Bianca Censori’s Friends Stage an 'Intervention' Amid Concerns About Kanye West’s Influence Over Her

Bianca Censori’s Friends Stage an 'Intervention' Amid Concerns About Kanye West’s Influence Over Her
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Friends of Bianca Censori have reportedly staged an intervention to express their concerns about her relationship with the controversial rapper Kanye West. According to sources close to the situation, they were reportedly successful in reaching Censori, who has been the center of attention due to her marriage to the Grammy-winning artist.

Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Rachpoot/Bauer-Griffin
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Rachpoot/Bauer-Griffin

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The said intervention apparently happened during Censori's visit to her native Australia, where she reconnected with two longtime friends. According to The Daily Mail, her loved ones used this opportunity to express their concerns about West's alleged controlling behavior, with one source claiming they told her to 'wake the f**k up.'



Censori appeared to be isolating herself from those closest to her, and her friends expressed their concerns about her marriage, stating that she has 'shut out those close to her' but was finally starting to see through the complexities of her relationship. According to the source, the 28-year-old architect is becoming more aware of West's controlling ways and is beginning to view her situation objectively.


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This comes amid growing concern among Censori's inner circle about West's potential influence over her. Concerns were heightened during Censori's solo trip to Australia, which coincided with the rapper's recent trip to Dubai and Saudi Arabia with his 10-year-old daughter, North West.

According to another report by The Daily Mail, some of Censori's friends have expressed deep concern, claiming that she was 'stuck' due to the 'blockades Kanye has put up.' They went on to describe the situation as 'scary,' emphasizing that Censori was apparently no longer the outspoken and lively individual they once knew.

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Censori's friends' intervention, which was reportedly successful, came at a time when she remains under scrutiny for her relationship with Kanye. Throughout the summer, the couple made headlines for their high-profile European adventures, including an NSFW boat ride in Italy. According to reports, West was trying to turn Censori into a 'radicalized version' of his ex-wife, Kim Kardashian, with the source emphasizing that West has lost respect in the fashion world since his previous marriage ended.



West allegedly had a set of rules for Censori, including instructing her to 'never speak,' dictating her wardrobe, controlling her diet, and even mandating her workout routine. According to the source, West appears to have duped Censori into believing they are 'royal,' causing her to lose her sense of autonomy, per Page Six.

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Censori is accused of shutting out friends and dismissing their concerns, even telling one former friend to 'f**k off' when asked if she was 'OK.' According to the source, Censori believed her friends were jealous of her fame. While Censori's representatives did not immediately respond to inquiries, the situation raises concerns about the dynamics of her marriage to the rapper, which was legally formalized in December 2022. The couple, who kept their relationship private, has repeatedly come under fire for his allegedly controlling behavior.

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