Couple Allegedly Restrained Six-Year-Old With Duct Tape And Beat Him To Death

Fox 9 is reporting that Bobbie Bishop, 40, and Walter Wynhoff, 44, are facing felony charges of first-degree manslaughter, second-degree murder, two counts of second-degree manslaughter, and a solitary count of malicious punishment. An unconscious Justis Rae Burland was brought to a hospital on Monday, in Fergus Falls, Minnesota. According to a criminal report, hospital […]

Couple Allegedly Beat Young Daughter To Death And Used Super Glue To Close Nine-Year-Old Son’s Neck Wound

A Massachusetts couple reportedly beat their six-year-old daughter to death and used super glue on the neck wound they inflicted on their nine-year-old son. The Boston Herald is reporting that the children’s father, Marvin Brito, 38, and Shana Pedroso, 37, were charged after police found the young girl unresponsive and her sibling, severely injured at […]

Six-Year-Old Has Brittle Bone Disease That Has Left Him With Over 500 Fractures

A 6-year-old boy suffers from a rare bone condition that has left him with more than 500 fractures already in his short life. According to the Daily Mail, Reiko Quinlan suffers from Osteogeneses Imperfecta Type Three which is also known as the Brittle Bone Disease. The agonizing condition left little Reiko with five fractures on […]

Mom And Boyfriend Accused Of Leaving Two-Year-Old Brain Dead, Waited 36 Hours Before Getting Him Medical Care

The News Star is reporting that Lindsey McBride, 25, and John Harper, 32 are facing charges of cruelty to a juvenile after the toddler was taken to hospital for the treatment of second-degree burns he had sustained. On April 5, investigators were notified by social services about a two-year-old child at the pediatric care unit […]

Man Rapes Six-Year-Old Girl, Claims She Instigated It, Gets 20 Years

The New York Post is reporting that Carl Rogers, 67, pleaded guilty on Monday to the forcible rape of a six-year-old girl, but claimed that she wanted to have sex with him. The Louisiana man was handed a 20-year prison sentence by District Judge Alan Zaunbrecher. Rogers is expected to complete his two-decade-long prison term […]

Man Accused Of Killing Four-Month-Old Baby Claims His Two-Year-Old Sister Did It

News 9 is reporting that police officers arrested Antonio Goodwin, 31, last Friday for the death of infant Ryan Keesee. Oklahoma City Police had been called to the Deaconess Hospital on April 6 by doctors who said the infant had suffered severe head trauma and was not breathing. Doctors told investigators that the four-month-old child […]

Doctor Reportedly Used His Sperm To Father At Least 11 Of His Patients Children

CNN is reporting that a class-action lawsuit has been filed against Dr. Norman Barwin. The suit alleges that the Canadian doctor was meant to use an anonymous sperm donor or the sperm from the male in the relationship for his fertility treatments, but he opted to use his own sperm instead. The Ottawa based law […]

Man Fatally Throws Baby Against Wall For Crying Too Much, Mom Says He Needs Parenting Classes

A 25-year-old man claimed he did not realize his own strength when he threw an infant into a wall or that smothering him to stop him from crying could kill him. Dallas News is reporting that Javeon Dalcour-Zuber was sentenced to 25 years in prison for the 2015 death of his son—Jayceon. Javeon Dalcour-Zuber, who […]

Pregnant Mom And Boyfriend Reportedly Beat 4-Year-Old To Death For Spilling His Breakfast Cereal

A mother and her boyfriend allegedly bludgeoned a 4-year-old boy to death for spilling his breakfast cereal. Philly is reporting that Lisa Smith, 19, and Keiff King, 26, have been charged with the murder of Tahjir Smith. A forensic report released March 30 determined that the 4-year-old boy died from numerous blunt injuries and thermal […]

Woman Left Infant With Severe Injuries, Frustrated From Getting 40 Minutes Sleep At Night, Police Say

A woman purportedly left her 2-month-old baby with a slew of injuries because she was allegedly only getting 40 minutes sleep every night. Chelysey Zamitalo, 22, faces twin counts of physically abusing the baby boy and reportedly leaving him with two skull fractures, two rib fractures, a broken thigh bone, a broken calf bone in […]

Man Allegedly Threw Seven-Month-Old Baby Against A Wall Because ‘He’s More Attached To His Mom Than Me’

A man threw his seven-month-old baby against the wall because he felt the baby was more attached to his mother than him. The Wisconsin State Journal is reporting that James E. Johnson was arrested and charged Friday with first-degree reckless injury. The 19-year-old man in his police statement admitted that he threw his seven-month-old son […]

Man Allegedly Killed Autistic Five-Year-Old Son, Called 911, And Reported Him Missing

A man allegedly killed his autistic five-year-old son, hid his body, and told authorities he was missing. Kansas City is reporting that Joseph Ray Daniels was arrested on Saturday and charged with criminal homicide over his son’s disappearance. The Tennessee man and the boy’s mother had reported Joe Clyde Daniels missing on Wednesday morning. The […]

Woman Allegedly Had ‘Intimate Relations’ With Her Infant Daughter’s Convicted Killer While She Was Dying

A mother was purportedly caught getting intimate with a man convicted of shaking her daughter so hard she suffered a brain bleed and was put on life support. According to the Daily Mail, a policeman had interrupted the lovers to tell the mother that doctors were going to switch off her five-month-old daughter’s life support […]

Couple Arrested For Death Of Baby Who Suffocated In His Crib, They Were Warned Repeatedly, Police Say

People is reporting that Elizabeth Norris, 23, and Adam Brady, 30, were arrested Monday and charged with second-degree murder. The Georgia couple is being held liable for the death of baby Cassius who suffocated to death after falling asleep face-down on a plush pillow placed in his crib. The medical examiner identified the infant’s cause […]

Couple Allegedly Ran A Brothel From Home They Shared With Three Young Children

A couple reportedly ran a brothel out of a house they were sharing with three young children. The New York Post is reporting that Brittany Patrick, 26, and boyfriend, Lukas Trout, 27, shared an Ingram apartment with their 18-month-old child as well as Patrick’s roommate who had two children, aged 8 and 10. According to […]

Man Arrested For Reportedly Killing Girlfriend’s 3-Year-Old Daughter

A man has been arrested for allegedly killing his girlfriend’s 3-year-old daughter. The New York Times is reporting that the toddler, Bella Edwards, was unresponsive when police officers and medics were called to a Queensbridge apartment. When the respondents arrived, they found Mark Jenkins, 32, performing CPR on the 3-year-old girl. Jenkins was not Bella’s […]

Woman Allegedly Killed A Pregnant Woman, Removed Baby From Her Womb, And Claimed It Was Her Own

A woman allegedly murdered a mother-to-be and cut the baby from her womb in order to conceal her own miscarriage from her husband. According to the Daily Mail, the Mexican woman, Cinthia Fatima is accused of luring Jessica Gabriela, 20, to her Tampico home before strangling her to death and claiming her child. Both women […]

Day Care Workers Allegedly Body Slammed And Stomped On Kids During Nap Time, Police Say

Two former daycare workers have been arrested after video footage showed them repeatedly abusing young children in their care. The Argus Leader is reporting that Teresa Gallagher, 31, and Kenedi Wendt, 22, were both indicted on 25 counts of abuse or cruelty to a minor on Friday. The former employees of Little Blessings Learning Center […]

Man Told 5-Year-Old To Urinate In His Mouth, Told Police He Had Developed A Taste For It

Richard Zeier told a boy on three separate occasions to pee in his mouth; he says it was nothing sexual. The 70-year-old man was sentenced to 3.5 years in prison on Thursday, Hudson Star-Observer reported. Zeier, who claimed he developed a knack for drinking pee over the years, was also handed an eight-year probationary sentence […]

Man Allegedly Left 2-Month-Old Daughter With 12 Broken Bones

A man has been accused of physically abusing his 2-month old daughter and breaking her ribs, arms, legs, and collarbone. Providence Journal is reporting that Alfonso Acevedo was arraigned Friday on three counts of first-degree child abuse. Prosecutors claim the 28-year-old has since admitted to physically abusing his infant daughter—baby Sage. The Rhode Island man […]

Office Of Government Ethics Staffers Allegedly Used Group Meditation To Deal With Trump-Related Stress

Former White House ethics chief Walter Shaub alleges that staffers held group meditation sessions to deal with the stress of working for President Trump. Speaking to CNBC, Shaub, who left his post in July, revealed that there were at least six people who worked for the Office of Government Ethics always in attendance for app […]

Steven Bochco: Brains Behind ‘LA Law’ And ‘NYPD Blue’ Dies Of Cancer

Steven Bochco, the renowned producer of hit TV shows including LA Law, NYPD Blue, and Hill Street Blues, has died. A family spokesman told CNN that the 10-time Emmy Award winner died peacefully in his sleep on Sunday morning surrounded by loved ones after battling leukemia for years. Steven Bochco was 74. In 2014, the […]

Couple Allegedly Made Daughter Drink Toilet Water And Urged Her To Kill Herself, Police Claim

WREG is reporting that Jesse and Trish Piatt were arrested March 29 and charged with aggravated child abuse as well as aggravated child neglect. According to a police report, an investigation was launched in January after the young girl was caught trying to steal food from her fourth-grade teacher. The child told school officials that […]

Convicted Man Felt His 11-Year-Old Son Was Gay, Told Girlfriend To Rape Him

A man told his girlfriend to rape his 11-year-old son with autism because he felt the boy was gay. is reporting that Sean Cole and his girlfriend, Khadeijah Moore, were both convicted of sodomy, rape, and sexual abuse of a child younger than the age of 12. Both of them will be sentenced May […]

American Woman Wakes Up Speaking With An English Accent After Head Injury [Video]

An American woman suddenly started speaking with an English accent after sustaining a head injury. The Daily Mail is reporting that Ashley Bosma, 28, was struck over the head during a home invasion and was unconscious for a few days. After spending a few weeks in the hospital, receiving treatment for her head injury, the […]

‘Scariest Moment Of My Life,’ Man’s Close Encounter With Cheetah That Hopped Into Safari Jeep [Video]

A man endured a terrifying experience when a cheetah decided to take the backseat in his jeep. According to the Daily Mail, Britton Hayes was sight-seeing in the wild with a tourist group at the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania when a trio of cheetahs took an interest in them. Hayes said they were mainly […]

School Bus Aide Accused Of Sexually Abusing 12-Year-Old Boy With Autism

A school bus aide is accused of sexually abusing a 12-year-old boy with autism. Arizona Central is reporting that Samantha Rose Poirier, 18, was arrested Tuesday after a surveillance video showed her kissing the autistic boy and letting him touch her breast. The Mesa school bus aide was charged on suspicion of one count of […]

Kris Jenner Reportedly Dislikes Granddaughter’s Name For One Particular Reason Claims Radar Online

Kris Jenner is reportedly angry at having her granddaughter share a name with an adult star. According to a source speaking to Radar Online, the matriarch of the Kardashian-Jenner clan is reportedly tired of seeing the name Stormy make the headlines and have people muddle both names up. The source said Kris Jenner was purportedly […]

Groupon Ads Using ‘N****r Brown’ To Describe Footwear, Spark Outrage

Outraged customers are calling for a Groupon boycott after two third-party vendors posted boots for sale with the help of a racial slur on Wednesday. According to the Daily Beast, a female pair of suede moccasin boots for $52.99 was listed on the site with four color choices. One of those choices was “N****r Brown.” […]

Mom Battered Her Two-Year-Old To Death For Wetting His Bed And Giving Her A ‘Sideways Look’

Katrina Shangreaux beat her toddler son to death for wetting his bed and giving her a dirty look. Rapid City Journal is reporting that Katrina reached a plea agreement with federal prosecutors and will plead guilty to second-degree murder in the death of Kylen Shangreaux for a lesser sentence. The incident took place in July […]

Woman Overwhelmed By Needs Of Autistic 11-Year-Old Son, Reportedly Tried To Cut His Head Off

A woman overwhelmed with taking care of her 11-year-old son who has autism reportedly tried to decapitate him. The Miami Herald is reporting that Kristina Petrie, 46, felt she had failed in raising the child and feared the 11-year-old boy and his brother would grow up to be liabilities in society. The March 12 incident […]

‘If They Cut Down This Tree, I’m Going To Be A Widow,’ Woman Marries Tree, Saves It From Getting Whacked

WTHR is reporting that Karen Cooper, 60, married a century-old tree in her neighborhood to stop it from being removed after the land was put for sale for $1 million. The 60-year-old woman had rallied members of the community together after the city began planning to destroy the giant ficus tree, which had served as […]

Woman In ‘Romantic Sexual Relationship’ With Brother For Years Has His Child

A woman reportedly in a sexual relationship with her brother has been arrested after giving birth to his child. According to the New York Post, Pauline Elizabeth Martin and her brother had been in an incestuous relationship for five years. Martin told investigators that they had been living as a couple for three years when […]

Woman Reportedly Kills Her Kids, Family Warned Child Services Repeatedly About ‘Mentally Unstable’ Mom

A mother reportedly killed her two-year-old boy and 10-month-old girl on Monday. Arizona authorities are accusing Brittany Velasquez, 20, of first-degree murder after a toddler and his infant sister, were found dead, Pinal Central, reported. Police were called to the house that the 20-year-old woman shared with her grandparents in Superior — a historic mining […]

Mother Reportedly Slammed Her 14-Year-Old Daughter Headfirst Through A Window

A Pennsylvania woman reportedly slammed her 14-year-old daughter’s head through a window during a fight. KRCG TV is reporting that Kalinda Carpenter engaged in a violent altercation with her daughter, hitting her several times, before throwing the girl on the ground and sitting on her chest. According to court documents, the 33-year-old woman then grabbed […]

Nine-Week-Old Baby Had 35 Fractures, Parents Did Not Take Her To Hospital For 14 Days

A couple refused to take their daughter with 35 fractures to the hospital because they wanted to keep some fraudulent payments coming in. The Daily Mail is reporting that Sarah Jane Mary Deal, 24, and her then-boyfriend, Hayden Shane Brooks, 25, ignored the advice of a medical professional and waited for 14 days before taking […]

Girl Dies From Overdose, Might Have Used Drugs Mom And Boyfriend Left Lying Around, Police Say

A mother and boyfriend have been arrested after her 3-year-old daughter died from an overdose of methamphetamine and a drug used in the treatment of opioid addiction. Police are claiming the pair might have left drug paraphernalia lying around, allowing little Logan Starliper access to them. Penn Live is reporting that Brittany Higgins and Brian […]

Suspect Says On-Duty Cop Sexually Assaulted Him And Took Pictures Of His Privates

A police officer allegedly did bizarre things to a suspect in his custody, including taking pictures of his privates and saying he would chat him up on Facebook upon his release. The New York Post is reporting that prosecutors obtained incriminating photos as well as DNA evidence linking Chicago cop Carlyle Calhoun, 46, to the […]

Man Tells Woman He Was Poisoned And Will Die In 48 Hours Unless She Has Sex With Him, She Agrees

The New Zealand Herald is reporting the man told the woman that he had been coerced to drink a poisonous toxin and would die within 48 hours unless she had sex with him. According to a police report, the 24-year-old man went to the woman’s house writhing in pain and clutching his ribs. He told […]

Man Claims He Accidentally Kicked 6-Month-Old Daughter To Death In His Sleep

A Columbia man claims he accidentally kicked his 6-month-old daughter to death in his sleep. According to a police statement, Cortavia Emon Smith, 20, was arrested by police after his infant daughter went into cardiac arrest and died. The Columbian Missourian is reporting that the infant was found with severe bruises on her head and […]

Man Punches 18-Day-Old Son To Death Because He Was ‘Crying Too Much’

A Maryland man has been convicted of punching his 18-day-old son to death. According to Delmarva Daily Times, Shane Lee Faucette pleaded guilty to first-degree child abuse for the September, 2017, incident. The 31-year-old man had repeatedly punched his infant son, Luke Faucette, in the head because he would not stop crying. Prosecutors say that […]

Woman Reportedly Trafficked Children For Drugs And Cash, Beat Them With Baseball Bat If They Resisted

A Wisconsin woman purportedly allowed men to sexually assault her kids in exchange for alcohol, drugs, and cash. TMJ is reporting that Michelle Mayer faces two counts of sexual assault of a child and being an accessory to a crime. According to the criminal report, the 39-year-old woman started allowing men to sexually assault her […]

Couple Allegedly Broke Their 2-Month-Old Son’s Ribs In 13 Places

A couple reportedly left their 2-month-old son with 13 rib fractures and a slew of other horrifying injuries. According to WCPO, Robert Rich Jr., 27, and Ashlee Hensley, 20, called 911 on March 15 to report that their little boy was having a seizure. The 2-month-old boy was rushed to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital where doctors […]

Man Allegedly Causes Death Of Girlfriend’s 4-Month-Old Baby

A man has been arrested in connection with the death of a 4-month old baby. Cameron Willingham was held in a Utah County jail on Wednesday night over the death of a baby girl, identified as Nevaeh King. The Salt Lake Tribune is reporting that the 23-year-old man was arrested after the baby in his […]

Infant Twins Traveling With Parents Were Drenched In Urine And Buried Under Piles Of Clothes, Police Say

A Tennessee couple was traveling with six-month-old twins, drenched in urine, and buried under piles of clothes. According to the New York Post, Crystal Cramer and Christopher Smith were charged Wednesday for criminal abuse and wanton endangerment. The twins were discovered in appalling conditions at a gas station in Kentucky after concerned clerks called police […]

Couple Allegedly Had Intercourse In Front Of Over A Dozen Children At Playground

A couple with raging hormones picked the wrong place to have intercourse. According to ABC 15, children playing at the Stark County Elementary school were shocked to see two adults, purportedly having sex close to their playground. The incident took place 4:45 p.m. on Sunday. The Ohio couple, Ashley Carrelli, 22, and Jacoby Schmidt, 23, […]

Man Wanted Baby Boy Not Girl, Reportedly Broke Infant Daughter’s Ribs 28 Times

A man allegedly left his three-month-old daughter with multiple rib fractures and brain damage because she was not a boy. Newsweek is reporting that Jason Bittner, a chiropractor, based in Warren County, Ohio purportedly left his infant daughter with severe brain injuries and close to 30 rib fractures. The fractures were at different stages of […]

The Austin Bomber Is Dead, Detonated Bomb In His Car As SWAT Teams Moved In

The Austin bomber is dead. Fox News is reporting that the serial bomber detonated a device, as SWAT teams approached his vehicle. According to the Statesman, surveillance teams had tracked the bomber to Round Rock, a city near Austin, Texas, using store receipts, cell phone technology, and security footage. A source speaking to CNN, revealed […]

Couple Allegedly Lied Their Dead Infant Daughter Had Been Cremated, Hid Her Body In Cat Litter

A couple allegedly hid the body of their six-month-old daughter in cat litter. Fox 43 is reporting that Shaun Oxenreider, 25, and Samantha Trump, 27, have been charged with concealing the whereabouts of a child, criminal conspiracy and, the abuse of a corpse. According to investigations, the body of their infant daughter was concealed in […]

Vacationing Mom Left Kids, Aged 10 And 11, Home Alone, Dad Did Not Want Them Staying With Him

A mother went on vacation, leaving her 10-year-old and 11-year-old kids home alone. Nicole Sciortino, 30, told authorities that their father, Vincent Licciardello, 30, who lived separately, was meant to be watching them. According to WNEP, the pair was charged with endangering the welfare of their two children and arraigned before a Pennsylvania court on […]