‘Shameless’ Spoilers: Ian’s Corrupt Probation Officer Snags Her First Milkovich

Ian’s (Cameron Monaghan) corrupt parole officer, Paula (Rachel Dratch), did some schmoozing during tonight’s episode of Shameless to snag Mickey Milkovich (Noel Fisher) as her new parolee. Warning: This article contains spoilers from tonight’s episode of Shameless. Season 10 has been a great season for Mickey thus far. He got released from prison. And then, […]

‘Shameless’ Spoilers: Frank Gallagher Sinks To Deadly New Low

Just when fans think Frank Gallagher (William H. Macy) can’t sink any lower, Shameless writers surprise everyone with a new horrible and twisted plotline. Warning: The rest of this article contains spoilers from tonight’s episode of Shameless. As The Inquisitr previously reported, Billy – a regular customer at the Albi – passed away. It turns […]

‘Shameless’ Spoilers: Veronica & Kevin Crash Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting To Promote The Albi

Veronica Fisher (Shanola Hampton) and Kevin Ball (Steve Howey) may have sunk to a new low during tonight’s episode of Shameless as they went undercover to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting to bring in some new business for the Albi after one of their regular customers passed away. Warning: This article contains spoilers from tonight’s episode […]

Savannah Chrisley’s Puzzling Instagram Snap Leaves Followers Asking Questions About Her Legs

Chrisley Knows Best star Savannah Chrisley took to her Instagram roughly nine hours ago to share a truly puzzling snapshot that has many of her followers doing a double-take as they try to figure out where her legs are. The questionable, but adorable, snap features Savannah hanging out with Chloe. The duo appears to be […]

Elizabeth Gillies Strikes Saucy Pose In Leather Pants & Silver Serpent Belt Buckle

Dynasty star Elizabeth Gillies turned heads in a recent Instagram post on Saturday afternoon that has received just shy of 700,000 likes within seven hours of being live on her profile. The post included a photo of Gillies striking a saucy-seductive pose as she leaned against the doorway of what appears to be her bedroom. […]

Dwayne Johnson Reveals His New Dwanta Claus Ice Cream Is Already Sold Out

Unfortunately, those hoping to snag a pint of Dwayne Johnson’s new Salt & Straw Dwanta Claus Ice Cream have missed the boat, as it is officially sold out. According to a recent Instagram post from Johnson, the launch of his Dwanta Claus Ice Cream was a huge success. In the caption of his video clip, […]

‘Tall Girl’ Star Ava Michelle Discusses The Pains Of Last-Minute Christmas Shopping

Tall Girl star Ava Michelle took to Instagram recently to reveal that she was doing a little last-minute Christmas shopping. According to the caption of her brief video, the clip featured her facial reactions after seeing how long the lines were at stores a few days before Christmas. Michelle went on to jest that looking […]

Mario Lopez Enjoys Disney’s ‘Frozen 2’ Playset With Daughter Gigi In Adorable Instagram Snap

Former Saved by the Bell alum and current television personality Mario Lopez warmed the hearts of his 1.4 million Instagram followers on Friday when he shared an adorable snap of himself playing dolls with his daughter and her friend on Instagram. In the photo, Mario sits on his living room sofa, surrounded by eldest child […]

Noel Fisher Drops Trailer Teaser For Tomorrow Night’s Episode Of ‘Shameless’ On Instagram

Noel Fisher joined the rest of his Shameless cast in taking to Instagram in the last 24 hours to drop a teaser for tomorrow night’s new episode. Fisher shared a short teaser trailer. The clip kicked off featuring Lip Gallagher (Jeremy Allen White) and Tami (Kate Miner) trying to adjust to new life as parents […]

‘Shameless’ Star Steve Howey Rocks A Serious ‘Stache’ On Instagram

Shameless star Steve Howey took to Instagram roughly 24 hours ago to share a snap that featured his character, Kevin Ball, rocking a serious “stache.” The snapshot looked to be a sneak preview from tomorrow night’s episode of Shameless. It featured Kevin sitting in some sort of audience while sporting a new mustache. The ‘stache […]

‘Shameless’ Star Shanola Hampton Looks Devious With Blond Locks On Instagram

Shanola Hampton left Shameless fans scratching their heads yesterday when she took to Instagram to share a snap of her show’s character, Veronica Fisher, rocking a long platinum blond wig. Veronica looked to be sitting in a crowd of individuals while sporting unusual blond locks. In the caption, Hampton even questioned why her character would […]

Todd Chrisley Responds To Troubled Fan & Offers Advice On Instagram

Todd Chrisley recently engaged with a follower in the comments of one of his Instagram posts after they begged for advice. The Chrisley Knows Best star took to his Instagram a little less than 24 hours ago to share another one of his thought-provoking memes with his followers. The meme was solid black letters surrounded […]

‘Shameless’ Star Emma Kenney Stuns In Red Christmas Gown On Instagram

Shameless star Emma Kenney took to Instagram roughly 24 hours ago in a stunning candy-red Christmas ball gown. The bottom half of the puffy-red dress featured layers on top of layers that completely masked the lower half of Emma’s body. The top of the gown featured two ruched straps with a deep v-neckline that extended […]

Jeremy Vuolo Shares Sweet Family Photo Featuring Felicity ‘In The Center’

Jeremy Vuolo took to Instagram roughly 15 hours ago to share a sweet family snap featuring himself, Jinger Duggar, and their daughter Felicity sitting on a red bench together. The adorable photo featured Jinger and Jeremy with huge smiles on their faces as they gazed into each other’s eyes while sitting on opposite sides of […]

Jill Duggar Is ‘Enjoying’ Her New, Shorter Hair

Jill Duggar Dillard took to Instagram just a few minutes ago to announce that she was “enjoying” her new hair. As The Inquisitr reported yesterday, Jill sent her 1.6 million Instagram followers into a bit of a frenzy by revealing she’d decided to cut off a significant chunk of her hair. In her many updates […]

‘Jumanji: The Next Level’ Dethrones ‘Frozen 2’ At The Box Office During Opening Weekend

Jumanji: The Next Level premiered in theaters this weekend, and it swiftly dethroned Disney’s Frozen 2 which was previously nested in the top slot at the box office. As The New York Times reminds us, this is the second time Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has released the hottest movie in both the United States and […]

‘Shameless’ Spoilers: Kevin Ball Researches How To Be A Pedophile

Things got a little weird between Kevin Ball (Steve Howey) and Veronica Fisher (Shanola Hampton) during tonight’s episode of Shameless, as he revealed he was putting a huge amount of effort into learning everything there was to know about being a pedophile. Warning: This article contains spoilers from tonight’s episode of Shameless. Toward the very […]

Dwayne Johnson & Kevin Hart Crash Random Screening Of ‘Jumanji: The Next Level’ In Los Angeles

Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart gave fans of the Jumanji franchise a real treat when they randomly crashed a screening of Jumanji: The Next Level at an AMC theater in Los Angeles over the weekend. The Rock took to Instagram Saturday to share a nearly four minute video clip of himself and Hart hanging out […]

‘Jumanji: The Next Level’ Post-Credit Scene Features Lamorne Morris Cameo & An Opening For Additional Film

Jumanji: The Next Level landed in theaters yesterday, and it featured a post-credit scene with a cameo from New Girl star Lamorne Morris that viewers are going to want to stick around for. Warning: The following contains spoilers from Jumanji: The Next Level. As fans of Jumanji make plans to head to the theaters to […]

‘Playboy’ Model Lexi Wood Is ‘Almost Ready’ In Nude Bra & Black Sweatpants

Playboy model Lexi Wood shared a revealing snapshot of herself getting ready as she rocked nothing more than a nude bra and a pair of black sweatpants. The slender brunette bombshell put her tiny frame on display as both of her hands were twisted in her short locks as she looked to be putting her […]

Karen Gillan Shares ‘Jumanji’ Photography With Hilarious Captions Attached To Each Snap

Karen Gillan took to Instagram roughly 24 hours ago to share a collection of Jumanji photography featured by Vanity Fair. As her 6.6 million followers know, Gillan has been especially active on Instagram as of late. This is largely in promotion of Jumanji: The Next Level which was released in theaters yesterday. Warning: This article […]

‘Dynasty’ Star Elizabeth Gillies Rocks New Platinum-Blond Locks In Black Leather Dress

Dynasty star Elizabeth Gillies caused her 9.3 million Instagram followers to do a double take when she took to her profile yesterday to share a snapshot of herself rocking new platinum-blond tresses. The young actress appeared to be twinning with two of her equally blond friends as they all rocked the same curly locks and […]

‘Shameless’ Fans Beg Noel Fisher To Protect His Face & Lips

Noel Fisher’s latest Instagram activity has some of his followers concerned for the safety of his precious face and lips. Fisher sent his Instagram followers swooning when he shared a selfie of his banged-up face with a bruise under his eye and blood smeared across one side of his forehead. With his eyebrows raised and […]

Steve Howey Shares Hilarious ‘Shameless’ Video Clip Of Kev Catching A Junkie Stealing His Microwave

Steve Howey treated his Instagram followers to a hilarious short Shameless clip featuring himself and actor Jordan L. Jones who played the role of a local junkie that had just broken into Kev’s house to steal his microwave. In the clip, we see Howey’s character wander down their spiral staircase rocking a white undershirt, red […]

‘Shameless’ Star Shanola Hampton Sizzles In Galaxy-Inspired Dress

Shanola Hampton took to Instagram roughly 48 hours ago to treat her 1.1 million followers to a few sneak preview snapshots from tomorrow night’s episode of Shameless that featured her character Veronica Fisher slaying in a galaxy-inspired dress. As those who watched last week’s episode of Shameless saw, Veronica is now working a second job […]

Emma Kenney Tells Thomas Barbusca To ‘F*ck Off’ In Instagram Post Showcasing Her Toned Legs

Emma Kenney took to Instagram recently to share a snap of herself draped across a bed on her back as she used her stomach muscles to hold her toned legs in the air, crossing them at her knees. While her leggy display certainly commanded the attention of her 1.5 million Instagram followers, attention quickly shifted […]

‘Racing Wives’ Star Samantha Busch Puts On Sizzling Fashion Show & Asks Followers Which Outfit Is Best

Less than 24 hours ago, Racing Wives star Samantha Busch took to Instagram to put on a sizzling fashion show for her 161,000 followers. In the caption, the reality TV star explained that she loved the Christmas and holiday season. Then, she noted that she wanted her followers’ opinions on which of the outfits she […]

Brandi Passante Crashes Someone’s Party & Hijacks Their Photo Booth, But Leaves A Gift Behind

Storage Wars princess took to Instagram roughly 24 hours ago to ask her 143,000 followers if it was “illegal” to crash a person’s party just because she knew a photo booth would be there and she wanted to use it. She added that she and Racing Wives star Samantha Busch left a copy of the […]

‘Shameless’ Star Cameron Monaghan Smolders & Flaunts Ripped Physique In Stunning Photo Shoots

Shameless star Cameron Monaghan has sent the hearts of his 2.3 million Instagram followers swooning as of late after sharing several sexy snaps of himself from various photo shoots. For example, the 26-year-old ginger shared an absolutely stunning series of artistic snaps of himself flaunting his lean and ripped physique for the camera. Published on […]

‘Shameless’ Alum Sammi Hanratty Gets Wet In Sizzling Instagram Selfie

The self-proclaimed “girl you hated” from the Showtime hit series Shameless, Sammi Hanratty, soaked up the attention of her 296,000 Instagram followers when she shared a sultry, dripping wet snapshot of herself rocking a cute bathing suit. The gorgeous 24-year-old actress is no novice in front of the camera and certainly didn’t give off a […]

‘Shameless’ Alum Emmy Rossum Breaks Instagram Silence With Gorgeous Selfie

After two months of inactivity, Emmy Rossum has finally resurfaced on Instagram with an absolutely stunning selfie. The fierce snapshot hit Emmy’s profile just four hours ago. The image is an up-close selfie that features Rossum’s face taking up most of the frame. With her head slightly tilted, her brunette tresses flowed down the side […]

William H. Macy Rocks Black Starry Leggings & Fishnet Crop Top In Steve Howey’s Instagram Snap

William H. Macy was looking fierce in a snapshot shared by his co-star Steve Howey on Instagram less than 12 hours ago. The photo featured Macy rocking a short-sleeved fishnet black crop top with black leggings that were adorned in large bronze-colored stars. Macy also had a large gold wrestling style belt wrapped around his […]

Carl Gallagher Learns Multiple Truths During Tonight’s Episode Of ‘Shameless’

Carl Gallagher (Ethan Cutkosky) is served with a whole lot of truth during tonight’s episode of Shameless. Warning: This article contains spoilers for tonight’s episode of Shameless. During last season, fans watched as Frank Gallagher (William H. Macy) struggled to get his girlfriend Ingrid pregnant. He learned his swimmers were no longer swimming. Being the […]

‘Shameless’ Fans Wanted A Romance Between Frank & Mikey

Some Shameless fans are upset as it appears they won’t get the Frank Gallagher (William H. Macy) and Mikey O’Shea (Luis Guzman) romance they were hoping for. As those who watched last week’s episode of Shameless know, it appeared to be the final episode for Frank’s best friend Mikey. In the last few episodes, fans […]

‘Shameless’ Cast Coins Cameron Monaghan As Biggest Flirt On Set

Cameron Monaghan has been coined by his Shameless co-stars as the biggest flirt on set. A day ago, the official Shameless Instagram shared a video clip that featured an interview discussing cast superlatives. The clip featured several members of the cast, including Cameron Monaghan, Noel Fisher, William H. Macy, Shanola Hampton, Jeremy Allen White, Kate […]

Todd Chrisley Embraces His Instagram Haters As ‘Motivators’

As his 2 million Instagram followers know, Todd Chrisley is no stranger to a pretty regular amount of trolling and negativity in the comments section of his posts. The Chrisley Knows Best star, however, doesn’t let the hate and negativity get him down. Instead, he embraces it and welcomes it as motivation. It was roughly […]

Todd Chrisley Questions How Many Chrisleys It Takes To Change A Tire

How many members of the Chrisley Knows Best family does it take to change a tire? This is a question that Todd Chrisley is seemingly terrified to know the answer to. It was roughly 24 hours ago that the official Instagram account for the reality TV series shared a hilarious snap that featured the family […]

Megan Fox’s Doppelganger, Claudia Alende, Wraps Up Curvaceous Form In Ruby Red Tinsel Christmas Dress

Megan Fox doppelganger Claudia Alende is really getting into the Christmas spirit. She took to Instagram less than 24 hours ago to share a stunning snapshot of her curvy form wrapped up in a ruby red tinsel Christmas inspired dress. The shiny red dress featured white stitching styled in a double-lined, zig-zag pattern with strips […]

Savannah Chrisley Is ‘Laying Low’ In A Flannel Jacket & Black Leggings

Savannah Chrisley was glowing with joy in her latest Instagram snapshot as she quoted a song called Laying Low by Danielle Bradbery in the caption. The photo featured the Chrisley Knows Best star with her back pressed against the wall as she rocked a pair of black leggings, a black t-shirt, and a white and […]

NFL Reporter Jane Slater Sparks Fitbit Cheating Spouse Monitoring Movement

During a conversation with a fellow NFL reporter named Albert Breer, correspondent Jane Slater inadvertently sparked a movement involving cheating spouses and Fitbit monitoring. It was a few days ago that Peloton’s new holiday advertisement for their stationary bike went viral for all the wrong reasons. After watching the advertisement, many took to social media […]

Is Cameron Monaghan Pushing For A Mickey & Ian Spinoff? ‘Shameless’ Fans Seem To Think So

Cameron Monaghan sent Gallavich fans swooning when he shared a fun video clip detailing the love story of Ian and Mickey (Noel Fisher) that suggested he might be hoping for a Shameless spinoff. The video clip was similar to what viewers have seen when they watch a reality TV show, with diary-cut scenes that featured […]

William H. Macy Directed This Week’s Episode Of ‘Shameless’

According to Shanola Hampton’s recent Instagram update, William H. Macy was the director of this week’s episode of Shameless. Unfortunately for fans of Frank Gallagher, that means they can expect to see a lot less of the character during Sunday’s episode. Characters tend to take a step back from having a major role in episodes […]

‘Shameless’ Star Noel Fisher Shares Sweet Snap With Christian Isaiah On Instagram

Noel Fisher recently took to Instagram to melt the hearts of Shameless fans by sharing a sweet snap that featured himself and his co-star, Christian Isaiah. As his 861,000 Instagram followers know, Fisher has had a burst of activity on social media recently, due in part to Season 10 of the Showtime hit series currently […]

‘TOWIE’ Star Yazmin Oukhellou Flaunts Busty Bosom & Tiny Waist In Gorgeous Christmas Snap

The Only Way Is Essex star Yazmin Oukhellou commanded the attention of her 537,000 Instagram followers less than 24 hours ago by sharing a gorgeous Christmas theme snapshot that put both her tiny waist and her busty bosom on full display. The sizzling photo featured Yazmin rocking a snug all-black ensemble. She sported a tank […]

Brandi Passante Suggests Keeping Your Friends & A Bathroom Close By While Wearing A Sparkling Party Dress

Storage Wars alum Brandi Passante took to her Instagram account roughly 24 hours ago with some words of wisdom for her 141,000 followers. The blond bombshell acknowledged that while keeping friends close was important, you should always keep a bathroom even closer. The Instagram advice came in the caption of her latest snapshot that featured […]

Here Are The Funniest Black Friday Memes To Get You Through The Shopping Mayhem

Black Friday 2019 is almost here. So, this means it is almost time for you to rush to the store hours before it opens to stand in a line to get through the door, a line to get the limited supply discounted item(s) of your desire, and a line to check out. It is also […]

‘Playboy’ Model Lexi Wood Goes Braless & Ditches Pants In Pinstripe Suit Jacket

Playboy model Lexi Wood sent the imagination of her Instagram followers running wild less than 24 hours ago when she shared a sizzling snapshot of herself lacking pants and a bra. The sexy snap featured Wood rocking a lengthy cream-colored pinstripe suit jacket with a deep neckline and three buttons. The suit jacket appeared to […]

Karen Gillan Ramps Up Instagram Activity & Her Followers Are Loving It

Avengers and Jumanji actress Karen Gillan has really ramped up her activity on social media as of late, and her Instagram followers are extremely supportive. As The Inquisitr previously reported, Gillan took to her Instagram account just yesterday to share a hilarious video clip of herself and her Jumanji co-stars during a panel. In the […]

Brandi Passante Wants To ‘Rack Up’ Receipts To Tinsel A Tree Or Toilet Paper A House

Storage Wars alum Brandi Passante took to Instagram this weekend to announce her desire to “rack up” receipts from CVS so she could have the option of putting them on a tree like tinsel, or to “toilet paper” someone’s home. While Brandi didn’t make it clear who was in the photo, she appeared to be […]

‘Playboy’ Model Lexi Wood Goes Topless In Fuzzy Sea Green Hat On Instagram

Playboy model Lexi Wood turned up the heat for her 664,000 Instagram followers just a few hours ago when she shared a sizzling topless snap of herself rocking nothing more than a fuzzy sea green hat. While the 22-year-old Canadian model was clearly lacking a top in the revealing photo, the bottom of the image […]