Donald Trump Jr. Alleges Hunter Biden's Involvement in Twitter Hack

Donald Trump Jr. Alleges Hunter Biden's Involvement in Twitter Hack
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In a sudden twist of events that shocked the online community, Donald Trump Jr., the eldest son of former US President Donald Trump, recently claimed that his social media account on platform X (formerly Twitter) was hacked. What made this situation even more intriguing was Trump Jr.’s proposition that the 'hacking' might have something to do with Hunter Biden, the son of the current US President, Joe Biden. The incident took place on Thursday when Trump Jr.’s X account was compromised, and a series of controversial tweets were posted, including one that falsely mentioned the death of the ex-President. Trump Jr.’s political advisor later confirmed that his account was hacked and clarified that the tweets were, indeed, false. 


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However, on Friday, after getting his account back, Trump Jr. took to X to indicate his suspicion, stating,  "I'M BACK... Hunter Biden must have hacked my account!!!" This statement sent shockwaves through social platforms and posed questions about the source of the hack. The hacker responsible for the breach published a bunch of tweets on Trump Jr.'s page, including a peculiar one claiming that his father had passed away and that he would be running for the presidency in 2024.

As per The Sun, this shocking bombardment caught many by surprise and was deleted later on. In addition to this, the hacker’s tweets targeted other notable figures, including President Joe Biden and Tesla CEO Elon Musk. Some of these posts contained offensive content, such as a racial slur in reference to President Biden and a taunting message directed at Elon Musk.

Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Brandon Bell
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Brandon Bell


As the rumor of the hack spread like fire, many X users were quick to understand that the posts didn’t align with Trump Jr.’s classic online posting behavior, leading them to suspect that he had been hacked. The term 'Hacked' even trended on X during this period, emphasizing the widespread belief that the posts were the work of an unauthorized individual. Eric Trump, Donald Trump Jr.'s brother, also commented on the incident, seemingly taking a lighthearted approach. In a post on X, Eric humorously stated, "I don't want @DonaldJTrumpJr to get his account back - this is all too entertaining." 

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All of the hacker's posts were swiftly removed around 9 a.m. on Wednesday. Trump Jr. afterward addressed the situation in a video on Instagram, where he announced that he would talk about the hacking in an upcoming episode of his podcast, Triggered, as per the US Sun. Fans 'welcomed' him back to his account, and some even appreciated the humor in the situation. As of now, there has been no official statement from former President Donald Trump regarding his son’s hacked account or the false accusations made about his death. The incident has underscored the ongoing tension between the Trump and Biden families and their respective supporters, both on and offline.

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