UFC 175: Stefan Struve Pulled From Fight Due To Medical Conditions

UFC 175 makes headlines today because the fight between Stefan Struve and Matt Mitrione has been canceled and will not take place at UFC 175. Fox Sports was able to confirm the cancellation of the fight thanks to UFC officials. The fight was canceled due to Struve blacking out and having an elevated heart rate. […]

Jessica Simpson Marries Retired NFL Player

Jessica Simpson made headlines this weekend because she has married retired NFL player Eric Johnson. Simpson and Johnson tied the knot on Saturday at San Ysidro Ranch in Montecito. Jessica Simpson, who is now 33 years old, wore a custom-made Carolina Herrera gown for her wedding dress. Many of the woman in attendance were spotted […]

Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment Partner Up At Comic Con

For the First time ever at Comic Con, Warner Bros and DC Entertainment partner up at Comic Con to form a mega power block of panels. These panels includes Fox’s Gotham, NBC’s new fall drama Constantine and the CW’s Arrow and its upcoming spin off The Flash. These panels will include a screening of the […]

‘Avengers 2’ Has Casted Andy Serkis

Marvel fans, Avengers 2 has apparently casted Andy Serkis in a role that is still unknown to us. If you don’t know who Andy Serkis is, he is one of the best when it comes to performance capturing acting. Serkis has acted out roles such as: Gollum in The Lord of the Rings trilogy, Caesar […]

Fast and Furious 7 Release Date Has Been Moved Forward

Fast and Furious 7 makes headlines today because they have announced to move the release date of their film forward. This means the film will be released on April 3rd, 2015 which is a week earlier than its previous release date, which was April 10th. This change is due to the fact that that Fast […]

Lindsay Lohan Sues Rockstar Over GTA 5

Lindsay Lohan is making headlines again, this time because she has chosen to file a lawsuit against Take-Two Interactive and publisher / developer Rockstar Games for a character in Grand Theft Auto 5. Back in December 2013, there was an initial report that Lohan was going to sue the company, but that never was confirmed […]

Brad Pitt Stars In New War Movie Titled ‘Fury’ Trailer Released [Video]

If you’re a fan of Brad Pitt them you must be happy to know that he is starring in a new war movie titled Fury. This time the war is set in WWII, and yes he will be slaying some Nazi soldiers. Brad Pitt plays an army sergeant who leads his small crew on a […]

Isaiah Austin Chosen As Special Pick In NBA Draft

If you watched the NBA draft Thursday night, then you are aware of the emotional tribute to Isaiah Austin. Isaiah Austin is a 20-year-old NBA draft prospect who received news that he would never be able to play in the NBA due to Marfan Syndrome just days before the NBA draft. Marfan Syndrome affects the […]

Will Ferrell Pumps Up U.S. Soccer Fans In Brazil [ Video]

Team USA fans that gathered at an event in Recife, Brazil got a nice surprise from Will Ferell. Will Ferell showed up Wednesday night in Recife to pump up team USA fans Wednesday night for today’s USA game against Germany. Before Ferrell came on the stage the fans were greeted by a guy dressed up […]

Supreme Court Votes Against Obama’s Recess Appointments

The Supreme Court just ruled against President Barack Obama’s recess appointments. The Supreme Court had specifically ruled that Obama violated the constitution by going around and attempting to make appointments to the National Labor Relations Board while the Senate was technically still in session in 2012. The decision was unanimous in judgement, and because of […]

Who Is Floyd Mayweather’s Next Opponent?

If you’re waiting to see the epic fight between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao, you’ll have to wait a little bit longer because that fight won’t happen this year. There are two good reasons why it won’t happen this year. First of all, Mayweather already has two potential opponents lined up to take the champion […]

Robert Downey Jr. Faces ‘The Judge’ First Trailer [Video]

Robert Downey Jr. is back in a brand new movie titled The Judge. The Judge stars Robert Downey Jr. and Robert Duvall as Downey’s father in the film. In The Judge, Downey plays a slick defense attorney named Hank Palmer who heads home when his mom dies. However, he ends up sticking around to defend […]

Better Call Saul Already Renewed For Season Two

If you’re a fan of the epic show Breaking Bad, then you must already know about the Better Call Saul spin off. Now, Better Call Saul makes headlines due to good and bad news. The bad news is that Better Call Saul was originally supposed to air this November, but AMC has delayed the premiere […]

New Dawn Of The Planet of The Apes Trailer Is Emotional [Video]

Fans of the Planet of the Apes movies will be happy to know the release of Dawn of the Planet of the Apes is getting closer. However, to hold us over until Dawn of the Planet of the Apes comes out, Twentieth Century Fox has released its latest and final trailer for Dawn of the […]

Explosion At Nigeria World Cup Viewing Center

On Tuesday night, violence struck again in the Nigerian city of Damaturu, when a suicide bomber detonated a tricycle taxi packed with explosives at an outdoor World Cup viewing center. Reports have said at least 21 people have been killed, but the death toll is likely to rise. Currently the main hospital at Damaturu, capital […]

Angelina Jolie Has Been Made An Honorary Dame

Angelina Jolie recently made headlines when she received one of the highest honors by the British Establishment. Jolie received the honorary title of a Dame, which is a female version of a knight, during the annual British Honors. This event officially marks Queen Elizabeth’s birthday, which is today (June 14). However, the only down side […]

Miami Heat Lose Game Three To The Spurs

Tuesday night, the Miami Heat and the Spurs went at it again for Game 3 of the NBA Finals. Though if you’re a Heat fan, you’re probably feeling pretty bad right about now as the Miami Heat lost badly at home Tuesday night. Since this was the first home game for the Miami Heat during […]

Uncharted 4 A Thief’s End Teaser Released

Uncharted fans the moment you have been waiting for is here, A new Uncharted 4 teaser has been released. This week is E3, which means all the gaming announcements we have been waiting for are finally being made. Today Uncharted 4 makes headlines because its one of the most highly anticipated games at E3 this […]

Teen Wolf Full Season 4 Trailer Released [Video]

Teen Wolf was in the news again today after an exciting weekend of activities related to the show. To put the proverbial icing on the cake, MTV released the full trailer of season 4, and there is no doubt that fans of Teen Wolf will be thrilled. After viewing the trailer, everyone will agree, the […]

Rise Of The Tomb Raider Revealed [Video]

Everyone’s favorite Tomb Raider is back, and looks fiercer than ever. Crystal Dynamics has announced the sequel to Tomb Raider, which is titled Rise of the Tomb Raider. The new trailer was shown during Microsoft E3’s press conference. The trailer shows Lara going through therapy due to the events of the first Tomb Raider. However, […]

Ant-Man Will Be Directed By Peyton Reed

Marvel’s Ant- Man film finally has a replacement director. Marvel just announced that Peyton Reed will be the new director of Ant-Man and Adam McKay will be rewriting the Ant-Man script. Originally, it was rumored that Adam McKay would direct the film. Peyton Reed is known for directing light comedies, including Bring it On, The […]

Marissa DeVault Sentenced To Life In Prison

Marissa DeVault recently made headlines after she was sentenced to life in prison for the brutal murder of her husband. DeVault beat her husband to death with a hammer. Police found Harrell’s body in a pool of blood on the bedroom floor, and the right side of his head was smashed in. This decision came […]

Bill Gates Funds New Condom Research [Video]

Bill Gates recently made headlines due to his new investment: condom research. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has awarded $100,000 to the University of Wollongong in Australia to help develop a condom with better sensation. The YouTube video up top explains in more detail. Researchers at the University of Wollongong are trying to formulate […]

Paul Walker’s Brother Will Be In More Fast and Furious Films

Paul Walker makes headlines today due to the news that his brother Cody Walker will be in future films of the Fast & Furious franchise. A source told Mailonline that Paul’s character will be retired and his brother will join the crew. Apparently, Cody Walker seriously impressed the producers with his acting skills. Sources also […]

Lil Wayne Performs With Nicki Minaj And Drake [Video]

Lil Wayne made today’s headlines after performing with Nicki Minaj and Drake last night. Last night, Nicki Minaj performed her set at the New York radio station’s Hot 97 annual Summer Jam. During the performance, Minaj announced that she had beef with her one time suitor, Drake, stating “I used to love you, but nigga, […]

San Antonio Spurs Will Rematch The Miami Heat In NBA Finals

The San Antonio Spurs made the headlines today after their gutsy victory over the Oklahoma Thunder for the Western Conference title. The Spurs beat the Thunder 112-107 in overtime, and they did it without Tony Parker in the second half, who was forced to watch from the bench with a sore ankle. For the Spurs, […]

Hugh Jackman’s Audition Tape For Wolverine Comes to Light

Hugh Jackman is making headlines today due to his audition tape for Wolverine circulating around the web. If you ever wondered how Hugh Jackman got the role for Wolverine, it’s due to this audition tape with Bryan Singer. Bryan Singer takes on the role of Jean Grey and Rogue during the audition. In this tape, […]

Miami Heat Advances To The Finals

The Miami Heat have advanced to the NBA finals for the fourth year in the row by destroying the Pacers 117-92 in Game 6 of the Eastern Conference finals in Miami on Friday. This win over the Pacers has secured their fourth consecutive Eastern Conference title. The Heat started the playoffs with the No.2 seed […]

Tiger Woods Withdraws From U.S Open Due To Injury

Golf fans everywhere were disappointed today when Tiger Woods announced he will not be playing in this year’s U.S. Open. The U.S. Open is from June 12th to June 15th at Pinehurst No.2, which is where Woods tied for third in 1999 and was runner-up in 2005. Woods withdrew because he is still recovering from […]

Charlie Cox Has Been Selected To Play Daredevil

The upcoming Daredevil series on Netflix made headlines again today as Charlie Cox was cast to play the “Man Without Fear,” Daredevil. The news of Charlie Cox’s selection to play Daredevil was confirmed by Variety. However, Marvel and Netflix have yet to make the announcement themselves. Charlie Cox, a British actor, was attached to CBS […]

Daredevil Loses and Gains New Show Runner

Marvel’s Daredevil Netflix series recently made headlines because the show has lost its original show runner Drew Goddard. Goddard already wrote the first two episodes of Daredevil and he was also set to executive produce and direct the series as well. Although Goddard is also working with Sony’s Spider-Man villain spin-off The Sinister Six. Goddard […]

Edgar Wright Will No Longer Direct Marvel’s Ant-Man

Edgar Wright makes headlines today because he has announced that he is stepping down from directing Marvel’s Ant-Man. Wright has been apart of the production of Ant-Man ever since 2006. Wright and Marvel had made the statement jointly and said that they have parted ways due to differences in their vision of the film. However, […]

Disney Infinity 2.0 Introduces The Avengers [Video]

Disney Infinity will definitely become more popular now that they are bringing Marvel superheroes as a new play set for their franchise. The trailer shows an Avengers campaign that is set in a frozen NYC thanks to Loki. The iconic villain actually narrates the entire trailer himself. The clip also shows that frozen monsters will […]

Bruno Mars Introduces A New Member of His Band [Video]

Bruno Mars introduced a new member of his band Saturday at the Make it Right Gala in New Orleans, Well, Brad Pitt was only a member for the night when he took the stage for a fun jam session with Bruno Mars during his performance. Bruno introduced Brad to the crowd, and he received a […]

Nigerian Hunters Gather to Find Abducted Girls

Nigeria continues to make headlines today as traditional Nigerian hunters gather together to help find the nearly 300 girls who were abducted by Islamic extremists. The Nigerian hunters are ready for the task at hand, and they are armed and highly skilled. The hunters arm themselves with homemade guns, poisoned spears, and amulets. They also […]

True Blood Releases New Trailer of The Final Season [Video]

True Blood fans, HBO has released a new trailer today for season 7, and if you don’t know already, season 7 will be the final season of True Blood. The new trailer they have released shows bloodthirsty vampires causing more mayhem than ever before for the people of Bon Temps, Louisiana. Of course Sookie Stackhouse […]

Godzilla Takes Over The Box Office

Godzilla may be the king of monsters, but after this weekend he will be the king of the box-office as well. Last week Neighbors was the king of the box office, which brought in $8.3 million dollars its opening day but was dethroned by Godzilla which has made $38.5 million on its opening day, which […]

‘The Flash’ Full Extended Trailer Released [Video]

The Flash is coming, and he will be here faster than you know it! If you tuned in Wednesday night for the Arrow season finale, then you saw a fun preview of The Flash. The preview showed the Flash and Arrow “Target Racing.” The CW previously introduced Barry Allen in the mid-season finale arc of […]

Foreign Models Have Been Arrested

Over sixty foreign models were arrested last Thursday by Chinese officials for working illegally under tourist visas. Beijing police caught the models by setting up a fake casting call at Chinese modeling agency M3. Most of the models that had been arrested are from western countries like the United States, and other European Countries such […]

Zack Snyder Reveals Batmobile and Batman

The Batmobile has finally been revealed! Yesterday, Zack Snyder tweeted a sneak peak of the Batmobile and said that he would unveil it today. Well folks, he did, and then some. It’s not just a picture of the Batmobile, but we also see the Batman standing next to the Batmobile. This is the first ever […]

Marvel Franchise: Cinematic Universe Becomes Most Successful of All Time

Marvel makes headlines today as they officially become the most successful movie franchise of all time. The release of Captain America: The Winter Soldier has put marvel over the edge and its only been out for a week. The domestic gross of all nine films of the Marvel cinematic universe adds up to $2,463,300,000 and […]

Pharrell Williams: Replaces Cee Lo Green On ‘The Voice’

Pharrell Williams makes headlines today because NBC has announced that Williams will replace Cee Lo Green as a judge on NBC’s hit show The Voice for their seventh season this coming Fall. NBC broke the news that Williams will be joining the show on twitter Monday. The tweet said, “Okay, we can OFFICIALLY say it! […]

Josh Elliott: Departs From ‘Good Morning America’

Josh Elliott makes headlines today because of his departure from ABC’s Good Morning America. Elliott Was involved in a contract negotiation with ABC for weeks demanding to get paid $10 million a year, but ABC would only offer him $5 million a year instead. It was Ben Sherwood who announced Elliott’s departure in a Sunday […]

‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’ Scores 75.2 Million Overseas

Have plans to go the movies this weekend? If you do, Captain America: The Winter Soldier is the movie to go and watch! For the U.S. the movie comes out Friday, April 4th, but It has already been released overseas as well. This past weekend was the opening weekend internationally for Captain America, and the […]

Chris Evans Plans To Retire From Acting And Start Directing

Chris Evans makes headlines today because he announced after he’s done filming movies for Marvel, he plans to retire as an actor, and start focusing on a career as a director. In an interview with Variety magazine Evans says: “I’ve known for a while I wanted to direct. But time never really opens up. There’s […]

Dwyane Wade: Could Play Against The Pacers

Dwyane Wade has been plagued by his knee injury and a sore Achilles, and it caused him to sit out the past two games. Fortunately Wade was practicing today, and he is expected to play against the Indiana Pacers Wednesday night. Miami Heat Coach Erik Spolestra said Wade would of course be evaluated before and […]

Channing Tatum: Helps Sick Teenager With A Kiss

Channing Tatum shows how good of a person he is by helping a sick teenager with her bucket list. Alisa Finley is an 18-year old high school student at Colby high School, located in Kansas. Unfortunately Alisa was diagnosed with a stage 4 brain tumor. Alisa being young and ambitious, she decided to create a […]

Microsoft: Stops Supporting Windows XP

Microsoft is planning to completely leave behind its old Windows XP operating system, meaning users will have to update to Windows 8.1 or Windows 7, or else they will be vulnerable to hackers. Microsoft plans to stop issuing security updates after April 8th. Microsoft says that Windows XP users should upgrade to Windows 7 or […]

Landslide: 108 People reported Missing In Snohomish County

The landslide in Snohomish County that happened on Saturday,continues to make headlines today, because it was confirmed today that 108 people have been reported missing after the landslide. Most of the missing people are construction workers, or just normal people driving by. Unfortunately searchers don’t expect to find any more survivors, because the landslide contains […]

Lebron James: The Sprite 6 Mix

Lebron James makes headlines today because he’s accomplished something new. Today Sprite has announced a new drink called Sprite 6 Mix by Lebron James. This is the third limited edition product with Lebron James name on it, he already has his own shoe line, and even his own brand of gum, but now its a […]