Meet The Sheriff Who Isn’t Afraid To Disagree With Trump’s ‘Fake News’ Agenda

Just as there are good cops and bad cops, there are also similar journalists. And according to this sheriff, Donald Trump’s claims aren’t fair or just. Via Twitter, Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood isn’t standing idly by while the image of free press is repetitively tarnished over President Trump’s disagreement with unfavorable reporting. Ever since […]

Daycare Worker Sarah Gable Allegedly Pushes 4-Year-Old Down Stairs

Seemingly, Sarah Gables let out her frustration on a 4-year-old; a child whose parents trusted her supervision. And, it’s all on video. Things aren’t looking too good for this former Upper Darby, Pennsylvania daycare worker. After footage was released of 52-year-old Sarah Gable allegedly mistreating one of the children, the community is in an uproar. […]

Donald Trump’s USDA Media Blackout Fails — America Has Spoken [Opinion]

“The People” have turned their grassroots protests into action while revolting Donald Trump’s attempt on silencing the USDA’s public correspondence. America won today. Donald Trump is seen as a bullying egocentric tyrant to his opposition. Specifically, many people say Trump has a hidden agenda for his recent actions and executive orders — as in, Donald […]

Remembering Mary Tyler Moore: Actress Dead At Age 80

The public mourns as Mary Tyler Moore dies at age 80. While she was reported in critical condition just hours ago, she succumbed to her illness and passed. Mary Tyler Moore, a television icon, was undergoing care at Greenwich Hospital over the last few days, in Connecticut. According to New York Daily News, Moore was […]

Guy Philippe’s Official Charges Released By United States

While conducting a live interview, Guy Philippe found himself at the mercy of Haitian law enforcement. Philippe was wanted in the United States. Guy was taking part in a live talk show in Haiti’s capital, Port au Prince. Sometime during the segment, Philippe’s interview was interrupted by Haitian law enforcement officials who were seeking his […]

Geico Apologizes For Seemingly Canvassing Racists After State Farm’s Ad [Opinion]

State Farm’s interracial couple ad isn’t setting well with the racists of America. Unfortunately for Geico, it attempted to cash in before really understanding what was happening. While it’s believable one would seek to capture the competition’s lost customers — especially when offering the same service — it didn’t quite work out the way Geico […]

Young M.A. Threatened For ‘Tooka’ Reference, But Why Not Chief Keef?

Young M.A.’s “Tooka” reference during her freestyle has Chicago flipping out. Yet, the “OOOUUU” artist got it from Chief Keef. Why does he get a pass? Recently, there’s been a lot of talk regarding Young M.A. — from her venues constantly swapping, to other rappers attempting to go at her head. Well, one is attempting […]

Christmas 2016 — Son’s Gift Brings ‘Angry Grandpa’ Dad To Sobbing Tears

Disclaimer: This video contains mild language. Viewer discretion is advised. Christmas 2016 will be one to remember for this elderly dad. Of all Christmas gifts, the man never saw this coming. The elderly guy is known as “Angry Grandpa” on social media. In essence, he portrays the stereotypical image of an “angry old man.” However, […]

Kanye West Crazy? Hmm, Maybe Not

Kanye West is possibly a lot of things, but it’s doubtful he’s crazy. Curious? Here’s what I mean. Last week, we all witnessed the Kanye meltdown/breakdown in Sacramento, California. During West’s rant, he talked about a number of things, according to Complex. Yet, people were so caught up in Kanye’s “Donald Trump” message. And, because […]

Drake’s New Apple Commercial: ‘Swift Gains’ Is Distractingly Hilarious

Drake debuted his new Apple commercial via Instagram, and it’s quite entertaining. Also, he tosses Taylor Swift a plug. Teamwork makes the dream work. As you’re probably aware, Drake and Taylor Swift have been in the news lately — not for Apple commercial topics, though. Several rumors have been in play that Drake and Swift […]

Facebook Live Video: Real Heroin Overdose At McDonald’s

This Facebook live video is spreading through the internet like wildfire. However, it’s all at the request of the heroin addict’s family. Facebook live has become a useful tool for capturing emergency situations. Generally, each video will have at least one witness. Plus — if Facebook doesn’t disrupt the live video or “mistakenly delete” it […]

Tony Romo Press Conference: ‘Dak Prescott Has Earned The Right’

Tony Romo gave a press conference on November 15, addressing his position and status with the Dallas Cowboys. Here are the highlights. Romo has been a valuable part of the Dallas Cowboys for years. However, given his recent injury, he understands that the situation is bigger than himself. And, while he’d love nothing more than […]

These Veterans With PTSD Smoke Weed, And It’s Worth The Watch [Video]

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is no laughing matter. However, it’s nice to see a few veterans have their stress levels relieved, even if for a moment. Several states have been legalizing weed for recreational use. The latest? California. However, weed in medical uses — such as treatment of PTSD — has been iffy, according to […]

Andrew Lumish: ‘The Good Cemeterian’ — Freely Restoring Veteran Headstones

Just when you thought the United States had reached a low point for military vets, Andrew Lumish shows — in a big way — they’re not forgotten. Lumish has taken it upon himself to honor the United States’ fallen heroes in his own special way and it’s definitely proven to be a great gesture. It’s […]

Veteran Deputy, 20 Years, Shot Down In ‘Direct Execution’ By This Man

A California officer was shot down on Sunday, November 13, after publicly identifying a “known criminal.” In Stanislaus County, Deputy Dennis Wallace arrived at the Fox Grove Recreation and Fishing Access park, roughly around 8:20 a.m. Once there, he recognized and identified 36-year-old criminal David Machado. According to Fox News, Machado was already wanted on […]

Another Officer Loses His Life In Deadly Shooting

On November 6, two Georgia officers found themselves in a battle for their lives in Peach County. According to reports, one of them didn’t make it. CNN reports that the county coroner identified the fallen officer as 41-year-old Peach County Sheriff Deputy Patrick Sondron. The source notes that the other deputy involved in the shootout […]

Woman Accuses Man Of Rape, But Facebook Proves Her A Liar

Rape and sexual assault are no joking matters. However, one woman was about to frame a man for this crime, until Facebook intervened. It’s amazing how people can live with faking sexual assault and getting someone thrown in jail over the lie. What has to go through the “victim’s” mind at the time? Is there […]

All ‘White Media’ Excuses Are Void: Nate Parker’s ‘Birth Of A Nation’ Vs. Tyler Perry’s ‘Boo! A Madea Halloween’

The results are in. You might not have a taste for this truth, but you’re going to eat it today. First, let’s get this out the way. Tyler Perry’s movie grossed nearly $30 million during opening weekend. In contrast, Birth of a Nation grossed $7 million on its opening weekend. As the two movies compare, […]

Women For Trump: Setting Females Back 50 Years

Maybe these particular women like being groped and demeaned by the likes of Donald Trump and others like him. While it’d make sense for women to abhor anything dealing with Trump — after the complete nonsense which has spewed from his mouth — it’s interesting to find several women still wishing for his presidential victory. […]

Chimp Expert Jane Goodall Gives Legendary Donald Trump Analysis

If anyone can recognize primal activity in Donald Trump, it’s world-renowned chimp expert Jane Goodall. And, she has plenty to say. You’ve seen Donald Trump in the debates. It’s no surprise that Jane Goodall would weigh in on the situation. It was only a matter of time. What Jane Goodall had to say about Donald […]

Thomas ‘TC’ Clay: Gospel Sensation Dead — Yes, It’s True [Updated]

Thomas Clay’s death has shaken the gospel community. It’s mysterious, sudden, heart-breaking, and, unfortunately, real. Thomas was known as a powerful vessel of God. Clay’s music was changing lives left and right, day in and day out. [Update: October 19, 1:20 p.m. EST] It seems that singer Jazmine Sullivan has unwittingly put Thomas Clay on […]

Man Saves Dog From Imaginary Fire — Big Thanks To LSD

He’s the hero we all need — the hero we’re not ready to receive. So valiant, even imaginary flames couldn’t stop this rescue. In Halfmoon, New York, 43-year-old Michael Orchard was not going to allow his neighbor’s dog to burn. While other neighbors wouldn’t offer him any “help,” he took matters into his own hands. […]

Why Drake Should Stop Dating Celebrities Altogether

You know how you watch your friends date the wrong type of people over and over? This is what we’ve been doing with Drake. It’s time to stop. We’ve all sat back and listened to Drake’s songs over the years. In a way, Drizzy reminds us of that friend who always needs to vent about […]

Wells Fargo’s John Stumpf Resigns — Retirement Looking Good

Given all the turmoil at Wells Fargo, its reigning CEO John Stumpf has decided to call it quits. But now there’s more happening. It’s no secret that Wells Fargo has lost several of its customers, along with much of the company’s long-standing reputation. While many people have demanded that John Stumpf step down from his […]

Trump’s Friend Robert Kiyosaki Reveals The ‘Most Patriotic Thing You Can Do’

Most people may know Robert Kiyosaki from Rich Dad, Poor Dad. He recently called Donald Trump “most patriotic” for something you might find detestable. Donald Trump has a lot of buddy-buddy connections in the world of business. Sometimes, particular scenarios seem borderline “scratch my back, and I’ll scratch yours.” Such is the case with Trump’s […]

George Clooney’s Wife Fights ISIS, Even On Their Anniversary

Talk about having a high-profile job, right? George Clooney’s wife isn’t afraid of her opposition, even if it’s ISIS.

Wells Fargo California: State Just Became Scandal-Proof

For Wells Fargo, California doesn’t look too promising any longer. This is starting to look like a weird episode of ‘Chopped’.

#ChangeTheStatistics: Black Lives, ‘To Hell With Them’

If you think this title says it all about Black lives, you’re mistaken. However, every African-American needs to read this, today.

Leprosy: Before You Start Looking ‘Cursed’, Learn This Cure

Americans thought leprosy was a thing of the past. However, recent outbreaks may prove different. Are you ready to deal with the Biblical plague?

Terence Crutcher Update: The Way Tulsa Police Just Lied Is Insane

Terence Crutcher encountered supreme injustice at the hands of Tulsa Police. However, it seems their lies have caught up with them.

Hemet Child Abuse: Woman Hears Horribly Screaming Kid, Gets No Response Until This Happens [Update]

In Hemet, child abuse advocates experience a horrible day as a kid’s screams leave neighbors heartbroken.

Here’s Lil Wayne’s Disappointingly Self-Preserving Thoughts On Racism

It might be better for Lil Wayne to continue being silent on the issue of racism, rather than suggesting these mind-numbing comments.

Woman Hysterically Calls Family From Trunk, Her Ending Is Heart-Wrenching

​Rita Maze, 47, unfortunately became victim of a strangely dangerous situation. On what appeared to be a regular day, it turned treacherous after she was suddenly hit across the head. After visiting family in Helena, Montana, Rita Maze was driving home to Great Falls. Maze stopped at a rest stop on the way home. But, […]

Jessie Graff: ‘Ninja Warrior’ Like You’ve Never Seen [Video]

Supergirl’s stunt double, Jessie Graff, made her American Ninja Warrior appearance legendary. Watch it here. What’s so special about Jessie Graff’s run? Literally, you have to see it to believe it. Jessie Graff is one of the few American Ninja Warrior competitors to make it to national finals. Yet, Graff runs the course with ease […]

Wait A Minute — Rapist Brock Turner To Be Released This Friday?

Brock Turner, sentenced to six months, is getting out early. The privilege continues, America. If you don’t remember, Brock Turner was the Stanford University student who was caught raping another student behind a dumpster. Scary Mommy reports that Brock received five — mind you, five — felony charges. They were as follows: rape of an […]

Colin Kaepernick: Jim Brown’s Full Support — America’s Problem Explained

Colin Kaepernick has the full support of Jim Brown concerning the national anthem sitdown. In addition, he has a strong opinion of his own. Jim Brown says that Kaepernick is just exercising his rights. Colin’s not harming anyone or infringing on the rights of others by his act, right? In an interview with NFL Total […]

Donald Trump’s Big Adventure: ‘Large Marge’ Sent Him

Donald Trump’s campaign is nearly as ghastly as “Large Marge.” And, it’s not far-fetched to say she “sent him.” Donald Trump and Large Marge are pretty much one in the same. They both make the general public’s hairs stand on end. Wait, Who Is Large Marge? Remember Paul Reubens, better known as Pee-Wee Herman? Well, […]

LAX Shooting: ‘Zorro’ Detained After Chaos At Los Angeles Airport

Did “Zorro” do it? It was chaos at LAX when announcements of an active shooter spread throughout the terminals and caused a massive evacuation. After the evacuation, Los Angeles International Airport authorities detained a suspicious man. He was wearing an all-black, Zorro-like outfit. Individual in Zorro costume has been detained by @LAAirportPD — LAX Airport […]

Hurricane Irene Popular Again — Louisiana Flood? ‘Eh’

Five years after Hurricane Irene’s damage, it still gets more coverage than Louisiana’s flood. Sad. Interestingly enough, Louisiana’s flood crisis has been labeled the “worst natural disaster since Hurricane Sandy,” according to Washington Post. You know who made that statement? Brad Kieserman, vice president for disaster services operations and logistics for the Red Cross. Is […]

Self-Driving Taxi: Singapore Beats Rest Of The World

When it concerns a self-driving taxi, Singapore has the rest of the world beat. And the car is coming to America. Look out, Uber. Community-oriented taxi service Uber has some impending competition with new company nuTonomy. The Orange County Register reports Singapore’s driverless taxi as the first self-driving car to begin carrying passengers. Moreover, Singapore’s […]

Slavery In America — Never Abolished, Just Refurbished

Slavery abolished? Not at all. If you only read one thing today, this should be it. Here, you’ll learn how slavery has perpetually existed through a loophole you might have overlooked — bringing all the “missing pieces” together regarding today’s police and judicial biases. Slavery Shall Not Exist First, what does the 13th Amendment actually […]

‘Black Lives Matter’ — White Judge Says It In Court, Now Police Want His Job [Video]

Black lives do matter, and Judge James Robart spoke it in court. However, some police officers want his job for it. Here’s a taste of American hypocrisy. College rape suspects are okay, but when a judge admits that black lives do matter, he “should be impeached”? ‘Black Lives Matter’ — May the Court Gasp United […]

Hillary Clinton’s Reprimand Causes Epic EpiPen Stock Drop?

Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton voiced her opinion about the recent EpiPen hike. Is it coincidence Mylan’s stock immediately fell after that? Currently, EpiPen prices are utterly disgusting — the distasteful equivalent to “bologna and orange juice.” Just horrible. Hillary Clinton understands the necessity of EpiPens and is mortified for the country, regarding the CEO’s decision. […]

Timothy Cook: ‘Gorilla Acts’ On Public Sidewalk Involving His Genitals

What does Timothy Cook, 32, have to do with a gorilla? On August 19, while exhibiting drug overdose, he terrorized the local community in quite the “primal” manner. There are stories you might wish were satire — like this one. However, so far, it appears valid. In the Warren Township of Ohio, Timothy Cook and […]

Donald Trump’s Campaign Trouble Over ‘Barnes And Noble’ Receipt

Donald Trump’s campaign might be walking across figurative lava rocks after a revealing Barnes and Noble purchase. The Federal Election Commission (FEC) says Donald Trump’s purchase is potentially illegal in his presidential campaign. And, it’s for good reason. There’s only one way the commission will allow it to pass. $55k In Campaign Donations? According to […]

Bill Gates Agrees Teachers Are ‘Nerd Farmers’ — Here’s What It Means

Bill Gates, in a recent interview, gets excited about the phrase “nerd farmer” — turning the socially negative into something economically powerful. Via LinkedIn, Bill Gates writes a personal note regarding the future generations. Gates considers himself a proud nerd. And, Bill’s net worth boasts uncontested. World's richest man, @BillGates now worth $90B. — […]

Drake Songs: ‘The Musical Equivalent Of Salad And Breadsticks’ — Meaning?

Drake’s songs appear to be under the musical microscope as critics compare his music to “salad and breadsticks.” What do they mean? As you know, Drake’s tour — “Summer Sixteen” — has been taking him around the country and featuring some notable acts from present and past songs. Tampa Bay Times writer Jay Cridlin mentions […]

Nicki Minaj Fed Up With Drake, Issues Diss Warning

Nicki Minaj is giving Drake a chance to bow out. It seems that Drizzy has shamed Meek Mill one too many times. As concerns Nicki Minaj, Drake has usually voiced his opinion about her relationship choices. However, Minaj has always chosen to remain quiet. And, it makes you wonder if there’s a lot Nicki could […]

Jimmy Feigen: Ryan Lochte’s Teammate Pays Settlement To Avoid Prosecution

Jimmy Feigen, one of the accused Team USA swimmers in “Lochtgate,” has struck a deal to avoid prosecution. As you’ve heard, Jimmy Feigen is one of the four swimmers who were caught in a scandalous lie about being robbed in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Once surveillance footage surfaced, Feigen, along with his accomplice teammates, was […]

Jill Stein To Cancel All Your Student Loans, One Thing Happens First

Who is Jill Stein, and why does she want to eliminate your student loans? Before she makes it happen, she’s asking one thing of you first. According to Voice of America, student loans hold more than 43 million United States citizens financially captive. Many people have begun questioning “going back to school” because — for […]