‘The Voice’ Ratings Are Sliding — Is Miley Cyrus To Blame?

NBC’s The Voice might be the most viewed network show on Mondays and Tuesdays, but its ratings are slowly dropping. Is the roundly-boycotted Miley Cyrus to blame?

Not exactly. Cyrus’s presence could be partly to blame for The Voice’s ratings slide. However, comparisons between the current and past seasons prove she’s not entirely at fault.


You see, The Voice is in the early stages of a serious ratings problem. In fact, Voice ratings have slid consistently for the past few years.

Still, the Voice remains a bright star in the NBC weekday line-up. According to TV By The Numbers, The Voice was a solid performer last week, especially among the much-coveted 18-49 demographic. Although The Voice finished behind The Big Bang Theory on Monday night, it handily recovered the top spot on Tuesday.

The trouble arises when you begin to compare this week’s numbers with past performances. The Futon Critic has Voice ratings down 5.88 percent from last week, and down 11.11 percent from this time last year.

All things considered, there are three key takeaways from the Voice’s mounting ratings drama.

The ‘New Era’ Is A Flop


The Voice ditched not one, but two coaches. The hope was to re-launch the show with a “fresh” image — two women Voice judges for the first season ever. The Voice brought on previous guest mentors Miley Cyrus and Alicia Keys to make season-long contributions to the show.

It was especially hoped that Cyrus, as the youngest and most pop culture-relevant judge, would bring in a slew of young viewers. Except…that didn’t happen. While ratings didn’t dramatically plummet in protest to her presence, they didn’t surge in response, either. The Voice simply continued to quietly hemorrhage audience members.

Again, the Voice is only in the earliest stages of a ratings issue. That means there’s time to figure out what’s holding the show back and change it.

The “Anti-Miley Cyrus Brigade” Is Winning

Did you hate the idea of Miley Cyrus joining The Voice? If so, you are entitled to feel vindicated for the moment. With ratings down from last season, it’s possible to argue that Cyrus’s addition either hurt the show’s numbers directly or didn’t benefit The Voice as hoped.

It also doesn’t help that rumors continue to circulate that Miley Cyrus is a disruptive force behind the scenes. If Cyrus is indeed feuding with other judges while offering nothing regarding viewership, this could be her first and last season of The Voice.

The Voice May Have Jumped The Shark

As previously predicted by the Inquisitr, it’s possible The Voice may have “jumped the ratings shark.” That means that The Voice ultimately squandered its competition’s viability by doing nothing of note with the show’s nearly dozen winners.

Most winners have faded outright into obscurity, and most Voice finalists largely suffered the same fate. Compare that to the defunct American Idol which launched dozens of careers — regardless of whether the singers actually won!

By marketing itself as a ground-breaking singing competition and failing to make stars, The Voice may be turning off viewers for good. The Voice is still a popular show, but it’s clear that the novelty factor has worn off.


What does all of this ultimately mean for The Voice? Well, while Miley Cyrus’s presence hasn’t outright doomed the series, she’s not exactly bringing the “younger” crowd on board. The ongoing ratings slide also means the source or sources of The Voice’s downward trend have yet to be properly addressed.

Do you think Miley Cyrus is the source of ratings problems for The Voice? Why do you think The Voice is losing viewers? Share your thoughts below!

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