Donald Trump Jr. Once Resisted Being Booed at Constantly During His Book Launch: “It’s Okay”

Donald Trump Jr. Once Resisted Being Booed at Constantly During His Book Launch: “It’s Okay”
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Donald Trump Jr. once came to the thought that publishing a book, like his renowned father, former President Donald Trump, would be a good idea for him. What he didn't anticipate was the kind of controversy and heckling his book, Triggered: How the Left Thrives on Hate and Wants to Silence Us, would bring toward him. 

In late 2019, Trump Jr. began doing what most famous writers do: going on tour to promote his book. Those events were mostly successful for Trump Jr., who received warm responses from a number of them, reported The Things. When Trump Jr. went to UCLA to promote his book, it was easy to see how things could have gone wrong. After all, California has historically been a Democratic stronghold. Regardless, Trump Jr. appeared on stage to promote his book.

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Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Shannon Stapleton
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Shannon Stapleton


Many people attended the Turning Point USA gathering to show admiration for the then-president's son. Trump Jr. took the stage beside his then-girlfriend, current fiancee Kimberly Guilfoyle. Charlie Kirk, co-founder and head of Turning Point USA, was also there to host the book signing.

There is little doubt that the event did not go as planned for Trump Jr., Guilfoyle, and Kirk. Trump Jr. was heckled in ways more than one by the audience. On the one hand, there was some heckling at the event, which Trump Jr. appeared to resist.


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In a video taken at the 2019 event, a woman in the audience can be seen yelling at the three people onstage. Trump Jr. seemed delighted, embracing it and eager to make a point. "It's ok. Listen. Hey guys, it's still America. It's ok. We're willing to hear them. They're not willing to hear us." Charlie Kirk then stood up to make a joke about the situation, using Trump Jr.'s book title. "I think she's 'triggered' Don." Trump Jr. then responded, "Thank you for advertising the book. We appreciate it. Watch what the media will do with that. They'll turn it into thousands of protestors."


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When the ceremony began, Trump Jr. was welcomed in. However, after it became evident that there would be no Q&A, many in the audience turned on Trump Jr. His presentation was highlighted by a dispute between him and the crowd about why he would not answer questions, reported The Guardian. When Trump first walked on the platform of a lecture hall, he was greeted with screams of "USA! USA!" but some of the crowd gradually shifted to louder, overtly angry chants of "Q and A! Q and A!" after he was told he would not accept questions, according to the newspaper.



Trump Jr. was also heckled about a question related to immigration, but he turned it towards his agenda quite soon. A heckler interrupted Trump Jr. when he was discussing his mother's family history as an immigrant. "My mom is an immigrant, but she did it legally," he retorted.

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