. On this more specific list, her cover secures an impressive No. 6 position, marking the second-highest opening of the week. The country music realm, known for its discerning audience, welcomes her rendition, positioning her in the company of other notable releases like Mamaw’s House. The success of Lara's cover extends beyond just numbers on a chart; it reflects a personal achievement for her within the realm of music.


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Her ability to connect with audiences, as evidenced by her strong debut on both the all-genre Digital Song Sales chart and the Country Digital Song Sales tally, speaks to the universal appeal of her soulful rendition. In a week where the Trump family is under public scrutiny due to legal matters, Lara Trump's accomplishment in the music industry provides a different lens through which to view the family's narrative. It highlights the diverse pursuits and talents within the Trump family, demonstrating that, even in challenging times, there can be moments of celebration and success.


As the legal proceedings unfold, Lara's Billboard debut showcases that individuals, even within families facing dire situations, can forge their own paths and carve their niche in showbiz through their achievements beyond the sensational scape of tabloids. 

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