Kevin Durant: Governor Of Oklahoma To Give NBA Player Cabinet Position If He Stays With Thunder

Kevin Durant is getting all sorts of offers to stay with the Thunder. Offers are emerging from all over the place, and Durant and fans alike are probably torn on what to do. Durant can learn and gain more experience if he decides to move around to a different team, but the state of Oklahoma […]

Orlando Shooting: NRA Under Fire, But Why Haven’t They Issued a Statement?

The Orlando Shooting has caused an uproar in its community, and the NRA is beginning to feel some of that heat. A random man filled with hatred took the lives of nearly fifty unsuspecting individuals who were out to have a fun night and to relieve some stress before their work week reappeared. Whether Omar […]

Walgreens Pharmacy Cuts Relationship With Theranos, Closing 40 Wellness Centers

Walgreens, the major drug store chain that has seemingly made other franchise drugstores obsolete, is beginning to flex its rather large muscles. This time, according to CNBC, Walgreens said that they would be ending their relationship with the Silicon Valley-based blood-testing company Theranos. #Walgreens Finally Walked. Here's Why That's So Bad For #Theranos – […]

Aaron Hernandez: Ex Patriot Hires Jose Baez, Lawyer That Defended Casey Anthony and Won!

There’s no doubt that we are beginning to hear more and more about Aaron Hernandez as he is attempting to bring up his murder conviction for review once again. With that thought, it appears that Aaron Hernandez has been busy rearranging his defense team and incorporating a high-powered attorney to spearhead the team. Hernandez is […]

Richard Sherman: Seahawks Cornerback Has His Own Thoughts On Publicly Funded Stadiums

Richard Sherman, Seahawks cornerback, has a message to pass on to everyone. Every team has them, but over time, you will begin to notice how those teams are looking into building new stadiums. Of course, it’s nice to have them for the fans pleasure, but isn’t it more along the lines that it benefits the […]

Delta IV: Launch Of Secret Spy Rocket Today In Florida

Today in Florida, a rather tremendous, tri-carrying rocket, Delta IV, was targeted to blast off just before 2 p.m. However, due to this Delta launch being classified, it can occur anytime before 2 p.m. The Delta rocket is supposed to be carrying a classified U.S. spy satellite. According to the Florida Daily, the Delta IV, […]

Trent Richardson: Baltimore Ravens Running Back Has His Eye On Hall Of Fame Title

A unique story comes our way involving Trent Richardson, the Baltimore Ravens’ running back. The thing that makes it unique is due to a statement he made earlier, and his current standing within the NFL. Trent Richardson was out for an entire season last year, and his average never went further than 3.5 yards per […]

Von Miller: Denver Broncos Linebacker Refuses 100+ Million Dollar Contract, He Wants More!

Von Miller: Denver Broncos Linebacker, and Mr. Super bowl 50 MVP doesn’t seem to want to make things easy for his team if they want him under contract. Due to Miller’s actions, it seems that the negotiations to build a contract between the Broncos and Von Miller are at a standstill with neither side willing […]

Aaron Rodgers: New Diet To Prolong Football Career Lacks One Main Wisconsin Asset

Aaron Rodgers’ new diet may have you all a bit shocked, as the well-known cheese head and Wisconsin fan favorite is turning down cheese, and with that he also bids farewell to his status as a renowned cheese head. However, Rodgers isn’t just cutting cheese, he’s ridding his body of all dairy products. Cheeses, yogurts, […]

Jasmine Richards: Black Lives Matter Activist Sentenced To 90 Days For Felony Lynching

Jasmine Richards, Black Lives Matter activist, has found herself in the media. Some are speculating that she is being targeted because of her ties with the organization. Richards is facing charges for interfering with the Pasadena Police while they were apprehending a suspect almost a year ago. Earlier this week, she received her sentencing to […]

Brian Banks: Stanford Swimmer Was A Case of Privilege And Lifestyle

A high school football player with his whole life ahead of him, Brian Banks, an innocent man, is also an accused man. Brian Banks was accused of raping a girl around the same age as him, and he remembers that period in time, almost 13 years ago, just as if it was yesterday. Banks remembers […]

Taylor Swift Named Youngest, Richest Woman In America

Taylor Swift has accrued more in a fast-paced 26 years than most people will garner in a lifetime. Among her many awards and honors, there are a few that stick out more so than the rest, such as her being a Guinness World Record holder, with achievements that include an honor for having the most […]

McDonald’s Allegedly Discriminates Against Their Blind Patrons At The Drive-Thru

The latest mess that the fast food conglomerate, McDonald’s, has gotten themselves involved in may finally prove to be a difficult matter for them to try and get out of scot-free. This time, it isn’t because of their lesser quality food or dining area cleanliness; this time, it is much bigger than anything else they’ve […]

Is The Music Industry One Of YouTube’s Biggest Anti-Fans?

Have you heard of YouTube? Of course you have, but on another note — It’s ironic how things can pull people and organizations closer together. The music industry won’t band together as an industry in an attempt to help it grow as a whole, but when their money gets affected, then you can count them […]

France’s Finance Minister Demands That Google Pays Fair Share Of Taxes

France is stepping up to the challenge against Google and other larger corporations within its country. Putting his foot down, Finance Minister Michael Sapin nearly demanded that Google comes up with their fair share of taxes that they owe the country. According to CNN Money earlier in the month, Google was subjected to a French […]

Facebook’s New Genius Integration Of Messenger And SMS, Is It The Next Best Trend?

Facebook, being the technological pioneer that it was born to be, is constantly throwing new things at us, whether it’s an updated and refreshed look of our mobile app interface or Facebook adding in live display pictures. The fact of the matter is that Facebook is continually growing, and whether you choose to embrace that […]

World Health Organization Involved in a Cover Up About the Zika Virus?

Amidst the stagnant talk of the Zika Virus is an almost scandalous case regarding a conflict of interest between the virus and having the summer Olympics in Brazil this summer. Among the accused is the World Health Organization (WHO). Brazil is "badly losing" the battle against the #ZikaVirus, says health minister — Newsweek […]

Facebook Begins Its Campaign On Advertising, No One Is Safe From It! The social media mogul, Facebook, knows everything there is to know about us already, whether it has to do with how old you are or how much money you have or even what type of burritos you prefer to eat. And they are using this data to sell ad placements to their clients. Hopefully, […]

Green Bay Police Officer Did What He Had To Do, Wasn’t Too Rough

*This Video is an original video taken at the site of arrest and does contain profanity In Green Bay yesterday a video posted on social media site, Facebook. Allegedly showed a police officer abusing a citizen. However, Green Bay Police Chief Andrew Smith said that the officer did precisely what he was intended to […]

Conor McGregor To Appear Naked In Upcoming ‘ESPN The Magazine’ Body Issue

Once again, Conor McGregor (aka The Notorious) has found himself in the news again. Although it doesn’t have anything to do with McGregor knocking someone’s lights out or getting his own flames doused, instead it has to do with a new form of publicity through ESPN The Magazine’s Body Issue. This magazine isn’t as raunchy […]

New Mexico Protests Turn Violent At Trump Rally

Once again, protests turn violent for Donald Trump, who didn’t get the warm welcome he may have hoped for when entering Albuquerque. Civilians and police were injured during the rally. Trump’s rally was interrupted by the protesters as police struggled to keep them from turning violent. According to BBC News, New Mexico is primarily a […]

Dion Lewis, Patriots RB, On Schedule To Return For Season Opener

Dion Lewis has finally provided a small glint of hope for the New England Patriots as they begin to look positively at their running back and his road to recovery. The injury-prone running back is probably dying to get back on the green with his teammates. ESPN reported that individuals who are within a tighter […]

Windows 10 And Microsoft’s Scheme To Drop Consumer Choice

More than likely, you are a Microsoft user, whether it’s Windows 7 or Windows 8, and maybe even Windows 10. But the majority of Microsoft’s clientele are trying to stay away from Windows 10 simply because they have grown accustomed to the layout and format of 7 and 8. You can read here about some […]

Shooting At Concert In Austria Results In Suicide And Double Murder

Austria seems to have just endured their very first shooting at a concert in a long time early on Sunday morning. According to CNN, after shooting and killing two other men at the concert, the culprit reportedly turned the gun on himself while in his car. The concert shooting left nearly a dozen civilians injured […]

What Does it Take to Become the World’s Worst Airline?

Nobody wants to think that their airline might be the worst airline in the world, and it may actually be one of the best. But, when it comes to flying, whether it’s in between states or across the world, you want to feel confident in the ability of the airline you choose. We want to […]

Two Ecuador Earthquakes Claim Lives And Rattle City

Imagine you’re living in Ecuador during one of the Ecuador earthquakes, enjoying a beautiful day, basking in the sun, when suddenly the ground below you begins to rattle and things around you crash to the ground. You can almost smell the dirt and earth crumbling and breaking against each other. You have little to no […]

The Notorious Conor McGregor Enters The Boxing Ring!

Conor McGregor is finding himself in the news quite often this year. Luckily for him, the attention being garnered currently is much more welcomed than the coverage of his loss to Diaz earlier this year. But, pushing Nate Diaz to the side, we have Floyd Mayweather stepping into the limelight next to Conor McGregor, as […]

Manchester United Why They Are Not Cheaters

With the current ranking of Manchester United requiring just shy of 20 more goals to enter the Champion’s League, it may cause some fans and anti-fans to speculate a rather devilish mentality emerging from the Red Devils. However, statistics and evidence as mentioned by Fox Sports demonstrates that Manchester United doesn’t need to cheat. Despite […]